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Yuuri barely has time to grab his jacket when he runs out the door, much less brush his hair or find a hat. Unfortunately, he’s sure that that means that his hair is an absolute mess. It’s been getting long again, but in between classes and helping Yura out with his routine on the weekends, he hasn’t had much time for things like haircuts. Besides, Victor doesn’t seem to mind it, and Yura likes to experiment hairstyles on Yuuri “so that if it looks stupid, I don’t have to see it on myself.”

It’s not that big a deal, except on days like this, when he sleeps in (thanks a lot Vitya) and doesn’t have the time to really get it under control. He usually meets up with his friends before class, and he doesn’t doubt that they’ll notice, and probably tease him about it.

They notice.

“Yuuri!” Estephania gasps, sounding too scandalized for her words to be anything but teasing. “What on earth happened to your hair?”

Yuuri flushes. “I was running late,” he mumbles.

Richard snorts. “You sure? Because that looks more like sex hair to me, man.”

“Ooh, he’s right,” Estephania coos before Yuuri can protest.

He wonders if it’s possible to die of embarrassment (especially since they’re not entirely wrong). “No, really I–”

“We know, sweetie.” She reaches up and moves his hair around a bit, trying to make it look presentable. “You’re just too easy to tease.”

“You sure you’re really twenty seven?” Richard raises an eyebrow.

Yuuri just smiles at the ground in fond humiliation (apparently it’s not a common emotion, but it’s a little hard not to be used to the feeling when he’s married to the world’s biggest drama queen) and nods. “I am.”

His friends are too much sometimes, he admits. Richard is the embodiment of America in a lot of ways: loud, completely lacking a sense of social norms, a walking personification of testosterone. Estephania is less… everything… than Richard, but she’s very touchy and affectionate in an entirely platonic way that reminds Yuuri a lot of Christophe, only without all of the innuendo. But they’re both loyal down to their very core, and they’re not bad people.

His phone starts ringing, Stammi Vicino playing loudly. Yuuri picks up, keeping his phone away from Estephania’s hands. “Да, Vitya?”

“Dude! You speak Russian too?” Richard looks like Yuuri just smacked him in the face. The school year just started, so they’re all still learning about each other.

Yuuri just smiles, since Victor is in the middle of one of his usual mid-morning crises. “Vitya, calm down,” he says in Russian. “Makkachin is probably out with Yura. You know he takes her for walks sometimes. Have you seen him today?”

He manages to get Victor off the phone just before class starts, flipping his phone to airplane mode since he’s sure that this isn’t the last he’ll be hearing from his lovable trainwreck of a husband.

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“Where’s Malfoy?” The vacant spot next to professor Sinistra immediately caught his eye. Usually he was greeted every morning with a “Late for breakfast again now, are we? You know you could just set an alarm for once like a normal person.” And Harry would respond with something among the lines of “I’m not a normal person, I’m the chosen one.” Then Malfoy would roll his eyes while Harry did a dramatic hair flip.

He always loved seeing Malfoy struggle to suppress a smile every time he did that, and had gotten quite accustomed to their morning ritual.

“Called in sick this morning. Migraine I believe.” Answered professor Mcgonagall.

“Odd. I don’t believe he’s ever been sick since he started working here.” Professor Sinistra looked a bit worried.

“Shouldn’t someone go check on him?”

“Yes, excellent idea Harry. Why don’t you go bring our favorite Slytherin a nice cup of tea? Maybe mention you still haven’t bought an alarm clock while you’re at it.” Neville always made comments like these and Harry still didn’t know why. He and Malfoy seemed to get along just fine but as soon as Harry suggested Neville should go to him to run an errand or something he always sent Harry instead.

“Uhm, well I don’t think I’ll bother him with my non existing shopping habits but I’ll go and have a look. If someone could cover the first couple of minutes of my second years…?”

“Yes of course Harry.” Sounded the answer from Neville, professor Mcgonagall and Flitwick, who exchanged some knowing looks with each other.

“Right then… I’ll go pay him a visit…” Harry gave his colleagues a strange look.

“You go do that Potter.”

“A task right up your alley.”

“Remember to be safe!” Called Neville after him. Sometimes Harry didn’t really get his co-workers. After giving them another questioning look Harry walked off towards the dungeons. It was too early to deal with their weird behaviour.

“Malfoy? Malfoy are you in there?” Harry got no response, but when he pressed his ear to the door he could hear heavy, irregular breathing. Someone was in there at least, and if it wasn’t Malfoy then Harry had to chase the intruder out. And if it was Malfoy then he might be in dire need of help since he didn’t answer.

He decided to open the door.

“Malfoy? Are you in here? I brought tea… “ Harry looked around in the room. It didn’t look like Malfoy was suffering from migraine. The torches on the sides of the walls were burning brightly and illuminated a true mess of a room. Clothes, books, quills and a couple of empty wine bottles decorated the floor.

“Malfoy?” The blond man sat on the middle of his king-sized bed on the far end of the room. He was hugging his knees, and stared out of the window looking out into the great lake. He didn’t respond.

Harry took some tentative steps towards the bed, careful not to trod on anything. “Are you alright? Minerva said…”

His words got stuck in his throat. The closer he got the more he saw. Malfoy was clutching a ministry letter in his hands, the date above the writing told Harry it had arrived the day before. But what shook him the most was that Malfoy was crying.

Silent tears were running down his face, showing no sign of stopping any time soon.

“What happened?” Harry put down the steaming mug of tea on the nightstand, shocked. The last time he’d seen Malfoy cry was during sixth year in the bathroom, just before he cocked everything up by nearly murdering him.

Something bad must have happened. Something really bad.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was barely above a whisper. He felt nerves pool in his gut waiting for the answer.

What could have upset Malfoy so much? What on earth could possibly have the power to break the man who even after the war and the trials hadn’t been broken. The man who had turned Slytherin from a mouldy and disgusting mess into a proud and fierce house again. The man who had been so strong that even Ron had started to admire his character, though he would never admit it.

“He’s reopening his case. He’s blaming everything on me. Everything.” Malfoy drew a couple of shaky breaths. He looked like he could pass out any moment.

Harry suddenly felt his insides turn to ice. It had been ten years since the trials. Ten years. That meant convicts could now ask for a do-over of their case.

He pried the ministry letter from Malfoy’s cramped up hands and read. His frozen insides fell out. Lucius Malfoy was pleading not-guilty, on the grounds that his son had forced him to join Voldemort’s ranks. His own son. He was blaming everything on his own son.

“I won’t let them do this to you. I won’t let them force you to re-live everything, I won’t.” Harry crumbled up the letter in his shaking hands. He wanted to punch something, or floo to the ministry and tell them exactly why this was not happening, or…

“Please leave.” Sniffled Malfoy. “I need to be alone right now.” It broke Harry’s heart that the man thought Harry could leave him alone when he was in such a high state of distress. If ever there had been a moment when Malfoy should not be alone, it was now.

Malfoy tried to wipe the tears from his eyes, tried to recompose himself. Harry caught his hands. “Don’t. Don’t do that. He betrayed you. He is your father and he betrayed you. You’re allowed to be upset.”

“I’m not, Potter.” He tried to free his hands while avoiding Harry’s gaze. “I’m fucking not, I should have been in class ten minutes ago. I can’t… “

“You can. Fuck you Malfoy, for thinking that you don’t even deserve to be upset about this.” Malfoy tried to pull his hands free again, and this time Harry pulled back. Without much resistance Malfoy fell towards Harry, who let go of his hands and wrapped him into a hug.

“Shove it Malfoy.” He kicked off his shoes and sat down on the bed, holding Malfoy tightly wrapped in his arms. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Malfoy didn’t protest anymore, suddenly he felt all of his energy drain away. He’d barely survived the first trials, repeating everything… It was too much to ask. He didn’t even have the energy to feel ashamed for crying in front of his former rival, his current crush.

He caved and he caved hard. “He is my dad.” Malfoy buried his head in the crook of Harry’s neck, his voice broken by tears. “What kind of monster do you have to be, in order to make your own father hate you?”

So I thought it might be fun to write a piece of this story every time I hit a memorable number of followers, in this case that’s 250. Is that a good idea not? Please tell me I have zero judgement skills.

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a lotta words

It wasn’t like it was intentional. Honestly, that’s just how she was as a person, it was a default. Her go-to. Especially in unique or uncomfortable situations, it’s a good icebreaker and can get a laugh or two out of those around her. By god she didn’t think that it had become such a strong reflex. Or else she would have quit a long time ago. But here she was, staring down at the delicately made flower crown on her pillow.

Saba had accidentally flirted with a fey. She wasn’t sure what type it was- but she had tripped in front of her. With her sharp teeth and glimmering, expressionless eyes. Saba had let out a chuckle on reflex and smoothly grinned up at her while she said: “Guess I fell for you.”

The Fey stared at her before walking away and Saba picked herself and began to walk to class when she realized what she had done. Then she fell again. Her first god damn week in this death maze of a school and she had already fucked up. Saba had been doing alright too, she fed and played with the crows(or passively allowed them to mess with her hair and tug at her clothes while feeding them her leftover curry) and gave respectful head nods to those she passed whether fey or not. Saba had ruined every little thing that set her in the background and now she was standing in a deadly limelight.

But now, gently stroking soft petals of flowers she had never seen before, there was no going back to a subtle life. She carefully stowed the flower crown inside her desk drawer on top of a rarely worn silk scarf of hers. Slightly anxious, Saba put on her usual mug of steaming hot milk and honey along with an additional plastic spider ring. She locked her door and placed a chair under the knob.

The next morning Saba had been trying to decide if she should or shouldn’t wear the flower crown. She settled on should and was careful to take it off when the crows mused with her hair. 

But then she made another mistake while sitting in the rain under a pink stegosaurus umbrella. A boy stood outside of the literature building, staring out at the rain and holding loose pages of paper. Saba shouted out to him.

“Hey! You! The one dripping with good looks!-” he pointed to himself and tilted his head. Saba squinted to see if he was smiling. “Yeah! You want me to walk you to where you need to go?” She pointed to her umbrella and stood up when he nodded eagerly. 

Saba jogged to him, one hand holding the umbrella and the other held protectively over the crown on her head. She felt her stomach drop as she noticed the lack of a mouth and striking red and orange eyes that adorned his face. She gulped as she held the umbrella higher to accommodate his height.

“So good lookin’, where to?” She wished she would stop talking. “trying to find a place thats as hot as you?” She wished she was dead.

Most of all, Saba hated herself for sounding so calm and casual, her default persona now turning into a massive burden. The fey chuckled and his hair ruffled from a nonexistent breeze. He pointed towards the forest. Saba didn’t bother to stop the groan that escaped her throat.

“Really? Oh…ugh fuck. Yeah, ok. Ok fine ok here we go-nnnnngggghhhhhh fuck.”

She walked with him towards the towering trees, flinching when he pressed closer to her to avoid the rain. Saba stopped at the edge of the wood, looking at him expectantly. The fey did not step out from the umbrella. Saba stared at the dirt and then looked at him, trying to avoid staring at the glowing tattoos on his neck.

“Um…I’m going to uh…give you this…”

She put the flower crown inside of her shirt and handed him the umbrella, giving him a brief wave before sprinting to her room without any breaks. Saba arrived there soaked and shivering.

She emailed her professor telling him she wouldn’t be in class. There was a heart shaped stone on her pillow. The mug had a single lipstick stain on its side, forming a perfect pair of lips. Saba cleaned it out, took a shower and then took a nap. The flower crown and the rock rested inside her drawer on top of a rarely used silk scarf.

Saba woke up only a few hours later, she did her homework and studied for her finals. She made three mugs of milk with honey and added cinnamon. She left one mug on her desk and stepped outside of her dorm room with the other two in her hands. Her umbrella rested on the floor in front of her and on top of it was a sage smudge stick. Saba wasn’t quite sure what that meant but decided to take it as a gift and not a threat and put it in her drawer. 

In all honesty, Saba can’t remember the third time it happened and all she can recall is setting out three mugs and receiving twigs, a candle and a bottle of water. Each item was kept safe in her drawer, which now had it’s own iron key to keep her roommate out of it(Saba wasn’t sure if she was a fey or not but hid the key well regardless). 

But Saba remembers the fourth time she had caught the attention of a fey. She had just perfected a batch of baklava for her final, she had been offering it to the few brave souls on campus who would accept food from strangers. The fourth fey had approached Saba when she sat in her seat in class, staring down at the 5 remaining treats. The fey had asked for one and without looking up Saba had smoothly replied.

“Sure, you can tell me if they’re good. But I doubt they are sweeter than you-”

Saba was handing them a piece when she noticed the curling horns that twisted and framed the feys face. She kept the polite smile on her face while the fey held out their hand- palm up- and waited for her to dispense the treat. Saba’s fingers grazed against the curved claws of the fey as she set the treat into their palm. She rambled about the cooking process, how she was trying to perfect the recipe as the fey carefully ate the food. The class carried on slowly and dully, Saba found the fey’s uncanny black eyes focused on the container of baklava. Saba nudged the treats towards the fey. She was too frightened to meet their eyes again.

At the end of the day, the tupperware was returned to her in shreds along with a note that gave a thorough but gentle synopsis of her treat. At the end of it, was a ‘$’ followed by the word ‘hair’. She tried not to shudder as she realized this accidental deal and the implications of following through with this request. To keep her mind off it it, she went into town.

Saba bought half and half that day and stocked up on honey. She passed by a Claire’s and ventured inside with a soft smile. That night she set out four mugs, a lock of hair, and several hair ties and earrings. When Saba woke up, her hair was neatly braided and tied with a cotton ribbon. She wore it for two days before putting the ribbon in her drawer.

It wasn’t for another month that Saba was one of the feys face to face again. She hadn’t forgotten the fey’s glittering eyes and sharp teeth but with a smile they were much less terrifying and glinted with a friendly warmth. The next week, early in the morning, Saba walked from the edge of a forest to the door of a building with the fey who’s hot hands warmed hers. There was a blank day in her memory where all that Saba remembers is waking up in bed, the smell of crayons and the gentle caress of feathers on her cheek as she fell asleep. Only three days ago Saba chose to sit next to a hulking shadowy figure whose horns curled tightly and cheeks glowed.

Saba’s days and months passed easier, she would write home about new friends and frequently went to craft and antique stores. There were always gifts, Saba would find them outside her room, in her backpack, sometimes in her clothes or even on her person. She would keep her eyes open for tiny things to give; a packet of seeds on the open book of a sharp-teethed girl sleeping in the library, a piece of coal at the edge of the forest, things that she falls asleep holding and wakes up to find her hands grasping at air, ladybug barrettes left on the windowsill of a slow classroom. Sometimes Saba would gift them nonmaterial things. A story, a listening ear, a whisper, a french braid, a tune, a met promise, a praise, an acknowledgment.

One day while restocking on dairy and honey, Saba returned with a large iron chest and cleaned her drawer- which had become full with gifts- only to find the silk scarf, one she rarely wore, absent.

Brooklyn Nine Nine High School AU

I while ago I made headcanons of an au where the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine are teachers at a high school, Jake is the English teacher, Amy is the math teacher, etc, which you can read here  if you want, and see the aesthetic of that au I made here. Then I started thinking, what if the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine were STUDENTS in high school? So here’s headcanons of them as students.

• Holt is the principal. Cheddar is the school mascot. Terry is a student teacher who is working towards an art education degree and helps teach the art class and also subs for the gym teacher.

• Jake is a massive prankster. Setting cats loose in the cafeteria on Fish Stick Friday, whoopee cushions on teachers’ chairs, drawing dicks on chalkboards, those kinda things. He’s always saying inappropriate jokes during the lesoons. He’s a pain in the ass to teachers but his classmates love him, he’s the class clown. He sits in the back of the class, throws spit balls. He’s failing math and needs a tutor.

• Amy always sits at the front of the class. Always raises her hand, always gets every question right. Amy overhears Principal Holt complaining to vice principal Kevin how every single tutor in the school quit tutoring Jake Peralta. The boy is simply un-tutorable.

• Amy jumps at this chance. If she can tutor an un-tutorable delinquent, Principal Holt will surely remember her! She offers to tutor Jake, despite the fact that she’s still picking spit balls out of her hair because of him.

• Gina and Jake were best friends since kindergarten. Gina’s the most popular girl in school, but don’t be fooled, she’s not the mean-cheerleader-Regina-George type. She acts like she’s better than everyone else (and to be fair, she kinda is) but she still has a big heart. She was voted class president and got the teachers to allow drinks in class.

• Rosa and Jake met in middle school. They made a plan to flood the bathrooms to avoid taking a huge test. They’ve been friends ever since. In high school, Rosa noticed some kids picking on this nerd named Amy. Rosa put Amy under her protection. “You mess with Amy, you mess with me” and trust me, nobody wants to have a problem with Rosa. Amy does Rosa’s homework to pay her back.

• In freshman year of high school, the school hosted a Halloween school dance. Charles showed up in a cat costume. This big kid started calling Charles homophobic slurs. Jake didn’t like that, and punched him in the face. Principal Holt didn’t suspend Jake for punching a student. Nobody stood up for Charles before. Charles saw Jake as his hero and followed him around all the time. Gina convinced the school that cat outfits were the next trend so everyone would stop picking on Charles.

• Jake and Amy meet at the school library during their lunch period to study. Jake obviously brings a three-course meal with him into the library. They both get kicked out for bringing food into a library. Amy’s super pissed off. They go to the cafeteria and study there. Jake can’t focus. His friends keep talking to him and distracting him. Amy just walks away. She’s frustrated that he won’t study.

• Jake see’s Amy walking away. He runs after her and notices the back of her head. “What’s those things in your hair?” Amy turns around and glares at him. “You should know, you’re the one that does this to me, every single day.” Jake’s heart sinks. He just wanted to have fun and throw spitballs. He didn’t think that about where the spitballs were landing. He didn’t think about the consequences to his actions. “I’m sorry Amy. I won’t do it again.” Amy’s still pissed but accepts his apology. The period’s almost over, but Jake invites Amy to come to his house after school so they can study.

• Gina got caught texting during class so she got detention. Rosa’s in detention, as usual. She’s surprised to see Gina there. She knew Gina was the class president so she assumed Gina was some boring goody-two shoes. “What’re ya in for?” Rosa asked. “My math teacher tried to confiscate my phone and I told him to go shove a ruler up his ass.” Rosa starts cackling. She’s impressed. “Damn, you’re way different than I thought you were.”

• Rosa tells Gina that she’s in detention for the rest of the month for irresponsibly mixing random chemicals in chemistry class and starting a huge fire. Gina only has detention for a week. She spent that week with Rosa, talking trash about their annoying classmates. Gina convinced Rosa to make a Twitter account. After than week is up, Gina pulls the fire alarm to get back into detention with Rosa.

• “Why’d you pull the fire alarm?” “So I can see you again.” Gina and Rosa both excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. They hook up in the bathroom stall. They’re girlfriends now and they’re unstoppable. More kids at school start coming out as gay/bi/pan/etc because they saw that the most popular girl in school, Gina Linetti, isn’t afraid to be herself. That gave them the strength to come out.

• Amy arrives at Jake’s house. She looks around and sees pictures of Jake and his mom, but no dad. Jake tells Amy that his dad left him when he was young. Amy puts her hand on Jake’s shoulders. “Oh, Jake, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that.” Jake tells her that it’s fine, it happened a long time ago, he’s over it now.

• Amy spread her books and worksheets on Jake’s bed. Jake climbs on the bed and sits next to her. Amy shows Jake an equation and instructs “Show me how to solve for x” then Jake bursts into tears. “HOW CAN I FIND X WHEN I CAN’T EVEN FIND MY DAD?!?!” Amy doesn’t know what to do except pat him on the head. Jake calms down. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” Amy gives him an understanding nod.

• They try to study but Jake can’t seem to focus. He keeps getting distracted. “I’m sorry. I’m trying hard. I really am. People think I don’t try, but I do.” Amy’s heart sinks. She always thought Jake was just lazy. But he was reading the material and trying to solve the equation as hard as he could. He just couldn’t seem to pay attention. Amy has an idea. She orders Sal’s pizza. Every time Jake gets an answer correct, he gets a bite of pizza. Jake perked up. He loved pizza. He wanted his reward. It took some time but he finally got an answer correct and gobbled up his bite. “Are you proud of me?” Jake asked, his eyes widened. Amy gave him a high five. “So proud!” It made Jake so happy to finally hear that.

• Jake tries to solve another equation and the answer he gets is only a decimal point away from the correct answer. He asks Amy to still give him a bite of pizza. Amy shakes her head. “Nope. You didn’t get the correct answer. You didn’t earn this pizza.” She pushes the box out of his way. Jake grabs a slice out of the box anyways. “Hey!” Amy grabs the slice out of Jake’s hand. Jake bounces on top of Amy and tries to grab the pizza out of her hand. They both wrestle around the bed for a few seconds and start laughing. Jake’s literally ON TOP of Amy right now.

• They stop wrestling and just look into each other’s eyes. They’re both panting from all that wrestling. Jake drops the pizza out of his hand. He leans down and presses his lips against Amy’s. Amy closes her eyes and kisses him back. Jake pulls back. Amy says “That was great and all, but you’re still not getting your pizza.” Jake groans. “Damnit!” Amy laughs. They keep studying. Jake’s starting to get the hang of this. He’s getting more questions correct, which means more bites of pizza.

• There’s one question left, the short answer question. The hardest question on the worksheet. Jake asks “If I get this question correct, will I get a whole slice of pizza?” Amy has a mischievous smile. “Oh you’ll get something better than a slice of pizza.” Jake gets excited. “TWO slices of pizza?!” Amy rolls her eyes and tells him to just solve the equation.

• Jake finishes solving the problem, Amy looks over his work to see how he did. Amy glances over his paper, then suddenly knocks all the textbooks and papers off of the bed. She pushes Jake onto his back and climbs on top of him. She runs her fingers through his hair and kisses him. Jake wraps his arms around her back and kisses her back. After a minute of making out, Amy pulls away. Jake asks her, “So I got the question right?” Amy winked. “Nope.”

If you don’t think that Even has shitty iPhone videos of Isak eating kebab, Isak waking up on a lazy summer morning and smiling a shy dimpled smile, Isak rolling down a hill near Even’s grandma’s cabin because it seemed like a good idea 4 seconds ago, Isak lazily kissing Even before going to sleep, Isak ranting about how his molecular biology professor is the absolute worst and Isak spilling sauce all over his shirt because “Even it’s just pasta how hard can it be to make” you’re wrong. And if you don’t think that sometime in the future, Even puts all of these videos together and writes a song to go along with it while he shows it to Isak in his biology class hours after the professor’s left using the class’s projector, you’re even more wrong. 


request: “hi ! i love your writing so so much, and i was wondering if i could request a george weasley imagine where the reader is muggle-born and someone calls her a mudblood, and she has no idea what it means so she asks george and he gets all defensive ? idk, i just think he’d be really protective and passionate when it comes to that type of stuff. you can take the prompt however you want, though ! thank you so so much, and i love your writing ! 💝” — by @danisnotonfuego

a/n: ah, i love george weasley so much that i should thank you for this request! thank you also for your kind words and i hope you like this imagine. x


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heya sorry to bother you but do you have any fic-recs for something bakugou-centric, preferably with no ships, kinda like that lil' ficlet you reblogged and drew a scene from a while ago f that makes any sense

uuuhhHHH i can only think of a few off the top of my head right now, but yeah sure!!! 

and no worries, all of these are purely platonic!!!

Fresh Snow, Little Joys (which is chapter 9 of Bits and Pieces of Heroes Lives) by @sevi007​ - a cute story about how Class 1A goes out and plays in the snow, and how Bakugou wants to join but stubbornly refuses because no one bothered to ask him. has very cute Dadmight and Dadzawa moments

The Name You Call Me by @sevi007​ - a cute story about Bakugou and Izuku’s relationship when they were kids, which touches on Bakugou’s nickname and how both characters admire All Might.

What’s In A (F*cking) Name by @athanatosora​ - a super cute idea regarding what Bakugou’s hero name might be

Chapter Three Seven of One Life for them All, If That’s What it Takes by @athanatosora​ - the fic is actually about an AU where an older Izuku goes back in time to try and prevent certain things from happening again, but each chapter is written from another character’s point of view. 

it’s actually pretty slice of life-ish, tho the chapters don’t make much sense without reading the entire story. but those two chapters in particular do focus on Bakugou and Bakugou&Kirishima’s friendship, respectively, and it’s very well written

Strays - a cute story about Bakugou taking care of stray kittens. (mention of animal death, regarding the kitten’s mother)

Curiosity Killed the Kacchan - Bakugou accidentally hears Todoroki ask Izuku if he’s All Might’s illegitimate son. Bakugou begins to wonder… a very funny and cute fic that’s really enjoyable to read!!

What You Are in The Dark… Is A Fanboy by me - MHA AU where everything is the same, except the kids use All Might merchandise to bribe Bakugou into doing random little things for them. Bakugou isn’t actually in this one that much, it’s mostly Kirishima and Kaminari, but he is the main focus of it, haha

Truth Be Told I Never Was Yours // The Fear, The Fear of Falling Apart by me - Bakugou is drowning under the weight of guilt-it’s his fault that All Might had to retire, that everything happened, that the world is in chaos, it’s all his fault-Toshinori Yagi takes the sobbing, guilt-ridden child into his arms and tries his best to comfort him. 

based on the end of the Izuku vs. Bakugou fight; All Might comforts Bakugou as best he can. very hurt/comfort-y

Forgiveness, Can You Imagine by me - Bakugou gets sick, and Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka have to take care of him. also very hurt/comfort-y, and there’s an emotional scene at the end admits some things in a nightmare

Bakugou Cooking Headcanon by @thecrowmaiden​ - a cute little mini-fic about Bakugou using cooking as a way to de-stress, and his classmates picking up on this to help him

Winter Bakugou Headcanons by @thecrowmaiden​ - a few cute Bakugou headcanons that are focused on winter, involving Dadzawa, baking, and class 1A.

Three Cute Bakugou Headcanons by @thecrowmaiden​ - again, not really fics, but just some really cute Bakugou-centered headcanons. (also a doodle i drew in reference to one of them) involves Dadzawa, baking (again), and his friendship with Kirishima 

i actually don’t go looking for fics too often b/c i’m pretty particular about how Bakugou’s character is written, so most of these are written by close friends of mine (… or by me, haha). but i hope you enjoy them!!!


If while watching the last video (which I totally noticed you loved!) you wondered how the lower classes and even the maids that help the lady dress would dress themselves, this girl from Colonial Michilimackinac shows you how: a simpler way was still pretty complicated XD

Also, I think I have a photo of this girl from my trip to the Fort a couple years ago somewhere? I should look for it :) She looked great.

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i usually hate these posts, because i get it, my birthday is special to literally no one on the internet but myself, so it's a dumb excuse to ask for shit, but, fuck it. it's my birthday and i'm depressed as fuck and college sucks so may i please ask you, my fandom dad, to just tell me about yuuri katsuki, anxious international student who is this close to deciding no, he can't actually do this college overseas thing, and victor nikiforov, who shows him how loved he didn't realize he is?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BEAN.  i hope that you feel better throughout the day and that college gets better!! college was totally a void for me; i spent one year getting devastatingly trashed, and another three years Not Sleeping and trying to kill myself with work.  the good times i had in college are definitely punctuated and defined by how hard so much of it was to endure.  i’m rooting for you xx

and as far as anxious internationa studentl yuuri katsuki goes, he lives off of black coffee and spaghetti and basement pizza.  anxious international student yuuri katsuki is not doing great in classes, and maybe he doesn’t belong here, and he’s not the best at making friends, even though his one good friend and roommate, beautiful sunflower international student phichit claims all of the anonymous HEY YOU! shoutouts in the school newspaper talking about Cute Boy Asleep Under Table In Student Union Building or the Hotchkin Hall Hotass are referring to him.  beautiful sunflower international student phichit tries to get him to loosen up and takes him out to a party and gives him two blue pills with little dolphins on them that yuuri chases with a plastic cup of shitty sweet american lager, except instead of getting yuuri to loosen up, he ends up having a panic attack and laying down on the wet, cold concrete of the sidewalk outside just to feel something cool, which is how beautiful TA victor nikiforov finds him.  

it’s really embarrassing to talk to someone like beautiful TA victor nikiforov for the first time while soaked to the bone and rolling your nuts off.  yuuri has one class three days a week where victor helps, and yuuri always sits in the very back behind someone he’s sure stands at a height that makes participation on the school basketball team mandatory.  yuuri katsuki does not dare fly too close to the sun.  (maybe someday, he thinks, when they’re older they’ll both be at a conference together, and victor will recognize him across a crowded hotel lobby.  “you wrote those papers,” victor will say, “years and years ago.  i always drew smiley faces on the top in red marker,” because he does, and yuuri likes to pretend that he doesn’t do that with anyone else’s papers.)

despite what being in close proximity to beautiful TA victor nikiforov does to his heart rate, beautiful TA victor nikiforov manages to talk to him in a calm, engaging and funny way, and lets yuuri word vomit in return, and beautiful TA victor nikiforov eventually escorts yuuri back to the international house off campus.  

it is the next morning that yuuri realizes, with great shame, he must either change his major or leave the school entirely, because he cannot spend any more time in the presence of beautiful TA victor nikiforov.  

he ends up dropping the class and losing the credit.  he just can’t– he can’t go back to that class.  if he stays at this school past the end of the year, he’ll make the credit up somehow.  but right now he just, he can’t.  

it’s two and a half months later when he’s still there for winter break, not wanting to waste money on a flight home.  he’s walking through the slush to get dinner on christmas eve alone.  this is when he runs into beautiful TA victor nikiforov again.

beautiful TA victor nikiforov is very sad that anxious international student yuuri katsuki dropped his class! after yuuri left there was nothing to look forward to between one and three on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays!  why would you abandon me, yuuri? beautiful TA victor nikiforov (call me victor!) says, practically running him over when he sees yuuri across the street.  anxious international student yuuri katsuki doesn’t know what to say, except, “i’m going to get dinner, would you–?”

which is how they end up at a KFC at nine at night on christmas eve.  

“in japan, christmas is a romantic holiday,” yuuri says, realizing out loud.  “a lot of couples come to places like KFC, it just felt–”

“oh, is this a date, yuuri?” victor asks.  his voice sounds teasing, but when yuuri tries to jump up from the table and hide in a trash can, victor grabs his hand and looks him in the eye and it feels very serious.  “it’s okay if it’s a date, yuuri.”

“o-oh?” yuuri says.  

(and then, idk???? idk where i’m going with this.  yuuri does body shots of KFC gravy off of victor in the mens room?  like, why not, right? anyway, i hope you feel better!!) 

Wanna Be Yours

(gif source)

Summary: Reader finally confronts Dean about something they’ve known is long overdue…

Pairing: Professor!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language, smut (sub!Dean, dom!reader)

A/N: Oh I love writing fics like this. Quote for this one was, “If you want me to get naked, you’ll have to convince me it’ll be worth my time.”…

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Whatever It Takes [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which he likes Jason and Cheryl Blossom’s closest friend.

Part 2: here

Part 3: here


Jason Blossom always told (Y/N) (L/N) to do whatever it takes to always get what you want.

Or at least he did, before his plan to leave Riverdale failed and he ended up dead in the river, breaking both (Y/N)’s and Cheryl’s hearts.

All (Y/N) could think about were Jason’s words, and how she would do anything and everything in her power right at that moment to be at home, cuddled up with some blankets and reading some books that Jason had gifted to her over the years.

Instead, she was sitting next to Jughead Jones in biology as Archie Andrews stood in front of their table, nervously fidgeting as he spoke to (Y/N).

“So (Y/N),” he began, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Pop’s with me sometime…only if you’d like to, of course!”

(Y/N) pursed her lips as she looked down at her textbook. Archie Andrews was precious. He was good-looking, athletic, and a total sweetheart, and had also been friends with (Y/N) as long as anyone could remember. They had been close, Betty, Jughead, Archie, and her. Not as close as (Y/N) was with the Blossom twins, but still close. After the argument between Jughead and Archie, (Y/N) had taken Jughead’s side, clearly causing some tension.

(Y/N) glanced up at the redhead who was waiting for her response. “I’m sorry Archie, it’s just, we’ve been friends since forever and I don’t see you as anything else but a big brother figure.”

Archie’s shoulders slumped. “It’s ok (Y/N). I’ll uh, I’ll see you later.”

As he walked off, she couldn’t help but feel bad. She didn’t like the redhead, at least, not romantically, but she still didn’t like knowing she had hurt people. She turned her head sharply as she heard Jughead snort.

“That boy has liked you for years and when he finally gathers up the courage to ask you out you turn him down?” He asked.

(Y/N) frowned. “Well it’s not my fault I don’t have any feelings for him Jug.”

“Yea but still, he’s liked you for years,” Jughead continued. ‘And so have I’ he thought to himself.

“Wait, what?” (Y/N) asked, sitting up straight. “You like me too?”

Jughead flushed as he realized that he had spoken his thoughts out loud, accidentally confessing his feeling for his lab partner.

“Jughead, I-” (Y/N) was cut off by the bell, watching as Jughead grabbed his things and fled.

“He ran. He confessed and ran without giving me a chance to reply,” (Y/N) complained as she flopped down onto Cheryl’s bed. Her mind was still on Jughead’s words. She hadn’t had a chance to talk to him. He avoided her like the plague in the hallways and in their shared classes, he made sure to switch seats with either Archie or Betty to avoid sitting next to her.

“(Y/N) shut up! You had like, literally shot down Archie less than five minutes ago. What did you think he was going to do? Stay and wait to hear you confess your undying love for him?” Cheryl said. She couldn’t help but feel pity for her best friend. While Cheryl couldn’t stand Jughead and his friends, he made (Y/N) happy, and she knew that they both needed all the happy they could get.

(Y/N) groaned as she sat up. “But Cheryl,” she whined, “You know that I’ve liked Jug since eighth grade.”

Cheryl rolled her eyes as she turned to her mirror and applied her lipstick. “Well you know what Jason used to say, ‘do whatever it takes to always get what you want.’”

Both girls froze at the mention of Jason. Neither of them had spoken his name since his body was discovered.

“I miss him,” (Y/N) whispered. “He was an ass and a pompous, self-centered jerk, but he was always there for us when we needed him.”

“I miss him too shortcake.”

The two girls sat in silence before Cheryl spoke. “Let’s get our minds off of him. Its time to take his advice (Y/N), do whatever it takes to get Jughead Jones to be yours.”

The (H/C) girl eyes Cheryl warily as her lips pulled up into a smirk. “Cheryl…” she spoke warningly.

“Calm down shortcake, I’ve got a plan.”

Part 1 of idk how many. :)

security blanket

[✗] random thought that keeps entering my head and I need to write it down. 

[✗]  Jughead and Betty- day after they kiss but it is not gonna be revolved around what happens in the episode today because 1. IDK WHATS GONNA GO DOWN IN THE EPISODE 2. makes it easier to write. PLEASE ENJOY. <33

Betty Cooper felt anxious. Her hands were slick with sweat and every loud noise she heard made her jump. Knowing that Polly was out somewhere, hurt (which was clear from the blood on the shattered window), pregnant, and on the move was terrifying. On top of that, Betty had the police tell her that the car with all of the evidence was found being burned to a crisp.

Betty swiped her hands on the side of her jeans quickly once she approached the schools entrance. A blank expression crossed her face as she made her way down the hallway, hoping no one would notice she was in a mood. She decided to tune out the wild students with a random song, ‘Check yes Juliet..’ began to play in her head which quickly made her stop in place.


Her heart fluttered anxiously at the thought of his name. Betty really did like Jughead, she realized now that it totally came of as her not being interested when she brought up the car. How stupid could she be? ‘The car.’ way to ruin a moment 101 with Betty Cooper.

Suddenly an arm swung around Betty’s waist causing her to let out a squeak of surprise. 

“Woah, B. Jumpy much?” Veronica quipped with a raised eyebrow.

Betty laughed it off and gave a small smile before starting to walk “Sorry, just tired is all.” was her lame response. Veronica nodded but didn’t seem impressed.

“Anyway’s what happened last night?” Veronica asked causing Betty’s face to flush nervously.

“What do you mean?” 

“Uhm hello, you and Jughead were no where to be found at the talent show last night.” She responded whilst pulling her into another area. Betty let out an ‘OH’ realizing she was silly for thinking Veronica knew Betty and Jughead kissed.

“I was just, uh, chilling?” 

“Is that a question or an answer?” Veronica asked with narrow eyes.

An arm was placed around Betty’s shoulder’s causing yet ANOTHER weird noise to escape her mouth. “It’s an answer Veronica, stop with the interrogating, this isn’t  Nancy Drew.” Jughead said with a forced laugh. Betty looked up at him and mouthed ‘Thank you.’ before turning to look at Veronica with a small smile and nervous laughter.

“Um, excuse me? Do you know who I am? I might as well be Nancy Drew, Veronica Lodge always get answers out of people.” She hissed with a sickly sweet smile to Jughead before she turned and sauntered away.

“Well that was fun,” Betty said all in one breathe, Jughead’s hand lightly traced patterns on her left shoulder over the plaid shirt she wore, which she didn’t notice before until it was just him and her standing in the emptying hallway.”So, how was your night? Sleep well?” She asked glancing up at his blue eyes that were inspecting her face.

“I slept okay Bett’s,” He answered softly, making her heart race faster, “The real question’s we should be asking though, is, are you stealing my style?” 

She laughed looking down at the shirt she was wearing. Maybe she was, he did wear plaid a lot, or had it mixed into his outfit somehow. With a shrug she pulled away from his arm on her shoulder and grinned up at him “You scared that I’m gonna pull it off better than you, Juggie?” She asked teasingly while walking backwards down the hallway.

OH, I know you’re gonna pull it off better than me.”

That made her smile grow wider, if that was even possible. Jughead noticed the growing distance and gave a pouted look “Where you going Juliet?” he asked with his arms outstretched towards her.

“Hm, there is this thing called class Romeo.” She said with false curiosity. 

“Oh, I’m a–” She completely blocked out what he was saying, her eyes looked over Jughead and she almost couldn’t believe that someone like him was interested in her. Soft raven hair, the curl that hung out of his beanie, his eyes had to be the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her life. She never had thought of him like that until a few days ago, because she was so hung up on Archie. Of course she knew Jughead was an attractive guy but never did she think she would be so consumed with this many feelings for him.

“Why are you staring at me?” He asked with squinted eyes.

Betty giggled, thinking of a quote she read a while ago. It usually is for the guy to say to the girl but it felt necessary in this moment, “Because you’re beautiful.” She said in a an overly romantic voice. 

Jughead’s jaw dropped and he let out the loudest laugh she had ever heard from him. She laughed as well, his laughter and smile was extremely contagious. “I can’t believe,” laughter, “you just said,” more laughter, “Betty that was amazing.” 

“Thanks Juggie!” His laughter faltered a bit and he finally started walking towards her, as a joke she decided to turn and start running down the hallway to her class that was late to. Apparently she didn’t run fast enough because before she knew it his long legs had caught up to her and he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into his arms (which she had thought was very romantic until..) and throwing her over his shoulder. Betty pounded her hand on his back “I swear, if you drop me I will-”

“You will what?” Jughead teased from above.

“I don’t know yet, but I will do something okay.”

He let out a hum of amusement and then began his walk to class. With a defeated sigh Betty went limp “Can you please let me down?” She asked giving his butt a gentle pat.

He jumped a little “I will let you down if you stay with me and NOT run away.” Jughead added lots of emphases on the ‘NOT’. “I won’t run okay. Pleeeeeeease.” 

With a grunt Betty was placed on the ground, her smile came back once she realized what he had said, ‘if you stay with me’. It warmed her heart and made her insides feel like they were melting. She also realized in that moment, her horrible mood from this morning was now gone for the time being and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Betty placed her hands on Jughead’s waist and slowly slid them behind into a hug, her head perfectly placed under his chin. His own arms wrapped around her once her registered what was happening, he was warm like a blanket and it radiated so much comfort. “Thanks Juggie.” She said contently. 

“For what?” He asked, squeezing her into a tighter hug. 

Betty closed her eyes and smiled “For being here.” 

She could hear his breathe pick up and the soothing pumping of his heart, and then she felt the soft kiss placed on the top of her head. “I’ll always be here.”

LOL THAT WAS TRASH BUT I NEEDED TO WRITE SOMETHING OR I WAS GONNA GO CRAZY, cOOL 10/10 anyways I feel like shit and my throat hurts so bad, goodnight! <3 (ignore any spelling errors please, its so late and i’m V tired)

You Are In Love

Harry Styles x Reader

Word Count: 1,388

One look, dark room
Meant just for you

“(Y/n)! You get dressed right this moment or we are going to be late for the party!” I heard Luna shout from my living room.

‘I don’t even want to go to this silly party.’ I thought to myself as I got up off my bed and went to my closet.

I looked through my clothes until I found something that I didn’t mind wearing since I was going to this party against my own will.

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It wasn’t like it was intentional. Honestly, that’s just how she was as a person, it was a default. Her go-to. Especially in unique or uncomfortable situations, it’s a good icebreaker and can get a laugh or two out of those around her. By god she didn’t think that it had become such a strong reflex. Or else she would have quit a long time ago. But here she was, staring down at the delicately made flower crown on her pillow.

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Auston Matthews #5

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine where Auston surprise you at college? Super fluffy maybe? I love your writing. It’s so good.

A/N: sorry it took me a while to get to your request, all excuses aside i hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,325

‘You have a surprise when you get back to the dorm.’ Since getting the text from your dorm-mate nearly an hour ago you hadn’t stopped thinking of what she could possibly mean. Maybe she got another bag of that stupidly good popcorn for you again from the store. You could seriously binge eat the whole bag while having a good study session and then finish it while watching some Netflix. 

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Nerves pt. 2

Type: smut

(A/N) Hey, guys!!! I wanted to write a story that was broken up into many parts and because my best fic so far is Nerves, I thought I would continue it! I really hope you guys enjoy it!!! & a HUGE thanks to @ultimate-top-trash for giving me ideas and keeping me motivated. Sorry this is so long, I got lost in the story

Warnings: unprotected sex, hickeys, small tiny slap, annoying character, !!cute Tyler!!, a tiny bit of angst at the end, cursing, VERY LONG

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader

Word count: 9.5k


Originally posted by im-sitting-in-silence

It has been about a month since Tyler and I’s first “tutor session” and we had another one planned for this weekend. Thinking about being alone with Tyler always got me excited. Not just because when we’re alone, “things” happen but because I can be myself around him. He always cracks jokes and never fails to make me laugh.

A faint buzz pulls me from my thoughts. I pull my phone out of my pocket and read the message:

Tyler :)

Hey! Wanna catch a movie after school today?

I smile at the text knowing that he actually wants to hang out with me. I quickly reply:

Yeah! I’m down!

I finish packing my backpack and sling it over my shoulder. I say goodbye to my mom and practically skip out the door to wait for my bus.



It wasn’t long before Y/N replied to my text. I barely let my phone vibrate before I hurriedly yank the screen toward my face to read her reply:

Y/N :P

Yeah! I’m down!

Fuck yes! I thought. I was so excited I almost left my backpack in my room while walking out of the house. I run back inside and grab it and sprint back outside and practically throw myself in the car.

Hoping I get there before Y/N, I pull into the student parking lot and park my car. Grabbing my stuff, I quickly walk towards the piano room, a little earlier than usual.

Once there, I notice that the door is locked and the lights are off- which was unusual because Mr. Pike, the piano teacher, was usually here early in the morning. Being a teacher assistant in one of his classes, he trusted me with a key to the classroom. So, I unlocked the door and turned on the lights, taking in the wooden scented air. I glance down at my watch and realize Y/N won’t be here for another ten minutes. I decide to work on a song I had been writing for a couple days now. I soon lose myself in the chords of the piano.

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so this is love.

↳ college au

pairing: min yoongi | reader
genre: romance, angst
implied sexual activities, themes of cheating and heartbreak
word count:
description: there are three things they don’t tell you about getting cheated on.
author’s note: i suggest listening to sandeul of b1a4′s mini album “stay as you are” because this was written by listening to said album on repeat. enjoy and thank you for your patience!

Originally posted by jinful

There are certain things they don’t tell you when you get cheated on. Not that there were any universal secrets to the concept, but it’s something that happens in the weakest moment of someone’s life. A betrayal. An unforgivable one at that. And, it isn’t simple either.

First of all, you’ll still love them. There isn’t some magical response that you’ll suddenly stop loving that person, because you still will. The love will remain as potent as it was when you just realize that you love them. Even so, it feels as though in that moment when you find out they’ve cheated on you, it’s like you remember every moment that led you fall for them in every fine detail as if you’re brain wanted you to suffer enough. Like being in some sort of limbo, you watch the first meeting, the first dates, the first talks, the firsts… all the works. It’s etched into your brain, and as if on replay, it continues to go on and on, reminding you of what was while you suffer through the current moment. You’ll think to yourself, What could I have done to turn this around? Where did it go so wrong?

But maybe some things are out of your control.

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-that adhd feel when you copy down every little detail the teacher has on the board to “pay attention” even though you have no idea what you’re writing because you’re completely gone and tuned out
- that adhd feel when you “come to” and realize you just missed like the whole class lesson
-that adhd feel when you haven’t learned like anything new these past few years because your brain just won’t soak up the information
- that adhd feel when you’re scared of driving or going to an airport alone or being an adult with basic responsibilities like bills and a job because you lack common sense and forget basic rules and always space out and feel lost and you don’t trust yourself handling things
-that adhd feel when you have no idea what you did in class today but you think you’ll “figure it out at home” because you haven’t processed yet that you have homework and learning to do
-that adhd feel when there’s silent reading in a class period so you pretend to read while you think of other things
-that adhd feel when you realize you forgot to write homework down in your planner so you’re fucked unless you ask a bud
-that adhd feel when you’re looking for something in your backpack and right away you forget what you even need so you keep rummaging around hoping the thought will eventually come back
-that adhd feel when halfway through your Spanish class you realize you were thinking of an American idol audition from like 10 years ago that you thought was really funny and how there should be an American idol special with all of the craziest auditions and then you think about Simon Cowell on the X factor and how it really gets to you when he smiles at the contestants because he’s normally a rude guy but that’s a super cool thing for him to do and then you realize you’re supposed to be working on a Spanish activity with your partner
- that adhd feel when you’re like “nah I’m normal I’m making this up in my head everyone zones out here and there” but then you become hyper focused on all these adhd blogs while ignoring all your other responsibilities because u realize you actually are relating here
-that adhd feel when you’re trying to take a test with no meds and you can only focus on the sounds of the pencils of all the kids around you and why do they have to write so hard calm down write lightly

I decided to also make a post specifically for the fic that I wrote for the @potterdirectionficexchange a while ago! It’s called ‘Keep Your Hands Up, So I Can See, and was written for Cherrie on AO3. 


Harry’s eyes seemed drawn to whatever movement Louis made, so he dipped his quill into the ink harshly, before boldly punctuating his final sentence.

“I know it’s hard for you to not think about me and my broomstick, but you better focus on your schoolwork Styles. Last time I heard, you were flunking Potions.”

Louis hadn’t heard anything, but he was quite certain that Harry hadn’t made it into the Advanced class, even though everyone and their parents knew he wanted to become an Auror – for which he’d need excellent potions skills. He figured it’d do the trick.

Or, the AU where Louis is the golden Slytherin Seeker, with Jesy and Perrie as both teammates as well as his BFFS, and Harry is the Hufflepuff Seeker - aka Louis’ arch nemesis, or is he?

Status: Complete, 9 Chapters // Words: 29458 // Read here // Author: xxSterre 

The Boy and the Book

Summary/Prompt: Dan is dyslexic and downloads audio books on his phone to help him read. The teacher sees Dan on his phone and confiscates it without listening, thinking it’s just another teenager with excuses for not working. Phil see’s how distressed Dan is and moves his desk over to ask what’s wrong. Phil ends up reading the book to Dan.

Word Count: 742

Warnings: dyslexia

To put it simply, Dan was dyslexic. He had trouble reading; letters, numbers, and basically any symbols often became jumbled and confused to him. It was a bit irritating sometimes knowing he’d never be able to read words like everyone else, but he managed. He wasn’t stupid by any means (he was actually one of the smartest people in his class) he was just at a bit of a disadvantage. He could read and write, he just tried to avoid it as much as he could because it oftentimes frustrated him to do so.

So if his teacher’s ever gave him a reading assignment, he’d just listen to the audio version instead. He’d find the audio book online and just listen to it- he found people reading to him to be rather soothing and relaxing. He rather enjoyed listening to audio books and it was so much less frustrating than to actually read the book himself.

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