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Wasteland Weekend, September 22 - 25, 2016

Who’s going? I’ll be looking into plane tickets and such when I get back from New York in March, but I don’t want to turn up at the place and not have any of my fellow Tumblrweed Tribe to hang out with so wHO’S WITH ME?

Paging @flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy @primarybufferpanel @bonehandledknife @ooksaidthelibrarian @sheliesshattered and anyone else who’s thinking of going.

A folk/bluegrass Kenny mix with- So I’ve been listening to SO much folk music lately and it’s getting ridiculous. But what’s resulted from this phase is  fanmix! Folk music is often described as the music of the people, usually those of a lower class, and used as a way of story-telling or as a way to pass on tradition. Much of the songs address death, the personification of sorrow and the supernatural which ofc just made me think ‘Kenny!’

For the boy who lives his life as a weary wanderer on the border between the living world and the afterlife, who has seen the glow of heaven and faced demons in from the darkest corners of the underworld only to wake up again in the morning, whole again and in the world of the living…

wayfaring stranger- jack white
rattlin’s bones- kasey chambers + shane nicholson
david- noah gundersen
o death- ralph stanley 
the lion, the beast, the beat- grace potter and the nocturnals
raise hell- brandi carlile 
ain’t no grave- crooked still 
rocks and water- deb talan
undertaker- moondoggies
tumblrweed- puscifer

listen here