was their mother a goddess or something

Something I just thought of:

Despite the Raven Queen saying she’s not calling Vax to come to her right fucking now, Vax is pretty wary of directly placing himself in her presence. He’s worried, despite how RQ has treated him so far, that if he goes to her temple he might be required to stay. 

My thoughts: What if this has something to do with Syldor? When the twins were kids, Syldor forcibly took them from their mother and made them stay in Syngorn. He was an authority figure in their lives who took them away from someone they loved and made them stay in a place where everyone looked down on them. 

Vax doesn’t really have a good history with authority figures. The Raven Queen, being a) a goddess and b) Vax’s goddess now, is absolutely a kind of authority figure to him. It would not surprise me if the reason he’s struggling with trusting her and believing she’s not going to steal him away from his loved ones, is because that’s exactly what Syldor did. It’s not something you get over easily. 


“I don’t think I could think of a single thing that’s more isolating than being famous. I think the hardest thing for me is that I love people so much and it is very hard to not be able to engage with people in a real and honest way. Because they either want something from me or they see me as something that I simply am not. I am not some goddess that dropped down from the sky to sing pop music, I am not some extra-incredible human person that needs to be told how wonderful they are all day and kissed. Truly, my purpose on this earth is to make people happy and heal people through music. To create fantasies that allow people to not just escape, but to see that there is the potential for magic in life. I’d love more than anything when I meet people, to just have a noraml exchange with them. More than just have my picture taken, or a selfie.” 

•ºProtection & Comfort Bottleº•

Made by Alex-@ohnoregrettio/@spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)


§White Candle, sage, incense-optional
∞Spell Bottle (I got mine from hobby lobby and made it into a necklace, but you can use whatever size/shape/etc thing you want)
∞Salt and Salt Water 
§Dried Ginger
§Hemlock (DO NOT DAMGE THESE TREES. These Trees are going extinct. I live in the mountains and found mine on the ground and collected a ton of needles.)(also its poisonous so dont eat it buT DONT HURT THE TREES)
§Dried Rose Petal(s)
§Something that brings you happiness (mine were blue beads from a bracelet my aunt gave me that broke but I kept them anyways dont tell my mother)
§Dandelion Puff(s)

How To

∞If you choose to use the White Candle, sage, or/all incense, light it now
∞Lay your ingredients out and put your hands over it, focus your energy and good intent on these items and say (in Latin or English, whatever you are comfortable this):
                      “Decedatis phantasmis malis hic locus”
Pronunciation: “Deh-s-ay-dah-tees faunt-aus-m-es mah-lees hic low-coos”

              (translates literally to “Leave spirits evil this place” 
            The english translation is “Evil spirits leave this place”

∞Ask your God/god/goddess/fae/elf/deity/whatever I forgot (if I missed something let me know so I can include it next time!) for protection and comfort 
∞Crush and mix dried ginger/rose petals however you want (I used my fingers over a plate) 
∞Put all ingredients in a bottle of choice and thank whatever you believe in 

I gotta leave and im rushing to get this done (::

Witchy Meanings:

Love - protection - good luck - helps relation ships - freedom - chastity - purification - increases energy - speeds up things - aids in curing sickness - happiness - calming - good vibes

Witches Who Would Dig This:

All - Green - forest - earth - weather - kitchen - spirit - dark - fae - elf - ahhh i gtg ill update this later 

i want to exist everywhere. cities dappled with pastel-colored houses, hands grazing soft yellow fruits in markets, a blur of conversation in a crowded train station. i start to think in another language and my mother tongue is gauzy, a rosewater aftertaste. mornings are heart-fluttering awakeness, a rich yellow. i am seated at a café. warm, dark, acidic tastes and smells. girls in soft-fluttered skirts, bronze-shouldered, are reading wilde, shakespeare, dickinson. i take pleasure in people-watching and creating names, narratives and dreams for strangers that i will never meet. i bite into something filled with raspberry, tart and bright. afternoons are alive, a brilliant red. museum-wandering. an exhibit of gold egyptian jewelry. marble sculptures of goddesses. coiling, dreaming japanese pottery. navigating maps and asking for directions in a language that feels clumsy on my tongue, dipping in and out of memory. night is the deepest, most passionate indigo. outdoor concerts that last well after midnight. the stars are a brilliant tapestry. everything glows and bursts. collapsing into bed, i am at ease. my heart is silvery birds’ wings

Auston Matthews - Part 32

81440 words, 159 pages and countless followers later, this is my last post for my first story and I could not be more grateful. 

“Oh, come one! One more dance,” I beg Auston, pulling on his hand in a failed attempt to get him to stand. “Please,” I pout, giving him the full effect of my too big of eyes and pouty lip.

               “You’re a pain in the ass,” Auston grumbles at me before getting to is feet much to my delight.

               “If my parents weren’t here and watching us like a couple hawks, I could give you a really good dance,” I whisper to him and he makes a face at me.

               “Why you gotta do that? We are in the middle of a reception where I can do nothing to you,” Auston complains, letting my drag him back out onto the dance floor.

               “Well,” I start, putting my arms around his neck as a slow song picks up. “My parents are staying here in the hotel tonight… I told them that I would just stay at the house and go home early in the morning…” I cock my head to the side and give him a grin.

               “Are you saying that your childhood home is going to be vacant for an entire night?” Auston asks me, raising his eyebrows at me.

               “I am saying that,” I nod, licking my lips as he puts his hands on my waist.

               “So I get to take this dress off you a second time?”

               I laugh. “Technically you just unzipped it the first time,” I correct him and he rolls his eyes. “But yes, you can take this dress off for me. But I have something else in mind that I will need to put on,” I give him a smug look and his goes still.

               “What do you mean?” He asks and I can see the excitement in his eyes.

               “I guess you’ll just have to be a good boy for another…” I look at my pretend watch on my wrist. “Thirty-two minutes.”

               Auston sighs dramatically and starts swaying me to the soft music again.

               “I hate you sometimes,” he mumbles and I giggle.

               “Hmmm, I don’t think you do,” I say softly, leaning my forehead against him.

               Auston breathes in deeply and his brown eyes meet mine, glowing with affection that makes my heart ram against my ribs.

               “I think you’re right,” he whispers and goosebumps erupt all over my skin.

               “I love you,” I say, kissing his lips softly.

               “I love you,” he whispers back, moving his lips to my forehead as I rest my head against his chest, even as the song comes to an end and a more upbeat song pulses through the speakers.

               “Mind if I cut in?” My mother’s voice says behind me and I lift my head off of Auston to smile at her.

               “Be my guest,” I tell her, moving out of Auston’s arms as my mother takes his out stretched hand.

               I smile to myself as I back away from them and back into the maze of tables surrounding the dance floor. Watching them twirl around the dance floor and Auston’s cheek turn pink at something my mother says to him.

               “There you are!” A loud voice says making me jump. I look over to see Melissa barreling towards me, white dress billowing out behind her looking like a goddess.

               “Here I am!” I exclaim, taking her hands in my own as she reaches me.

               “Oh, Y/N, tonight has been so perfect,” Melissa says, her eyes aglow and her cheeks a pretty pink with excitement.

               “I know! Everything is so beautiful and everyone is having so much fun! And…” I raise her hand up so the lights above catch the ring on her finger. “I’m so incredibly proud of you.” I say and tears well behind her eyes.

               “You’re going to make me cry again!” She wails and I pull her into my arms, tears in my own eyes. “I’m just happy we both found someone, me a wife and you… that glorious boy wooing your mother right now.”

               I giggle and pull away from her to look over my shoulder to see Auston pull my mother up from a low dip, her face is cherry red and she’s giggling like mad.

               “I think she’s had a little too much to drink tonight,” I laugh and Melissa nods.

               “I think so too, but hey, at least she’s having fun and it hasn’t turned into Aunt Cassie’s birthday party yet,” Melissa smirks at me.

               “True, all the poles seem untouched,” I say.

               “There you two are!” Another voice says and I look over to see Emily, Melissa’s brand new wife sauntering over. “Keeping my wife from me I see,” she winks at me and pecks Melissa on the mouth.

               “My bad, she’s all yours Emily,” I grin, squeezing Melissa’s hand once more before releasing it.

               “Nonsense! I came over here to dance with my two favorite girls,” Emily exclaims, taking both Melissa and me by the arm and dragging us out onto the dance floor. I laugh as they dance around me, both a little uncoordinated due to the amount of wine both of them have had. Auston joins me once again after a few more songs of dancing with my mother before passing her off to my father. His hands slip to my hips, my back against his front and I wiggle against him making his hands tighten around my waist.

               “Y/N, don’t you dare,” he whispers in my ear and I bite my lip.

               “What am I doing?” I ask him and he scowls, tapping my nose with his finger.

               “You know exactly,” he says and then he smirks at me. “If I had known that sleeping with you would unleash this kind of attitude, I would have been more persistent a few weeks ago,” he whispers. I swat at him and push against his chest.

               “It’s just because your friends aren’t here for me to babysit, mama needs to let loose sometimes,” I grin at him and he laughs.

               “I can loosen you up whenever you want,” he says and then is interrupted by a commotion by the door and I know it’s time for the newlyweds to depart, which means Auston and I get to do that same shortly after.

               “Come on,” I say, taking his hand and tugging him to my rightful place as maid of honor and secure Auston at my side.

               We wave and throw the rice, kissing my favorite cousin and new second favorite cousin on the cheek as they make their way down the steps to their waiting chariot, or in this case their waiting Mercedes. We wind through the crowd and finally spot my parents who are already heading back inside to continue the party.

               “Mom! Dad!” I call after them, Auston and I hurrying up the stairs to them. “We’re going to take off, gotta leave early to get Auston to practice in the morning,” I huff at them, out of breath from the six stairs I had to climb to get to them.

               “Oh so soon?” My mom pouts and engulfs me in her arms. More tears well in my eyes, which has become a norm every time I talk to her on the phone or anytime that I caught a glimpse of her on the dancefloor.

               “Unfortunately,” I say, rubbing her back gently.

               She puts her hands on my shoulders and takes a step back, her hands going to my cheeks.

               “You really look so beautiful,” she whispers and I blush.

               “I look like you, mama, of course I look pretty,” I smile and she winks at me.

               “And you’re just as humble as your mama,” she kisses my forehead and hands me off to my dad, taking Auston into an embrace as well. I can see her whispering something to him but before I can make it out my view is cut off by my dad roping me in a hug.

               “Miss you, baby girl,” he whispers and I close my eyes, burying my face into his neck.

               “I miss you more,” I whisper back and raise my head, giving him an up and down look. “Forgot to tell you that you clean up good, dad.”

               He chuckles and pats my hair much to my dismay. “What can I say, you watch hockey players get to the rink every day, you learn,” he winks at me and I giggle.

               “Take care of yourself, kid,” he says gruffly and I throw my arms around him once more before taking Auston’s hand and leaning into his shoulder. My father and Auston shake hands, my dad gazing at him fondly but sternly.

               “And you take care of her as well,” my dad says and I roll my eyes.

               “Of course, sir,” Auston stammers, nodding at my father. I find it hilarious that Auston is intimidated by him.

               “Come on,” My mom says, rolling her eyes at me as she takes my father’s hand and drags him back into the hotel.

               Auston and I make our way to his car, complete with two overnight bags in the backseat. The second I’m buckled in, Auston roars out of the parking lot. I grab at my seat and give him an amused look.

               “Eager to go?” I ask sweetly and he throws a filthy look my way.

               “If you think for one second that your words left my mind once the last hour you are dead wrong,” he snaps at me.

               “Well that’s saying something given you were dancing with my mother half of that time,” I muse, fighting a smile.

               Auston just shakes his head and rockets towards my parents’ house. He had been there earlier to get ready, but I hadn’t allowed him to go into my bedroom. Instead, making him change in the spare room. Now it seemed I wouldn’t get a say in if could go in or not.

               Once we pull in the driveway, Auston grabs both of our bags from the backseat as I pull my dress up to step through the damp yard, all the snow recently melting. It feels odd walking in the garage door and not having two fur balls running like mad men towards me, instead they were home in Toronto, being babysat by Uncle Mitch and Uncle Morgan. I cringe just thinking about what my living room must look like right now.

               Auston wastes no time and goes straight up the stairs, though he hesitates by my bedroom door, allowing me to open the door for him and enter first. His eyes ravel around the room, most of my childhood things were still here, having bought mostly new bedroom furniture for my house in Toronto. I let him look in silence, though I do stand in front of the closet so he doesn’t go in there.

               “Good enough?” I ask him and he glances at me.

               “Lot different than Toronto,” he says and I laugh.

               “I was a tween at one time, and if I remember correctly, last time I was in Arizona a certain someone still had NHL sheets on his bed…” I smirk at him and he laughs.

               “Hey, it got me here didn’t it?” He asks, taking off his suit jacket and laying it across the chair to my vanity. I stare at it, it looks so odd. “So… what were you going to show me?” He asks quietly, not meeting my gaze and I laugh again.

               “Eager much?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow at him and he gives me a pathetic look.

               I walk over to him and he eyes me warily, standing up a bit straighter.

               “I wanted to thank you,” I start and he tilts his head to the side, confused. I take a deep breath and continue on. “That first week, I was a complete and utter mess, the only person not telling me how smart and brilliant I was, was you. You kept my head on my shoulders and didn’t try to put me up on a pedestal. Every time I cried, you were there, whether it was through texting or tapping on my wall…” I trail off, tears overflowing from my eyes as Auston stares at me.

               “When I came home after that week, my mom said that she thought there was something different about me. A new ‘air’ is what she said actually. She knew before I did, she knew I loved you…” I wipe at my face with the back of my hand. “And when they dropped me off at my house in Toronto, she told me that I was home, where I’m supposed to be, but she never said Toronto.”

               I finally bring myself to look at Auston and his face is slack, staring at me in awe.

               “She was referring to you,” I whisper, twisting my wrist and listen to the charms clink again each other.

               The silence in the room is deafening, we stare at each other, his eyes are red and I realize there are tears there, though none fall. After what seems like an eternity, Auston reaches out to me and I gladly step into him arms nuzzling into his neck.

               “You know I’m not the best with words,” Auston whispers into my hair, his voice crackling slightly.

               “I know. Sometimes actions are better than words,” I whisper back, squeezing him tightly as does he.

               “I love you,” he says.

               I pull back to look at him again. “Show me,” I whisper.

               Auston blinks at me and smiles slightly, leaning down and kissing my so sweetly that the silk of my dress is a mirror of my insides. His hand slowly goes to the zipper, he doesn’t have to ask where it is, and just like before, he takes his time pulling it low to my waist. Taking his hand, I let it fall to the floor and step out of it. Auston drinks me in before wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me, laying me on my bed.

We take our time, this is slowest and sweetest moment we have shared together, our bodies moving as one. And when we are done, we lay together fingers entwined and our breathing and heart rates settling down back into a regular rhythm. Auston drifts off to sleep and I let him for a short while, but my surprise is still sitting in my closet.

“Auston,” I whisper, gently running a hand down his back. “Wake up,” I say a little louder when he doesn’t wake and he jerks up.

“What? What?” He asks and I erupt into giggles and he scowls at me.

“What did you wake me up for?”

“You forgot about the surprise I had for you,” I say, slipping off the bed and making my way to my closet. His face instantly brightens up.

“Your coach made me think of it,” I tell him and he frowns.

“Babs made you think about something for the bedroom…” Auston asks slowly and I laugh.

“Just something he said, Auston,” I roll my eyes at him. “You have to close your eyes until I come out.” I demand, pointing my finger him. “Close them!”

Auston sighs and obliges, closing his eyes and raising his eyebrows high on his forehead.

“Good boy,” I say and slip into the closet, slipping off Auston’s shirt and putting on another thing that he once wore.

“Eyes still closed?” I call and he answers quickly.

“Yes ma’am.”

I peek quickly to just make sure and then step back into the room, walking to the front of the bed where he’s sitting and take a deep breath.

“Okay,” I say and his eyes open, focusing in on me and taking in the item of clothing I had chosen. A slow smile forms across his face.

“I thought you would never,” he quirks and eyebrow at me and I shrug.

“Well, when you happen to fall for a certain boy on a certain team with a few certain teammates, you learn to love… or dislike less,” I grin at him.

“And the name and number?” Auston asks, a smirk replacing the smile.

“I raided your closet, didn’t expect to find a number sixte-“ I’m cut off by Auston pouncing off the bed and silencing my words with a kiss.

“Better get used to that last name on your shoulders,” he whispers against my lips and I smile.

“I already am.”

anonymous asked:

Your wonderful mythology art has reignited my childhood curiosity in it again and I just found out something: in Greek mythology, there is a goddess named Nyx, goddess of the night. Born from Chaos, she was among the very first gods. You see, she has a son: Hypnos. Hypnos in the past has got in Zeus' way several times. Every single time Zeus tries to punish Hypnos, Hypnos would run to his mother. The catch: Zeus is fucking TERRIFIED of Nyx, so he can do nothing against her. This is GOLD, IMO.

Hell yeah, Nyx is the scariest best mom. I sketched her a design a while ago but it’s still a work in progress:

Kinda tried to go for a ‘terrifying deep sea predator fish’ vibe

Tips for People Planning to use Mythology in Their Stories

- Don’t make Hades the villain. He’s not evil and never has been. Yes, in later versions of the myth he kidnapped his wife and forced her to be with him, but he was also not a serial rapist.

- You know what? Say this with me. JUST BECAUSE THE GOD IS ASSOCIATED WITH SOMETHING THAT SEEMS BAD TO OUR MODERN MINDS DOESNT MEAN THE GOD IS EVIL. That includes gods of war, death, stealing ect.

- Consider not making Loki the villain. He makes considerably more sense as a villain then Hades as he was a dick, but consider making him a wildcard instead. Making him straight up the villain just strikes me as kind of lazy.

- Not all polytheistic systems use the Greek pantheon system.

- Unless you are willing to do all the homework, don’t go near Irish Mythology. Listen that shit is so fucking complicated.

- I haven’t ever seen this, but just for future reference don’t make goddesses with multiple forms the Maiden/Mother/Crone.


- Ancient Egyptians were not white, and “G*psies” are not from Egypt.

- Bare in mind that all gods have modern worshippers. You don’t have to change your story or whatever but just keep that in mind and respect that.

- The Morrigan was not in love with Cú Chulainn.

- Keep in mind that we look back on mythology with a modern eye. What seems like one thing to us nowadays likely meant something very different back then.

- Just because she’s the wife of an important god doesn’t mean that she has to be a one note character. If you look into the myth, Persephone is fascinating, Hera is misguided but still hurting, Sif is a goddess of her own right, and Sigyn isn’t Loki’s bitch. Don’t discount the goddesses.

- This is a side note but seriously make Sigyn the villain that would be so cool.

- None of these ancient societies have anything to do with Christianity.

- Thor is not the Marvel Character.

That’s all i can think of for now, feel free to add on

ananbeth  asked:

so, soph. you should share with the world the missed potential for amazing sons and daughters of aphrodite that riordan short changed us on

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 

  • sons of Aphrodite with “mom” tattoos who are scared of their sisters and practice magic in the form of sonnets 
  • sons of Aphrodite being trained as soldiers, means to defend the realm of their mother at all costs
  • aggressive sons of Aphrodite whose eyes burn with anger and rage whenever someone mentions playing with peoples’s hearts for sport 
  • sons of Aphrodite who fall hard and fast; who preserve the art of writing love letters and poems; who study romantic languages, wanting to know every possible emotion they can evoke with the use of words; who rest their heads in their sisters’ laps as they gush about how in love they are 
  • sons of Aphrodite who take their cues from the smoothest men in history, taking suave to another level; men who remind the world what it means to be a master of love 
  • sons of Aphrodite who are just so impossibly passionate about everything they do and are willing to  fight for what they love 
  • sons of Aphrodite who pray to their mother and thank her for all of the ways love can manifest itself in life 
  • and then there are her daughters- 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who worship their mother’s raw power and dream of harnessing it
  • girls who paint their nails with poisonous varnish as they talk about how their mother could make Zeus looks like a minor god if she really wanted 
  • daughters of Aphrodite whose weapons and bodies are decorated with images of Medusa and Sirens and passages from Medea and Antigone; daughters who who use their voices to amplify the drowned out voices of women who came before them 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who use their bodies as weapons, completely unafraid to use their Goddess-given looks to achieve their goals 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who love the Hunters of Artemis as sisters, respecting them endlessly for choosing to abstain from something that has swallowed innocent girls whole for as long as anyone can remember 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who use doves as messenger birds during battles and who say a prayer for every soul lost, because when the world loses someone, it also loses the love they gave off 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who study ancient texts about their mother and wonder what she might have been depicted like had women been writing the stories 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who who plan their wardrobes around what weapons they want to carry with them on any given day 
  • girls whose nails are as sharp as their knives and who kiss their celestial bronze the same way they might kiss a lover 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who unabashedly love cheesy rom-coms just as much as they love the feel of slicing through a monster 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who only buy high end jewelry because the cheap shit breaks when you punch stuff 
  • children of Aphrodite who worship their mother as the impossibly powerful, priomordial goddess that she is and work to embody that power in everything that they do. 
Voltron Theory: Lotor, Haggar and Zarkon are related

Alright so, after rewatching season one and season two of Voltron, I have a theory that connects back to the old Golion story way back in the 1980s. Now bear in mind that Dreamworks Voltron is its own beast, and a lot of what’s going on has no connection with the original Beast King Golion or the original Voltron tv series. However there are a number of clues that show that this series is taking from both of the series in their own way.

First I have to point out that in Voltron magic wasn’t directly addressed, however Golion did have this and we’ve seen that the Alteans use magic so first connection to Golion. Following this we have Shiro’s name, clearly named after Takashi Shiro from Golion as well. However Shiro himself seems to be taking more from Sven and Keith from the original Voltron. That being said as well we can then see other connections here and there: The lions possibly having spirits in them akin to Golion, while from Voltron we get more of the goofy characteristics of Lance as well as him being more of a flirt.

The new series really seems to like to play with both shows which brought me to wonder, now that they have Lotor coming in, exactly which story line would they give him? And the strange thing is, I think they’re going to merge aspects from both series into this.

Mind you this is just a theory, as we haven’t even seen Lotor, but I’m going based on what I’ve seen so far in the show, and I’m hoping I’m right on this. 

Alright so we’ve seen in the last episode Blackout that Haggar is worried about Zarkon, and seemingly has been for some time. Naturally a few people have suggested that she has feelings for him, but I don’t think it’s the case of romance. Bear in mind that in previous incarnations Zarkon was the son of Haggar and Zarkon’s father who pretty much used her as a concubine (though Haggar wasn’t an Altean in the series) and she gave birth to Zarkon who later pretty much, er…slept with Lotor’s mother who was a Altean captive of his (this was a pretty dark birth story line and later drove Lotor mad).

I do not think that the whole captive thing is going to come into play here, rather given the events that we’ve seen I highly suspect we’re going to get a rather tragic story of both love and obsession. There’s also the issue that in Golion there was a space angel, goddess of the the universe, who was the one that split apart the lions into five separate beings. In Voltron it was Haggar that did the splitting.

So, my guess based on the clues that we have, is that the whole family tree within the Golion story is going to be kind of twisty and full of turns. They wouldn’t have made Keith Galra without reason, and I suspect that a large part of it is going to come from the fact that there’s going to be connections between Keith, Zarkon, Lotor, Haggar and Allura.

I can only build the theories on the clues that have been hinted at and the two sources of the show, plus the Devils Due comic that came out several years ago. Like I said, most of this is based on the limited clues that seem to be dropped though out the two seasons.

So my theory goes something like this:

Years ago Haggar was one of a family related to Allura’s mother (who I’m guessing is going to be that Space Angel like Goddess –or she’s going to be the purple Lion again) and ended up being married to the Emperor of the Galra. During this time she had a child with the emperor who was Zarkon.

Clue’s that seem to indicate something connected to this as a possibility:

1. In the show Zarkon never calls Haggar by her name, he never addresses her as Witch Haggar, however he shows the utmost respect for her, and trusts her more than anyone else in the whole fleet. I find it odd that he doesn’t call her by her title either, not only that but she seems to be the only one that can talk to him in a less formal manner and that he will listen to.

2. In the original Haggar was Zarkon’s mother, but wasn’t able to tell him due to the way the Galra had set things up. So she could only protect her son from afar in a way.

3 In the new show we see Haggar worrying over Zarkon beyond just a loyal subject. She, at points, looks at him when he’s walking off with utter fear and worry, much like a mother would look at her child before he or she does something that they know the child will regret.

4. Zarkon and Haggar’s attitudes towards one another during the events that led up to Blackout. Zarkon’s voice sounds more like a child telling his mother that he knows what he’s doing and to but out. While Haggar seems to be operating from the shadows trying to find a way to stop Voltron before Zarkon makes a bad move.

5. Both Zarkon and Haggar seem to have the ability to harness the Quintessence.  Something we know the Galra can’t do as most of their machines run on regular crystals and energy over the magic based system that Allura seems to be using.

As the son of the Emperor Zarkon eventually took control of the Empire and because of her connections to the Alteans Haggar made it so that Zarkon could befriend Alfor easily. Keith’s mom was probably a friend of Zarkon’s who was connected to him, or possibly related to Zarkon either though the royal blood line, or directly related as his sister through a different mother.

Anyway, during the time the comet crashed and Alfor came by to help, among those that were working with him was a young Altean woman who met Zarkon and the two fell in love. This eventually lead to a romance and Zarkon and this woman had Lotor. Not sure if they were married or not, that can be left in the air, but it’s reasonable to believe that Zarkon, given the way he’s seen by a lot of people, isn’t 100% a rotten person.

Clues to this come in the form of us mostly in the fact that Lotor in past incarnations has had a Altean mother and given the fact that Zarkon and Alfor worked closely, I don’t see it as such a surprise if Zarkon did meet and fall in love with a Altean scientist.

We also saw from the space mall episode that people are living mostly normal lives under his rule, which is conflicting with what Zarkon has been doing to others. There’s also the mall cop that seems to think that Zarkon is the best.

Somehow between the point that the first group of Voltron paladin’s came about and the new group came about, something large and dangerous attacked the Galra home world and probably killed a lot of people in the wake of its destruction.  Among those that died, more than likely Zarkon’s wife.

Clues to this could be seen in his obsession to get to Voltron and building a device that will destroy worlds. One of the key differences here in the case of Voltron Legendary defender and Voltron Defender of the universe and Golion was the fact that this is the first time that the Galra home world (also called planet Doom) was destroyed. This could mean that the need for Zarkon to overpower everything probably is not coming from the need to conquer everything for the sake of just having power, but rather to build up his army to take on something more powerful than he is.

If you’ve noticed there’s the point that everything he attacks is either for finding strong warriors, finding parts for something that he’s building or gathering the lions to him for use in some giant moment. We’ve seen that he’s willing to die to get those lions back, and there has to be a connection between the use of Voltron and Zarkon’s need to gather parts for war.

Now on to Lotor in this case. If I’m right about Haggar is his grandmother, then that means that there could be a case that like that of Prince Sincline where he doesn’t know about his blood line in regard to his father’s family. However we’ve already seen that the Stranger, if he is Lotor, seems to already be as tall as Keith meaning that he knows he’s probably part Altean. The question is how is he responding to it?

As I’ve said in earlier posts I’m suspecting we’re going to see a more science based Lotor, over the flirty and mostly jerkish version from the original Voltron and Golion show. My reasoning comes from a few places:

1. We saw him grab the scaultrite meaning he knew what he was looking for when he got trapped by the Weblum, and clearly he knew where to look for it as well.

2. Is the fact that he only took enough for one person to use, which to me at least indicates that he’s going to be testing something on a smaller scale first, which is what scientist do normally when they’re trying stuff.

3. We can devise from the fact that the Galra don’t have a wormhole device that they don’t possess the magic to activate something like the Telledove and move over the course of time and through the use of the Druids magic over their own abilities.

This makes me think that Lotor, if that is Lotor, is trying to find a way to make it so that the Galra can move more efficiently without the help of the Druids. This also tells me that he probably will not have as pleasant an interaction with Haggar, as she seemed not to happy to actually be calling him in. Meaning that, like the other Galra, he’s not someone who trusts Haggar and the Druids and finds them offensive. Which also means that he’s probably going to rely more on tech over something like Haggars spells.

If Haggar is his grandmother, and given her love of robeasts and the like, we will probably see new upgraded versions of these things, if Lotor sees reason to use them. I’m also suspecting we may eventually see the robot Iron Maiden, come out of this whole thing.

Of course this is just a theory right now.

Women are all sorts of magic.
When a woman has set her sights on something; she will birth it into existence. It’s not about the power she has between her legs, it’s about the power of her heart, mind, and soul. There is nothing she cannot do.
And everything desires and craves her touch.
She is the all giving mother.
The divine feminine.
The goddess beyond the clouds.
She is the bringer of love, the queen of what is holy, and the giver of peace.
She is changing the world.
Welcome to the new matriarchy.
—  Jenna Galbut

Virgo ~ A Priestess of Purity 

The Mother Goddess guards Virgo. Virgo is ruled by the moon in esoteric astrology and emanates divine purity, the concealed secrets of the sacred ‘mv’ glyph, a symbol of ‘mother virgin’. There is a love of all things natural in Virgo, and a self reliance that reflects the autonomous virgin, an individual whose mind and spirit is enriched, intimate with nature, and free from co-dependance. Virgo is the mythological Great Goddess. And she is far from celibate. In fact there is an admirable self regulation in Virgo. She is the season of cleansing and absolving, and she can do this all on her own. Erigone was the maiden who hung herself from a tree when she found the grave of her murdered father. So we can wield incredible shadows in Virgo from this, an acute response to life and its harsh condition. From the archetypal trauma inside, the Virgo wants to sacrifice herself to serve others. This is a reflection of the mother in modern day life, a figure of solace and servitude. But she can also be martyred and discontent in a role of reliance. The Virgin Goddess twirled her femininity and expressed it at will. The Virgo is not completely contained or reluctant. Isis, Diana, and Ishtar were all referred to as ‘virgins’, designating power and sexual independence, a woman who was ‘one in herself’. Mystical secrets shroud the sign of Virgo. For this self regulating Great Goddess, the Virgo can become internalized and self reliant, seeming distant from relationships or affection. But the Virgo’s sorcery lies in what she carries, the threads of a pure child. Jesus, Buddha, Dionysis, and Osiris were all said to be babies of virgin mothers. Here we can begin to understand the sacred fertility that is rich in Virgo, a spirit self ruling, adequate, and profound enough to create something completely pure from within, alone and untouched. 


Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 3)

((A/N: Another chapter! Hurray! I *promise* if you can get through this, it’s about to get real and maybe we’ll see some heroics. If you’re the type that doesn’t like build up… I apologize. But I wanted to introduce the gods and get a sense of who the reader is. Not everything is as simple as it may seem…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: Language! [it’s a joke, you’ll see] 

Catch up! Part 1// Part 2// ))

Clint couldn’t help but smirk at your eagerness, already realizing why the others had been so taken by you. Spirited would have been an insult as there was so much more going on. He understood the enamoring nature of who you were. He understood the impact you would have on a man like Ares so dedicated to his own cause. It made sense.

“Well, first things first, you need to talk to Poseidon. The man’s been so at odds with the other gods he’s neglected most of his duties. If you get him to stand down and assure him you’re working to resolve this, at least one of your main concerns will be dealt with.” There was a raised eyebrow by Clint, as if to turn on a lightbulb in your head. It was true that your family relied heavily on fishing as a source of income and general livelihood. It was also true that despite your father’s heavy dedication towards the worship of Poseidon, there had been almost nothing.

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So I dreamed up this nelfman today, and he was wearing robes of cream yellow with orange highlights, and a single blue gem on his chest. He doesn’t have a name yet, and I’m going to take my time to decide.

I came up with a quick story for him immediately:

His life-changing encounter with the Light came in the form of a tribe of displaced Tauren in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Inspired by the will and ways of Sunwalker Dezco and his tribe, the Kaldorei set about searching himself and all he had previously thought of holy magic. Having found the humans’, dwarves’, and even the draenei’s approaches to holy magic too rigid for liking, he found something familiar in the way the Tauren approached the concept. Their respect for nature and acknowledgement of Elune opened him to hearing their beliefs, and he soon found that he was able to acknowledge An’she and the Earth Mother as well. He sees himself as a daywalker, still revering Elune as his goddess, but acting with a conviction that someone must nurture the day, since most of his kind revere the night.

He first learned from the Tauren priests, and slowly began his transition to paladin under their teachings, which he did find amusing at times. He enjoys studying religion, and exchanging stories with the Tauren from time to time. He wishes that more of his kind could find the same power that he has, although he is not particular whether they draw their power from An’she or Elune. 

The more proficient he became, the more his white hair and eyes took on a golden hue. He is said by his peers to shimmer in the sun – something they tease him about because of his “star elf” heritage.


And that’s why my dreams are so cool. 8]

Beltane: The Feast of Fertility

Beltane, Bel’s Feast, Beltaine, May’s Day, Boaltinn, Boaldyn….they all mean the same thing. The annual celebration traditionally held on the first of May (though some celebrate it on April 30th) It is steeped in a thousand traditions that come predominately from Irish history, but are certainly not limited to that. While there are many ways to celebrate this particular holiday…there is one consistent ever-present theme: Fertility.

And to a lesser extent…sex.

Gasp I said a naughty word…twice! And I’ll be saying it a lot throughout this post. If you don’t like it, are uncomfortable with it, or what have you…go click somewhere else.

Now that that’s been said, let’s do this!


  1. Fertility

    1. Beltane’s primary theme is about fertility. Rain and warmth have made the ground quicken and it is ripe for growing things. Seeds are breaking open, birds are ready to lay their eggs, animals have been gathering their homes and preening themselves for find mates. It’s time to get down to those brass tacks and get to…uhm…business.

    2. This is the fest where the God and Goddess unite. And I don’t mean on paper. They share that universal melding that quickens the world with ripeness. It’s often referred to as the Divine Union. The Lord has become worthy and the Lady has grown to fertility, and they do what couples do when the mood strikes. It is not uncommon for us little humans to emulate.

    3. All gods and goddesses of sex and fertility are honored here. If I attempted to name them all this post would end up ridiculously long. Do some research into mythology and see if/who you’d like to honor.

    4. Humans are animals. Plain and simple. We spent the winter covered up and hiding away and then the spring came out. Have you noticed more flirting going on? Have you noticed men and women noticing one another. More skin is showing and there is a simmering revelry just waiting for an excuse. That’s the brush of spring my friends…embrace it…but don’t be too foolish.

    5. Sex magic. Yup. All prayer, all spells, all rite and incantations are about bringing energy to a place or a time for a purpose. Sex does the exact same thing. You can focus that energy for a specific purpose, and this is the day to do it.

  2. Fire

    1. I mean this in both the internal and external way. You’re own boldness and personal fire may light itself during this feast. Tonight is a good time for seeing where that can take you…within reason.If you live in a place where you cannot have an open flame, I suggest a false one (there are websites that have fire on them…neat, huh?) keeping a nightlight going as a type of ‘flame’ like those fake candles that many Christians put into the windows during Christmas, anything that can represent light. 

    2. Fire is a big part of Bel’s Feast. Beltane falls opposite of Samhain, and it is a fire feast. Many traditions will have a fire to be lit as the sun sets so that it will keep going all night. This signifies many things for many people.

      1. The passion of the night

      2. the heat of the earth beginning to quicken

      3. the light of the Sun/God throughout the night.

  3. Marriage/Handfasting

    1. Handfasting is a pagan ritual for a temporary marriage or union. It lasts a year and a day. I will probably do a post dedicated to handfasting sometime soon to explain the process in detail. The quick and dirty of it is the idea of being married to one person for this time as if it were forever, it’s a trial marriage to discover if everything between you is what it should be. Handfasting is a large part of Beltane and many couples choose this day/night to be hand-bound. At the end of the year and a day the couple may choose to part ways or become permanently bound.

    2. Marriage. Most of us live in places where the christian concept of marriage reigns supreme. Handfasting is not legal in most areas and many pagans choose this day to be wed by the established government. They will get the paperwork squared away and then have a gathering on this day to celebrate.

  4. Feasting

    1. Food. Alright, you may notice that food is a part of most pagan/Wiccan celebrations. It’s not a surprise. Pagans and Wiccans tend to form a community that gathers infrequently and often views the celebrations themselves as a party…and food goes well with a party. But lets be honest, it’s more than that. Food has it’s own energy, and for rituals we need it.

    2. When the earth grows lush and the ground breaks to the plow…people get hungry. Not only this but this is a night of revelry and passion. Food goes hand in hand with these acts. There are some traditional foods that I will talk about later in the post.

  5. The Veil

    1. Once again, Beltane falls opposite Samhain., they are the fire feasts and they are also the feasts where the Veil between the worlds is very thin. I know that the phrase is cliché but it is appropriate to the night.

      1. Samhain is associated with the spirit world, where ghosts and darker things may pass through. Beltane is a different time, and a different energy. This is a night for faeish revelry and mischievousness. DO not be surprised if you find yourself swept up in the energy and making decisions you wouldn’t normally. Boldness of the god, lust from the goddess, and playfulness of the fae can make for an intoxicating time. Try your best to keep your head.


  1. The God is no longer a Youth this night. It’s the night where he 'becomes a man’. And no, I don’t mean because tonight he lays down with the Goddess. He get’s to unite with her because he has become a man, not the other way around. There are plenty of stories about how he proves himself to her, sometimes through a hunt, through a battle, or through a quest…but what matters is he DOES prove himself and the Goddess takes him to her celestial bed.

    1. Do not be surprised to be the recipient of some aggressive pursuits…or don’t be surprised to be a pursuer depending on whether you fall to the Gods sway or the Goddesses.

    2. If there is someone you have been craving, this might be the time to let them know. Offer them something, a gift, yourself, the blood of your enemies. (I’m kidding about one of those…) However, don’t be too disapointed should they not return the desire…there are so many out there this night…one who might be seeking you.

  2. Remember what I said about there being an incredible amount of fertility gods out there? I wasn’t kidding. Seriously, go research it and find one that calls out to you, personally.


  1. The Goddess goes from Maiden to mother tonight. She accepts the Lord as her Consort and together they create the energy that will ripen the world. If you are one of the people more in tune with the Ladies energy do not be surprised if you find yourself putting yourself out there to be…chased. The Goddess didn’t just hang around and wait for the God to peak at her, she seduced him with…large tracks of land. (*giggle*)

    1. Do not be surprised if you find yourself showing off more, wearing the clothing that you feel makes you look better. It’s not just because the temperature is changing. Show it off, lure them in. It’s a wonderful time for it.

    2. Tonight is the night to show it off, to get lost in that Goddess energy. Dance, move, flirt, harness that energy to carry with you for the weeks to come.

  1. Seriously though…go look those sex goddess up.


Anything that deals with fire. Red, yellow, orange. Green to honor the God for becoming the Lord of the Feast/Hunt is also acceptable. If you are honoring a fertility/sex god/ess research their colors to be more in tune with the holiday.


Decorating your altar for the holiday is simple and rather easy to do. Whatever items you have there traditionally are fine, no need to exclude anything, but adding things to honor fertility and passion are always good…and what those items are is sort of up to you. For myself I have the representation of the god and goddess, with a horn at the base of the god, and a wrap of flowers at the base of the goddess. But that’s just me.


Told you we’d get there. As those of you who follow me may know I am big into kitchen witchery. It’s just not a festival without the feast. Traditional foods are Scottish Oat cakes, Green Man Cake, Fertility Bread, and Meade. If you would like recipes as I did for previous holidays Inbox me and I’ll write those up as well.

I might write them up anyway.

Also, any food that might be considered an aphrodisiac. Chocolate, honey, oysters, or wine.

The Ritual

  1. First things first…Intent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, doing any spell or rite without clearly defining your intent is like running your hands over a keyboard and expecting epic poetry to come out. When it comes to Beltane the intent is pretty cut and dry but just because it is the biggest fertility rite doesn’t mean that this is all it has to be.

    1. Passion

      1. I don’t just mean sexually, though that’s certainly acceptable. I mean passion for another person, passion in life, passion for yourself. Have you got self image issues? Today is the time to use that spell to kiss all that goodbye. We are all children of the Lady and the Lord and they reside in each of us. Their magic stirs in us and we are all beautiful for it.

    2. Sex

      1. Giggity. If you want it, go for it (with a totally willing partner or partners)

      2. If you’ve been having trouble in this area, not just a dry spell, but serious issues with sex and sexuality use the energy of this night to fuel healing magic for you.

    3. Fertility

      1. So you want a baby. Good for you! Go get pregnant. It is said children conceived on this night are special. I, for one, think all children have the ability to be special…but hey…more power to the evening. Also..make sure your partner (or partners) is (are) aware of your intent.

    4. Fae Magic

      1. The Veil is thin between this world and the next. The Fae can peak through or join us. If you’ve got a spell or rite that needs some faerie magic then get to it!

        1. Fae magics can include

          1. Glamour/Beautification

          2. Youthful temporary energy

          3. some forms of divination

          4. Some blessings

    5. Fire

      1. Fire can be an intent. It’s an elemental energy that you can pull into your life. Ask for a fire blessing to give you energy to pursue those goals that have been haunting you.

  2. Cleansing

    1. Fire cleansing is the way I like to go about Beltane. Using incense or smudging to clean an area. Like a candle to walk the space you plan on using for your ritual place. But if you wish to use your besom have at it!

    2. It doesn’t matter what you decide to use to clean the area. What does matter is you need to be thinking about Energy. Beltane is full of it. Harbor it.

    3. And as per usual, don’t forget self cleansing. If you, like myself, prepare a bath before every ritual for yourself, make it a candle lit one, add some sage or vanilla to the water. Whatever spice or scent makes you feel romantic.

  3. Grounding

    1. After your bath meditate, prepare yourself. With Beltane I always suggest the moving meditation of getting dressed. Tonight is about looking and feeling your best. Feel your robes or clothing when you pull it on. Look at how it fits you. Remind yourself that you are a child of the God/Goddess, they made you beautiful. Apply scent or make up or whatever it is you want.

    2. Focus on your intent tonight. If your intent is to frolic with the fae, frolic for yourself, or frolic with a potential partner…picture it!

  4. Circle Casting

    1. http://wiccaweekly.tumblr.com/post/45210300440/wicca-101-circle-casting

  5. Rite/Spells

    1. Time for spell casting! In large groups this can be done a multitude of ways, dancing around the Bel Fire, the maypole dances, drumming, there are so many rites and rituals that take place here that I couldn’t begin to name them all. But whether with a group or by yourself remember that this is a time of high energy. The god and the goddess are creating the life of the world between them.

    2. Keep in mind that some Beltane gatherings will last all night (teehee) but some, like the group where I live can go for the weekend.

    3. Enjoy life.

  6. Opening the Circle

    1. Say thank you to the god and goddess you picked.

    2. Say goodbye to the elements.

    3. Picture the circle opening.

Maha-Tara Jayanti.

Maha-Tara Jayanti is the day dedicated to goddess Tara, it falls on April 4 2017. I’ve been looking for some articles about Maa Tara to post for this day but I’ve found it difficult to connect to what’s available, my Guru placed great emphasis on this form of the Divine Mother and She’s very dear to me, so I’m making a humble attempt to write something myself, here goes….

Maa Tara is the second or ninth (depending on which tradition you follow) of the Mahavidyas or great wisdom forms of the Divine Mother, as a Vidya she represents sound, Mantra Shakti the power of sacred sound. The Vedic Goddess of sound is Saraswati, therefore Tara is often referred to as Nila Saraswati or Ugra Saraswati-‘fierce’ Saraswati, in the tantric tradition she is the feminine form of the sacred syllable 'Om’. She resembles Mother Kali greatly in appearance, but they have subtle differences, as Kali represent time, She who is beyond time, Tara is sound, beyond sound. The Divine Mother is one, Saraswati, Kali, Tara, they are all different expressions of the one Shakti. Sri Ramprasad Sen and Kamalakanta both use the names Kali and Tara interchangeably in their poetry.

According to the traditional story She appears in the tale of the Gods and demons churning the ocean for the nectar of immortality. A great poison was produced in the process which was swallowed by Lord Shiva to save the universe from imminent destruction. Shiva drinks the poison but falls to the ground due to its burning sensation in His throat, Maa Tara then appears on the spot and feeds Shiva with her breast milk to sooth the burning. Maharishi Vashistha is said to have revived Her Worship after learning it in Tibet (incidentally Tara is revered by both Hindus & Buddhists), he located her Shaktipeeth in Birbhum district West Bengal, identifying the place as the location Sati’s third eye fell in the Daksha Yagna tale, She is worshipped to this day in the famous Tarapith temple in the same location.

Tarapith is an amazing place, the image of Maa Tara here is one of the most striking you will find, the Goddess is very much awake in this holy temple. The adjacent cremation ground is a magnet for everyone from full throttle tantric Sadhakas, drunk red clad (and red eyed) 'sadhu’ beggars with their loud shouts of JOY MAA TARA, to pious pilgrims putting everything on a prayer. The holy tomb of Sri Bamakhepa Thakur, the famous 'mad’ saint of Tarapith is also located here, Sri Bamakhepa himself perhaps being Maa Tara’s greatest gift to the modern world. Maa Tara is the great refuge to those who seek Her shelter, I pray She grants us all Her blessings on this special day.

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favourite poetry books and/or chapbooks?

I have so, so many. Going through my Goodreads poetry tag the ratings are all over the place, usually very immediate, so despite what I may have rated something in 2014 these are the ones that have stuck with me.


Nox by Anne Carson
Glass, Irony, and God by Anne Carson
Plainwater: Essays and Poetry by Anne Carson
The Black Unicorn: Poems by Audre Lorde (or, really, anything by her, including her essays)
Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros
Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong
Autobiography of a Goddess by Andal
Poems 1962-2013 by Louise Glück
Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962 - 1972 by Alejandra Pizarnik
Our Men Do Not Belong to Us by Warsan Shire (free pdf)
Her Blue Body by Warsan Shire
Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire
I Am the Beggar of the World: Landays from Contemporary Afghanistan tr. Eliza Griswold
Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón
Sharks in the Rivers by Ada Limón
Incorrect Merciful Impulses by Camille Rankine
Incarnadine: Poems by Mary Szybist
Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Girmay
Teeth by Aracelis Girmay
Skin Divers by Anne Michaels
Black Life by Dorothea Lasky
Thunderbird by Dorothea Lasky
Rome: Poems by Dorothea Lasky
Father, Husband by Scherezade Siobhan
She Had Some Horses by Joy Harjo
Letters from Medea by Salma Deera
[insert] boy by Danez Smith
How We Became Human: New and Selected Poems 1975-2002 by Joy Harjo
The Dream of a Common Language by Adrienne Rich
Pelican by Emily O’Neill
Madwomen: The “Locas mujeres” Poems of Gabriela Mistral, a Bilingual Edition by Gabriela Mistral
Said the Manic to the Muse by Jeanann Verlee
New and Selected Poems, Volume 1 by Mary Oliver
Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich
Decreation by Anne Carson
Bride of Ice: New Selected Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva
If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho by Sappho tr. Anne Carson
When My Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz
Bluets by Maggie Nelson
Crush by Richard Siken
Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine
What the Living Do by Marie Howe
bone by Yrsa Daley-Ward
salt. by nayyirah waheed
Ariel: The Restored Edition by Sylvia Plath
Crossing the Water by Sylvia Plath
Selected Poems: 1965-1975 by Margaret Atwood
The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot (and Prufrock)
The Bones Below by Sierra DeMulder
Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara
Howling at the Moon by Darshana Suresh


The Prettiest Girl in the Psych Ward by @nicola-blank
Juliet and the Knife by @nicola-blank
Taurogarchy by @mythaelogy
Incarnate by @sunrisesongs
Fleur by @afterthelonely

The 4th House

We become lost in life, deliriously wandering away from home, in search of love or purpose or a dream. Sometimes we feel abandoned and alone. And beyond all of this chaos and earthy desire there was a mother who unconditionally, and deeply loved you, has always loved you, and will always love you. The primordial mother. When you follow the compass that turns inward, guiding toward the inner divine that rests inside, there is the union between mother and child, the longing that you have always desired, the home something in your spirit has ached for. Those arms are the universe, and the wind her song that sings you to sleep. This mother-child bond is beyond all time and galaxies, thought or explanation, in any form this mother appears, an inner guru, a spirit guide, a goddess, or in material form, she emanates from a residence of purity and ultimate love, the sort of love that has been bound for  billions of years 


[art: “Moon Goddess Mother” by Lifeless Satellite]

devil-lafayette  asked:

i love Athena so fucking much you dont even know. she is my mother. Gimme some Athena headcanons PLEASE

u want some athena hcs, here you go 

- she probably loves netflix!! idk i can just see her staying in n watching tv shows all day

- she hates any games of chance bc she might not win

- she loves to read/watch anything related to greek mythology so she can laugh if its wrong

- as the three virgin goddesses, how much do you want to bet athena, artemis, hestia get together and gossip abt everyone else’s love lives (possibly while at the spa or something)

- she loves her family, she really does but sometimes they’re too much which is why she’s pretty much best friends with hestia bc as the oldest, she’s pretty much the boss

- athena’s all abt that cozy, warm aesthetic fam - coffee, tea, blankets, neutral, earthy colours, oversized sweaters

-she probably has a bookblr or a studyblr - she also writes poetry on tumblr

So I saw somewhere (I think a kink meme?) the idea that both Rey + Finn were Luke’s children.

The person said different mothers, but of course, my first thought was “Rey is Luke’s kid by Han; Finn is Luke’s kid by Lando” (so different fathers)

A bit of a cracky idea yes, but I’m half tempted to write a ficlet about it or something.