was that a pun rabbit

How to name a stuffie

Method 1:
Pick a color you like
Pick a cute food you like
Method 2:
Find the names of foods in other languages
Ex: Peach translated to Japanese: Momo
Method 3:
Puns on celebrity names
Ex: Rabbit Downey Jr.
Method 4:
Sweet names
Ex: Charlotte, Abby, Jasmine, Belle/a, Mimi (names in other languages too: Rin, Yuki, etc.)
Method 5:
Two words thrown together
Ex: Bubblelace, Puffbow, Mooncloud

wannabunny gangster

- this boy loves his rabbits 
- he breaks into labs and steals bunnies on which cosmetic products are tested 
- he would beat up everyone and destroys literally everything (lolol just playing baseball you know)
- other members of his group often help him 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Have you noticed the name of the bar in the sneak peek? It's called Aesop's Tables (I thought that was hilarious actually). And one of Aesop's fables is "The Swan and the Goose." I do not know why but something is bothering me about it since there is the Operation Mongoose and all. Do you think there's more to it or it's just some sort of pun like The Rabbit Hole?

I don’t think The Rabbit Hole is just a pun either. This show is very Alice in Wonderland… but yes, I noticed and thought it was hilarious! There are so many fables, though! 

As was pointed out to me, there’s also a lion behind them, but there’s 28 lion fables… Fandom effort. Read them all and see which fit!

i’d like to say my humour is quick and witty but i one spent about 30 minutes trying to come up with a convoluted narrative about a rabbit dying just to use the pun now you’re just some bunny that i used to know

After seeing this Touka x Sailor Moon crossover art [x] I remembered a few moments in the manga that made me laugh

There’s a folklore in Asia about the rabbit that lives on the Moon based on the markings looking like a bunny (similar to the Man in the Moon idea that I have in my country because it looks like a face)

Ishida made a reference to this once with Touka in her Rabbit mask next to the moon

Sailor Moon’s regular name is a pun on this idea 

Tsukino Usagi –> Tsuki no Usagi –> Rabbit on the Moon

Which is why I had *war flashbacks* to a certain omake because as we know, Sailor Moon has her iconic boomerang tiara well

Moon Moon himself channeling his inner Sailor Senshi and Rabbit Touka

The Shoujo with Corpses strikes again