was that a compliment magnus

i can’t stop thinking about how well and truly whipped magnus chase is for alex fierro. that boy legitimately loves her more than i thought possible for someone to love another person. literally every time alex pays a second of attention to him or gives him something vaguely resembling a compliment magnus literally just melts into a puddle of hearts and sparkles and rainbows and i’m so weak!

Magnus meets The Boyfriend

“Annabeth why are we on the beach? I thought you said we were going to meet your boyfriend?” Magnus asked with his head tilted back, taking in the light of the sun, “If I knew we’d be on the beach I’d of swapped my converse for sandals.” He dug his heels into the sand in hopes of grounding himself. Annabeth was ahead of him, standing in front of the glittering shore, her long, blonde curls trailing in the wind.

“Stop complaining Magnus, you’ll meet him soon, I just need to fish him out.” she answered, smiling to herself at the pun she made. Magnus gave her a confused look; eyebrow raised, head slightly lowered. He knew there was no going against Annabeth, so he shrugged his shoulders and waited patiently for her boyfriend to appear.

Ten minutes had passed when Magnus heard a sudden scream and then SPLASH! He swiveled around to Annabeth, only to find her spot vacant. “Annabeth? Annabeth! COUSIN!” Magnus had started to scream out of fear for her.

A wave rushed its way to shore, bringing two people along with it. When the water disappeared, there was his cousin, Annabeth, in the arms of a handsome, muscular, dark haired guy. His smile was crooked and his eyes sparkled sea green like the ocean floor. Annabeth punched the guy in the arm, yet had a faint smile across her face.

“Magnus! I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Percy Jackson,” Annabeth announced, “Percy, this is my cousin, Magnus Chase. He’s also a demigod! but he’s norse. not greek or roman.”

Her boyfriend, Percy, eyed Magnus up and down, then flashed a brilliant smile at him. “Hey there, man! It’s always great to meet Annabeth’s family!” His voice was deep and edgy in a cool, gritty way; like harsh waves crashing on smooth rocks. Percy extended a slender hand out to Magnus, which he hesitantly accepted. “Woah, your hands are soft.” Percy exclaimed in awe. “Uh I-what?” Magnus stuttered out, bewildered by the comment (compliment?). He turned to look at his cousin for an explanation, but didnt get one as she grinned joyfully at her boyfriend’s odd remark.

“I think you both will get along great.” she laughed.

  • Sam, whispering to Alex: Just go! Flirt with him! Compliment him!
  • Alex, to Magnus: You're tough to kill. Good job.
  • Magnus: ... uh, thanks?

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48.3% So, malec is passionately making out, and whenever Magnus is turned on his cat eyes pop out of no where and Alec notices and gets all giddy about them. (by the way your an amazing writer I'm in love with your malec oneshots :) )

They’re tangled up in each other, legs and arms merged together and Alec’s fairly sure if he tried to get up right now, he would probably only succeed in ending up in a messy heap on the ground, they’re that entwined. Not that Alec wants to go anywhere. It’s the first moment of peace they’ve been able to steal for a while. Magnus had insisted on whisking him away to Barcelona, and they’d spent a few hours relaxing in the sunshine before returning back to New York via portal. Magnus’ apartment was blissfully empty, Alec was blissfully happy, and he was going to treasure every moment of this.

His lips moved eagerly against Magnus’, drinking in every moment of intimacy he had to offer. It was hard to think that until a few months ago Alec had never been kissed, that his almost wedding was a statement for so many reasons. His lack of experience had always made him a little nervous, but Magnus had always promised him he made up for it in enthusiasm.

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listen I know posts like this are painfully cliché, but for your consideration: the Magnus Chase series filmed in a Parks and Rec/The Office style

- Every time someone doesn’t understand/refuses to use ASL, Hearth sends a long, withering stare into the camera

- That scene from the Office where Dwight sets the place on fire bc he was mad no one paid attention to his fire safety power point presentation??? Odin when he was still disguised as an einherjar

- Any time Anyone is being hard on themselves Magnus starts complimenting them like Leslie Knope compliments Ann

- Every time Magnus sends a sarcastic prayer to his father we cut to Frey just frowning in mild confusion

- Amir: “Samirah why did I get a letter from a norse god inviting me to your wedding???”


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- Any time Magnus says or does Anything, Alex either looks into the camera in exasperation or they cut to an aside of her ranting about how stupid he is

- The whole episode where Lil’ Sebastian escaped the petting zoo and got lost in the maze, but like, when Fenris Wolf escaped his chains

- Jack the sword is literally just Jean-Ralphio

- Magnus, wearily throwing himself down in a seat outside of Fadlan’s: “Give me all the falafel you have. Wait, wait- I’m worried what you just heard was ‘give me a lot of falafel’. What I said was 'give me all the falafel you have’. Do you understand?”

- Loki is essentially just both the Tammy’s and Jamm rolled into one

- Shots of Sam flying into danger and wielding an axe and just doing generic Valkyrie stuff and then they just pan over to Amir with wide eyes looking like he’s about to faint

- Every time someone curses, Jack lets out a “beeeeep” to censor it; Jack curses freely

-  *one of those weird and uncomfortable Inge and Hearth scenes happen*

    Blitzen: “The thing about Alfheim culture is…I don’t understand it.”

- Every time there’s a battle happening a weirdly non-battle song plays but the scene will occasionally splice to an aside of Jack just singing that song off-tune

- Every time Magnus forgets he’s supposed to be the healer of the group, the person who’s dying stares into the camera until it hits him

- Cut to scenes of Blitz and Hearth on one of their aside secret missions- “DONT be SUSPICIOUS, DONT BE S U S P I C I O U S~~~~” asl is worked into the dance moves

- Fredrick and Annabeth: 'Hey where the fuck is Magnus?’

  Randolph: “~~Technically he’s HOMELESSSSS~~~~”

- We still get all the ridiculous death scenes in Valhalla but all the warriors act like the Citizens of Pawnee even when they’re dying like they’re Awful.

  ex) Alex, holding a vase to one of the managers: “Yeah I made this in one of  your pottery classes??? It’s TERRIBLE!” *throws it so hard at them they loose an eye*

  ex) TJ, dying in his bed: “Yeah you know that water fountain with the 'do not drink the water’ sign? Halfborn dared me to drink from it and now I’m dying of a fatal infection. Sir, sir are you listening??? Sir I’m TALKING TO YOU! Are you aware that there’s waste in your water system???”

  ex) Mallory, twelve arrows sticking out of her and slowly bleeding to death: “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.” - Magnus: “You were yelling at a bunch of little kids on the battlefield.” - “Well they SUCKED!”

- Every time someone predicts Blitz or Hearth is gonna die the camera pans in on Magnus who groans into the camera

- “Thor has never had a real job…in his LIFE,”

- “Mallory, you’re like a Valkyrie without flight magic!” - “…So like a person?”

- Every time Loki invades Magnus’ dreams he talks as if he’s expecting a laugh track and Magnus just gets more and more confused

- Magnus: “I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my entire life.”

   Blitz and Hearth: “We know this, and we love you.”

- During the brief percabeth cameo in Ship of the Dead, every time Magnus or Alex stares into the camera or does an aside or something, Percy and Annabeth are like…what the fuck are you doing. What are you looking at. Who are you talking to. Why are the Norse like this???

- Hearth: *belittles or doubts himself*

  Magnus and Blitz: *signing aggressively* YOU HAVE A L L THE STRENGTHS

- Alex: “Someone will DIE…”

  Magnus: “…..of fun?”

- When Leslie lowkey kidnapped the gay penguins and took them to Iowa where it was legal??? Magnus with Thor’s goats

- Basically everyone who isn’t human is an Eagletonnian like that’s why they’re so fake nice about guest rights lol

- The cameras are really just Odin’s ravens

- Any time Magnus and Alex have a moment™ you can see Sam lurking in the background making excited eyebrows into the camera

- Any time they gotta talk about crafting or fashion Blitz is basically Tom Haverford you know I’m right

- When gods make ridiculous requests or give dumb orders and you get a shaky zoom in on the mains looking ready for the end

- Remember when Jerry lied about getting mugged bc he didn’t want to admit he got messed up trying to get a burrito?? Magnus after he tried and failed to fight that eagle that stole his falafel

- Blitz has absolutely said 'treat yo self’ at least once

- Loki, complaining about his eternal punishment: “I am the victim of a hate crime!”

  Magnus: “That’s…not what a hate crime is.”

  Loki: “WELL I HATED IT.”

- Mimir is basically Orin

- Alex: *exists*

  Magnus: “Whats a not gay way to ask him to go camping with me?”

- my laptop’s dying but I will not drop this I’ll be back later

a malec au where alec works at a coffee shop where magnus is a frequent visitor and alec is totally smitten but so shy and so he always makes jace or another employee call out magnus’ order and hand him his food and latte as well as a note from his “secret admirer” and it contains a simple compliment: “i like your eye shadow” and magnus leaves the coffee shop beaming like an idiot and alec is on cloud 9 and every time magnus comes back alec sends someone over to deliver his note and the notes become more clever and sometimes they’ll say something like “you’re so beautiful when you smile” or maybe an oscar wilde poem or a doodle of vincent van gogh’s sunflowers and as time passes magnus tries to find his secret admirer but all the employees are in on it and will not give in, even when magnus asks over and over and tries different tactics but one day alec is manning the coffee shop and jace is in the bathroom and no other employees are there and magnus comes in and alec freezes cause this is the first time they’ve been like face to face and magnus smiles at him and alec blushes a deep pink and asks him what he wants and he’s whipping up his order but then he panics because jace isn’t back yet and he has another note for magnus and no one can give it to him except, you know, him and magnus calls out, “is that my order?” and alec is like freaking out but then he’s like screw it and gives magnus his latte and his note and just says, his face still flushed, “you’re so beautiful when you smile” and the beautiful grin that takes over magnus’ face and the laugh that escapes his lips is so worth it, as is the dinner date they plan later that night.

I wanna talk more about maia and magnus’ friendship:

- magnus is always teaching maia some of his own alcoholic creations he’s mixed over the years so maia can add them to the menu at hunters moon so that no other bar in the area can compete with the specialty drinks they’ve made. (magnus likes to tell her that he invented all the popular cocktails but maia just shoots him that look of “I know you’re lying but sure”)

- they totally have hour long conversations about the bachelor/bachelorette, discussing who they think should be given a rose and who should be booted out. they get super passionate about their favourites and always shout at the tv while they’re settled in magnus’ loft, eating takeout and sipping on margaritas

- maia loves reading so magnus let’s her borrow books from his library that contains every genre you could think of. for maia’s birthday, magnus gifts her a first edition book of jane eyre because he knows it’s her all time fave

- maia always takes magnus out for coffee at least once a week so they can catch up and she can tell him about all the crazy things that happened at the bar that week, how she had to break up a fight between two vampires, how some drunk seelie tried hitting on her and ended up vomiting on her shoes. magnus finds it all hilarious.

- maia is super worried when she finds out magnus has a shadowhunter boyfriend because she doesn’t want magnus getting hurt and she wishes all the happiness in the world for magnus so she’s very cautious when she first meets alec until she sees the look he gives magnus, one with such adoration and love, a look she’s often seen in magnus’ eye when he talks about his boyfriend and maia feels this huge sense of relief because magnus is truly happy and out of everyone she knows, magnus deserves love and happiness the most

- maia loves jewellery, not as much as magnus does but she’s always wearing gorgeous necklaces and rings which magnus always compliments. so they always get little gifts for each other. maia gives magnus a small black box at the bar one day containing a silver spiderweb ear cuff which maia claimed it was something she thought he’d like. maia comes round for dinner at the loft and get given a beautiful sapphire ring that magnus saw on his trip to Italy and tells her “something so beautiful must be worn by someone equally as beautiful” and maia just laughs.

- maia is a really giggly drunk which causes magnus to be a giggly drunk too seeing as maia’s laugh is so infectious. they were watching a tv show they usually love but lost interest and as magnus got up to get another drink, he stumbled and fell into the book shelf and stands there shocked “a book just fell on my head, maia” and maia giggles and says “I guess you only have yourshelf to blame”. they laugh over that pun for 20 minutes which is how alec found them, tears streaming down their face while they struggle to tell him what their finding funny without breaking into another laughing fit.

I’m tired of these teens running around in normal clothes, battling monsters and gods. Give me some old fashioned Norse Armor, compliments of Blitzen. Now if Magnus dies (again) in combat, at least he’ll look great doing it! 

It was one of those rare nights where they had time to themselves. They had time to sit, talk, laugh, and not worry about anything else around them. Magnus’ schedule was cleared and Alec’s phone was on silent and left on the end table, far enough away that it wouldn’t distract him. Tonight was just about them.

The night started out with the two of them ordering in food, choosing to stay in, dressed in sweatpants and pyjamas. They had their feet up, sat on opposite sides of the sofa, their legs tangled in the middle under a blanket that Magnus had summoned from the bedroom. As the hours went by, and they finished their food, they moved closer and closer together, till Alec was pressed against Magnus’ side, practically in his lap.

They had lost themselves in conversation and wine and cocktails. It didn’t take long for the alcohol for get to Alec’s head. Only a few drinks in and he was giggling into Magnus’ shoulder about almost anything, Magnus joining him though Alec knew in the back of his mind that Magnus was nowhere near as drunk as he was, but he enjoyed the weightless feeling of laughing with his boyfriend.

“Magnus, have I ever told you how pretty you are.” Magnus froze; his hand in the air from where he was telling a story. Alec was staring at him, honesty in his eyes and a grin on his face. He leaned forward to press a kiss to Magnus’ cheek, not giving him enough time to process what Alec had just said.

“You’re very pretty. And I love you very much Magnus. You’re the best boyfriend ever! I’m so lucky, I have the prettiest boyfriend.” Alec didn’t stop, didn’t really know how to stop the words that were flowing from him. Though the look on Magnus’ face made him never want to stop complimenting him. He grabbed Magnus’ hand, flipping it round in his own, admiring and getting distracted by the way their hands looked together.

“I love you too, Alexander.” Alec grinned as Magnus pressed a kiss to his cheek, turning his head to capture his lips. They got lost in the feel of their lips moving together, Magnus moving to run his hands along Alec’s hips. Which in any other situation would have given the moment more heat, but tonight, it just made Alec laugh. He couldn’t seem to contain himself as he laughed against Magnus’ lips.

Alec collapsed, his head falling into Magnus lap as he continued to laugh, loudly and unashamed.

“I didn’t know you were ticklish, Alexander.”

“Neither did I.” Alec opened his eyes, his laughter fading as he reached up to stroke Magnus’ face.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“As are you, my love.” The couple smiled at each other as Alec continued to run his hand across Magnus’ face, and Magnus’ hand massaging Alec’s scalp causing him to hum in appreciation and slowly fall asleep.

When Alec woke up the next morning with Magnus pressed to his side, the pair still on the sofa, he couldn’t help but wish for more nights where it was just the two of them. Hangover be damned.

"That's my boyfriend"

“Speaking of hope, did you see that shot Alec got off with his bow? That’s my boyfriend.”
― Cassandra C., City of Lost Souls

I need this scene to happen…within Season 2 or season 3…whatever…just make it happen…

Okay…Imagine: A group of new Shadowhunters girls from Idris are at the New York Institution for a visit or whatever and they just checking out the cute boys. And they heard about the eldest Lightwood…you know..how he’s tall, dark, and handsome…Like Lydia said how “the girls in Idris are clamoring” when they heard Alec Lightwood was looking for…“a bride” *cough* “a beard” *cough*…and they find him with a group of other guys and Jace in the practice room. Doing practice stuff…(I slept for an hour and half last night…finals!!!)…so the girls are giggling and talking among themselves, checking out the sweaty boys…particularly Alec. They’re saying things like…“He’s gorgeous…he’s beautiful…I would love to do this and that…or whatever…blah blah…blah.” And they’re just checking him out.

Magnus is there on the side, eating all the compliments up for his Alexander. Because Magnus is very proud and very prideful of anything his Alexander is and do. Alec is very focus…he’s in the zone, doing his “archery”…hitting his marks…unaware of the audience that he, Jace, and etc. has gathered. Magnus was there just chilling…waiting for Alec to be done, so they can go get some rainbow snow-cones and go get some Vietnamese Pho (because that’s what I want right now, snow cones and pho). And he’s loving all these nice and naughty things being said about Alec…then he walks up to them…just causally, standing to their side.

“Oh, and the blonde guy…Jace…he’s hot too…I heard they’re brothers.” One girl said. As they watch Jace tackled another guy down. “…so strong.” Another girl added. Then, Alec takes another shot, a nice impossible one. And the girls gasped, very impressed.

“Did you see that…that beautiful shot?” Magnus makes his present known. The girls looks at him, surprised that a Downworlder was here. Some of them, looking offended. Magnus’ eyes are on Alec. “…That’s my boyfriend.” He said proudly, as he smiled at them. And he’s really enjoying “the hate” glares he’s getting from them. He smiled again, as he makes his way to Alec. He gives Alec a nice sweet kiss on the cheek as Alec gently places his gear down on a bench. Alec is caught off guard, but he smiled and blushed. A cheek kiss wasn’t enough for Alec, he turned his face and he squeezed Magnus face towards him to kiss him on the lips. A loud high pitched gasp echoed on the side. Magnus is feeling too bliss now. Oh the angels and all 7 hells, he loves his Alexander. Alec keeps surprising him, so he kissed him again, gently on Alec’s lips. Alec is flushed, blushed, and too adorable. He tightly holds on to Alec, staring back at the group of girls (remembering they’re were still there and the shades he was giving them)…the girls, whose mouths are hanging out, only made him smiled more.

“I really stink…” Alec smiled, a little subconscious, but enjoying the sudden affection. “…What are you doing?” Noticing that Magnus’ attention is somewhere else as he’s holding him.

“Just…being a bitch.” Magnus grinned with a happy tone. Alec looks back, seeing a group girls glaring at Magnus and him.

“Oh…” he looks at Magnus, unimpressed.

“You cannot imagine…the perverts…those girls are…saying scandalous things about my sweet darling Alexander…” he looks at Alec, innocently. Magnus can’t help it, he’s laughing now. Alec remain stone faced. He gives Magnus a moment to calm his hysterical laughter down. Because Alec is making that face, and it’s hilarious. Alec pull out his cell to read the time. He needs to shower and “pho” sounds good right now. Alec takes Magnus hand, grab his gears, and walks towards the halls to his room. He quickly said “goodbye” to Jace. As they pass the girls, hands still holding.

Magnus smiled again and quietly mouthed to them, “mine.”

P.S. I am so so sorry, if it’s a mess…I do all this on an iPad and while sleep deprived. If anyone wants to “prompt” fanfic this…I would be so happy.

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Please explain to my friend why malec is in love. Trying to prove a point. Love your blog btw ❤️

hey anon’s friend !!! i hope this is enlightening:

The little things:

  • They give each other little gifts. See: the omamori charm Alec got for Magnus when they were in Japan 
  • They constantly want to impress each other and do The Most™️ to make the other happy. For example, Magnus name dropping famous people and complimenting Alec a lot. Also, their second date where Magnus literally takes him portalling around the world. Let’s not forget Alec is always shirtless around Magnus trying to impress him.
  • They always boost the other up. See: “Magnus is quite magical” and “We have a Very Capable warlock for that.” 
  • They defend each other, no matter what. Like literally they first meet when Alec helps Magnus beat a circle member.
  • They’re always such soft beans around each other. Magnus is so gentle with Alec and so smiley. Same goes for Alec !! *war flashbacks to Alec blushing around Magnus*

The bigger, more important things:

  • Lets go back to the dark times when Alec was supposed to marry Lydia shall we? Magnus didn’t give up on him and told him multiple times that he’s dooming himself to a lonely, loveless marriage(“You’ll be lonely all your life, and so will she. Neither of you deserve it. And I don’t either.”). He saw that Alec was unhappy with the marriage and made sure Alec knew that he didn’t have to marry some girl he would never love just to restore his family’s honour (which was ruined by his own parents so). He fought for him. The line “Where’s the honour in a lie? What about love?” comes to mind. Magnus even showed up to the wedding, risking not only his place in the institute as a respected ally, but also his reputation. He stands there, with all his emotions out in front of everyone and just lets his eyes do the talking.
  • Alec sees this and just the sight of Magnus stops him in his tracks. In front of everyone, he walks back down the aisle and kisses Magnus like his life depends on it. He knows how the community around him will react, but for once he puts Magnus before his duty and his family’s messed up honour.
  • Lets not forget Magnus’ iconic line “For almost a century I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything, for man or woman. You’ve unlocked something in me.” This line is so important to me because here’s the thing. It’s extremely hard to open up to someone. But usually when you love someone, you feel safe opening up to them. I think that’s why Magnus feels so safe exposing emotions and memories he’s been hiding for so long to Alec. He talks about how he used to be suicidal, he talks about how Camille turned abusive, he even talks about how Alec himself makes him feel. Magnus loves Alec enough to unleash memories that hurt him terribly.
  • Next !!! They’re always checking up on each other/each other’s wellbeing. For example, after Magnus heals Luke, Alec cleans up and asks Magnus if he’s okay. After Alec is possessed and kills Jocelyn, he goes to Magnus’ balcony and Magnus comforts him and makes sure he understands that he’s not to blame. Let’s not forget Magnus spending days by Alec’s side trying to keep him alive.
  • Speaking of which, when it seems like Alec dies, did you notice Magnus’ face? He looked absolutely destroyed, like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. After days of trying, after days of begging Alec to wake up saying things like “I’m all out of answers” and even trying a kiss, he has to watch him “die” and Magnus just looks, ruined. He looks about ready to crumple onto the floor. That is the face of someone who lost a man he loves more than anything.
  • Also, they would do anything for each other. See: Magnus defying Victor Aldertree in a time where downworlders aren’t even allowed in the institute. Also, Alec shooting Azazel for “Magnus” even though he knew it was a risk and he could get him angry and suffer is an example here.
  • No matter what, they always try as hard as possible to have good communication. They know it’s important and they put everything aside to communicate properly. See: “When things get hard, don’t push me away” and “I won’t.”
  • To me, loving someone means you’d put your pride aside for them. That’s what these two always do. Alec puts his pride aside to apologise multiple times and Magnus puts his pride aside to show Alec all of his emotions in the beginning of their relationship.
  • They feel safe with each other. For example, “You shouldn’t be out alone, it’s not safe” and “I’m not alone, I’m with you, The High Warlock of Brooklyn.” It takes a lot too feel like you’re safe with someone, like they could protect you. Usually, I only feel safe with the people I love.
  • Lets not forget that in times of danger and crisis the first person they think about is the other. When Jace accidentally activated the soul sword, Alec went mad trying to find Magnus. he was worried out of his mind and so was Magnus. They both couldn’t stand the thought of losing the other. And the relief on their faces when they found each other was so obvious.
  • Speaking of which !! That leads me to my last point !! They literally said I love you !! And they’ve said it multiple times since. They love each other and its beautiful.
The Sepulchral Wake Following The Death And Destruction Of All Remaining Vestiges Of Alexander Lightwood's Virginity

Sunshine tasted weak and yellow sweet on his tongue, spilling like water over the brow of Manhattan’s early morning skyline lighting up the skyscraper heads with sweeps of damp crystal mirroring the sky back; whether from the fresh dew or the rain the night previous Alec didn’t know.

The light was only just starting to filter in through the apartment’s east windows and slipping like a silent ghost through the living room setting the coloured tips of Magnus’s ingredient bottles alight. It was a pretty sight but nothing compared to the view he woke up to, with Magnus’s warm torso plastered against him and Magnus’s steady soft breath against his neck and Magnus’s shock of hair tickling his nose looking like a hurricane ripped through it when really it was only Alec’s hands, Alec’s desperate fingers, and a thick heavy ache that throbbed down his legs and up his spine to the beat of Magnus, Magnus, Magnus.

A honeyed flush rose in his cheeks again, not unfamiliar to the one he felt when he first woke up repeating to himself ‘I just had sex’ and had since come in waves every ten minutes since six o'clock.

Usually he would require a pot of black coffee to shed the sleep cobwebbed through his aching joints and sluggish mind but this giddiness was better than an electric shock, his mind had never felt sharper and his joints were aching for a completely different reason whose origin was enough to keep Alec totally on his toes.

“Is this general Shadowhunter protocol to get up before the crack of dawn or were you not yet tired out last night?”

The gravelly tone in Magnus’s grumble set Alec’s nerves on fire but he breathed through it, not bothering to turn around knowing Magnus was only a few steps behind him.

“You could never tire me out,” Alec answered honestly, then with a side smile, “Or was it a bit too much for an old man?”

“That’s not very sweet morning talk.” Magnus answered reproachfully and pinched him in the side, stepping out into the balcony with a deep inhale.
His face was clean and fresh which made Alec feel a twist in his stomach and he had to look away.

“How am I supposed to know what to say?”

Magnus sighed, “Most people hope for a shallow sexual compliment. Not, of course,” he added hastily, “That I am one of them. A good morning would suffice.”

“Good morning.” Alec whispered against Magnus’s lips and leant down for a morning kiss.
It may only be the first time he’d experienced it but Alec was sure he already loved the taste of Magnus’s morning breath.

“Also, last night was wonderful.”

“Of course it was,” Magnus shrugged, too casual to not be on purpose, “You were with me.”

“I didn’t even know you were that flexible.”

Now Magnus preened.
“I was roommates once with an Olympic gymnast. Although I was told I already had an organic affinity, naturally.”

“Naturally.” Alec agreed.

They were quiet for a few more moments.
The sun had rose a few inches higher.
The city below lay still.
Alec rested his forearms on the balcony and Magnus leant against him, easy and simple, with his head on Alec’s shoulder.

Alec closed his eyes and tilted his head back, letting whatever feeble threads of sunshine that had poked its meagre way through New York fog soak his face, and already last night was becoming Last Night. That Night.

Even when their clothes was off, through a fumbling strip and then a gentle unbuttoning hand, Magnus was restrained.
Alec knew heavy ghosts and oft grief haunted Magnus and lay deep within his bones so with shaking lips following a blind trail of tracing fingers he did his best to kiss away the doubt and the tension and most painfully the impenetrable acceptance, the resignation Magnus held to being hurt.

His heart was a fragile thing bolstered away through locked steel walls and Alec tried to say with every kiss ‘Give it to me. Please, I’ll hold it, I’ll love it for you. Give it to me.’

Magnus had warned him in a shaking voice, “I may not be able to control myself so if you see my eyes change tell me you’ll just let me know,” and Alec had thought to himself incredulously “I’ll never be able to make you lose control,” and then suddenly Magnus’s hand was somewhere and then his mouth and it was only later when thighs were slick with sweat and his fingers were trembling for whole other reasons and Magnus groaned and his eyes shone in the dark like a lighthouse across a black sea and the sight hit Alec like a train and all he could think was “Oh my god, you beautiful magical creature,” and then Magnus was unravelling beneath him, because of him, and the thought was replaced entirely with his dazed realisation, “So this is what sex is like.”

He wanted to cup that moment in his hands, this private intimate moment and secret it away from the world outside these walls, but somehow every second was more incredible than the last until he swore it was a borderline religious experience.

Alec spoke again, gentler this time and a great deal more hesitant, “Last night really was wonderful.”

Magnus didn’t move, but continued staring out across the city with quiet eyes, “Well, I’ll say thanks.”

There was a rigidity in his posture, almost defensive like he was braced for a collision, and Alec wasn’t sure when it had appeared but, unbidden, Magnus’s words the night before which seemed so trivial in the grand scheme of things washed over him like a bucket of cold water.

“I worry that once we-rush into this, then I may lose you. You’re not the only one who feels vulnerable.”

It clenched around his heart like a vice. There was no clumsy words that could articulate, to say how Alec was willing to get hurt as long as Magnus wasn’t.

He took a deep breath, clumsiness be damned, and it all spilled out,“Look, I-I don’t know if you thought I was just, I don’t know, like you were just the first guy I could, y'know, but it’s not like that at all. I mean, you’re you.”

“I am me,” Magnus spoke slowly, but Alec recognised the amusement and gentle teasing in his eyes and shoved him with a groan.

“Don’t, you know what I mean.”

“Tell me, who did you think I was before, Kaiser Wilhelm? It’s an honest mistake, we do have the same jaw.”

“No, Magnus, I- you know what, I’m shutting up now.” Alec held up his hands and stepped away, ignoring Magnus’s pout.

“No, I love it when you ramble.”

Alec mimed zipping his lips shut and Magnus snorted, grabbing his wrist and pulling him closer.

The sun was almost all up now and the sky was a burn of orange and peach, gold and sunshine, like someone had doused it in gasoline and lit a match.

“I’m serious. I don’t want last night to become That Night. I want a thousand more nights like that night and I don’t just mean the sex, I mean-”

Magnus pressed a finger to Alec’s lips and his crinkled smile reached his eyes, “I know what you mean. To a thousand more nights.”

Alec paused, but there was nothing in Magnus’s smile that indicated anything but the raw truth.

“To a thousand more nights,” Alec agreed and kissed him.

ok i’ve been thinking a lot abt the promo for 2x15 and the part where magnus comments on alecs snores so i just wanted to write a little smth just bc it stuck to me

- the first time magnus and alec share a bed, they’re both exhausted after a hard day
- alec is so exhausted from demon hunting and what not he literally doesn’t even bother being polite he just makes himself at home and falls asleep
- alec completely lets his guard down and not even realizing it starts to move around/snore
- magnus is shocked bc his guarded shadowhunter? stiff, insecure alec?? snoring?? being a cover hog?? trying to snuggle?? whom
- at one point he wakes up a little more into the night and there’s alec, snoring away
- he’s shocked as would be expected and as he falls back to sleep, and his last thought is “maybe this one won’t hurt me”
- the next time they fall asleep together is while watching a movie
- alec is oblivious to anything pop culture and magnus tries his best to fix that
- alecs head ends up in magnus’s lap while magnus strokes his hair
- he’s so tired and peaceful he just passes out
- magnus is a lil shook bc damn he actually just fell into a deep ass sleep omg baby
- and of course. alec starts to snore
- magnus had thought maybe he’d dreamed the little snores the first time or maybe alec was a lil congested
- but here his love is, snoring away
- at this point he knows he’s fallen in love with alec and he just sighs, content w himself and alec and his cute snores
- when alec wakes up, disoriented and confused at around 3 am (magnus asleep too) he’s def shook
- he wakes up magnus and he’s like what just happened
- and all magnus says is “you snore”
- he’s a lil taken aback bc he didn’t mean to blurt it out but when he sees alecs insecure face about to apologize he’s like shoot
- “it’s cute. the snoring. i like it.”
- and alec just blushes and says “i do Not snore!!”
- from then on it becomes a Thing where magnus compliments his snoring in diff places w diff people and alec just Denies it while turning millions of shades of red