was that a pun rabbit

How to name a stuffie

Method 1:
Pick a color you like
Pick a cute food you like
Method 2:
Find the names of foods in other languages
Ex: Peach translated to Japanese: Momo
Method 3:
Puns on celebrity names
Ex: Rabbit Downey Jr.
Method 4:
Sweet names
Ex: Charlotte, Abby, Jasmine, Belle/a, Mimi (names in other languages too: Rin, Yuki, etc.)
Method 5:
Two words thrown together
Ex: Bubblelace, Puffbow, Mooncloud

wannabunny gangster

- this boy loves his rabbits 
- he breaks into labs and steals bunnies on which cosmetic products are tested 
- he would beat up everyone and destroys literally everything (lolol just playing baseball you know)
- other members of his group often help him 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Have you noticed the name of the bar in the sneak peek? It's called Aesop's Tables (I thought that was hilarious actually). And one of Aesop's fables is "The Swan and the Goose." I do not know why but something is bothering me about it since there is the Operation Mongoose and all. Do you think there's more to it or it's just some sort of pun like The Rabbit Hole?

I don’t think The Rabbit Hole is just a pun either. This show is very Alice in Wonderland… but yes, I noticed and thought it was hilarious! There are so many fables, though! 

As was pointed out to me, there’s also a lion behind them, but there’s 28 lion fables… Fandom effort. Read them all and see which fit!

New Things We Know About "Super Mario Odyssey"

1. Mario’s new hat is named “Cappy”.
2. Cappy can talk.
3. Cappy’s original form manifests in the form of a white top hat.
4. The rabbits are called the Broodals and they are an evil wedding planning company
5. The girl rabbit is named Harriet, which is a pun on “hare”, which is a rabbit.
6. Mario can use Cappy to transform or take the form of various objects by throwing Cappy at them.
7. The purple collectables are actually coins that are only usable in certain areas throughout the game
8. Coins are actually used to buy things this time around
9. The desert world is called Tostarena.
10. Some enemies wear hats. In order to take their form, you have to knock the hats off of them by throwing Cappy.
11. Pauline is the mayor (you heard me right, THE MAYOR) of New Donk City. She even makes a physical appearance!
12. Much like how there are Power stars to collect in most games like Odyssey, there are now Power Moons to collect for Mario’s ship, with Grand Moons found after every boss fight.
13. How many Power Moons you collect is directly related to how far you can travel.
14. There are some sections in the ruins of Tostarena where you can use a Warp Pipe to enter a wall and you can play these sections in the style of the original “Super Mario Bros” on the NES!
15. When you lose a life, 10 coins are taken from your coin count.
16. When Mario takes damage from a Bullet Bill, he is covered in soot for a few seconds.
17. Apart from taking the forms of various enemies, there are several different costume options for Mario, as well, some of which give different in-game advantages!
18. The game is releasing near the end of October!!!
19. There are amiibos of Mario, Bowser, and Peach in their wedding attire!

Feel free to add more; this is all I can think of at the top of my head!

I’m really excited for this game!


TIME : 12 PM.


Looks like this is the designated meeting spot, even though you still have no clue what lies beyond the curtain on stage, save perhaps the man in charge of all this, ready to deliver whatever it is he’d promised all of you – incentive to murder? It still reeks of blood and there are piece of gore along the theater’s walkway, as if the victim’s body was dragged after all of you left last time, but there are no doubt a number of you eager to not put too much thought into what happened with Orion’s body. On stage, the same Sentinels stand guard, watching over all of you with unblinking eyes. If you look close enough, you can see blood on their clothes.

It doesn’t take as long for Kuma to make his appearance this time, nor does he seem to have any firearms in his hands when he steps out. He simply slips the curtain open and takes the stage – no announcement, no fanfare. Just him, his lighter, and the casual lighting of a cigarette. He stands on the stage quietly as opposed to trying to get anyone’s attention, although there are already a number of you turned towards the stage, waiting to see what he has to say. Noticeably, a few of you have opted to avoid the front rows… it’s not a decision anyone can blame you for, is it?

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY HARE!!” Ultimately, it’s Zero’s voice that suddenly bursts over the speakers as his image pops up on the screens above the stage without warning – he’s loud, obnoxious, and as energetic as ever. It takes barely half a second for him to begin bouncing around on stage, arms waving. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH BOY!! Finally, we’re HARE! You all know what this is, right? The beginning of the experiment!! You didn’t think it was already underway, didya? Of COURSE you didn’t! Hahhahahahahaha, don’t worry, we’ll HOP to the point – you all are probably juuuuust as eager as we HARE, so not point wasting time, right, Kuma Kuma? Why don’t we just tell ‘em straight up –

                          THE FIRST MURD-HARE INCENTIVE!!

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