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Manly Man In Grey Tights For A Gray Monday!

Woof, Baby!

I got my picture taken for my new green card today at the immigration office and for some reason my fingerprints weren’t showing up on the screen. The poor guy tried over and over but every single time he tried the machine refused to recognize my fingers as real.

Always nice to start your day with questioning your own existential certainty.


Let writers, traditional and digital artists, gif makers, edit makers, and anyone whom I have forgotten know that you appreciate them!

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also I really need to start being confident in myself and my skills as a trainer/general authority figure over the class when my trainer asks me to go around and help people

for the most part I’m good @ helping people and they’ll listen but when they don’t (for whatever reason) I just kinda…don’t know what to do?? like I DO know what to do but I just don’t feel like dealing w angry old men (which is 99% of the time who don’t listen to me/get angry at me correcting them or trying to help them)