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Two Heartbeats - Part 1 (Scott x Reader)

Scott and Y/n finally hook up at a party after months of crushing on each other. What starts as messing around quickly becomes something more serious, they don’t tell the rest of the pack worried that it might change things with them. However, when y/n starts acting strangely, the only people Scott can turn to are his pack.

Characters/Pairings: Scott x Reader, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Isaac.

Warnings: Kissing, underage drinking.

Word Count: 1533

Notes: So this is one of 2 TW multi-part fics, I’ve been working on. This one is more about relationships and will be shorter. The other will have more of the supernatural and will be a lot longer - I’ll have the blurb up soon!


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‘Scott, I think we should tell them.’ He stopped kissing my neck suddenly and looked up at me.

‘Y/n, are we really discussing this now?’ He raised his eyebrows at me. Despite our cosy position lying together on my bed, my mind was elsewhere.

‘Sorry but I can’t get it off my mind. We’ve been so close to getting caught now.’ I started to sit up, leaning back on to my pillows, Scott soon did the same.

‘I know but I don’t want the pack to change how they are around us. We got together really quick and I think it’ll weird them out.’

‘I think they’ll be fine with it, they’ve probably figured it out already. We used to be nervous wrecks around each other.’ I raised my eyebrows at him. He squeezed my hand.

‘I suppose things did change after the first time.’

‘Do you remember that night we got together?’ I choked back a giggle, Scott smirked at me. I could feel my cheeks going rosy.

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Charm Of A Scotsman

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Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Scotty x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  I was wondering if you could write scotty x reader (star trek) where he is quite confident and cocky and he is trying to charm the reader with his sarcasm and silly jokes? Thanks😁

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Genuine Affection- Stiles Stiliniski & Pack

A/N: So i hope you guys enjoy this! Keep leaving requests and feedback! Also i’m pretty close to 1000 followers (WOW) so is there anything you’d like me to do for it? Like for 500 followers i did those drabble prompts, let me know if there’s something specific you’d like!

Requested by anonymous: Can you do one where the reader is a Veela (a creature that makes all of the opposite gender fall in love with them and not on purpose) and all the males of the pack start wanting to be near her and being touchy-feely and stuff and you can choose how it ends (:


You sensed it as soon as you stepped into the loft. You were used to the feeling but for some reason it felt stronger, it wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t control it. To everyone else you could dull the effect you had but with the supernatural it wasn’t so easy.

“Sorry I’m late” You chirped as you slid the doors shut and walked over to the table where the others were sat “What did I miss?”

There was nowhere to sit so you stood at the end of the table opposite Derek

“You can sit here” Liam said and slid out of his seat to allow you to sit

“Thanks but I’m fine standing” You smiled

The thing about having everyone’s attention all the time was that you never knew what was genuine and what wasn’t, it made things a lot more complicated then everyone thought.

“No I don’t mind” Liam said shrugging his shoulders and failing to break eye contact “Honest”

You didn’t want to make a fuss so you took the seat anyway and thanked him. As soon as you were sat down you felt Liam inch closer to you, you rolled your eyes and cleared your throat to try and get back to the question you’d asked previously

“You haven’t missed much” Lydia sighed “In fact you haven’t missed anything at all”

“Okay, so what was this meeting supposed to be about?” You asked laughing slightly

All of you were meant to have read “The Dread Doctors” which you had totally forgotten about

“So about that…” You trailed off and avoided making eye contact

“It’s okay” Scott said “You were busy, that’s okay”

Malia sat there with her brows furrowed clearly annoyed that you were being let off, you offered her a half smile

“You look nice today” Liam leant forwards and whispered to you

“Thanks” You blushed awkwardly. You’d expect that with you being a Veela you’d be used to all the sudden compliments but they still made you feel awkward and embarrassed.

After a while of discussing, you and the girls had retreated to the sofa and left the boys to talk supernatural

“Can’t you control it?” Malia asked you as she saw all the boys staring in your direction

“If I could don’t you think I would have turned it off by now?” You asked her back “It’s pretty annoying for me too”

“I’m sure I could make use of it for a while” Lydia said jokingly and you giggle slightly

“What’s so funny?” Derek said as he wandered over to you

“Oh-um- nothing” You replied shifting in your seat

Derek took the seat next you and soon enough all of the boys had followed Derek’s lead and were now sat with you

“Do they really need to follow you everywhere” Malia asked in a harsh whisper and you rolled your eyes in frustration

“What’s the matter?” Derek asked you, placing his hand on your knee

“I’m just frustrated” You said standing up

“Sexually?” He asked from behind you after a moment of silence

You let out an agitated groan and stormed out. You just wanted to be alone, after always having attention you craved nothing more than some solitude. But that clearly wasn’t going to happen because soon enough Stiles came bursting out of the loft.

“There you are” He smiled as he saw you sat slumped up against the wall

Stiles wasn’t supernatural so you could vaguely control the whole attraction aura that you had

“They all follow me around like lost puppies and I don’t know what I can do to control it” You sighed and rolled your head back to stare at the ceiling

“I’m afraid I can’t help you there” He laughed “You control it on me”

“You’re different Stiles, you’re not supernatural” You rubbed the back of your neck

“Fair point” He said and sunk down next to you

“I’m so sick of it all the time”

“I’m sick of it too, and I’m just watching” He laughed and you couldn’t help but crack a smile

“I never know if anyone is being genuine to me” You said quietly

Stiles cupped your face with his hands and stared deep into your eyes before his lips came crashing onto yours in a sweet kiss

“Was that genuine enough?” He asked when he pulled away a smile etched onto both of your faces.

whoops, went to a con and accidentally cosplayed the fandom otp

[for broodingsoul, who has a tummyache]

“Please don’t wear that to the con,” Cora says.

Derek looks down at his leather jacket and his usual v-neck and jeans combo. “What’s wrong with my clothes?” he says. “I’m the one who got roped into taking you to your nerd convention, I think I can wear whatever I want. I’m also not the one wearing a weird space uniform in 90-degree weather.”

Cora rolls her eyes. “It’s cosplay, okay, and you–ugh, whatever. I tried to warn you.”

The drive to the convention center is fairly short, only an hour or so, and Cora gets giddier and giddier as they get closer, tapping away at her phone. Derek pulls into the parking lot and finds a spot midst the crowd, eyeing the other strangely dressed nerds milling about the place. Cora’s addicted to this obscure scifi TV show, and Laura was originally going to take her but had a last minute work thing, and Derek was roped into going in her place. 

They’re walking towards the registration area to pick up their badges when someone whistles at them. Derek turns around, expecting to tell someone off for whistling at his sister, but then this group of guys and girls are looking him over. 

“Sweet Johnny Ricks, man,” one guy says, walking up to him. He’s wearing an outfit similar to Cora’s, except blue, and he carries a plastic space blaster on his hip. “Can we take a picture together?”

“What,” Derek says, tersely.

The girls in that group giggle. “Oh my gosh, he’s even in character,” one says. 

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The Two Of You

Inside a snow globe on your father’s desk there was a baby snow tiger all wrapped up in a baby blue down coat, and when you were little your father would pull you into his lap and reach for the snow globe.  He would turn it over and all of the snow would slowly float down to the top, and then he would quickly flip it over.  The two of you watched the snow dance gently around the tiger.  The tiger was alone in there, you thought, and you worried for him.  When you told your father, he said, “Don’t worry Y/N, he has a nice life.  He’s trapped in a perfect world.“ You didn’t know what he meant then, but you did now.

Your whole life came crashing down when Stiles broke up with you. He didn’t have a reason at the time, just something about how he needed time to himself. Which would have made sense if he hadn’t asked out Malia a week later. You couldn’t help but think that it would be nice to be trapped in a perfect world, all on your own, when you saw them kiss for the first time.

You had never planned on making him your whole world, people made such unstable worlds, but it seemed like everything fell apart the moment he stopped wanting you. Allison died, and your father got sick, and you were failing most of your classes due to everything going on in the supernatural world.

You were drowning.

Until you met Dalton. Dalton wasn’t the kind of person whom you would have talked to pre Stiles breaking up with you. He was everything you were not— focused, organized, and completely in control. He was student body president, resident veteran of the Honors Society, a volunteer at the hospital on his weekends, and just nice enough that no one could hate for him being perfect.

You hadn’t really spoken until you were partnered together in English for a unit on Macbeth. Normally you did fine in English, it was one of your best subjects. But it was the week after Alison died, two weeks after Stiles left you, and the words on the pages just seemed to clump together in one huge jumbled pile of nonsense.

He sat down next to you and immediately got down to business, listing off the possible themes you could use for your paper. He paused once he glanced at your face, your lips were parted in confusion, and your eyes looked lost; almost vacant.  “Are you okay?”

You nodded slightly, “I don’t … I don’t understand.”

“Which part?”

You blushed. “All of it.”

He didn’t laugh or roll his eyes like you thought he would. Instead he slid into seat next to yours and flipped back to the beginning. “The key to understanding Macbeth is understanding the prophecy, it explains everything that happens throughout the story. See here?” His voice was soft in your ear, as his finger pointed to a section in your book. You sat back and watched in amazement as he made the mess that was Macbeth make sense to you. You guessed you hoped that he could do the same for your life. At least maybe in a small way. So you moved yourself closer to him and that’s where you stayed. You certainly didn’t love him like you loved Stiles, but he was nice, and he made you happy. He was safe.

You tried to convince yourself that there was nothing wrong with that. Not every new beginning comes with a big welcome sign or a parade, you thought to yourself after your first kiss didn’t leave you breathless. Especially considering your first kiss with Stiles left you feeling like fire was licking your insides. Sometimes it came quietly, like taking a walk in a garden on a Sunday morning after days of lying down on your bed just listening to the downpour of rain. Perhaps passion couldn’t ever end in anything but ashes. Maybe fondness was the most you could ask for.

You were fond of Dalton, but dating him was kind of like a full time job. With student council, yoga, recycling meetings, and volunteering, you didn’t have time for a lot of things you used to do, including attending Lydia’s parties. Not that you were a huge partier, it was more that you missed your friends. Which is why you finally cracked and begged him to go with you to Lydia’s ‘start of senior year bash’. He was hesitant, but he eventually said yes when he noticed you staring at your old group during lunch.

You glanced at Dalton from the passenger seat, and you sighed softly when you noticed how tense he was. “We don’t have to go,” you finally said as you glanced out your window.

“But you want to,” he said after he cleared his throat.

You shrugged your shoulders, biting your tongue to keep from mentioning that what you wanted had never been a factor before now.

“Will he be there?” he finally asked after a moment of silence, unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car.

You stopped yourself from rolling your eyes, and it was funny how different you were around him. “Yes. But I don’t see why it matters.”

“It doesn’t,” he smiled tightly and placed his hand on the small of your back, leading you to Lydia’s front door.

“Good,” you muttered, and you could already feel a headache starting to form in your temples. It was easy to pretend it was the loud music, pulsating from inside Lydia’s house, jam-packed full of grinding sweaty bodies, but deep down you knew that if you heard Dalton insult your friends again, you were going to blow.

“You look like you need a drink.”

A red solo cup filled to the brim with an unknown, potent liquid blocked your view of Dalton lecturing a group of unlucky stoned teenagers on littering. Talk about a literal buzz kill.

“I need about ten,” you murmured as you shot Scott a wry smile.

He laughed and handed you a cup of something that tasted like shit, but it had that nice burn that made your problems go away for a moment. A sweet burning moment. But it always faded away far too quickly.

“Three o’clock,”  he murmured as he took a sip of his own drink.

Your eyebrows furrowed.  “What?”

Scott laughed again. “To your right.”

You smiled slightly and turned your head, expecting to see one of your friends doing something stupid. Your smile fell when you met Stiles’ gaze. He backed down first and you polished off your drink, needing that burn now more than ever.  “I need another drink.”

“You need to talk to him,” Scott said as he handed you another cup, which you accepted gratefully. He laughed when you glared at him, shaking his head fondly. “I mean if not for his sake, do it for mine. All his bitching has ruined hanging out with him.”

You didn’t bother mentioning that Stiles was the one who broke up you. “You’re cute,” you teased, sipping from your new cup.

Scott grinned. “Should’ve gone out with me.”

You glanced at Stiles who was now making out with Malia. “Don’t I know it,” you finally said after a moment of silence, turning your gaze back onto Dalton who looked very uncomfortable. You couldn’t bring yourself to care.

“Ha.” Scott followed your gaze and frowned. “So how’s all that going?” he asked, nodding towards Dalton.

You hesitated. “Good. It’s good.”

Scott snorted. “Yeah, sure sounds good,” he replied drolly, nudging you with his shoulder.

“And this attitude is exactly why I didn’t go out with you,” you teased, dropping your head onto his shoulder for a moment before glancing at Stiles again. His face was still attached to Malia’s. God, it was like they were eating each other, you thought to yourself with a little more bitterness than you would have liked to admit.

“I thought it was because you were throbbingly in love with Stiles.” He hid his smile behind his cup as he took another drink.

You laughed to mask the painful stabbing sensation in your stomach. “Throbbingly?”

He waved his free hand as he took another sip of his drink. “You know what I mean.”

“I really don’t think I do,” you said with a small smile twitching on your face as Scott managed to spill most of his drink onto his white t-shirt.

He groaned and grabbed some crumpled napkins from the table next to you. “You know, you guys had that whole passionate love affair thing in high school because you’re both way too old for your age. I mean, I kind of had a thing for you when we were kids, but it was obvious it was always going to be the two of you.” You almost laughed at how nonchalant he was, dabbing his shirt with napkins as he shrugged his shoulders, all the while telling you that your worst fear was not only valid, but a reality. Maybe you really were never going to love someone like you loved Stiles. Maybe it was always going to be the two of you, even if it was just that way for you now.

“I’m definitely not drunk enough for this,” you tried to joke as you ran a shaky hand through your already mussed up hair, but your light tone fell flat.

“Then you’re not gonna like what’s coming next,” Scott said as he jerked his thumb towards something behind you.

“What?” You turned your head slightly, and your eyes widened when you saw Stiles walking towards the two of you. “Scott, I swear to God if you walk away from me—Hey, Stiles.”

“Hey.” Stiles shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at you for a moment. And uh oh, you knew that look. He used to look at you like that a lot in the beginning, before he decided he was done with you. Before then he used to look at you like you were his moon, shining brightly in the midst of darkness.

You cleared your throat, and tugged at the collar of your shirt. Had it always been this hot in here? “So how have you been?”

“Fine,” he replied flatly. “Obviously not as good as you.”

You pressed your lips into a flat line. “What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked as you placed your hands on your hips.

“First Mr. Perfect, and now Scott. I’m truly impressed,” he said, and he used that tone that made every single one of his syllables prick and barb your skin. He had always managed to get through all your defenses with a single look, for better and for worse.

“Don’t be an asshole,” you spat, setting your cup down on the table before you could do something stupid like throw it in his face.  

“What? I’m just complimenting you on your skills. I’d ask how good you are in bed, but I already know,” he replied with his usual amount of snark. He was good at that. Hurting you with clever words, he had gotten really mean by the end of your relationship, especially when he was drunk.

You stared at him for a moment, trying to determine how much he had had to drink. “Stop it.” You folded your arms over your chest in a small attempt to protect yourself. “Just stop. You broke up with me. Remember?”

His face crumpled as a small sigh slipped through his lips. “I know,” he said softly, kicking at the ground. “I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.”

You blinked, so he was drunk. “You probably weren’t. Like most of your plans,” you said after a moment, trying to lighten the mood.

“Ha.” His smile didn’t reach his eyes. “You’re funny. I forgot how much you made me laugh.”

Your lips twitched into a sad smile. “Well I didn’t so much near the end.”

“Right.” He nodded his head slightly, swallowing thickly. “I’m sorry. I was an ass.” He paused, and his lips parted as if he was having an epiphany. “I’m not a very nice person, am I?”

You managed a small smile. “You’re okay.”

“Better than him?” he asked, and it was brave of him to appear so hopeful.

Your voiced was strained, “Stiles—”

“He isn’t good enough for you,” Stiles interrupted lowly.

You forced a smile, not wanting cause an even larger scene. “He’s nice.”

Stiles scoffed and crossed his arms, “You deserve so much more than just nice.”

You shrugged slightly, biting your lower lip. “I need nice after you … ” You paused, sucking in a shaky breath, “Nice is safe. I can’t handle another broken heart. Not like that.” You tucked your bottom lip between your teeth as you glanced at Stiles for a brief moment, and your breath caught in your throat. The last time you had seem him look that was a couple weeks after his mom died. He asked if he could live with you because he was worried his dad didn’t love him anymore, and your heart ached for him.

Did he think that you didn’t love him anymore?

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, and you remember the time he told you he whispered all of third grade because he was scared he was going to start crying. You glanced at him again, and your heart ached.

You shrugged your shoulders, biting the inside of your cheek. “It’s okay.”

Stiles let out a shaky breath, and he got that very rare look in his eyes, that look that let you know he totally and completely meant what he was going to say, as he shook his head. “No. No it’s not. I was so scared, I was so scared of how much I loved you and I let that ruin us. I treated you like shit, and you deserve so much better than him. But you deserve better than me too.”

You held back a sob because if he could say all of this while he was sober maybe the two of you would have had a chance.