was that my underwear flying across the room

||Hotdogs|| Liam Dunbar Imagine

//Yes I realize the title is fucking stupid.\

{Requested: Hello love!! Can I get a liam dunbar imagine where reader is like someone’s sibling and she’s dating liam and they were in like a really (really really) heated make out session then the whole pack walks in on them and teases them for a long time. Ps I love your blog and imagines!! ❤️}

“I hate life!"I screamed as I dropped my hotdog on the floor.
"What’s wrong?"Liam asked, running in with only his grey sweatpants on.
"Look at this awful sight."I mumbled, pretending to tear up.
"What?"Liam asked, kneeling down by me and the hotdog.
"I dropped my hotdog!"I yelled, making him roll his eyes.
"I’ll make you a new one."Liam said as he stood up.
I looked up to see his length showing clearly even if it was covered by the sweatpants.
"Are you wearing boxers?"I asked.
"Yes-"He started to say before I tugged down his pants.
”(Y/N), what the fuck?“Liam yelled as he covered himself.
"Jesus I thought you weren’t wearing any, you must be massive."I muttered, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"Your dick, it must be massive you moron."I blurted out, making him blush as he realized what I meant.
"Liam, why make a hotdog when you already have one for me?"I asked, making him scrunch up his nose.
"Ew (Y/N), don’t refer to my dick as a hotdog."Liam said, laughing slightly.
"I’ll get the ketchup and mustard-”
“You are not putting any condiments on my dick."Liam laughed as he pinned me onto the ground.
"You’re right, that is odd. We need mayonnaise as well."I said, making us both laugh.
Liam grinned down at me, leaning in for a kiss. I gladly kissed back, smiling as his hands left my wrists and trailed down to my shoulders. Liam strips his shirt off while he helps me take mine off. Liam and I kissed each other hungrily as he hands roamed around my back before unclasping my bra.
"Liam…"I giggled, making his eyes squint as he grinned, letting out a laugh as well.
I wrap my arms around his neck and bring him in for another kiss as he massages my boobs, causing my to moan. Our kiss became rougher as he started grinding himself onto me. He moaned as his member rubbed against my core, making me whimper. Suddenly the door flew open, making Liam and I jump slightly. Liam covered me with his body as the pack walked in.
"What the hell is going on here?"Stiles asked as he, Scott, Malia, Theo, Lydia, and Kira walked in.
"Uh we were-”
“I just finished taking a shower, so I only put on underwear and shorts. I was going to make a hotdog and I did but it fell because Liam ran into me, causing Liam to fall on me and the hotdog to fly across the room."I lied, earning laughs from the pack.
"First of all, why would you be walking around shirtless?"Stiles asked.
"Free the nips."I answered, making the pack snicker.
"Gross, now why did the hotdog just so happen to fly across the room?"Stiles asked.
"Well Stiles, I fell and my arms swung forward so the hotdog flew-”
“And why were you two making out?"He asked.
"We weren’t!"Liam spoke up.
"So what would you call what you were doing right now?"Stiles asked.
"Strengthening our bond and making a human connection brother."I answered, smirking.
"You have three seconds to run Liam!"Stiles yelled as he grabbed his bat from behind a plant.
Liam quickly ran outside while I held back Stiles.
"Stiles, you can’t kill him!"I yelled.
"Sure I can, I just need wolfsbane!”
*later that night*
“You want my hotdog (Y/N)?"Liam asked, making me choke on my hotdog.
Scott quickly realized why I had choked, making him smirk.
"Oh cmon Liam, you were about to give it to her earlier."Scott spoke up, making Stiles choke on his drink.
"What was it that they were doing?"Scott asked Kira, making her smirk.
"Oh, oh I’m falling."Scott mumbled as he took off his shirt.
"Oh no, are you okay?"Kira asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Oh no, I’ve fallen."Scott whispered before they began making out.
I glared at them but chose to ignore them. The whole night they kept teasing for what seemed like hours until I had enough.
I grabbed Liam’s hotdog, glaring at them.
"Sure Liam, I’ll have your hotdog."I poke up, making everyone turn their heads.
"Stiles, I’d leave if I were you."I whispered, making Stiles jump out of his seat as he screamed, covering his ears.
I grabbed Liam’s hand and made him feed me the hotdog.
"Mmmm."I moaned as I took a bite out of it.
Lydia shut her eyes and ran off with Malia. Kira and Scott followed behind as Liam kept feeding me more of his hotdog.
"Aren’t you leaving?"I asked as I turned to see Theo with a smirk on his face.
"Oh I’m enjoying the show."Theo answered, making me throw my knife at him.
"Fine, I’ll leave.”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
The teasing has been going on ever since last night. I swear I was so close to snapping at them.
“Oh Liam, oh god Liam!"Scott moaned, making the pack snicker.
Stiles had gotten up and stormed off, he didn’t want to hear what happened. He didn’t even know what was going on until the werewolves started to tease (Y/N) and I for having sex last night.
"Keep moaning my name (Y/N) and I won’t last that long."Theo said, making me blush and clench my jaw.
I could smell something strong, it didn’t smell good. I looked down at (Y/N) and saw her playing with her food instead of eating it. I sniffed her and realized it was her, her chemo signals were giving off an awful scent. I studied it for awhile until I found out what it was. She was feeling embarrassed, sad, anger, and hurt. I looked down to see a tear trickling down her face, making me wrap my arms around her. I pulled her away from the pack and stormed off with her.
"What happened?"I asked as I kissed the top of her head.
"They keep teasing us and it’s getting so annoying and frustrating. I’m so mad I’m crying."She answered, sniffling.
"Hey, hey, look at me (Y/N)."I mumbled, making her look up at me.
"We had sex, so what? I’m proud I had sex with you, god you’re stunning (Y/N). I’m lucky to even be in your presence, let alone be with you.” I stated, making her smile.
“I love you Li."She whispered as she rested her head on my chest.
"I love you too (Y/N), what do you say we go back and every time they tease us, we do something to gross them out?"I suggested.
"Sounds great."She mumbled before wiping away a few tears.
"You feeling better?"I asked.
"Mhm."She answered, smiling.
We both walked back hand in hand to find the pack still talking shit about us.
"Sure Liam, I’ll have your hotdog."Theo teased, making the pack laugh.
I looked over at (Y/N) who was already looking at me, smirking. (Y/N) stripped me of my shirt and then hers. She sat on my lap, facing me so we could make out. Lydia and Malia gagged and ran off. As soon as (Y/N) started to pry off my jeans, Scott and Kira dashed upstairs with Stiles, Lydia, and Malia. (Y/N) smirked as we pulled away from each other.
"I’m still here, please, keep going."Theo spoke up.
Liam and I rolled our eyes before putting our clothes back on.
"Teamwork is the work for a team!”(Y/N) screamed.
“Workteam is the team for a work!"I screamed.
"Shut up, you two make no sense!"Stiles yelled from upstairs.
"Can’t believe this all started over a hotdog."Liam muttered as Theo made a hotdog.
"Stupid hotdog.”(Y/N) muttered, making me laugh.
Suddenly Theo dropped his hotdog making him curse.
“No, not the hotdog!”(Y/N) screamed, making Stiles yell at us again.
Malia ran in at the mention of a hotdog, accidentally running into Theo. She fell on top of him, making (Y/N) and I laugh.
“Stupid hotdog."Malia cursed as she pulled away from Theo.
"Plot twist: Hotdogs bring people together.”(Y/N) spoke up, making my eyes widen.
“Oh my god, I think you’re onto something."I mumbled.
"You make the hotdog for Stiles and make him drop it. I’ll grab Lydia and make her fall on top of Stiles.”——————-
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Braun Strowman/OC: Braun is off traveling with the roster and is supposed to be back any day now. You’re tossing and turning in your sleep when he comes home and gets you to be comfortable enough to fall asleep. Fluff and smut.


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Overcome (’95 Line Hogwarts AU Foursome Smut) (Part 4/?)

Summary: A misguided potions mishap happens to land both you and Seungcheol in a late night detention. When a quirky, absent-minded professor leaves you to your own devices, you both try to stay civil, and stay in your separate corners. But that’s not exactly what happens when you lock two dragons in a cage. Hogwarts AU. Angst/Smut. 

(A/N: weighing in at a whopping 19,817 words - this is officially the longest thing I have ever written to date. wow. just wow. obviously this was supposed to be up a while ago, but honestly I’m not gonna apologize because I believe you guys will find it worth the wait. because I believe this to be not only the longest, but probably the best thing I have ever written. I am so so damn proud of this. and as I said for part 3.5, I made waaay too many alludes to Mean Girls because that movie is just implanted deep deep in my brain and of couse, with Harry Potter being so deep in my soul, those references are a huge part of this. honestly I think this is a great way to celebrate the Harry Potter anniversary, even though this is a few days late. smut is a great way to celebrate anything. be very warned, that unlike with the last chapter, the smut is way stronger here, way worse, so don’t go into this with your little baby goggles on. please. I just really hope you enjoy it and have fun. warnings: excessive swearing (I use fuck like 100 times no kidding), Daddy kink, spanking, choking, technically minor smut/minor sex - because this is a Hogwarts au, slightly dubious consent - but I don’t really know??, smut, smutty smut smut, a lot of angst and yelling, some self depredating stuff - this is very heavy emotionally so pleased be warned of that. anyway please enjoy, I really hope it was worth the wait -Tanisha<3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

Part 4: Incendio 

The Great Hall was buzzing with the sounds of dinner. Students coming and going, voices humming, each conversation being able to be picked out only if you listening carefully, otherwise just a cluster of indistinct voices that made the room filled with a great hum. People were free to sit wherever they pleased, and the number of inter-house friendships really showed.

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Points For Creativity-Namjoon(Smut)

Some Sub!Namjoon to make these cold winter days a little… hotter.

Req: Namjoon bondage

Req: Bdsm smut with rapmon? Excuse my thirst haha 

Day Six of Seven Days Of Christmas with BTS! Enjoyy~

Namjoon hangs another ornament on the tree, long limbs stretching in accordance so he can reach the spots I can’t, taking the glossy bulbs from my hands with a dimpled smile. I reach down to grab a red sphere, a swift slap to my ass by Namjoon’s hand startling me, throwing him a scoff.

“It’s Christmas Eve, not sexy time.”

“Anytime can be sexy time if you want it to, baby.” He winks at me and I narrow my eyes before shoving another decoration into his hand.

“Just shut up and do the tree.” I grumble.

“I’d rather be doing you.” Namjoon shoots me a seductive glance and I roll my eyes.

“Is sex the only thing on your mind?”

He gives me a cheeky smile. “It’s kind of hard not to think about it when you totally just flashed me with your cute little christmas thong.”

My face gets red and I instinctively push Namjoon’s shirt down my thighs. “Yah! I knew it was a bad idea to wear this.”

“Awe, baby girl, it’s cute.”

I purse my lips and Namjoon gets down from the chair, stepping away from the tree to see if there are any spots he’s missed. The tree is sparkling and Namjoon looks so proud of himself I laugh.

“You did good.” I pat his shoulder, noticing how the large tree takes up most of my living room. “You’re staying over tonight right?”

He nods, not taking his eyes from his Christmas masterpiece as he rolls a strand of extra garland between his hands. “I have a schedule tomorrow though, so I can’t stay the day.”

I pout. “So we can’t spend Christmas together?”

He turns to me, throwing the garland over my neck and closing the distance between us. “Come here, baby, don’t be upset.” He keeps the string of decoration around my neck, pulling me into his warm embrace. “I’ll make sure to come here right when we are done.”

I sigh into him. “Don’t you have a dinner to attend with the company?”

He curses, obviously just remembering this. “Okay, I will be here at some point before midnight.”

I chuckle. “It’s okay if you can’t make it Joonie.”

“But you’ll be alone tomorrow. On Christmas. That’s not okay.”

“I’m a big girl.” I look up at him and smile. “I can deal with it. Besides I get you today and that’s good enough for me.”

Namjoon kisses my forehead, my temples, the bridge of my nose, peppering me with love and affection. “Well, let me make it up to you now then.” His lips slide down my nose, across my cheeks, his fingers lifting my jaw up so he can place feather light kisses along the sides of my lips.

“No.” I push him back, taking the garland from his limp fingers. “You already gave me my Christmas present. Let me give you yours.” His eyes widen and his mouth curves upwards in an excited smirk as I push him down on the chair that he was just standing on.

Plucking a piece of red ribbon from the box beside me I tie it around his eyes, making sure it’s firmly fastened at the back of his head and smiling at my handiwork. Namjoon’s fists clench and unclench in anticipation and it’s refreshingly erotic to see him being submissive instead of the other way around.

I take the garland he’d so conveniently given me and bring his wrists behind the chair, making sure he can barely get an inch of leeway before tying the ‘innocent’ string firmly on his straining forearms, binding him to the chair.

“Now, Daddy.” I purr in his ear, running my hands down the front of his buttoned shirt. “Just sit tight and let Kitten pleasure you alright?”

He growls and the sound goes straight to my core, eliciting a wide grin on my face at how worked up he already seems to be when we’ve just gotten started. I notice a small tent forming in his pants. “You like it when Kitten takes charge don’t you?” I tease him, watching his thick lips part as he breathes in roughly. “You love it when she makes you beg for her tight, wet pussy.”

Namjoon lets out a ragged exhalation, chest rising and falling as my agile fingers undo the top few buttons on his shirt, until I can see the indentations of muscle from his abs peeking out of the thin fabric.  

The carpet is warm against my knees as I bend down, playing piano up his thighs. He squirms a little under my barely there touch, a small whimper escaping his throat. “So responsive to me already?” I murmur with a smile, although he can’t see it.

“Y/N.” He warns, voice low and feral.

“Yes Daddy?”

“You’re going to regret teasing me like this.”

My lips pucker. “Now, now. Don’t make me gag you, you know how much Kitten loves to kiss you as she cums, are you really going to make me cover those thick lips of yours?”  

His tongue runs across his bottom lip, admitting defeat as I unbutton his jeans and drag down the zipper. “Hips up.” I instruct, Namjoon obediently lifting them as much as he can so I can take his pants and boxers off in one go.

His length is hard and veiny, the tip glistening in the light and it looks so big I almost just sit on it right away, rubbing my legs together. I stand up to contemplate my next move, leaving Namjoon hanging in the dark as I lift his shirt up so I can push my underwear down my thighs, the wet fabric dropping to the floor and flying across the room as I kick it.

“Kitten…” Namjoon whines for me, frustrated that he can’t see where I’ve gone.

I hum, standing over him and bending down to grab his length firmly with one hand, hearing him gasp in pleasure. “Wanna feel something?” I question and Namjoon nods his head vigorously, taking his bottom lip between his teeth in anticipation. I hum once more, spreading my legs so I can straddle him before rubbing his tip around the folds of my pussy, moaning loudly at the rapturous feeling it brings.

Namjoon rocks his hips up the fraction he can, putting more friction on my core. I sigh, getting off of him. “I guess the fun is over. Someone couldn’t keep still.”

“It felt so good.” He groans in excuse, panting lightly. “Just give me what I want, Y/N. Now.”

“Excuse me?” I lean over, hand firm on his shoulders, gripping him hard enough to leave bruises along the thick cords of muscle. “Who’s in charge here?” My breath is hot in his face, sweet from the chocolate we’d shared earlier.

He stays silent and I lean closer, feeling his cock rub against my stomach. “Answer me.” I say, clipped and short with dominance.

He sucks his lips in defiantly, refusing to give in no matter how hard I press. Slithering back to the floor I grip him once more, opening my lips a little so I can slide the very tip of his length into the warm cavern of my mouth, hearing him groan in ecstasy and then in exasperation as I remove myself.

“Who’s in charge here?” I repeat myself and the action, tasting his precum as it leaks from him in salty beads of arousal. When he stays silent I sigh, almost regretfully before continuing to tease him, kissing up his thighs and everywhere around his hard length, waiting for him to concede as I grow wetter and wetter.

Namjoon lets out a chaste ‘fuck’ getting sexually frustrated as each second passes. “Kitten…?” He ventures skeptically, biting his lip. “Please…?”

“Who’s in charge here?” I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft, pumping once in reward.

“You.” He mumbles and although I’ve heard him I decide to keep going.

“I’m sorry.” I pump him once more. “What was that?”

“You.” He almost moans, shaking at his restraints. “You, baby, all you.”

“That’s right. Good boy.” I murmur, running a hand from base to tip before smoothing over his tip with a thumb, swiping away more precum and licking the glittering expanse. “Daddy is very, very sensitive when he can’t see isn’t he?” I observe, sliding down on him, loving the way he stretches my lips and hits the back of my throat.

Namjoon groans, tilting himself up as I cup his balls, massaging them lightly, taking the entirety of him in my mouth before bobbing up and down, moaning and making sounds that I know send vibrations up him. I can slightly taste myself on him, closing my eyes and relishing in the mixture of our tastes as they settle on my tongue.  

I see goosebumps form on his thighs, the muscle clenching as he becomes close to losing himself over the edge of release. “I’m not done with you yet.” I seethe, releasing from him with a pop at the last second, listening to his ragged breathing as he squirms beneath me.

“Kitten, please, I need- I need you.”

I stand, feeling cum slide down my legs at how soaking I am before gripping his shoulders and resuming my position above him. He can’t help the smile as he realizes what I am about to do and I kiss him to wipe it off as I sink down onto his waiting length, my puckered entrance sucking him in happily.

“Wow, I got you this wet?” He smirks into me and I stop moving down to wait for him to correct himself. “Kitten.” He groans. “Pl-please keep going, you feel so good.”

I huff, sitting myself further on his cock until he is completely surrounded and I am completely full, moaning at the acute senses I get, lifting myself up before slamming back down, setting a rough pace from the beginning.

“Kitten.” Namjoon groans, throwing his head back and parting his lips in a daze of sensuality, voice lined with the velvet of my walls and the silk of sex. The fabric of his shirt rubs against my nipples, hardening them and adding extra stimulation as I bounce above him.

“Fuck, I want to touch you.” Namjoon begs, eyebrows furrowing above the thin ribbon. “And see you.”

I move a hand up to push his blindfold down forcefully with one hand, letting Namjoon get his first look at me, face lit with lust and legs spread around the chair as his cock disappears into my tight hole. “Fucking gorgeous.” He moans, eyes not being able to stay still as they wander over everything he’s missed since we began.

I go faster, gaining leverage by pushing off his shoulders with each thrust, Namjoon groans mixing with mine and our skin slapping together, rough and heady as I push him into complete submission beneath me.

Namjoon groans my name over and over as he gets ready to cum, half in pleasure and half in frustration as he knows he has no power and can’t move as he waits, budging and clawing against his wrist restraints in futile effort to get back in control while I fuck him.

“Kitten, please- I- will you let me come?” He forces the words through gritted teeth and I catch his chin in my hands and force him to look at me.

“Let me watch you do it.” I say, eyes flitting around his face as his throat works and eyes squeeze shut as he stiffens below me, a muscle feathering along his jaw as the final buildup begins. His lips part and his eyebrows pinch together, so sexy and so indescribably beautiful as he moans for me.

By some miracle I fall face first into release as he does, my body tingling and disembodying itself to become doused in streams of lively pleasure, waves of undeniably hot ecstasy tearing through me. I cry out Namjoon’s name, feeling him release his warm seed deep inside of me, cum overflowing from my and onto our sweaty legs.  

“How creative of you.” He gasps as I cum down, his length soft inside of me. “To use Christmas decorations to tie me up with.”

“I know right.” I suck in lungfuls of air. “I thought I was pretty clever.”

“You’re also hot as hell. I don’t think I’m going to be able to leave tomorrow.”

I laugh into his chest, reaching my arms around to untie him, rubbing his wrists gently, which are red from the pulling and writhing. “Why not?”

“Because now that you’ve untied me, I can punish you for teasing me. And I don’t think it’s very kind to leave my girlfriend alone if she can’t walk.”

My mouth goes dry and stomach drops. “But… I thought you liked it.”

“Oh I did. Very much.” He nods, eyes glinting. “But I can’t let you get away with it.”

I smile, holding up the garland in my hand. “Mercy? Points for creativity?”

He lifts me up and chuckles darkly, sliding out of me with ease and glancing from his cock, slippery with my juices and then to me. “I don’t think so baby. This is going to be one very merry Christmas.”

Fucking 65 degrees in my house and now I’m burning up *cries* hope you’re enjoying the collab with @tramngo99 so far! Much love~~

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Overcome (’95 Line Hogwarts AU Foursome - Unofficial Update - Part 3.5 - Almost Part 4)

(A/N: yoooooo so i’m posting this right now because i’m an impatient motherfucker heeeyy. and for a couple of other reasons. 1) my blog has been kinda dry lately and i want you guys to have something to read 2) i really really would like the feedback on this part, kinda like what happened with the jeongcheol threesome and 3) it’s just fun. see if you can catch all the og Harry Potter references in here, and all the Mean Girls references (aka lines i stole from Mean Girls because that movie is so deeply implanted in my head that i accidentally wrote lines from the movie in. not even kidding.) the entire thing when posted in full is gonna be a monster cause this is over 6000 words so yeah. and this is only half. anyway enjoy the unofficial half update. also there’s no smut in this part (yet), but warnings for major swearing and smutty type talk from the characters and ish in the narration. you know what you’re here for-Tanisha<3)

The Great Hall was buzzing with the sounds of dinner. Students coming and going, voices humming, each conversation being able to be picked out only if you listening carefully, otherwise just a cluster of indistinct voices that made the room filled with a great hum. People were free to sit wherever they pleased, and the number of inter-house friendships really showed.

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Jenna Marbles Quotes for the Signs

Yeah, I love her so…yeah. You guys should suggest stuff.

Aries: What’s that sound? It’s the sound of me throwing my underwear across the room.

Taurus: I love food.

Gemini: Vaginal birth is for people who want to play by the rules.

Cancer: Put your hands in the air if you have no friends.

Leo: You are the most rare and majestic you there ever was and ever will be.

Virgo: Sometimes when you’re really awkward, you do awkward things.

Libra: I don’t give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what your problem is.

Scorpio: Watch out miss or I’m gonna fuck you.

Sagittarius: The fuck do girls use pencils for in the bathroom? Crossword puzzles.

Capricorn: You can give a damn but you cannot give a fuck.

Aquarius: Sharks are here all the time, not just one week!

Pisces: Keep on hoeing you hoe.