was there not a stage in that joint or...

An illustration of a future tidbit of the movie’s story.

Since graduation four years have passed, Yugi as expected wins at the world game contest, and begins walking the achieved dream path of a game creator. Yugi’s game is given a high valuation, so what ends up happening is Kaiba Corporation embarking on joint development.

Yugi’s invented sphere-faceted-model fighting game = Spherium II prototype model is complete, so right now Kaiba and Yugi commence the fight on the stage of space!

From now on Yugi Muto becomes the new Yu-Gi-Oh! = GAME KING  has departed for his goal~! END

This is just one possible future story.

Thanks for cheering on the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie this year~~!

It’s great to have drawn an illustration of what Yugi’s prospective future felt like together with Kaiba!


Jim Morrison passes out on stage during a performance in Amsterdam in September 15th, 1968. 

“As things seem to go in Amsterdam, friendly fans started handing band members various forms of narcotics — joints, pills, hash. Grace Slick and Paul Kantner recall that while everyone else took maybe a hit of a joint and passed it on (or pocketed the stash for later), Morrison smoked and ingested everything handed to him that afternoon. When it was time for the concert to start, Morrison was backstage, bleary-eyed and checking out Jefferson Airplane’s set. As the band launched into ‘Fantastic Plastic Lover,’ Morrison walked onstage and began dancing to the music. It wasn’t long before the drugs, the dancing, everything, hit him, and he toppled over.”
Under Pressure

Structural Tests Underway for Top of World’s Most Powerful Rocket

Testing is underway at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, on the agency’s new Space Launch System, the world’s most powerful rocket. SLS and NASA’s Orion spacecraft will enable deep-space missions, beginning a new era of exploration beyond Earth’s orbit.

Engineers at Marshall have stacked four qualification articles of the upper part of SLS into a 65-foot-tall test stand using more than 3,000 bolts to hold the hardware together. Tests are currently underway to ensure the rocket hardware can withstand the pressures of launch and flight. 

The integrated tests consists of:

1. Launch Vehicle Adapter

2. Frangible Joint Assembly

3. Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage

4. Orion Stage Adapter

Engineers are using 28 load pistons to push, pull and twist the rocket hardware, subjecting it to loads up to 40 percent greater than that expected during flight. More than 100 miles of cables are transmitting measurements across 1,900 data channels.

The Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter, LVSA, connects the SLS core stage and the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage, ICPS. The LVSA test hardware is 26.5 feet tall, with a bottom diameter of 27.5 feet and a top diameter of 16.8 feet. The frangible joint, located between the LVSA and ICPS, is used to separate the two pieces of hardware during flight, allowing the ICPS to provide the thrust to send Orion onto its mission.

The ICPS is a liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen-based system that will give Orion the big, in-space push needed to fly beyond the moon before it returns to Earth on the first flight of SLS in 2018. For this test series, the fuel tanks are filled with nonflammable liquid nitrogen and pressurized with gaseous nitrogen to simulate flight conditions. The nitrogen is chilled to the same temperature as the oxygen and hydrogen under launch conditions.

The Orion Stage Adapter connects the Orion spacecraft to the ICPS. It is 4.8 feet tall, with a 16.8-foot bottom diameter and 18-foot top diameter.

The first integrated flight for SLS and Orion will allow NASA to use the lunar vicinity as a proving ground to test systems farther from Earth, and demonstrate Orion can get to a stable orbit in the area of space near the moon in order to support sending humans to deep space, including the Journey to Mars. 

For more information about the powerful SLS rocket, check out: http://nasa.gov/SLS

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com/.

The signs as a celebrity
  • Aries: everyone speculates whether they're high a lot, known for doing wild stuff at parties, admired, talented and very fast paced with their career
  • Taurus: looks beautiful even in candids, owns a shit ton of Range Rovers, probably gets scolded by their personal trainer a lot so they sack them, honestly flawless
  • Gemini: somehow in every selfie ever taken at an award show, active instagram account, knows how to appeal to the public eye
  • Cancer: everybody wanna be their lover so bad, they endorse every product in the universe because they want to be polite, always publicly thanking their fans every 3 seconds, probably has a tumblr account to check up on fans
  • Leo: always gives back to their fans, throws the craziest and best after parties, generally well loved and popular without even trying and has every celeb thirsting for them
  • Virgo: know how to keep themselves relevant, every fan encounter is usually pleasant, wins a ton of awards
  • Libra: friends with every celebrity in the world, always looks amazing when they're out in public, charitable, aware of social matters, always on twitter, probably has a crush on every celebrity they meet but covers it up
  • Scorpio: the one everyone thirsts for, maybe not a person of many words but when they do speak they always say something iconic, knows what their fans want to see, very successful
  • Sagittarius: no fucks were given ever, swears in interviews, lights up a joint on stage, downs some vodka before they go up and accept an award, aside from that tho, they're charitable, talented, and appreciate every one of their fans, very admirable
  • Capricorn: so cute even if they don't think so, always neat in appearance, always some nice shit going on w their hair, very very VERY good at their job, inspire and help their fans without even realising, enigmatic, probably disappear from time to time tho
  • Aquarius: very weird and very cool, always stand out even in a photo of them with bigger celebrities, on the front page for something that never even happened, probably always accused of dating some celeb they made eye contact with 3 months ago, extremely talented but not always aware of it
  • Pisces: slept on so damn much, honestly one of the most talented and original people out there, always coming up with ways on how they could use their fame to make a difference, underrated af
Champagne Mixed with a Bit of Adrenaline [h.s.]

A/N: this was a request from an anon and I finally got it done! It’s meant to go with this amazing piece of art. :-)  this piece is dedicated to the amazing @tiostyles because Brianne kept it from getting lost in the void LMAO. her support inspired me to finish it so thanks Brianne ilyvm :-) sorry for any mistakes or typos! Drop by my inbox with opinions bc I’m kinda?? Iffy on it?? Anywho, enjoy!

Harry likes to think he has stamina. He’s proven it countless of times before and he’s sure he will continue to prove it until the end of his days.

A great example would be that one time on the tour bus when he had popped a stiffy around 9 PM and couldn’t do anything about it, since no one was planning on going to bed yet, so he couldn’t sneak away to handle it. He’d had to wait until well after 1 AM, when the snoring elephants known as his band mates were conked out cold, to sneak into the bathroom with his Astroglide and rub out a quick one to a picture of Y/N wearing nothing but a pink, sheer silk button-up with the word “Styles” embroidered on the chest pocket.

Or the time when he and Y/N had attended a family get-together that his mother had thrown at his old house in the new pool she’d had built. Y/N had gotten the brilliant idea to grope him during a game of water volleyball and he’d had to play actively, all whilst doing his best to make sure no one saw the raging boner tenting his Gucci lion-printed swim trunks. After the underwater fun was over and the barbecue was done, his mom had condemned him to stay and help clean up. Washing dishes with his dick leaking wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time.

After that long night, Harry had given his mom a quick kiss goodbye and ignored her comments about how it was odd for his jacket to be tied backwards around his waist. He’d dragged a grinning Y/N to his car, setting route to their apartment but somehow ending up in an abandoned mall square, fucking in the backseat of his Rover.

And don’t even get him started on the time he lost three rounds of Go Fish to Y/N and, as retribution, had to wear a vibrating cock ring to Lux’s birthday party. Trying to explain to a four year old why his lap was vibrating, all while maintaining a cool composure, should’ve been made into an Olympic sport because the sheer amount of concentration and determination needed was truly out of this fucking world. Not only that, but fucking in a bathroom the size of a coat closet wasn’t necessarily prime, either. Lou had been having her upstairs bathroom remodeled and the one in the living room was too obvious, so they’d had to sneak down to the one in the basement. It was tiny, cramped, and smelled way too much like lemon-scented Lysol. His left leg had fallen asleep, but as if that wasn’t bad enough, Y/N had decided to up and leave halfway through and left him horribly blue-balled. Giving a toast to his goddaughter’s coming-of-age wasn’t really fluent when casually trying to cover up the bulge in his jeans with a Hello Kitty placemat.

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Imagine meeting Dean in a bar.

Title: The Good Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, (briefly), Jayden, Rae, Dani, & Bailey (OFCs briefly mentioned)

Warnings: pre-smut, language, fluff

Word Count: 3.8k

A/N: So, this story is rooted in my own personal experience at 25. Obviously the guy wasn’t Dean fucking Winchester, but oh if he had been. *whew* Thank you Mimi and Erin for helping me see the issues and get them resolved. I know that a lot of you have been EAGERLY anticipating this fic. I REALLY hope it doesn’t disappoint you. It got lengthy and a little out of control and WILL have one more part. - I know it’s an HOUR LATE. SORRY!

Summary: You were a good girl. You went off to a private Christian college because  you knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. You wanted a career, so you made a choice. You went away. You didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until you were 21. No bars until you were 23. Didn’t have sex until you were in love, or at least you thought you were in love. You’ve always liked who you are, but there was a pretty distinct shift when you were 25. Five friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. You’re different now, and you’re certain you’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

Dean Bean Lovers Tags Below, Bitches


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Robots aren’t meant to have feelings.

Then what was it he was feeling?

Rolling up to the broken stage, the stadium was in disarray, a hole in the titanium roof, cameras smashed, and metal bending in all the wrong ways; It felt like walking into a dream. Not that hatbot would know what dreams were. He was a robot. Then what was this? This static that was filling up his circuits, making his joints creak and his cogs turn slower in the slow rolling to the show robot’s limp body.
He almost slipped on the oil that spread to where he had come to a stand still, leaking out from Gamma’s body - his legs were no more, sparks flying from another. It was surreal. Sure it wasn’t real.

Surely it was just a game. Gamma was playing with him again.

“Gamma.. Oi, wake up. Hey, boss is going to be mad - “
A red blinking sign on the shattered monitor spoke otherwise, ‘ERROR, ERROR, ERROR’. The realization dawned on him.

Robots don’t feel. But Hatbot imagined if they did - this must be what he was feeling as he sat next to the broken body, lying his head on to the cold dirty chest of Gamma’s, letting the oil leak from his eyes.

“Idiot…. Wake….Up…………….. Please….”

But Gamma was never going to wake up.

Got real inspired by grangran’s recent ask reply about Gamma ehe, sorry xp

Gamma belongs to @theinsanefruitloop-chan :3

The Loutten Conspiracy.

You’ve all heard about HarrDuck, but have you taken the time to consider Loutten, AKA Louis the Kitten? This conspiracy might just be one of, if not, the most plausible conspiracy we’ve ever covered on this blog. Let’s get into it.

Most widely popularized by James Corden of the Late Late show (seen above), the conspiracy that Louis Tomlinson is in fact a kitten began when James himself requested a member of One Direction to stand in as his Bond Villain cat. Who would he happen to chose? Without any hesitation? None other than Louis William Tomlinson. While this was a shock to some people, to see him so effortlessly “impersonate” a feline, this conspiracy actually has quite the background of substantial evidence, each piece of proof getting more and more convincing as we move along…

Proof #1: The scrunchy face

Quite the resemblance for someone just “squinting”

The comparison between Louis Tomlinson in his natural state of joyful detestation and that of a cat in a similar state are eerily similar, right down to the whiskers. Does this mean that Louis has been a feline all along?

Proof #2: Sweaterpaws

Sweaterpaws. PAWS. P A W S.

While many a human can control themselves when presented or robed in a baggy/oversized garment, it would appear that one Louis Tomlinson could not do the same. Is it because he’s youthful at heart? Or, more plausibly, because kittens love to paw at floppy fabrics/strings/knits/anything that dangles? 

Here’s where things get really real for this conspiracy…

Proof #3: Exclusive candid photo of HarrDuck and Loutten sharing a smooch

Compared to a photoshopped picture of what “human” Louis and Harry would look like kissing, the resemblance? Uncanny.

This is one of the more startling pieces of evidence in favour of Loutten and HarrDuck. The fact that this piece of proof reflects consistency in both conspiracies is what truly makes this piece of evidence feel more meaningful and important. Still not convinced? Well…

Proof #4: Exclusive footage of other members of One Direction holding “unknown” kittens while Louis remains out of frame or “absent”

Both Tabby cats…blue collars…seems…odd.

Sure, we can look at these pieces of evidence as mere oversights, maybe those are other kittens, they can’t possibly be Louis how absurd! …Or is it? In the first picture, Zayn Malik is pictured with an unidentified kitten. As we know, Louis and Zayn used to be particularly close (we’ve all seen the “joint lit, happy days” leaked footage) so it wouldn’t be out of character for them to have been hanging out outside of work-related obligations. “Human” Louis has no alibi to explain his whereabouts at the time of the picture, which only further pushes the idea that Louis is that kitten.

The second piece with band member Liam Payne seems to come with an alibi, Louis was also on stage at this point (just out of frame of this gif) however because Jimmy Kimmel is pre-recorded who knows what kind of editing techniques could’ve been used here. The fact that there’s exclusive cutting and quick camera work when we get a full picture of all the boys leads us here at 1Dunsolved to believe the “porno background” Harry spoke of was more than likely a green screen to allow a projection of “human” Louis while kitten Louis was cradled in a teacup.

This brings us to our most relevant and shocking piece of evidence. If you weren’t convinced yet, this HAS to do the trick…!

Proof #5: Even Google believes Louis is a kitten

In this case, 2+2=4

So what is the truth? Will we ever know? If this is true, what does this mean for Louis’ future solo career? With 2/4 members potentially existing as human/animal hybrids of sorts, what does the future look like for One Direction? However much evidence we think we have, there is no confirmation of this theory by Louis or his reps. We tried calling multiple times and they blocked our number… Awkward.

Therefore, this mystery of “The Loutten” remains


-The First Ghost


Preservation Week: Day 5 (part 2 of 2)

It’s the American Library Association’s Preservation Week, and we’ve been sharing some glimpses into The Huntington’s preservation department.

Earlier today, we shared some gifs in which book conservator Kristi Westberg was scraping away old adhesive and degraded leather from an 18th-century book that had detached spine leather and broken joints. The gifs here show the next stage of the process: adding a new paper lining to the spine. Spine linings help support the sewing and pages while the book is open. First, Kristi spreads a layer of wheat starch paste onto a strip of Japanese tissue that she’s already cut to size. She transfers the paste-laden tissue to the book and lays it on the spine. Then she presses the tissue into place first with her fingers, tamps it down with a brush, and finally smooths everything into place with a bone folder.

Once this layer dries, Kristi will adhere a thin layer of something called airplane cotton and another piece of Japanese paper that has been toned with acrylics before re-adhering the original spine leather.

As the week comes to a close, we invite you to check out our other Preservation Week posts:

Day 1: making solvent set tissue

Day 2: map repair

Day 3: making wheat starch paste

Day 4: testing pigment stability

Day 5 (part 1): removing old adhesive and degraded leather from a book spine

Naughty Boy*

Steve Rogers x Reader Fic

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 2068
Warnings: Fluff, Embarrassed Steve, Smut NSFW (18+)

Song: Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera (this is what happens when I spend the day trolling Spotify instead of being productive.)

Summary: Steve’s birthday takes a surprising turn.

“What in the world are we doing here?” Steve asked, cheeks already reddening.

“You only turn a hundred once, Cap,” Natasha snickered, leading Steve toward a table just slightly off center of the stage.

“Yeah, but…” he sighed when Bucky clamped the metal hand on his shoulder and shoved him in a chair.

“You’re such a wuss. It’s not a strip club, so what’s your beef?” Bucky snickered.

“Yeah, Cap. It’s burlesque. You don’t even get to see… the fun bits,” Sam snickered. “Plus, this is a nice place. Classy.”

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Request: I would love a bucky x reader fic where bucky and reader have to go under cover and things get steamy. Maybe reader has to be a stripper or something like that

Summary: You and Bucky have to go undercover at a strip club that’s a cover for a Hydra facility. 

Warnings: Smut.

A/N: I really like this idea and I’m kinda tempted to do a part 2.

(Part 2)

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Dead on Arrival Part One (mobster bucky x reader)

Originally posted by elves-n-angels

Summary: Bucky’s the mobster king of Brooklyn. His word is law. You’d be a goddamned fool not to be on his side.

Word Count: 2.5K

Warnings: mentions of parental death, mentions of drinking, maybe a few swears??

A/N: I have this fic up on my other blog. But I will be deleting that entire blog, soon enough. I know a lot of the people on my tag lists have seen this before, and for that i do apologize. Feedback makes me utterly happy.

Dead on Arrival Masterlist

He was known as the King of Brooklyn, mastermind of the town and its city limits. Anyone could tell you that and you’d be a damned fool not to know that. He was feared and respected by all who had breathed the scent of his cologne. And God forbid those who wrongly crossed his path. His name was almost like a curse, anyone who wasn’t a close friend or a family member, died within days of speaking out against him. She grew up fearing him. After all, he was the reason her mother had died in a car explosion when she had barely passed the age of twelve years old. Of course, it wasn’t exactly his fault. Her mother happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or so she believed. He had been targeting an enemy and the explosion just happened to go off just as her mother strolled the streets, bags full of groceries cradled in her arms.

Her mother had died a terrible death that day, something she’d never forgive the man for - the death of her mother. If she ever caught sight of the man, she’d spit on the ground he walked on, not giving a hell of the consequences of her actions.

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Burden Of Love: Clay Appuzzo


In the time of 1974, you find yourself alone and on the streets of Los Angeles. Without a home or a penny to your name you happen to stumble on the club known as “Goldie’s.” it wasnt until you meet the eyes of Clay Appuzzo, the charming and struggling comedian - that you thought you could get more in life. Full of heartbreak, passion, and loss - Falling in love with Clay Appuzzo was the greatest adventure you had been waiting for.


Clay Appuzzo (I’m Dying Up Here) x Reader

Smoking, Cursing, Homeless situation, Fluff, & Smut.

as of now this is only a one shot. but we’ll see… ;)

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[translation] exo planet 3 the exo’rdium [dot] live album interviews

Shim Jaewon (SM performance director and choreographer, director of the exo planet concert series) on Jongin:

“Kai is outstanding when it comes to performing, to the point that I don’t even need to comment on it. He knows what kind of role he should play and how not to draw attention to himself when he performs as an exo member, and portraits it precisely. His concentration and motivation for practice is also extraordinary. He’s the member who practices two or three more times when we all think ‘I guess we can stop now / we’ve done enough for now’. It means he invests his time frequently, and more than others do, in performing. Him working out was also for his desire to improve himself, not to show others. Personally, I don’t like 'shirtless sexy performances’ that much. This is because I don’t want 'shirtless’ to become the hottest topic when their cool performances are what should be receiving attention for their concerts. Kai’s sexy performance wasn’t in the original plan, but his body was too nice when I saw when they were practicing. It was such a shame to see it only among our staff and exo members. I couldn’t help but say 'Let’s go shirtless for once!’” [x]

Performance directing department crew on Jongin:

“I believe Kai is the best artist when it comes to one’s sincerity toward dancing. Kai is practicing really hard and constantly before going on stage. I guess that’s why he shows the best performances.” [x]

“Xiumin and Kai [practice the most], they practice whenever there’s any time. Never taking breaks and moving their bodies. Monitoring themselves and practicing once again. Repeating it over and over again like that. Makes us think how amazing they are as we see them practice too much to the point of worrying us that it might hurt their joints.” [x]

VCR Director on Jongin:

“Kai is introverted. He’s very shy and even when he says hi to us he comes quietly and says hi in a very quiet(soft) voice. But when the camera is on and he’s performing, he radiates such an amazing charm.” [x]

trans cr. kimjoninis

mumu (multi-muse) plot ideas

pt 1: 

  • Band members on tour
    • A four or six part band, on the road playing shows for adoring fans. Radio appearances, staying in hotels, hiding from paps or over-obsessed stalker fans. Recording sessions in the studio whenever humanly possible. A ton of ot4/ot6 vibes because there’s nothing quite like doing what you love on stage with your best friends, or exploring the world with them. 
  • Youtube friends
    • Doesn’t really matter how big your group is for this, it’ll work. It started with some mutual subscriptions. Some friendly youtube comments. Eventually there was social networking on other sites, and then a few video collaborations here and there. Fast-forward, your characters’s channels have gotten mega popular. There are joint meet ups, taking selfies with subscribers, trips all over the world (youtube videos at disney world, or on the London eye anyone?) The group are all great friends, and what’s best is that they’re having the time of their lives just recording the fun! 
  • Boarding School 
    • There are so many ways you could go with this honestly. Study groups are cute, maybe have your muses in one of those - studying super hard to keep their scholarships? Or you could have them in separate cliques, having to defend each other to their friends who have never liked that other group. Or you could have a some of your characters as scholarship kids, and the rest as rich kids, a ton of clashing and a ton of pining to be accepted into the rich circle. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Witches 
    • A modern coven maybe? I’m just thinking like some teenagers who’s grandparents had magic, but it skipped a gen or so. As a consequence they’ve got to figure out how to use it, and how to incorporate it into their modern lives. Have them convert an old abandoned apartment into a meeting place. Have them write their spells on ipads. Explore the which craft hierarchy. Have them enchant common things like their house keys (so they’ll never loose them), have them store their supplies in tupperware containers. Modern witches man, so rad. 
  • Apartment Block
    • A Friends-esqe group who all live in the same apartment block, who basically share each other’s places anyway. Really cute friendships and relationships and the sort. Everyone getting together for christmas or new years or whatever because these people are family now. It’d just be really cool okay. 
  • Sports Teams/Cheer squads 
    • A few muses on each team/squad. Lots of rivalries, lots of games where the whole team comes out to watch the match. Maybe two of the muses secretly like each other and a Romeo + Juliet subplot emerges. 
  • Secret Agents/Heist group 
    • This might be best with a lower number of muses, I’d stick with four. Lots of planning out bank heists and running from cops and celebrating once the mission’s complete. Rappelling from glass ceilings and sneaking through air vents in skintight black suits and ah the disguises they’d have, the cover stories you could explore!
  • Gangs
    • This might be good if you’re feeling a bigger group. You’d need a ring leader, your muscle men, the followers, ect. Maybe they dabble in selling drugs, maybe they have fun with them themselves. Maybe there’s a lot of power abuse, a lot of acting as if they own their city – because honestly the gang does own the city. A feeling of indestructibleness from the head honcho and utter helplessness from the ones who just want to get out. 
  • Drama Club
    • Again this could be as big or as small as you want, but I feel like this would be great for a larger group. A ton of staying late to rehearse even though they’ve been over their lines hundreds of time that day. Stages kisses not feeling like stage kisses at all, wardrobe malfunctions, fighting over roles, trying to make everything work at the last minute because holy shit we were not prepared to take on a show this big. Exploring the relationships between actors, backstage tech, costume design. Cast parties after really successful shows, hanging out and killing themselves laughing doing improv. I don’t know you could do a lot with it okay. 

So I probably shouldn’t be dispensing advice on this subject given that I draw fingers with anything from zero to five knuckles apiece depending on my mood and I frequently put knees in places they shouldn’t be, but here I go anyhow!

I don’t exactly have a calculated, methodical approach to drawing the figure. Most of the time, I try to nail down the movement and emotion in a pose before I even begin to think about the accuracy of the anatomy. If I worry too much about constructing a perfectly-proportioned figure – at least in the preliminary sketches – it tends to suck a lot of the dynamism out of my work. When I do thumbnail sketches I try to make my lines as long and free-flowing as possible, without getting too hung up on little technicalities like the fact a person’s legs are not typically five times the length of their torso (I usually fix these mistakes later on. Y'know. Most of the time). Just about the only things I’ll try to pin down in these quick sketches are the angles of the head, shoulders and pelvis, the midpoint of the torso, and sometimes the curve of the spine, just to make sure my poses aren’t too far outside the realm of anatomical possibility. Once I’ve gotten a pose to the stage where it expresses the mood or motion I’m going for (which usually takes several different iterations), then I’ll start to work out where all the various parts ought to be. Which isn’t to say I won’t make bones curve and joints bend in totally improbable ways if it suits my purpose.

So having just re-read the above, I feel like it’s really not particularly helpful. I guess I owe whatever skills I’ve acquired to trial and error rather than systematic study, so my working process is about three parts total chaos to one part vague instinct. But for anyone just starting out, I can’t overstate the importance of studying from life. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should take life drawing classes (although they’re great, and I wish I’d taken more) – just watch people as they walk or ride bikes or light cigarettes or lift heavy boxes and try to build up a basic mental model of how the human body works. Pay attention to people’s body language and various quirks and mannerisms and file them away for later. I think I owe most of my artistic ability, such as it is, to having constantly observed the people around me – far more so than the time I’ve spent actually sitting down and drawing. So, y'know, everyone thinks I’m a creep and I never get invited to parties, but on the plus side I’m able to make an extremely meagre living by drawing silly pictures. Everything’s a tradeoff.  


Axl taking a hit from a joint someone threw on stage. These are the moments i live for