was that england and turned into germany

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Which one of you two is more easily jealous?

Actually it’s Germany haha. He can’t lie that he always feels insecure whenever he sees France together with his ex, England. Germany once complained about this and France assured him there’s nothing going on between those two anymore (even their relationship is more to enemies than friends). But still, sometimes, just seeing them talking and laughing together can really make Germany uneasy. They don’t look like enemies who hate each other, actually, quite the opposite. It is as if they unconsciously build a circle that no one can enter but them. As Germany is pretty aware too, France and England have a long history together that he can’t possibly hope to top.

But since Germany can’t really do anything about that, he just put up with his jealousy, keep pretending nothing is happened even though deep inside it feels like there’s some fire burning his heart, gradually trying to turn it into ashes.

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hey mun, how would the 2ps react to catching their S/O rocking out to some German heavy metal? lmao

2p America: HEY NICE SONG! friends with Lutz so rocks out too

2p England: Well, ummm, nice beat?

2p France: Ow, my head

2p Russia: So this is what music has become. Pity.


2p Canada: Lazily rocking out too

2p Italy: For the Love of, TURN THAT SH*T OFF! used to Lutz so his hate for it grows


2p Japan:….ok then

2p Romano: Is this music? What?

2p Prussia: Aw, this is a nice song.

2p Austria: YES THIS IS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Online Gaming
  • America: heya guys, and thanks for coming to this new online game that me and C created!
  • England: 'Canada and I'.
  • America: fuck off. Anyways, so we made this game where we based the characters on everyone! We even have super cool moves and shit! And the point of the game is to fight each other until the enemy team dies! Let's start!
  • Canada: I'll be with Germany, Italy, and Japan to make it somewhat fair~
  • Japan: I'm ready- oh, they are us. Shall we choose ourselves?
  • Germany: I guess so.
  • England: okay, let's find the enemy team- oh, I see Italy.
  • Canada: Italy, how are you already there??
  • Italy: Gyaaahhhh!!
  • France: Let me get him with this move- what the??? Why are flowers surrounding me??
  • America: that's your fancy-francy dome shield. And my turn to get out my TRUE AMERICAN GUN!!
  • China: of course, and my weapons are wok and laddle...
  • Italy: Gyaaaaahhh! Germany, Japan, C... Canada, help me!!!
  • Canada: you forgot my name in the middle of-
  • Germany: I'm coming- what the?? I just grew twenty feet tall??
  • Canada: Germany you got your ultimate move already??
  • Japan: Germany, please, for me.
  • Russia: whoah, is that cheating? Anyways, let me show you my ultimate that Estonia hacked for me- ...I became a circus bear... hahaha- I'm going to beat you America.
  • America: Ha, no friendly fire bitch!
  • England: America... WHY ARE MY SCONES GRENADES????
  • France: Hahaha! And my ultimate move is- *gasps* MAGICAL STRIKE-CHAN!! EAT MY BAD ECONOMIC SITUATION, GERMANY!
  • Japan: oh, my ultimate's up- ... I'm a harem protagonist... how is this an ultimate ability???
  • China: WHY IS MY ULTIMATE ME IN A MAID DRESS- aaand I'm throwing cheap-ass china plates at Italy... nice.
  • Italy: it hurrtttsss!!
  • England: haha, Italy we've got you cornered! Time to unleash my ultimate move- ... IM AN EYEBROW???
  • America: BWAHAHAHA!! Now for my ultimate move! AMERICAN EAGLE TO THE RESCUE!!
  • Canada: not if I've got anything to say~ Ultimate move; Canadian Hockey Gear ON! Hockey stick attack!
  • America: whoah! C, you're so OP! Guys, do something!
  • France: I'm on it~! MAGICAL FRANCE STRIKE!!
  • China: can I throw anything else but cheap-made Chinese products??
  • England: at least you're not an EYEBROW!! WHAT DO I EVEN BLOODY DO- wait... is it fucking complaining???
  • Germany: wait, does England's eyebrows complaining makes me lose health???
  • Japan: what an amazing ability. Meanwhile, I'm just here making people slower because I'm that dense of a harem protagonist.
  • Russia: I want to run America over with my unicycle but I can't. Estonia, hack.
  • Italy: ooh, I want to use my ultimate ability now!
  • Canada: wait, Italy-
  • Italy: Let's go~ ...I DIED???
  • Germany: *slams head on keyboard* you surrendered.
  • Italy: oh. Ca... Canada, America, why???
  • 2p!England: France, I’m so happy, I could kiss you!
  • 2p!France: *clears throat nervously* Umm… Neat.
  • *Later*
  • 2p!France: *lying face down on his bed* I can’t believe I said “Neat”, Germany. “Neat.” Nobody says neat anymore! It’s the fucking 21st century! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m a fucking moron!
  • 2p!Germany: *idly turns book page* Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Italy confessed to me?
  • 2p!France: You thanked him, right?
  • 2p!Germany: *closes magazine to stare into the distance* I thanked him.

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How would the 2p! Allies and axis react to their s/o being jealous of spending more time with someone else?

2p america: Don’t worry babydoll, i’m all yours; or do i have to show you? B) (Will take your feelings into account and spends more time with you)

2p canada: no need to be jealous and all, you know you’re my maple leaf, nobody can replace my maple leaf. ( will continue to see the other person, but limits the time)

2p england: Oh gosh, i didn’t know you felt that way! I’m sorry poppet, you should’ve said so, does it make you feel better i can stop seeing […] ( immediately stops seeing the other person)

2p france: hm. Lets go on a date. (Avoids conflict and spoils you)

2p china: kittin’ what ya mad about? Jealous of [..]? Really now? Does my kittin miss me too much heh. (Avoids confrontation and will turn it into an ego boost)

2p russia: It was pure on a professional level, no need for jealousy. You know how i l-like you.

2p italy: mia bella prinsecsia, how could ever anyone replace you? ( will cut cords with the other person and showers you in compliments)

2p germany: Will never figure it out unless you tell him.

2p japan: s/o, you’re overacting, i’m not stupid. Anyone knows leaving you would be just plain suicide.

HOW CAN ONE FIGHT AGAINST SUCH CUTE IDEA? And family EngPru is always something I had wanted ever since 

especially when you think about it, Arthur would look like a strict type because of his gentleman policy and he bitchy complained a lot, but turned out to be the type would spoil his kid and cat to rot. While someone always seemed to be carefree like Gilbert, is actually a military ruler with his punctual. Their contrast as parents alone is just simply beyond amazing.

Hetalia quotes from my life pt. 7


England: (what are you doing?)
Making earl gray
(It’s 10:37 pm??)
Your point

Russia: I thought one of my sisters were normal but nope, they’re both psychopaths

China: when I was little I thought “fine China” just meant a Chinese person who felt fine that day

France: I sneezed and someone thought it was a frog screaming

Germany: My dream is that one day my bones will be used to express mathematical equations on a chalkboard

(It’s 930 the store is closing soon)

Japan: I opened my browser and the first recommended search option was a pork cutlet bowl recipe

Spain: He tried to drown me and I just went along with it

Romano: I’m a people person when I’m not around people

Greece: that is a really pretty Japanese man

Turkey: I don’t even like turkey why was I cursed with this burden

Prussia: I tried to throw my leg up dramatically on the bathroom counter but ended up kicking myself in the chest and cutting my finger open with a pair of tweezers

Gothic Enough? TAB and S4

During the Age of Romance people liked to build artificial ruins. They can be found in parks and castle grounds all over England, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, and other countries. In this period such artificially decayed artifacts were regarded as picturesque and suffused with the atmosphere of former times. 

Another key feature of the Romantic Age is the Gothic novel as represented by authors like Mary Shelley, Ann Radcliffe, Horace Walpole, and many others. 

In TAB Mofftiss keep playing with elements of romance and Gothic novel. Even the cemetery in the 2nd modern scene quickly turns into a Gothic stage design, complete with dramatic gravestones, a rotten coffin, and a decayed body dressed in ragged finery. The scene is clearly not real and is preceded by Moriarty’s comment:

“Is this silly enough for you yet? Gothic enough? Mad enough, even for you? It doesn’t make sense, Sherlock, because it’s not real. None of it.”

Every time a cemetery is mentioned in the show, it has a very Gothic quality and is connected to something that is fake or unreal. 

There’s the blind greenhouse in Kew Gardens and the leaning tomb in Hampstead Cemetery. (HLV)

Mary Morstan was stillborn in October 1972. Her gravestone is in Chiswick Cemetery where – five years ago – you acquired her name and date of birth and thereafter her identity. (HLV)

But what does it mean for TFP? Well, here we get the real ruins of a manor house, surrounded by an artificial cemetery. Can there be anything more Gothic? 

MYCROFT: The ancestral home, where there was always honey for tea and Sherlock played among the funny gravestones.
JOHN: Funny how?
MYCROFT: They weren’t real. The dates were all wrong.

SHERLOCK: The wrong dates. She used the wrong dates on the gravestones as the key to the cipher and the cipher was the song.

A cipher consisting of wrong dates on gravestones standing on (probably) fake graves next to the ancestral home? This is very Gothic. The same goes for the burnt down house itself which is strongly reminiscent of Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre and Manderley in Rebecca, both of which can be regarded as standing in the tradition of the Gothic novel. (Eurus also reflects the Victorian image of the “madwoman in the attic” as discussed by Gilbert and Gubar but this would deserve its own post). 

Therefore the house and the cemetery in TFP are echoes of echoes of the Gothic. And as such they are completely in accordance with the atmosphere of TAB. I leave you to your deductions. 

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Why the Hetalia characters are in detention
  • Germany: people around him wouldn't stop talking when the class was supposed to be working silently and he got so mad he accidentally broke a desk.
  • Italy: was one of the people who wouldn't stop talking.
  • Japan: turns out he was hacking through the school's internet filters so he could watch anime and play games.
  • America: showed up to first period 15 minutes late with mcdonald's breakfast. again.
  • Russia: called America an "idiot victim of capitalism" when he came in late with mcdonald's.
  • England: set off the fire alarms trying to heat his lunch in a teacher's microwave.
  • France: caught having sex with someone in the back of the auditorium.
  • China: his teacher finally figured out that the food she was smelling in class every day was him. How did he hide entire meals from her from months?
  • Canada: has been marked absent from a lot of classes because teachers thought he wasn't there, and is too polite to correct them about it.
  • Prussia: brought a bird to school.
  • Austria: sassed the gym teacher because he didn't want to run laps, then pretended to faint to try and get out of it.
  • Romano: told the counselor she could go fuck herself with a tomato when she tried to push him to take a Spanish class.
  • Spain: isn't even in detention just came by to say hi to his friends.
  • Netherlands: when the school's vending machines were taken out, he started an underground business selling candy, chips, and soda that used to come from them. He's only in trouble because students aren't allowed to sell things without authorization--they don't even know about the weed.
get rekt
  • England: Ow!
  • Canada: What happened, father?
  • England: I burned myself on the stove..
  • Canada: did it burn as much when you lost your colONIES
The 2ps as Hamilton Pick Up Lines

2p America: Are you America? Because you make me want to rise up.

2p China: Let’s move under the covers and move as one.

2p England: Are you Samuel Seabury? Because you make me want to scream.

2p France: Turn around, bend over.

2p Russia: Want me to take you to the room where it happens? 

2p Canada: With one stroke I’ll consume your waking days.

2p Italy: God you’re a fox.

2p Germany: There’s a million things I haven’t done, wanna make it 999,999?

2p Japan: The law isn’t the only thing I’ve practiced and perfected.

2p Romano: I think your pants look hot.

2p Austria: Daddy wants you home by sundown.

2p Prussia: I like you a lot.

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Hey! I hope you are doing well! ^~^ I was wondering if I could see 2P Axis and Allies to their female s/o denying their love confession and saying that they only see them as a "Big brother."

2p America:

“I’m sorry Allen I see you as an older brother”, (s/o) smiled nervously as Allen stood there.Not knowing what to say, “I hope you can understand.”She left him there standing in shock and sadness. “Ah ok doll…….”, he whispered as he held his bat tightly.No, he wouldn’t take it like that, he would not let it slide.Allen followed her behind, he stood quiet, try to act cool.Not drawing no attention as he pays attention to see (s/o) leaving with her friends.He knew the walkway they walk to, this was too easy for him. “Isn’t that your friend?”, one of (s/o) pointed him out, already spotted but it didn’t matter. (S/o) stood surprised, “Allen what’s wrong?”Allen stood there standing still, he didn’t speak but looked at her friends. He slowly walked up to them. “Allen?”, (s/o) became nervous as everything happened too fast.He lifted his bat up and slammed it against one of her friend’s head.A bloody murder scream was heard from (s/o)’s other friend as (s/o) stood there in shock, not moving.Allen watches the body fall to the ground as the body twitch and bleed out to death. Allen made a fast swift move as he hit the other friend in the head, making the other gag for air as they fell to their knees as he kicks their chest making them fall to the ground and bleed to death. (S/o) trembled as she felt like she couldn’t everything was falling apart for her, she looked at her friend’s bodies.She finally got her courage as she made a run for it, catching Allen’s attention as he ran behind her. “HELP ME PLEASE!”, (s/o) yelled as her bad luck, there was no one around the streets.She made her move as she thought it turned for another street but when she turned she saw it was a dark alley.(S/o) trembled as she tears ran down her cheeks, she heard footsteps behind her as she turn around to see Allen.He grins seductively as he walked towards, he tapped the bat to the ground each time he took a step.
“(s/o), dollface, let’s talk about this~”, he threw her against the wall as she yelp in pain.He slammed one of his hands against the wall, almost close to her face. He snickered as he slowly breathe against her neck making her shiver by the touch of his lips on her skin. “I love you (s/o).I love you so much, I don’t want to be looked like a brother”,he said the last word disgustingly. “I want to be more for you, I can do so much for you doll”, he brushed her hair aside. (S/o) breathe shakily as she nodded, she was scared to death of what he can do to her. “But we can get to know each other more, that’s all that we need. Don’t worry doll, I’m doing this for us.~”The last thing (s/o) was the handle of the bat hit her head after she passed out.

2p England: “Pardon your word poppet”, Oliver cleared his throat as he looked up from the counter as (s/o) sat on one of his tables close by.They were in his cupcake shop, he invited her there so he could have confess his feelings for her but it didn’t went the way he wanted it to go. “I’m sorry Oliver, I just see you like a big brother to me”, (s/o) smiled sweetly not knowing how bad she had broken the British man’s heart. “Ah, a b-brother?”, Oliver murmured as (s/o) nodded. Oliver was quiet for a while, this made (s/o) nervous and worry for her friend. “Oliver what’s wrong?Oliver?”, (s/o) stood up to walk towards to touch his shoulder but when she touched his shoulder he flinched and looked up with a smile. “Oh well then, that’s ok my dear poppet.At least I’m ‘your big brother’”, he said with displeasure but (s/o) didn’t acknowledge it. “How about we enjoy some cupcakes, I had this special one just for you”, Oliver chirped cheerfully as (s/o) smiled and nodded. “I will gladly accept it”, (s/o) giggled as Oliver went back to his kitchen where he made his ‘special’ cupcakes, bringing out a purple sprinkled cupcake. “Oh I hope you love it”, he placed the cupcake in a tray with a cup of tea aside. (S/o) thanked him as she took a sip of the tea, Oliver watch with a warm smile as nodded. (S/o) placed down her cup of tea down as she  grabbed the cupcake.She inspect it as she smiled and took a bite out of it, her eyes lit up brightly. “Mmmmmmh~!Oliver this is so good~!”, (s/o) took another bite as she took another and another, after finishing it all. “That was so good! What was in it Oliver?!”,(s/o) took a sip of her tea. Oliver serve himself some tea as he had his back to her, “some sugar and secret ingredients.” “Like?”, (s/o) put her tea down as she waited for his answer. “I use this cupcake for special occasions, like poison, paralyzing, or just making people go on conscious “, Oliver chirped as he turned around slowly with a grin on his face as he took a sip of his tea.(S/o) froze and shook her head and laugh, “How funny Oliver.”She became nervous as she felt her body start getting heavy. “What’s wrong dear, losing yourself?”, Oliver place his cup down the counter as he went around to slowly walk towards her. (S/o) grew panicked as she try to balance herself in  the counter making her cup fall to the floor. “Oh (s/o) don’t get all scared, I didn’t poison you, you’re just going to go on conscious.”(S/o) gag for air as she felt her body go limp a bit, her legs trembled as she fell to her knees.Oliver bend down to her level and cup her face with a grin, he roughly kissed her lips.She whimpered as she felt his hands wrap around her waist as she her eyes slowly closed. “Now my dear rest, we will have a long day to get to fix our mistakes.~”The last this she heard as she passed out.

2p France:

“Oh Francis, I see you as a older brother that’s all”, (s/o) rubbed the back of her head as she smiled.Francis stood quiet not believing of her response. “Mon amour, what…….did I do something bad?”, Francis grew a bit tense as he grabbed her hand he gently massage it with his thumb. (S/o) shook her head, “No Francis it’s that I just don’t see you more than a big brother, I’m sorry.” Francis shook his head as he pulled (s/o) close to his chest making her yelp in surprise. “Non, I love you (s/o), I want to be something more for you Mon amour!”, Francis held her tight as (s/o) grew nervous by his shaken voice.She smelled his shirt, cigarette and alcohol she grew a bit scared. “Francis please let me go.I’m sorry I just don’t see you that way”, (s/o) tried pushing away but he didn’t budge. “Do you know how much I have done for you, I have gotten people of my way, so many obstacles and now you throw me away!”,Francis breathe roughly as (s/o) stood there frighten. “W-what?”,(s/o) was shocked by his words, ‘gotten people of my way’, she remember her close best friends haven’t come to school lately. “Fran-nci-is what did y-you d-do?”,(s/o) looked up at him pleading for answers.Francois stare at her and didn’t answer, “FRANCIS?!ANSWER ME?!”, (s/o) had tears in her eyes, she could think of the things he could’ve  done to them. She flinch as she felt his palm caressed her cheek. “I took care of them that’s all you need to know (s/o)”, he whispered in her ear as she whimpered and shook her head. “No no no no FRANCOIS! WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!”, she violently push him as she was thrown against to a car.She look up to see it was his car, she tried to balance herself to get up but she felt his hands grab her shoulder roughly. “LET ME GO!LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!”, (s/o) cried out as her eyes grew wide.She felt his hands under her dress she wore, he slowly massaged her thighs.She turns red and felt tears running down her cheeks as she kicked her legs up in his chest. “FRANCIS!”, (s/o) felt a cloth with a weird smell get pressed against her nose as she whimpered. “Sssssssh it will be ok mon amour, we will just look at what went wrong”, Francis grabbed her waist as she felt herself get dizzy.Her eyes grew heavy as she felt a seatbelt click as Francis kissed her forehead gently as he smile. The last thing she heard was the start of a car engine after her world turn dark.

2p  Canada: “Matt you’re like a big brother to me silly”, (s/o) giggled as she looked around as she looked at the trees.Matt had taken her to the woods to tell her something important and so she agree to go. Matt was hit hard by her answer as he mumbled words. (S/o) wrapped her arms around her shoulder as she shivered, “It’s getting late Matt can you take me back home?” Matt slowly look up to her, “no.”(S/o) looked confused and asked him again, “w-what?Matt what did you say?” Matt tilted his head , “I said no (s/o).Why go back home if we can get along here”, Matt grab her wrist as he lean her against a tree. (S/o) yelped as she looked at Matt as she blushed when she felt his hands go around her waist gently and warmly. “Matt stop.Matt!”,(s/o) whimpered as he peck her lips.He got close to her ear as he whispered, “Do you think I’m just letting you ?”Matt bit her ear as she whimpered, he slowly kissed her neck, sucking her skin roughly. He started leaving hickeys behind .(S/o) felt her heart pounding fast , she needed to get away. She struggle as she try pushing him of, she lifted her knee up and kicked him in the stomach, making him grunt. She ran through the trees as she yelled for help. “HELP ME!PLEASE!”, she panted as she hear a loud whistle.She look behind confused of what that was for as she saw a huge polar bear chasing her. Her eyes grew wide in fright as she panted harder, panicking of what that thing was.It was bigger than a normal polar bear.It was her bad luck or something because she tripped over a branch, she yelp as she landed flat on her face.She whimpered as she felt leaves on her face and when she was about to get up she felt a hard breathing against her neck.She hiccuped as tears came out as she turn around slowly to see the huge polar bear staring at her.Its jaws were huge, big enough to finish her there. “Good boy Kuma”, Matt patted the bear’s side as the polar bear backed away, leaving (s/o) frighten in fear.Matt pulled her up to her feet but she trembled that she couldn’t stand up still. “Now (s/o) we could have just done this easy and simple but you made it harder”, Matt said as he smile.Matt lifted her up to his shoulder as he carried her.(S/o) tried to scream but the polar bear looked at her, she kept her mouth shut as she was drag more into the woods, never again coming back home.

2p Russia:

“I see you like a big brother Viktor~!”, (s/o) dance around the full grown fields of the sunflowers.Viktor felt his heart stop for a moment, he felt like those words burn him inside. He had his hands behind his back as he stood tall and still. “Sunflower….”Viktor spoke as (s/o) gaze at some scarecrows and look at their clothes. “Yes Viktor”, she turn around as she waited for his response.He smile, not usual for him to do but he glance at the scarecrows, “do you like my scarecrows, sunflower?”(S/o) looked back at the scarecrows and nodded with a smile, “they look nice.”Viktor nodded as he came close to the two scarecrows, “how about you take a look at them .” (S/o) gladly accepted the request as she walked up to the scarecrows but she felt a shiver as when she was close to them a drop of blood fell on her cheek.She looked up at the scarecrow, it had a cloth bag hiding it’s face.She looked to the top of the scarecrow to the bottom noticing one of the scarecrow showed real human skin, one had a tattoo.A tattoo one of her friends had, she shook her head as she felt like she was going to vomit.She covered her mouth with one of her hand as she backed away.She felt a strong arm wrap its hands around her waist, she wince and try to turn around but another hand held her face as her eyes went wide. “Do you like the ‘bodies’ I use to make them sunflower.~”Viktor kissed her neck sweetly as he hummed, (s/o) began to cry as she trembled in fear. Viktor wiped the drop of blood on her cheek as he kiss her cheek gently. “You know I wanted this to be nice but you  left me no choice”, Viktor pulled out a needle he had in his coat pocket. “It could have gone any way so I came prepare, I promise you it won’t hurt sunflower~”,Viktor extended her arm. (S/o) started struggling and kick around her leg, losing the grip of his arm close to her face. “STOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!SOMEONE!GAH!AAAAAAAHHH!”, she felt a sharp pain in her arm as he pressed the needle’s liquid to her veins.She whimper as her body became limp and slowly she closed her eyes. “You and me we just need to know each other more, sunflower.~”

2p China:

“Zao you’re just a big bro for me”, (s/o) took a drink of her beverage.Zao has taken her out to drink to his house. “A brother?”, Zao  looked at his drink as he gulped his drink harshly. (S/o) nodded and took another sip of her drink as she felt Zao’s drink fall, pouring the liquid to the floor. “AH!ZAO!YOUR DRINK!”,(s/o) stood up as she was about to pick up his drink when she felt a hand grab her wrist. “Zao?”(s/o) looked up at him as he stared sad and stressed. “I don’t want to be a brother…..”,Zao’s grip became tight as (s/o) wince and yelp. “Z-zao stop my wrist hurts…”, (s/o) try pulling away but he pull closer. “I want to be more for you, I want to be your lover”,Zao gently kiss her cheek, causing (s/o) to jump in action.She push him as she blushed redly, “w-what are you doing z-zao?!”,(s/o) brushed her hair aside as she was nervous by his action. “I love you (s/o)……I love you so much”,Zao lean towards her as she bump to the table.(S/o) tried to protest but she felt her body be push down to the table. (S/o) yelp in surprise and fright as she struggle in his grip, “Z-zao!”He didn’t stop as he lean and kiss her lip, biting her her lip in the process. “You see me just like a brother?!I do everything, everything!For you, just you!”, Zao attacked her neck as she scream in fright.One of his hand travel down to her waist, giving it a squeeze. (S/o) whimper as she drool a bit, she was a mess, Zao was leaving marks around her neck as he will surprise her a kiss in the lips roughly. “Zao stop!I don’t love you!”, (s/o) yell with tears as Zao stop his actions.He stood quiet when he grin at her, “then who else will dear?~”Zao chuckled and laughed out, as he looked at her, “I took care of your friends, do you want me to go to your family next?”(S/o) stood shocked and shook her head as she felt warm breath against her ear. “Then let’s redo this stupid action, yes?~”,Zao brushed her cheek as (s/o) cried knowing it will be the last time her loved ones will see her.

2p Italy:

“Luciano,you’re like a brother to me, more like a big brother”, (s/o) smiled as she poke at her food. Luciano was drinking his wine, as he had taken (s/o) to a restaurant to talk about things and enjoy themselves.He choked on his drink as some spill out of his mouth (s/o) jumped a bit as she reaches a napkin to help him. “Ah, Luciano you spill some”,(s/o) wipe some of the wine as he blushed but looked away. “It’s ok bella”,Luciano felt her hand brush against his lips as he couldn’t resist but grab her hand.It was soft and cold, so sweet. “Luciano?”,(s/o) tilted her head as she watch him rub his thumb against her hand. “You know how ,much I love you”, Luciano kissed her palm, causing her to blush but pull away her hand. “Luciano!”,she blush by the attention she got from other people but she look down as she stayed quiet. “Luciano, I’m sorry I don’t see you that way,I’m sorry”, (s/o) looked at the ground as she slowly look up to see his face.He was smiling, with a big grin, “but we can be more (s/o), just tell me what to do.I can give you everything you ever wanted, just tell me what it is and I’ll get it.I can love you like no one else can.”(S/o) felt uncomfortable of how he was acting, this wasn’t the Luciano she knew. “Luciano you’re scaring me”,(s/o) finally said as it got him of guard. “Scaring you?”,Luciano giggled as he grabbed both of her hands making her jump a bit. “My bella, you don’t even know what might scare you”,Luciano giggled more as (s/o) was feeling like it was time to leave. “I think I should leave”, (s/o) was trying to pull away but Luciano wouldn’t let go. “But (s/o) we have so much to do~”,Luciano grin. “Luciano stop please, you’re making me uncomfortable”,(s/o) looked away. He lean close to her as he spoke, “I think it’s better for you to stay here with me (s/o), wouldn’t want you to hear about the mess I made~”,Luciano smirked as (s/o) stood confused.She felt her brain screaming at her to get away but she wouldn’t budge. “M-mess?”,(s/o) asked as Luciano nodded and quietly respond. “You know it is bella, friends and family can take up of your time.Time of me and you~”,Luciano nodded as (s/o) shook her head.She didn’t want to believe those word, she wanted to run away. “But let’s not do something stupid bella, or others may get hurt~”,Luciano kissed her cheek as she knew what he can do to the others she have left. “Now let’s make this all better as to restart again and learn how to love one another.~”

2p Germany:

“You’re the best big brother I had Lutz!”,(s/o) watched Lutz put the weights down he was using.He had invited her to his waiting room he had to talk and chill but it didn’t went like he wanted it to go. “B-brother?”,Lutz scratch his chin as he didn’t like the sound of that. “Brother wasn’t what I expected”,Lutz cross his hands as he looked at (s/o).She shyly looked away as she blushed but shook it of, “I’m sorry Lutz, it can’t work out.”Lutz shook his head as he brushed his hair. “I don’t want that (s/o)…..I love you”, Lutz looked at her with sadness but he tried to be happy and cheerful. (S/o) shook her head, “Lutz I’m sorry, it just can’t.”Lutz grabbed her hand making her jump in fright as she saw him on his knees. “I love you (s/o), with all my heart”,Lutz kissed her palm as she was getting nervous and uncomfortable. “Lutz stop please.Don’t please”, she try to pull away as he tighten his grip. “Luts!”,(s/o) was now struggling as she tried to push him of.He didn’t nudge, he kept holding on her tight, he didn’t want to lose her.Watch her walk of without him, without him been in her life. “I’ve done so much (s/o).I’m not just gonna watch and let it be thrown away~”,Lutz cupped her face as he kissed her in the lip. (S/o) froze as she blushed and felt like this was not right.She whimpered as Lutz pulled her closer as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I love you (s/o), I really do~”,Lutz panted as he slowly kissed her jaw line going lower to her neck.(S/o) wasn’t liking none of it as she struggled more before shouting out, “LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!LUTZ!I DON’T LOVE YOU!I NEVER WILL!”,(s/o) didn’t thought about it as she slapped him across the face.She stood still as she realized what she had done. She looked up at him.Worried and scared of what his reaction will be.Lutz looked at the ground as he felt a sting in his cheek, he slowly touched it as he winced and slowly turn to (s/o). “(s/o)….”,Lutz stared at her as she grew scared as tears were coming out of her eyes. “I didn’t mean to”, those words took it, it was the last thing it took.He quickly dash towards and threw her to the wall. “So many things you don’t mean to do (s/o)”, Lutz brushed her hair as she cried out more. He smiled as  he spoke, “but we can fix that, let’s start over,yes?~”

2p Japan:

“A brother is a better term I see you as Kuro”, (s/o) said as she set down the gift he had brought her, he wanted her to come to his home to surprise her with something lovely.Kuro froze his tracks as he was going to get her some tea but some plans were ruined. “Brother.”,Kuro cleared his throat by the sound of that word made him unease. “Yes”, (s/o) nodded as Kuro shook his head in disbelief. “(S/o) you must be doing something at me, joking around ,you know how people are these days”, Kuro smiled warmly hoping for that. (S/o) shook her head as she frowned, “I’m sorry Kuro but you’re just a brother, nothing else.I can’t see you as a lover either”, (s/o) felt a bit uncomfortable with how this talk was getting.SLAM.(S/o) jump out of fright a Kuro’s hands trembled on the table, he was breathing a bit hard as he stared at the table. “Kuro?”,(s/o) stood up to help him thinking he was having problems with breathing.A chuckle, that was the only that was heard.It stopped (s/o) in her tracks as carefully stood still.Kuro looked at (s/o) with a smirk, “You know I’ve done everything to make everything easier for you (s/o).”Kuro smiled as (s/o) stood confused but listened carefully. “Take care of those who bother you, who push you down”, Kuro walk close to her as he caressed her face. “Is it time to take care of those who distract you, who take you away from me?~”, Kuro gently placed a hand on her thigh as he gazes at her with his eyes half lid.She blushed madly but those words had her on alert. “Ku-u-uro p-please”,(s/o) plead as she moan a bit feeling him press himself against her.He slowly rock himself on her as he whispered in her ear. “Mercy?Aren’t we being pushy no?~”,Kuro giggled as he cupped her chin roughly making her look at him in the eyes. “How about you stay for a long while, to fix our mistakes or make the outcome even more better.~”

Hetalia Central Europe + England Height Headcanons

Germany: 6′1″ (about 185 cm)

Prussia: 5′11″ (about 180 cm)

The Netherlands: 6′3″ (about 190 cm)

Belgium: 5′9″ (about 175 cm)

Luxembourg: 5′10″ (about 177 cm)

Switzerland: 5′7″ (about 170 cm)

Liechtenstein: 5′1″ (about 155 cm)

Austria: 5′10″ (about 177 cm)

Hungary: 5′4″ (about 163 cm)

Slovakia: 5′11″ (about 180 cm)

Czechia: 5′3″ (about 160 cm)

France: 5′10″ (about 177 cm)

England: 5′ 8″ (about 173 cm)

sayuri308  asked:

Hello:) how would react 2p allies + axis to their s/o who slapped them (in the face)?

 “So it’s like that huh,” *Grabs them by the collar of their shirt and lifts them off their feet.* “I DARE YOU TO TRY THAT AGAIN!” *Slams s/o against a wall.* “YOU belong to ME! YOU WILL RESPECT ME OR I”LL DO WORSE.” (Kinda snaps.): Allen, Luciano, 

*Chuckles* “I suggest you think about what you are gonna do next very hard, or else things will turn VERY unpleasant VERY quickly.”: Flavio, Oliver, Kuro, Zao

Honestly, understands why you did it, but you still aren’t allowed to. “Love, I know it’s no fun but you don’t get a choice in this. You belong with me, I'm sorry.”: Gillen, Francois, Victor, Lutz, James

anonymous asked:

What would Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, and France be like raising a child? On their own, not together

(Two extra points added to Germany and Spain)


  • They will be raised off Italian food, no way around. Gluten free? Cool! Gluten free pasta it is,  Vegetarian? Vegan Lasagna it is! Don’t like Italian food? …I think you need more Italian food.
  • He is a very submissive parent. He does not have the best control over his children and their actions, they could murder someone and he’ll just pat their head and get back to painting.
  • Really tries to get his children into the arts. If they show any signs of enjoying art he’ll be super happy! They will have full access to all of his art supplies and whatever they want!
  • His children will be dragged around to alot of the time. He will take them to as many places as possible whilst they’re young, so that when they’re older they can go back to their favorite places.
  • As a parent his main goal is to be best friends with his children. He wants them to be able to be open with him, he’d absolutely hat to see his child upsetti (so he’ll make some spaghetti!) 
  • He loves to show his child off! He’ll constantly take them around to the other nations and talk about them. His kiddo will have to tug at his arm if they want to go home.
  • Ready for Captain Obvious? His child will likely raised to be catholic. Every Sunday he will ask them to put their best clothes on to head to church. He will accept if they chose another religion though! 
  • They will master the art of flirting by age one. They’re taught from one of the best after all~ although getting a call from the nursery teacher telling him they are in three relationships is not uncommon.
  • Adores teaching his children, he may not be the best at teaching them but he tries! The topics he can help them out with the most is History and the arts (Drama, art, music, etc.)
  • He tries his best, he truly does. Sometimes he doubts that he’s a good papa but he know that if he can make his children smile then he’s doing something right.

Dad rating: Don’t-a be upsetti papa made spagetti!


  • He will take his children to football matches rather often, if they like football of course. If not he’ll take them to any sports/performance they want. Free time is important after all.
  • A sucker for the puppy eyes, if his children ever find out his weakness he is done for. If he is telling them off for whatever reason and they use puppy eyes he’ll stop and walk away. (point one for team kiddos)


  • If someone was to go through his search history “How to be a good dad” will appear more than once. He wants to be the best father he can be and has studies the many “types” of dad.
  • He will often have his friends and family over to study them. He wants to see how different people interact with his child in order to find the perfect way to raise his child!
  • The house will always be clean. He believe that a clean environment can help focus and relaxation. His children will have chorus but none of which will be too demanding.
  • School will be an important aspect of his children’s life. He truly wants the best for them, he will always help them with homework and with studying. No doubt that they will be a A grade with Japan as their papa!
  • Taking them on trips is very common. He thinks that allowing his children to meet the other nations and get influenced by their cultures will make them more open-minded.
  • He buys them plenty of gadgets and toys through out their lives. If his child ever wants something he will happily buy it for them, so long as it’s alright for their age.
  • Certain rooms in their house are almost always locked for their safety. He has kept many of the things from his past, most of which are rather dangerous. Unless he gives them permission they are not allow in.
  • It’s not uncommon for him to text them when they want them, so prefers not to yell so giving his child a quick text to come down stairs is pretty common.
  • Emotions and him are not exactly friends. If for whatever reason his child cries or shows any strong emotion he will mentally scream. The old pat on the back and awkward dad hug is the best he can do sorry.
  • He will teach them self defense himself, he wants them to be able to defend themselves when he isn’t there. If he is there and someone hurts them…Oh lordy 

Dad rating: Do your homework before dinner!


  • He loves to cook with them, especially baking. Whenever he get the chance he’ll open up the cooking cupboard and call them down to make some churros with him!
  • As much as he loves them he does need some chill time with his friends. Once his kiddos have gone to bed and are asleep, he’ll pull out a cold one and hang with the bros.


  • Do you mean one of the best dads ever? Him, Sweden and China are probably the best dads out of all of the characters. He loves his children and pampers the hell out of them!
  • Cooks five star meals for every meal. He wants his children to be raised on the finest of cuisines, even their packed lunches are perfect. The lunch ladies and him have a slight rivalry.
  • He will pay B I G money so that they can follow their dreams. Once they have a goal in life he will do whatever it take to make that dream come true, even if he personally dislikes it he wants them to be happy.
  • Loves to take them on trips around his place, he wants to show them the beauty of the country that they were raised by. Perhaps he will show them the battlefields he was victorious him~ 
  • He will send them to the best school in his place, even if it’s a private school it’s worth it in his eyes. If it’s a boarding school he’ll buy a home nearby so they don’t have to stay in a dorm room.
  • Always buying them the latest fashion trends, If his Kiddo wants to look their best he’ll happily buy them Channel or Dior! Looking good ain’t an issue with papa France!  (I actually had to look that up).
  • Is always encouraging his children to be open with him. He wants his children to be able to talk to him about anything without fearing getting in trouble. He will be open with them to!
  • Whenever they go on school trips he will cry, full on tears. He can’t help but cry seeing his baby all grown up. He will hug them close to his chest when the bus is about to leave. Cue the “Papa. Papa. Let go.”
  • Family photos are extremely common! He really enjoys seeing their smiling face, framed and placed on the wall. It’s proof that they are a part of loving family that cares for each other.
  • Whenever England comes over he turns into a TV dad, he turns into one of those parents that will not stop talking about how amazing his child is, he just loves them so much~

Dad rating: Papaoutai

I keep forgetting to post my arts on here.

This is… Hetalia. Sooo much detail and several little mistakes (I’m sorry France and Canada… I love you both I swear!). I’m proud of it though. And I’m FINALLY content with how I drew Germany (I usually either majorly derp him or make him look creepy). I’m also very happy with how Russia turned out. Well… enjoy! :)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

altoalpha  asked:

What about a Hetalia superhero or superpower au? That would be cool.

Thanks for much for the suggestion! I’ve actually thought about this before and this is what I came up with.

Germany: Metal Bending. Kinda similar to Magneto, he’d have the ability to bend and control metal at will. He could also create metal to protect his body, turning him into like a human shield.

Italy: ShapeShifting. He’d have the ability to form himself into any animal that could come to mind. He’d gain the ability of the animal like say if it was a bird he’d be able to fly. He’d totally use this to turn into a cute animal and get attention from girls.

Japan: Day and Night. He could have powers that work by night. He could transform himself into a shadow and sneak around and also manipulate the shadows around him. During the day he could absorb the heat rays from the sun and use them as energy.

England: Summoning. What if he could summon a bunch of different demons or creatures and command them while in a fight. Maybe he could gain the abilities of the creatures when he summoned them.

France: Seduction. He could mind control people to do his bidding by using his looks or charm. Also having the ability to control rose vines and thorns. It could be like the only way not to fall under his spell is to not look him in the eye.

America: Human Rifle. What if he had like a special eye that made it so he never missed a shot. He’d have perfect aim to hit his target as long as he had his vision. He’d also be super fast and agile like a bullet.

Russia: Snow. I couldn’t not give him ice powers. What if he had the ability to create powerful ice storms that could destroy anything in its path. He’s one of the most dangerous as once you get him going, he’s impossible to stop. Only thing is he can only do it if it’s cold. If he’s in hot weather he’s useless.

China: Inventor. He’d have tons of gadgets everywhere. One for every use. He’d have like flash bombs and devices to hack into things quickly. He could have like a mechanical arm or leg that had lots of abilities like it could shoot from it and it’s stronger.

Canada: Invisibility and Force Field. This ones predictable I know but he’d be great and sneaking in and out of buildings and using his force fields to protect civilians and his friends.

Romano: Heat and Light. Since he’s hot headed, what if he had the ability to create fire and boil water around him. He could blind enemies with light and summon it with his hand. What if his powers were triggered by his emotions and the only way to use his fire powers was when he’s angry. So he accidentally sets shit on fire all the time.

Spain: Acrobat. He can move his body faster than anyone else. His body can bend in ways others can’t. He’s more flexible and agile than normal people. He’d be an escape genius, being able to climb up bars and crawl under things. He could jump from thing to thing no problem and has super fast reflexes. He could be a street performer/super hero is disguise.

Prussia: Raven. This ones a little weird but what if he had the ability to control the birds around him and had these black feathered wings from his back. He’d have the battle cry that could temporarily deafen or stun enemies. Claws too that he uses when fighting.

Denmark: Lightning. He’s can control the lighting in the sky and create storms wherever he goes. Always accidentally shocking people. His hairs always crazy because of the electricity inside his body.

Norway: Future. What if he could see one minute into the future before it happened in order to determine his choices. He’d be really good at dodging because he’d see where they’d hit ahead of time. Similar to America’s, he’d need to have his eyes open and be able to see for this to work. If you took away his eyes sight, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

Sweden: Beast. What if he just had the ability to turn into a giant, super strong monster. He’s actually like the gentle giant type and always gets people to safety by picking them up with his giant hands.

Finland: Wind. He could be a calm, gentle wind until you piss him off and he could kill you with a tornado in a split second.

Iceland: Immunity. What if he didn’t know he had powers for a long time, since his didn’t show like the others. He can’t get sickness or wombs and he finds this out when he accidentally cuts himself and it heals right away.

Hong Kong: Gadget Jr. He’d be like China, having a gadget for everything but his are much more modern and he’s always pestering him about having out dated technology.

Belarus: Death. She’d have the ability to step in and out of the after life and communicate with the dead. She could gain powers from the dead if the gave it to her.

Ukraine: Life. She can feel the energy in everything and connects to it. She has great healing abilities and can save lives if she gets there in time. Only thing is she can heal others but not herself and once they’re dead there’s nothing she can do.