was that on the lips tho

5 things tag

I was tagged a while ago by @victorious-killjoys​ and I’m finally doing it <3

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. My blue headphones
  2. Lip balm
  3. Wallet
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Small blue power bank

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. Some sort of instrument (uke/guitar/bass)
  2. A road sign
  3. My cats
  4. A panda calendar
  5. Blue fairy lights

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

  1. Form a band that covers MCR and P!ATD songs
  2. Travel more
  3. Go see my fave bands live
  4. Get better at the guitar
  5. Dye my hair a really bright colour

5 things that make me happy

  1. Good music
  2. Friends, especially ones that like the same things as me
  3. I suppose my family at times
  4. Tasty food
  5. Singing even tho I’m crap

5 things I’m currently into

  1. Playing the bass guitar (it’s so much fun oml)
  2. Bill Wurtz’s videos
  3. Procrastinating on my homework. Oh wait i do that all the time
  4. Finding shit out about my older brother (he likes MCR and owns Umbrella Academy and I had no idea. It’s like he’s a stranger to me now)
  5. Leaving e v e r y t h i n g to last minute and then crying oh wait i also do that all the time somebody help me

5 things on my to do list

  1. H O M E W O R K
  2. Gotta finish tidying the house for a big sleepover/movie marathon thing that i’m having with my friends tomorrow
  3. Go through all my drafts and things i’ve been tagged in on tumblr like this one
  4. Transfer all my photos on my phone to my laptop because I have over 500 pictures of Gerard on there it’s almost full
  5. Skype with @mychemicalchinchilla

5 things people may not know about me

  1. I’m from New Zealand
  2. I’m pretty sure I’m straight
  3. I’ve got quite short hair (it’s really thick and poofy af)
  4. I’m not really religious
  5. I don’t have any posters hanging in my room (But I want some)
  6. (bonus) I have 6 cats

That was really cool, Ok I tag: @mychemicalchinchilla @gerardstolemycookie @shipsareamazing123 @just-a-crazy-music-nerd @fuk-out-frank @aalmaria @thatoneflowerfangirl @littlenerdyemopeanut

I was tagged by @empressofnothing

Relationship status: ???? HA

Favourite colour: all of them

Lipstick or Chaptstick: chaptstick?? tho my dry af lips would say otherwise

Last song you listened to: Overjoyed by Joe Zambon

Last Movie You Watched: Hotel Transylvania 2 with the bab

Top 3 Characters: ??? u expect me to pick 3?? i can’t even pick 3 from a single series

Top 3 Ships: again??? romance??? pffft (im mostly a canon-shipper so idk??)

Books you are reading right now:  tooo many  (mere christianity, howl’s moving castle, unwritten letters to you, protector of the small book 3, attack on titan vol. 17, empire of storms)

Top 5 Musicals: does disney count??? also LES MIS, hamilton, newsies, next to normal

kisses from the most beautiful flower to make your day better 🌷🌹🌻🌼