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sparkly-gumball  asked:

Ooo! Could you draw gumlee with one of them as E3 and the other as F4? One of them fell asleep and the other is so in love and just blown away by their cuteness ! (Ps, I love you ❤️)


welp, I hope you like this! it’s a lot different than my usual colouring style but oh well. This request was super cute! thank you for requesting it and I love you too!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Headcanon: Gumball mumbles in his sleep and marshall loves to fuck around and have conversations that absolutely make no sense at all

I hate both their faces so much. ugh

go home lost prince

catching up with one piece rn - cant believe I almost dropped it right before sanji’s arc 


Cake 🍰

You woke up with Harry’s arms around you, like any other morning. You released yourself from him to make breakfast, the moment he feels you leaving he opens his eyes and asks where your going. “To make breakfast, silly” you reply, he smiles and lies a gentle kiss on your lips. As you head to the kitchen you choose to play Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon, you dance to the song while making food. When you turn around you see Harry watching you and smiling. You stop. “Please continue” he says. “Shut up” you say. You both smile and he comes close to you to kiss you, he sets you on the counter and kisses you even more. The both of you suddenly stop as you both notice that your breakfast is burning.

He turns off the stove and says, “how about we try some of those chocolate chip pancakes that we’ve been dying to try from that restaurant down the street”. You smile and say,“I’d love to”. The both of you change clothing, as you both leave he grabs your hand and lays a kiss on it. Once the two of you get your pancakes he says,“we should go to the beach today”. You smile and say, “that’s a good idea”. As you patiently eat your pancakes you notice that he’s already finished his. He starts eating from your plate and you say, “hey that’s mine!”
Harry says,“You eat too slow”. You smile and give him the rest. As soon as you get home the both of you spend a few hours watching TV. It’s close to sundown and Harry asks you, “y/n are you ready for the beach?”

You say, "yes, but I need to change first”. He waits for you patiently. 
“Are you ready?” Harry says as you put on your dress. “Yeah let me just zip up my dress”. He comes from behind you and zips it up, you smile. “Thank you” you say, he smiles and gives you a passionate kiss. As the two of you leave, you walk hand in hand to Santa Monica pier. “How about we go on the Ferris Wheel?”. You laugh and say,“no”. “Why not y/n? I’ve seen you get on every single ride on every theme park we’ve been at”. You say,“Harry, I’ll get on any ride, except the Ferris Wheel”. "Not even for me?” He says. He sees your smiling face a drags you to the Ferris Wheel, as you both sit you clench onto his shirt. “See it’s not that bad y/n”. He sees your face and the way your clenching his shirt and holds you close. He brings your face up to his and kisses you, as he kisses you forget where you are. With each kiss he gives you the more relaxed you become. After a minute you feel the Ferris Wheel come to an end and the both of you get off. You both go to the edge of the pier and look at the sunset and he wraps his arms around you. He sees you look at the sea and says, "let’s go down there”. Hand in hand you both leave the pier and remove your shoes to touch the sand with your bare feet. “I’ll race you” he says. “HARRYYYYYY!” You scream. You decide to run, and as soon as you reach him he grabs your hand. The both of you run and reach the ocean.

He carries you up and twirls you. He lays his soft lips on yours, you feel his smile in between kisses. He sets you back at your feet and looks around and says,“the beach is empty”. You look around and see that only the pier has a few people. You say,“don’t get any ideas, Styles”. He smiles and starts kissing you, he then grabs your hand and you both start running as far away from the pier as you can. He says, "no one can see us here”. He begins kissing you and slowly unzips your dress, his touch makes you moan. He begins to kiss your neck, letting your dress fall in the sand. He sets you down into the sand. As he moves closer into your breasts he looks at you and removes your bra. You remove his shirt while keeping eye contact, he smiles and kisses you. You entangle your hands in his hair and kiss passionately. He starts removing your underwear and then you remove his black jeans and underwear. He caresses your cheek and enters you. Your nails dig into his back as he thrusts inside you. The both of you are panting and moaning. As you try to not scream his name and the both of you cum instantly. He kisses you and lays right next to you. The both of you look at each other and then at the moon. He says,“I love you” and you say,“I love you too”. He brings you closer, wrapping his arms around you and kisses your forehead.