was that supposed to be some sort of hint or..


He didn’t want to say anything about it, and out of politeness no one was asking.  There were some rumors flitting about, but there always had to be rumors about someone or other to keep the town going.  Hopper knew not to look too far into such rumors- Joyce had gotten the brunt end of them many a time after her nasty divorce with Lonnie, so he’d learned to take things with a grain of salt.  And besides.  His own family was enough of a handful already.

To Hopper, the Wheeler family had always been the run-of-the-mill suburban model that was just nice enough to be ignored.  They put up Christmas wreathes during the holidays, took new family pictures every year, and slowly passed their children up through school until they left town.  That was the trope he let them fall into.  Until 1983.

Mike had been somewhat inducted into the family since the guarantee of Eleven’s safety from Dr. Owens, and although Hopper had worried extensively over how the transition would go, it was smooth and all his nightmares of pesky neighbors swiveling their heads their direction or agents stalking behind the kid as he walked soon ceased.  He finally got to know the kid as more than just a Wheeler counterpart, and after that it was hard to pin him to any of the rumors attached to his family.  Hopper supposed that at some point he’d have to sit down with him and have a chat about whatever was going on between him and Eleven, but for now the three of them were in a peaceful balance of board games on Tuesdays, pizza on Thursdays, and plenty of beaming from El on any day Hopper caved and told Mike he could come.  With all that, Hopper could easily ignore the blushing that ensued whenever they bumped hands reaching for pizza and the goodbye hugs that lasted just a second too long.  Until Eleven could reenter the world under the alias of Jane, things were right where they were supposed to be.

Or at least they were with the Hopper family.

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Ok, after the taekook dance scene and the yoonmin holding hands part I said to myself that there should be some sort of namjin scene next if big hit really want to hint all the ships then the sleeveless namjoon happened while jin was singing then a flash of vmin then the whole dna wave dance thingie happened. I have never felt so satisfied in my life.



Summary:  Simon is eleven years old and he has no friends and no family. There’s a voice inside his head that only he can hear, speaking a language only he can understand. And it may sound crazy, but that’s the only thing that keeps Simon from going insane. (Even though everyone already thinks he’s completely mental.)

OR soulmate au in which you can communicate with your soulmate/s in a language only you understand

Word count: 2263

Rating: T

Tags: soulmates au, a bit of angst (sorry), fluff, enemies to friends to lovers

Also on AO3

For @bazinjeanstm HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!! Hope your day was wonderful :) (And hope you like this)

Thank you @eroticgropefest for being my amazing beta, idk what I’d do without you

Ari’s challenge: I sort of “made up” a language for this but if you pay close attention you can actually understand it. Can you crack the code? (Hint: it’s Spanish-based) (Translations are at the end.)

It starts the same way great things always do: casually.

Simon is having lunch–or what the people taking care of him consider lunch–with dozens of other children around him, all being as loud as children are supposed to be, some even louder, thinking about how much he wants them to just shut up, when Simon hears it for the first time.


Simon looks around him but no one is paying him any attention. Simon must have misheard. He decides to ignore it and finish his plate, even though a strange thought settles in the back of his mind: it kind of feels like the voice has come from… inside his head?

The second time, Simon’s snuck out of his dormitory and gone up to the roof again. He’s lying on the floor, looking at the night sky, when someone voices his thoughts.

Éuq cheno nat tanibo.”

It is not a voice belonging to any person Simon knows. In fact, it actually sounds like Simon’s voice. Except, he hasn’t said anything.

Simon brushes it off again and keeps contemplating the stars, a soft smile drawing on his face.

The third time he hears it, it strikes Simon that the language isn’t English.

Bessa euq se ed lama cióncaedu rarnoig a guienal euq et táes doblanha?

And it should be English.

Teve a al damier,” Simon replies, jokingly, inside his head.

It should be English because Simon doesn’t understand any other language, much less speak them.

But it clearly isn’t English. And Simon does understand it. (And speak it.)

It doesn’t make sense. But that doesn’t matter – most things don’t make sense to Simon, anyway.

Simon is eleven years old and he has no friends and no family. There’s a voice inside his head that only he can hear, speaking a language only he can understand. And it may sound crazy, but that’s the only thing that keeps Simon from going insane. (Even though everyone already thinks he’s completely mental.)

So, Simon keeps talking to the voice.

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So I know I’ve been freaking out about chapter 167 on my blog, jumping the gun a little bit, making all sorts of assumptions. But, I feel like I should also point out: Traitor Aoyama is not confirmed yet.

I know, I know, after last chapter, what else are we supposed to believe? Not to mention that, with Aoyama potentially being a traitor and leaving Class 1A, that gives Shinsou the opportunity to take his place and have his own arc — an arc that has been hinted at for a while now.

But objectively speaking, with the information we have now, Traitor Aoyama is not confirmed. And even if he is the traitor, then that still leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions:

1.) Where was he in the USJ? Sure, his “guess where I was? It’s a secret!” lines were odd. And the fact that we didn’t know where he was is, in hindsight, super suspicious. Most people assumed he was a coward and in hiding. But if he is the traitor, where was he? What was he doing?

2.) How did he get the Villains to know about the USJ and All Might’s schedule? Unless there’s another person involved, I can’t see of any evidence in canon that he did this.

3.) At the training camp, why did he fire his laser at a villain? If he’s the traitor, why would he shoot at one of his own? Maybe he was trying to stay in character? Maybe he was feeling guilt for what he had done? Who knows!

4.) If he knew about Kirishima’s plan to save Bakugou, why didn’t he try to stop it? The only two students who didn’t know about the plan was Hagakure and Jirou, because of their injuries and being passed out from the gas. If he is the traitor, you would think he would have tried to discourage the plan, or warn the Villain Alliance about it. Maybe he does feel remorseful?

Anways, of course I have tons more questions, and I may add to this later, but these are the first that came to mind. If anyone has answers or theories or questions of their own, feel free to add! In the meantime, I’m going to try to fall back asleep despite the absolutely fucking terrifying nightmare fuel that is Aoyama creeping through a balcony window~

Things I never tire of:

- lees saying “t-word” or “t-wording” instead of tickle or tickling. 

- using !!!!!!!! instead of typing a coherent, well-thought out response.


- tagging others in tickle related gifs or videos 

- tagging others said gifs or videos, but also talking about said gif or video in the tags 

- lees making this face: :3 

- or /.\

- or D: when a spot is talked about

- lers who get blushy and so flustered when their favorite spot to tickle and play with is brought up. And also: lers who are tough as heck but even mentioning a certain spot makes them feel all goopy inside and it can make them feel a bit submissive because reasons :p

- raspberries

- teasing each other with pictures of nylon clad feet

- furiously shy lers 

- not-bashful-at-all lees who can tease and torment their ler into tickling them but even then the ler is blushing and melting inside

- all the cute versions of laughter like ahah…haha… or hhyyynnnkkk!! or hehe~ or the yelling to signify squeals like NOHOHAAHA PLEAAHAHASSEE!!! 

- bashful lers who acknowledge that they like tickling but just can’t be teasy about it because they’re too soft.

- sass from lees

- no I’m serious the sassy lee and bashful ler thing drives me crazy I love it so much

- threatening to even just perch fingers on a death spot 

- wiggling fingers juuuusttt near a bad spot and making the lee beg to just! do it already!!!

- lers who are supposed hard lers but they stay here long enough and realize they are actually possibly switches

-lers making this face: ;3

- lers saying that they’re hunters or hinting that they are some sort of hungry predator like oh my gosh rip me. In half please. And also lers “hunting” for their prey. 

- Saying you’re the tickle-monster @u@

- lees who can’t say “tickle” out loud in regular conversation.

- LERS who can’t say “tickle” out loud in regular conversation.

- watching a movie or commercial or whatever with family/vanilla-friends and the word pops up and you gotta poker-face your way through it.

- watching a movie or commercial or whatever alone and replaying it if tickling comes up just to self-indulge and sin quietly.

- lers or lees that can say “tickle” out loud, but stutter when they say it <3

- lers or lees that have a certain phrase, clothing item, word, what have  you that makes them think of tickling and pushes them into the mood for it.

- being spoon-fed spots

- unconventional spots like shins, tops of feet, inner-elbows, palms of the hands, forehead, front of the neck, ect.

- lees begging to be tied or pinned down so they don’t hurt the ler but also so they can’t chicken out and leave.


- tiny finger strokes down the sides when you’re spooning 

- making fake eating noises when you’re nibbling or mouthing at a bad spot just to hear the lee howl and squeal wildly (ohmygosh especially if youre teasing at some tummy pudge or the backs of the knees or the hips or!! ahhh)


- just causually talking about getting a spot and the potential lee starts breaking out every nervous tick they have like stuttering, bouncing their legs, rubbing their neck, avoiding eye-contact with a stupid big smile on their face, blushing, not being able to make full sentences ect.

- a cheeky lee asking a ler to explain something or asking a question, and then the lee starts rubbing or self-tickling, or wiggling a known bad spot of theirs and the ler freezes and just! can’t! deal with that!!

- ugghhhh that stretch people do. That horrible thing where they sttrrreeeetttccchhh up and their shirt rises and oh god there’s their tummy /.\

-that same stretch but when a ler comes up behind them and gets em in the armpits <3 or gets the ribs!

- ticklish backs

- teasing a ler by waggling your feet or other body part you know they have mad ler lust for (like tummies) 

- when someone can’t have their hair up/is afraid of having short hair because oh goodness what if a ler k  n o w s about their ticklish neck?

- that deer in the head lights “oh shit” face people pull when tickling is brought up and they know they gon get it <3

- calling people “tickle-hungry”

likeuntolightnings  asked:

how would rc have something to do with the attack? he may have shown signs of being an 'evil nobleman' at that age, but why would he assist in the killing of his family (or just taking them down, if killing them all wasn't part of the original plan)? he was clearly going to succeed vincent as earl anyway, and he must've known it would upset ciel. i'm not hating on the theory; i'm curious and i want to understand it!

Don’t worry, I definitely understand where you are coming from! As of now the RC mastermind theory is only based on circumstancial evidence and lot of assumptions/headcanons, so it’s not as solid and comprehensive as some other theories we had in the past, like the 2CT which had hard evidence (both verbal and visual)!!

Anyway, the two possible explanations I’ve seen often mentioned in the JP fandom for why RC might have been involved in the attack are

1) “It’s a ritual”: killing the predecessor is obligatory to succeed the Watchdog title (→flaw: RC just turned 10 that day and that would be waaay too early to succeed a tough job like the Queen’s Watchdog)

2) “RC is a super-yandere/psychopath”: RC didn’t want to become the Earl and be separated from OC, wanted to be the only one close to his little brother and therefore tried to get rid of everyone else (→flaw: if he hated to become the Earl so much, why would he protect the Phantomhive ring by even going to the trouble of swallowing it?)

As you can see, both explanations have flaws and are not really convincing, and that’s exactly why I, too, still have doubts about the RC mastermind theory!

But then there’s this scene from Murder arc:

“I had no reason to murder him”

“Ehh, reaaally?”

“The reason for which one person murders another is typically inconceivable to other folk. People will never be able to understand another’s mind, regardless of how much research genius schollars collect on the subject.”

If this is supposed to be some sort of foreshadowing, then maybe the reason why RC might have had something to do with the incident (or killed his parents/stabbed Tanaka if you go with the psychopath theory) is something very unexpected and unimaginable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Anyway, this theory has been long around in the JP fandom since about the same time as 2CT (i.e. since 2011), and the fact that a lot of people are still suspicious of RC even after 6 years makes me almost believe that Yana wants us readers to suspect RC. I think she’s placing the hints on purpose, but it’s just that we don’t know whether these hints are indeed leading us to the true culprit of the attack OR they are a red herring and Yana’s just misleading us into believing RC is the culprit. For now, I think both are totally possible! :D


Vincent’s line in the special chapter

“Love is a wonderful thing… but it can aslo give birth to horrific disaster.”

might also be a foreshadowing of why the attack on the Phantomhives happened that day, but idk. Yana loves foreshadowing so every random panel or line could be interpreted as a foreshadowing of something xD

I’ll never get over how much the Cyberwoman costume ruined that episode. I mean it’s such an /amazing/ episode with so much emotion and terror…but it just comes off as comical when you look at that suit. Like I get it, I’m not a straight guy and they wanted to go for the iconic sexy cyborg look that’s such a huge part of sci fi history, but they could have done so much better. I think some sort of brilliant, creative, geometric metal corset/breastplate-like piece would have looked so modern with just a hint of sexiness. I’d really like to draw that, because I just can’t stand that Lisa’s supposed to look like she was ripped from the machines turning her into a monster and /that’s/ what the “machines” did to her. This post was supposed to be about costume choices but the fact that they sexualized the horrific experience she went through pisses me off so much and it cheapens the story

Spencer Reid X Reader

Request: Can you do a Reid x Reader (dating please) where the Reader is anemic, you can do what you want with the story! It’s just that I’m anemic and I can’t find annnyyyy imagines where the reader is anemic, and yeah. Thanks! Xxx

A/N: Hey so I hope I succeeded at the Anemic part of the fic. I really enjoyed writing this little oneshot. I learned something new today :) I’m sorry if all of you out there are offended that at one point in this story I mentioned how Anemic is a disease but I did my research and it is. I mean it’s not contagious or anything. Anyways I’ll shut up now. ENJOY!

Warnings: None

Words: 1,031

Originally posted by toyboxboy

It wasn’t until about a month of dating Spencer Reid, that the 187 IQ genius put two and two together about your condition. You had never really appraised the need to tell him. It’s not that you were ashamed, not at all. It’s just whenever you experienced the symptoms, you weren’t around your awkward yet caring boyfriend. Well, other then maybe nausea or vertigo, but, you were always one to tough things out.
One day at work, though, Spencer had noticed your grimacing expressions at your desk behind him, obviously observing the fact you were in some sort of physical pain. It wasn’t the first time Spencer had seen you hurting, he just didn’t need to bring it up, not wanting to make you feel embarrassed in any way. Besides, it could easily be period cramps and that wasn’t a matter Spencer desired to discuss. But wait, the average menstrual flow lasted 3 to 5 days and Reid remembered correctly, two weeks ago you had subtly hinted the fact that you were on it. That wasn’t right. Women were only supposed to get it once every 28 days.
After moments of pondering and reminding himself of all the symptoms, you had had lately Spencer figured it out. Nausea, dizziness, shaking hands and weakness in your biceps. -That being the only thing Reid noticed.-  Spencer finally agreed with himself that you might have what’s called Iron Deficiency Anemia. Your boyfriend glanced back at you, who was rubbing your temples and keeping your head down, most likely trying not to cause too much attention to yourself. Luckily, Spencer always checked up on you so you weren’t the least bit appalled when your boyfriend came impatiently pacing toward you.
You rotated your head in the direction of Spencer, instinctively taking your hands away from your face to be polite.
“What’s up Spence?” You inquired, taking a tone that may have been a little too hostile to your liking. Your back was still hunched over, steadying both your arms on your desk, the only part of your body being turned was your head. If Spencer had perceived the slight unfriendly tone in your voice, he ignored it. The ends of your lips vaguely curved upward when you observed how eager Spencer was to steal an office chair from the desk across from yours so he could sit beside you.
“I have a question. Well, kind of a question, more like a hypothesis.” Your boyfriend informed you awkwardly, breaking eye contact with you more than once. You furrowed your eyebrows and squinted your eyes, now rotating your whole body toward Spencer, your interest being peeked. When you nodded your head for your boyfriend to go on, he did just that. “Lately I’ve been noticing the way your body has reacted when you haven’t eaten much, especially food containing iron.” Spencer began, causing a sigh to escape your lips. You had completely forgotten to inform Spencer about your condition! “Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia that occurs when your blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells.When your body doesn’t have enough iron, it can’t produce enough hemoglobin -a substance in red blood cells that lets them carry oxygen. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and remove carbon dioxide. Not having enough working red blood cells may lead to tiredness and shortness of breath. Iron deficiency anemia usually develops over time as your body taps into the iron it has stored, then eventually runs out. It affects nearly three-
“Spencer,” You interrupted, already aware of the symptoms as well as reasonings to the disease. When your boyfriend stopped, he stared at you, clearly perplexed as to why you intervened. You lifted your arms from your sides and cupped Spencer’s cheeks, lightly pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I know, I have mild symptoms of anemia but I’ve never really gotten prescribed to anything considering it doesn’t interfere with my life that much.” You quietly mumbled, now pulling Spencer’s -blushing- face to yours until your foreheads touched.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” The genius softly questioned worriedly, lifting his arms up and wrapping his slender fingers around your forearm.
“To be completely honest, I never even thought about it. I’m so used to frequently getting it that it’s become an average occurrence in my life.” You explained, watching how Spencer’s eyebrows creased in confusion. You already knew what he was going to say next.
“B-but you said it didn’t interfere with your life.” The Profiler corrected, remembering vividly what you had informed him on. You chuckled, then lifting your hands and forehead off of Spencer.
“Aren’t you supposed to be a genius with an identical memory?” You teased, turning to your computer for a quick second to look at the time; 11:30 am. “I said ‘that much.’” You tenderly explained, now standing up from your chair, Spencer soon mirroring your actions.
“Where are you going?” Spencer asked anxiously when he saw that you were now putting on your brown peacoat jacket that was originally hanging off your office chair.
“Lunch!” You excitedly stated, now strolling toward the Bureau’s doors. When you knew Spencer couldn’t see your face, you frowned in discomfort, your migraine still bothering you. Spencer was right, you hadn’t eaten anything all day and you needed something in your stomach.  
“Wait for me!” You heard your boyfriend cry from behind you, soon feeling his fingers entangle with yours. You smiled from his touch, his phalanges having a frigid sensation against your thermal ones.
As the two of you roamed out of the building, taking gradual steps towards your car, Spencer squeezed your hand before talking.
“I recommend eating something high in protein. I suggest Meat, Poultry, Fish, Beans, Tofu, Dried fruits, Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and chard, Iron-fortified foods, such as bread and cereals. Not eating enough of the above foods can put you at a higher risk of developing-
You kind of zoned out from there, already hearing this advice before. All you really cared about was getting some food in your stomach and eating it with Spencer Reid. You really did love that man.

[Page 23 - Tavern Conversation]

“So you’re saying that Henry – her son, your son – wrote a new beginning for you in his magical story book, and that transported you here to this realm so you could find me, and this is some sort of happy ending that you talked about, the one that you – or we – were supposed to have back in the Enchanted Forest.”

“Basically, yes.”

“And tell me, Regina – can I call you Regina,” he asks with the faintest hint of mischief in his voice. “Or should I stick with the Evil Queen?”

“I prefer Regina,” she answers with a look that makes his lips twitch.

“Regina it is then,” he says. “Well, I’m not going to pretend I understand how this all works - magic isn’t quite my area of expertise - but I’m not getting any vibes of murderous hatred or any “I shall have to be redeemed” aura from you, so.” He pauses for a moment before adding, “Not that you were off-putting either way.”

She raises a brow, suggesting disbelief, and he shrugs. “What?”

“I seem to recall a particular thief wishing to leave town because my lighter half was too boring for him. An abysmal hamlet, I believe he called my creation.”

“Ah, yes, that.” He makes a face. “I’ve forgotten entirely about that.”

When she laughs, he finds himself wishing to amuse her again. It’s strange really, this sudden tugging at his heart. It’s not quite like what he’d felt with Marian, yet the connection equally strong. Stronger even, perhaps, with this woman called Regina. For the first time, if he were to believe her story – and he is inclined to somehow – he is meeting her as a whole person, not just half of a being.

How odd does that sound, he muses to himself as he takes another mouthful of ale. Unusual, but certainly not impossible. He returns to studying her, and she meets his gaze head-on, not shying from his scrutiny. Interesting, the glint of boldness in her eyes, a look he attributes to the Evil Queen, yet there is a softness about her that had been solely Regina’s, not of her darker self. Perhaps it’s true: both have become one.

“You’ll stay with me then.”

She stops swirling the ale in her mug and looks at him cautiously.

“You’ve killed both King and Queen of the land. Emma isn’t returning, and Prince Henry – or King now, I suppose – is after your head. Rumple, meanwhile, probably wouldn’t be doing you any favours. Where would you go?”

He ceases in his speaking, noticing how her eyes had dipped to the table when he mentioned Henry, her son in the other land. He hadn’t meant to upset her, but he spoke only truth, one that she has to acknowledge. Granted, he as this land’s Robin hasn’t known her for long, but he doesn’t put it past her to do something as foolish as to march herself to the castle, announcing that the Prince-who-is-now-King is her son in another land and he should understand she’s changed. That move would do nothing but get her killed, and while he prides himself on his ability to maintain his independent, thieving life without needing anyone by his side, he admits some part of him is attracted to her. He would be sorry to see her sentenced to death.

“Of course, if you do,” he continues, gesturing towards her garb. “You probably have to switch to clothes a little more…inconspicuous. And a life of a thief, you understand, isn’t the same as one of a Queen.”

“I know.”

She lifts her gaze to meet his, and again, there is that strange sensation in his chest. Her eyes are beautiful, depthless oceans, of warmth, of vulnerability, of trust, and his breath catches at what he sees. He is not one easily swayed by the looks of a pretty woman, but she is different. Certainly attractive. Beyond attractive even, but he has been with countless beautiful women, and his heart has never responded to them the way it has to her.

“Good,” he manages, clearing his throat as he tears his eyes away from hers. “So, uh, to a new, partnership then?”

“To a new partnership,” she says with the slightest smile and clinks her mug against his.

kyoandyuya  asked:

Thank you for your initial response. May I ask once again about how Tabata bashed Stella so hard and stated there's no reason to talk about her anymore yet talks about her again somewhat positively? This came with the belief that there are some members of the development team who were still loyal to Nomura's ideas and probably the reason why he retracted his bashing to her somewhat.

What I heard about Stella/Luna debate in SE, coming from the source which leaked FFXV’s plot 6 months before game release; Stella was ditched and Lunafreya was taken in because they just needed some blonde chick to replace Stella. It was never stated WHY they removed Stella, as we can see her in the game art when the game has already changed to FFXV (and she was also going to appear in Kingsglaive).

So, my own guess is that it might have been just a way to market Lunafreya. Like “Oh, Stella was useless, Luna here is much better”. In reality, the leaked source said that NO ONE in the team knew what to do with Luna or her relationship with Noctis. They basically pulled everything out from their asses in a super horrible haste. 

Stella had honestly more role, potential and plot in the Versus trailers than poor Luna had in whole FFXV >____>   She was supposed to be the enemy nation princess (possibly princess) having some sort of positive relationship with Noctis. They also shared an ability to see the Light of The Goddess Etro, which you could see if you had a near-death experience. Harvesting the power of this ability would need a sacrifice of someone you loved. There was a clear hint of romance or endearment there, but in the end Noctis and Stella would need to fight each other. Just for the sake of the crystal and Noctis’s nation being the one who abuses everyone and everything with the last surviving Crystal. Versus was supposed to be dark and challenging, basing on Shakespear’s Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet.

Originally posted by caelumsky

Originally posted by stellae-nox

(This is a scene from the trailer where Stella and Noctis get ready to fight each other)

In FFXV poor Lunafreya was such a wasted potential. I mean, if the team was leaded well, they could have written a great political romance! An arranged marriage with people who have met each others only once as kids to save their nations from war; a bride who is 24 while the groom is just 20; a bride who was taken in Nilfheim against her will and abused (this was removed from the game) - would she had rebelled against Nilfheim or the marriage or both? Would they have gone against both Niflheim and Lucis and started their own nation to end the war? If events of Versus and Omen Trailer were to happen, would Luna been set against her groom / husband while he slips in the dark side in order to stop him? Or would she had followed him? Would she had taken the marriage with Noctis as a relieve or just as a role to follow whether she wanted or not, a role which was ordered for her by the same people who abused her since childhood?


There’s a petition going on with a wish that Versus XIII’s story could be released as an alternative reality version for the story of FFXV. (Name could be something like Final Fantasy XV Versus)  Not to replace the game but continue it, in a different settings, in a different timeline (just like how The Omen Trailer is canonically a different FFXV timeline). That we would get more story to play with the characters we love and those who waited for Versus XIII for 10 years - or were disappointed when all FFXV trailer contents were cut out from the final product - would finally be able to play the story as it was supposed to be before money and bad team management issues hit the production.

Possible Luna DLC will not d0 much, as the whole game should be rewritten to make some sense. 

You’re Not Like The Rest


Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Summary: Hi! Could I please please get a Klaus x reader imagine where (Y/N) is one of the few women that can stand her ground against Klaus and he finds it not only amusing, but intriguing.

Klaus Mikaelson, oh how he paraded through the streets of New Orleans acting all high and mighty. He had people kneeling at his feet, while others quaked with fear in their boots. However you weren’t scared of him and you certainly weren’t going to be one of his loyal minions, and you were confident that was the main reason Klaus wouldn’t leave you alone.

Heading into Rousseau’s for your afternoon shift, upon entering the atmosphere was quiet. Only a few occupants were in the bar either taking a break from work, or catching up with friends. Tying an apron around your waist, you started to clean the glasses left on the bar. The bell on the door chimed, being too focused on the current task at hand you didn’t look up to see who had entered. The individual sat down at the bar.

“I’ll be with you in just a second”, you said while finishing stacking the glasses.
A British accent spoke, and with it your shoulders dropped. “Take your time love, I can be quite patient when I want to be”.

Bracing yourself as you turned around, Klaus opted for a smirk and you wanted to knock it right off his face. “Don’t you have some poor soul to torment?”. He covered his heart and made a wounded expression, "I’m truly hurt Y/N that you would assume so little of me”. Rolling your eyes at his attempt to be cute, you grabbed a cloth and wiped down the bench, hoping that Klaus would take the hint you were busy and leave.

“Aren’t you suppose to ask me if I want some sort of beverage, love?”.

Huffing, you put on your best fake smile. “Would you like a drink?”. He chuckled and folded his hands on the table. “I would love one, that is on our lovely evening that I have planned for us tonight”. You couldn’t help at laugh, did Klaus Mikaelson just ask you out on a date?.

“In what universe do you think I’ll ever agree to go out with you?”. His broke into a half cocked smirk. “As you very well know I’m not a man a lot of people say no too, I can be quite persuasive. After all I am Klaus Mikealson. One evening that’s all I’m asking for”. Everything about his speech made you want to throw up, it read like a egoistic, self-centered, cocky manic which was ironic because it described Klaus perfectly.

Leaning on the bar you looked Klaus square in the eyes, “I would rather walk through burning hot coals before I ever agree to go on a date with you”. For some reason he found your response amusing. Taking a step back a few more people had entered the bar, and they were waiting to be severed. “Now if you aren’t going to order a drink I suggest you walk out that door”. Turning your back towards him you greeted the 2 ladies that were sitting on the opposite of the bar, took their order and severed them their drinks.

You were hoping that Klaus had left, however much to your disappointment he was still seating on the stool and hadn’t moved an inch, expect the only noticeable difference was he now had a glass of whiskey in his hand. Rising an eyebrow towards you all while looking mighty pleased with himself, he spoke. “What’s the matter love, you look like you’ve seen a ghost”.

Biting the inside of your lip, you tucked the cloth inside your apron before leaning both hands on the counter. “I imagine a guy like you has better things to do with his time, then to sit in a dusty, old bar. And no matter how many drinks you buy I’m not going to go on a date with you. So I suggest you take the hint and leave”.

Taking a swing on his drink, he pulled out his wallet and dropped a 50 dollar bill in front of you. “If there is one thing you must know about me Y/N, is that I’m determined to get what I want. And I find you being unaffected by my charms not only a challenge to win you over, but also quite intriguing. So if I have to come to this bar every day until you agree to give me a chance, then that is what I’ll do”. Klaus grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and put it on so effortlessly, “Oh and you can keep the change love”.

You couldn’t help but watch him as he walked out the door. Still not quite sure why a guy like Klaus was even interested in someone like you. Taking the 50 dollar bill you unexpectedly smiled…maybe it wasn’t all that bad that he was?. After all having him trying to charm you was quite amusing, and you’d be lying if you didn’t admit that apart of you was liking the attention.

Choose Your Mistakes #25C

Part twenty-five, round C, of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to tell the door to take you to the heart

Originally posted by yvng-gxddess

You pressed your palm against the wet, red door and took a deep breath.
“Okay door. Take me to the heart,” you said with as much confidence as you could muster. Mare laid his hand half across yours.
“Take us to your heart,” he emphasised, “show us what you’re made of.”
There was no sound, no indication that anything had changed. You pushed the door open.

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not that bad | mingyu

well this is longer than i expected. tbh i totally strayed from the actual request, i’m sorry @chichewy​ for the really really long wait :c it literally went from something cutesy and sweet to what will be a multi-part story?? i honestly kind of ran with a few ideas and it turned into this,,, i’m hoping to just write a second, final part just to wrap shit up but knowing me this might actually turn into this blog’s first ever series. grats, requester! sorry if this isn’t what you wanted… 

word count: 6.3k
trigger warnings: mentions of smoking, alcohol, swearing
contains angst/fluff, high school setting

“Man, you’d never thought you’d say this, but you’re starting to miss the old dickhead.”

hope you enjoy <3

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For all that they were trying to keep Colin quiet at SDCC, they’re…sort of giving away Harry’s entire arc? At least to people who have been paying attention, tho I suppose casual viewers will still be mostly in the dark. 

I mean we know he isn’t evil bc we have hints that he will be in the ending scenes, likely as Eggsy’s best man or something similar. 

We know now that he’ll probably have some memory or motor functionality troubles, which will likely lead to everyone thinking that he’s washed up. Everyone but Eggsy of course. 

“The only person who believes in him now is Eggsy.”

And we know that his struggles will be resolved, putting him back into the groove by the end of the film bc we’ve seen him fighting fit again. 

That’s…that’s probably the entire arc, give or take the details.

Season 7:  What DO we know?

Speculation aside what exactly do we know for certain about the new season and it’s characters.


After finishing high school Henry has discovered that he isn’t in any of the books found in the sorcerer’s mansion.  He has found other versions of he stories of his family from other realms and has decided that his story is not in Storybrooke.  He leaves town on a motorcycle with a magic bean but doesn’t have another to return.   He travels for some undetermined period of time hopping from place to place.  We have no idea how he gets gas for the motorcycle.  He crashes into Cinderella’s carriage and her horses run off.  We know that she is apparently not on her way to meet a prince.

Cinderella and company are from a realm of fairy tales like the one we knew in the first six seasons but with different versions of those stories.  Much like there are different versions of the stories in literature from different places.  We’ve been calling this place Enchanted Forest 2, or EF2.  These are not recasts or replacements for previous characters but different people played by different actors with the same name and baseline story.  We will however not meet other versions of our previous main cast.

Somehow they’ve been cursed to the Land without Magic again, this time an urban neighborhood in Seattle called Hyperion Heights.  Who cursed them there we don’t know.  Lady Tremaine is a developer trying to gentrify the neighborhood by pushing the fairy tale characters apart from their loved ones but there is a strong implication that she did not cast this curse.  This is supposed to be in contrast to Storybrooke where people were cursed to live next to their loved ones but not know it and not be able to leave there is a constant threat of people leaving Hyperion Heights and never finding their loved ones.  The city is also occupied by Land without Magic people and we will not always know who is a fairy tale character and who is not.


Some time has passed for her since Henry left but it’s not at all clear that as much time has passed in Storybrooke for the people who were left behind as has for Henry.  It’s been at least 5-7 years between 6.22 and 7.01 but we don’t know exactly what is going on in the timeline.

Regina:   She has come to help Henry in EF2 and hasn’t seen him for a long time.  We don’t know if he couldn’t get back to Storybrooke or not.  Henry has some explaining to do.  She’s a more mature woman having learned from her character’s journey.  In Hyperion Heights her name is Roni and she owns a bar.  She’s a jeans and rock band tshirts kind of woman who stands up to bullies and fights for the little guy.  Set up in opposition to Lady Tremaine.  She does not know who Henry is in HH and has given up on life but will be inspired by another character (probably Lucy).  Episode 6 is her centric though we know almost nothing about it.

Hook:  He also came to help Henry in EF2 and has been cursed to HH where he’s a police officer named Rogers.  We’re told he’s very by the book and a good cop but with a lot of temptations around him.  He may be promoted from uniform cop to detective as we haven’t seen him in uniform since Episode 1 and now appears to have a gold shield.  He has a prosthetic hand and is haunted by some sort of police case.  Episode 2 is his centric and is supposed to resolve Emma’s storyline.

Rumple:  He seems to have come to help Henry but not at the same time as Regina and Hook.  He’s a police detective named Weaver who has been described as “menacing” and with a finger in a lot of pies.  Episode 4 is his centric and Emilie de Ravin guests stars.  They filmed in Storybrooke for Gideon’s 1st birthday and then appear to leave town.

Henry:  Henry left Storybrooke on a magical motorcycle with a magic bean to find his story.  He has a traffic accident with Cinderella’s carriage and somehow calls for help from his family because his new family is in danger.  In HH he is a failed writer, having published a novel that told the stories of his family though he doesn’t know they were real.  The book didn’t sell well and he’s lost faith and become a Swift (fictional equivalent of Uber) driver.  He and Roni have an immediate connection though they can’t remember each other.  Jared guest stars as younger Henry in episodes 7.01 and 7.02.

Cinderella:  Is a fighter, handy with a sword, who has been cursed to HH as a single mother named Jacinda trying to clean up after other people’s messes (and her own).  She lives with Sabine (Tiana) and works for Mr. Cluck’s chicken until it burns down.  She later may have a food truck of some sort.  She also seems to be a community activist involved in saving a community garden from Victoria (Tremaine).  The garden may have magical qualities (a well only people who believe can see) and she may be aware of those by episode 3 (she interacts with the well).

Lucy:  Has taken over the heart of the truest believer and is trying to instill hope.  She does appear to know who everyone is.  She may have convinced Henry by episode 3.

Lady Tremaine:  “Very British” trying to make it to the top but with some sort of tragic and painful backstory.  She does not like Cinderella but it is not the relationship from the animated movie.  The details are fuzzy though.  She is in HH as a land developer named Victoria Belfrey.  She wears expensive suits, drives a land rover, owns a company named Belfrey Developments and a sky scraper called Belfrey Towers with her name in large letters on it.  She has a frought relationship with her daughter Drizella and there is a mutual lack of respect.  While we are probably supposed to assume she is behind the curse there are hints that she is not.  She is however trying to push all the Fairy Tale characters out of Hyperion Heights by gentrification making the neighborhood too expensive for them to live in.

Tiana:  A fighter from a royal family that has fallen on tough times.  Her story will not follow the Princess and the Frog movie plot.  There is no sign of Naveen and the only reference to Faciliar has been in passing by TV Guide and it may have been speculation on their part.  In HH she lives with Jacinda and is named Sabine.  Her centric is episode 5 and she appears to be about to leave town at some point during the episode (carrying large bags as she talks to Jacinda on the street).  We’re told she and Jacinda have a relationship like Red and Snow.  Her mother is played by Robin Givens, and will appear in episode 5 as Queen Eudora.

Drizella:  We know almost nothing about her other than that she and her mother do not have a good relationship, that she’s evil and may rival her mother in that evil.  Her name in Hyperion Heights is Ivy.

Alice:  An enigmatic character she may not be cursed and his heavily involved in Rumple’s storyline in some way.  Her name in HH is Tilly and she is dressed in grubby clothes and looks a bit like she might be a police informant or drug addict.

Emma:  Adam, Eddy, and Jen have all said that she is doing one episode to wrap up Emma’s storyline and that it is a curtain call.  We don’t know what will happen to her.  At some point she and Hook ended up in EF2 with adult Henry.

Belle:  Emilie is set to appear in episode 4.  We know very little about this episode other than that Rumple and Belle appear to leave Storybrooke before Henry after Gideon’s first birthday party.  Giles Matthey will appear as Gideon in that episode.

The Witch:  Played by Emma Booth, and recurring quite heavily she is some sort of villain we know nothing about.  The pictures Booth has posted suggest heavy makeup (and a wig cap).  She is not playing an Oz related character.

There aren’t that many other guest stars known.  

  • Many people latched onto a tall man and a suit seen talking to Rumple and maybe Tiana in episodes 1 and 3 but IMDB lists him as “Suited Heavy” and he appears to be a minor character.  Perhaps some sort of thug.  That has not stopped fandom from deciding he is everything from Regina’s love interest to Naveen.
  • We don’t know much about Robin Given’s Queen Eudora other than that she is a noble woman who has fallen on tough times.
  • Kevin Ryan is playing “Prince Marius” in Tiana’s centric but we know nothing about him.
  • Julian Haig is guest starring in 7.06 but we don’t know anything about his character either.  
  • Meegan Warner is guest starring in 7.07 as Rapunzel, magically trapped in a tower by an evil sorceress and wanting revenge once she’s freed.


7.01 Hyperion Heights:  An introduction story which shows us Henry leaving Storybrooke, meeting Cinderella, and establishes the characters in Hyperion Heights.  Henry’s car is towed at some point and Jacinda chases Henry down the street on a motorcycle.  Jared Gilmore guest stars playing Henry leaving home.

7.02 A Pirate’s Life:  At some point Emma and Hook end up in the EF2 and meet grown up Henry.  This episode supposedly resolves Emma’s storyline and is the only planned appearance for Jennifer Morrison.  Regina arrives in EF2 in this episode but it’s not likely that she and Emma have any scenes together.  Jared Gilmore guest stars playing Henry in a flashback before he left Storybrooke.

7.03 The Garden of Forking Paths:  This episode seems to revolve around the resistance in EF2 and Regina/Hook joining up with them while in HH Jacinda is trying to save a community garden.  There seems to be some sort of magic in the garden including a well that some people can see and others can’t.  Lucy may jump into the well/or a portal in the garden and Henry follows.  Roni and Lucy filmed a fair bit together in this episode and there was a scene with Henry at night in a cemetary but the details of which we don’t know.

7.04 Beauty:  Giles, Emily, and Colin have all song the praises of this episode as one of the best in the series.  It is a Rumple centric that involves his life with Belle after leaving Storybrooke and some sort of plot in HH involving Weaver and Alice.

7.05 Greenbacks:  A Tiana centric we know very little about the EF2 plot but there is a fire that burns down the Mr. Clucks, Sabine is in the police station at some point with Rogers, and at some point she’s trying to leave town carrying very large bags before Jacinda stops her.  There appears to be a significant Roni/Henry C plot.  Kevin Ryan and Robin Givens gest star.

7.06 Wake Up Call:  We know almost nothing about this episode other than that it’s a Regina centric.  Julian Haig guest stars.

7.07 Eloise Gardener:  Has just started filming.  Meegan Warner cast as Rapunzel trapped in a tower by an evil sorceress and out for payback once she is freed.  Speculation is that this is a Lady Tremaine centric.

7.08 Pretty in Blue:  Hasn’t started filming yet.

kimbre  asked:

I just thought it was strange timing that Victor is talking about the twins names and then the picture is of the twins near this bush/plant that seems to come out of nowhere. We all know how much Yana likes to foreshadow things.

V-Victor?? You mean the sexy Russian skater? xD

Originally posted by nikiforoov

(Sorry, I know you meant ‘Vincent’ or ‘vicar’, but it was funny to imagine Victor from ‘Yuri on ice’ being the twins’ godfather and the twins calling him ‘Uncle Victor’!! (≧▽≦))

Anyway, yeah, maybe it was indeed supposed to be some sort of hint/foreshadowing! For me personally, it was very interesting to read all the comments people added to that post because I’m not familiar with Christian symbolism at all! :D

  • The third member of the HipHop Unit: Wonwoo’s teaser has been released.
  • His prime number is 10001, the largest number so far, and his hint/phrase was ‘Us in the different system, another form of Seventeen’.
  • Now, my brain is not that smart to decode this so I leave it to the other Carats.
  • Once again, the layout of the teaser and such is still the same.
  • His prime number was shown through the television which Wonwoo had switched on.
  • The television screen is shown to be unclear, with the channels jumping from one to another.
  • What I noticed was, albeit briefly, the television showed a shot of what seems to be the opening credits of a show. It reads “an Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg Production of”.
  • These two are a duo that established ‘Spelling-Goldberg Productions’, a production company that has produced quite a number of popular programs back in the 70′s and 80′s.
  • But here’s the thing; the programs that they produced are mostly of the crime,mystery, spies and detective genre.
  • I don’t know if this is a hint to a future concept. If you remember clearly, the boys have dabbled into this concept before. Most recently was the Boom Boom MV where they were a group of spies.
  • Unlike the previous teasers, no one had physically appeared at the end of Wonwoo’s teaser.
  • However, at the end, the television did show what seems to be the place where Vernon’s teaser took place. Hinting that Vernon might be the member we’re looking for in this case.
  • Also, like in Mingyu’s teaser, Wonwoo didn’t pass anything to another member.
  • Perhaps because he was not shown to not have held anything in his hands other than the television remote and also because no one was physically there for him to pass anything to.
  • Wonwoo’s teaser is so far the shortest in length, at approx. 50 secs.
  • His teaser picture is also the first, after 6 members, to be in black and white which means so far, only his and Vernon’s are in b/w while the others are in colour.
  • If the next member also has a b/w teaser picture, my guess is that this hints at new units, similar to what they did in their first full-length album and the most recent Going Seventeen mini album.
  • Last thing to note is that in all the teasers, there is this feeling of melancholy in the air. Perhaps, it’s just the way it’s supposed to be or it could be on purpose.
  • Imo, if they were just merely teasers for a comeback, there should be some sort of mix of emotions. Maybe this hints towards the comeback concept to be a little more mature than all their previous ones.

- Admin Leen

anonymous asked:

getting the glimpse of pre-game ouma and how he was a bit more timid than in-game ouma, do you think this is where we see him with his guards down the most, besides when he revealed how much he hated the killing game while on his deathbed in chapter 5? or just another facade? its all up to speculation of course, but im just curious on what you think.

It’s hard to say considering we really do only get just a brief, brief glimpse of pre-game Ouma (which I suppose is still at least more than we get of other pre-game characters like Kiibo, who doesn’t get even a single speaking line), but in my opinion at least I don’t think it was another façade!

I don’t know if I’d say he had his guard down completely either considering they were all in a pretty terrifying situation, but I do think he didn’t think of the other students per se as potential enemies or people he shouldn’t trust. One thing about pre-game Ouma that stuck out to me in particular is the fact that despite his timidity, at his core he still came across as a deeply empathetic person even in that brief little glimpse—and that’s really the gist of Ouma’s character even in-game, when you get down to it.

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