was supposed to get my nose pierced but no

I tried my best at editing how JB would look if and when he gets the piercings and tattoo~  😍😍 (idk if ya’ll could see the nose piercing 😕)

pretty proud of how it turned out actually 😂😆😂😆

The tattoo is “Love never fails”

edit #2

Until the word stops turning

Summary: It’s been one hell of a life, but she got to spend it with him. 

A/n: So this is set in 8x16 or as I like to call it “my finale if the real one doesn’t go well”. It turned out to be 5k words so grab a snack and I hope you enjoy! 

She should have seen this coming. 

With the world they live in, no day would go smoothly. 

Not even her wedding day. 

Instead of dancing with her husband and being high on wedding cake, she is stood outside in the town square without even having time to change. 

“She couldn’t have waited 5 more minutes.” 

She sighs and hears Stefan chuckle under his breath beside her, pulling her in closer by her waist and rubbing her arm gently to try and dismiss the goosebumps he can see forming. 

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Kissy prompt: Cassian decides to woo Jyn like a gentleman and Jyn didn't know how to handle that.

Thank you for this FUN prompt, nonnie!! Sorry it took me so long. Hope you enjoy it!!

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It had been six months since the harrowing Battle of Scarif, and in that time, the members of the Rogue One crew had continued to work together on a variety of missions. Jyn had kept her brevet rank of Sergeant, and Cassian had assumed full command of the unit.

           Well. In name only, really. He consulted with Jyn on almost everything, trusted her judgment as much as his own, and refused to take on any mission that she wasn’t wholeheartedly onboard with. Their ranks weren’t equal, but they might as well have been. Kaytoo had a knack for remarking on this at all the wrong times, as well as keeping track of how many times Cassian responded irritatingly to him about it. So far, the number seemed to be disproportionately high and, as Cassian had to said to Jyn after an early morning meeting the previous week, possibly inflated.

           This week, however, there would be no comments from Kay about rank equality. No “You should listen to what Cassian says, Jyn. He’s the ranking officer here.” No rattling off of statistics from Cassian’s last physical recertification tests to prove how capable he was, which only served, in the end, to impress no one and not only embarrass Cassian, but put him in a foul mood. No, this week, there were no upcoming missions, nothing the crew needed to be doing, and nothing for Kay to comment on – at least not as far as rank was involved. He would inevitably find something to irritate him, but at least it would be on a different topic.

           The Rogue One crew did not like being grounded, and that usually meant they got into some sort of trouble on base. Baze destroyed the firing range with his cannon, Chirrut made groups of rebels so peaceful and calm that some deserted “to live as the Force wills it,” Jyn put at least two recruits in the medbay during hand-to-hand combat training, and Bodhi backed out of bets to race the other pilots on speederbikes and sulked into a beer at the end of the night in a corner. For his part, Cassian made himself scarce, explaining away his crew to command when he had to, but otherwise keeping his head down as he always did.

           He also spent that time trying not to talk himself out of what he’d put off for those six months: spending time alone with Jyn that had nothing to do with reports, missions, sparring, or tactics. He’d be the first to admit he didn’t have the first clue how this was supposed to go, or even what words to use, and he didn’t even have a single person to turn to for advice or guidance. He had considered asking Kay, but immediately thought better of it. Kay would most likely smack him (he had before). So he found himself, four nights into their weeklong stretch of mission-free time, standing in front of Jyn’s door like any other time…but this time, feeling stupid.

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Oh my god the nose ring, the dad taehyung au continues to destroy me oh my god. Could we please have some more stuff from it? Only if you want to obviously and thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with is

Yoongi actually gets the nose piercing with Taehyung and Baekhyun. Its on his eighteenth birthday and he’s basically known Baekhyun for a while now. Even though it’s his birthday it’s not really supposed to be a big deal to him but of course, his best friend happens to let it slip, in front of Taehyung, what day it is. Taehyung kind of just frowns as he looks at the pretty teenager sitting at his kitchen table with his son smirking at them. 

“Why aren’t you out, i don’t know, buying porn or cigarettes or whatever it is kids buy on their eighteenth birthday?” 

Baekhyun actually howls in laughter while Yoongi blushes and hides his own little chuckles. 

“Dad no one buys porn anymore what year are you even from???” 

Taehyung scowls and gently smacks the back of Baekhyun’s head. 

“Shut it brat, on my eighteenth birthday i was buying you pampers because i was a dad. I have no idea what kids do nowadays.”

“That’s what you get for sticking your dick in someone” Baekhyun rolls his eyes. 

Yoongi finally lets it slip, once Baekhyun has stopped his little mini banter with Taehyung,  that he’s not really doing anything for his birthday because his parents are out of town and he only really like hanging out with Baekhyun. 

“Kids at our school are such ass eaters!” Baekhyun loudly exclaims, earning him another smack from his father.

Taehyung suddenly grins as his eyes sparkle with some mischief. 

“Hey pretty boy, i got to go get a fill on one of my tattoos today, you wanna get a piercing while you’re there?” Taehyung smirks at the blush he notices on Yoongi’s face. “I’ll pay for it and even let you hold my hand if you’re scared of needles.” 

Baekhyun shoves his best friend, not so subtly, telling him to take his chance. Yoongi slowly nods. 

“Y-Yes please.” 

I got my first nose piercing done when I was 18 for free, because my friend’s mom was a licensed cosmetologist and said she’d do it for me at her house

She used a gun, like when you get your ears pierced

I didn’t know at the time, but apparently, you’re not supposed to do that.

Outside of the fact that I had to walk around with an earring stud in my nose for 6-8 weeks, that shit took a total of hmm….had to be about 


to heal completely and properly. And it got infected (painfully) many times along the way. It used to blow up. And I’d get that ugly little bump on the piercing every few months.

Luckily it’s all healed now..like all the extra skin that was hanging on the inside is all gone now. Idk wtf happened to it, I’m just glad it’s gone. Hasn’t been infected or sore in a good two years. 

I got my second piercing done properly with a needle and it literally pinched me for a second and was healed in like a week? And was only $25, I was pissed I went through all that pain for nothing with the first one. 

(So my personal headcanon is that Kagami’s mother passed away when he was little, and it is a very sensitive subject for him. And cue Aomine not thinking as he speaks.)

Aomine scowled as he looked down at his phone again, his mother texting him more than normal. Not bothering to reply, he shoved his phone back into his pocket, his arm going back around his boyfriend’s shoulders as they watched the basketball game. As soon as he felt Kagami, he realized the redhead was stiff against him.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”
Red eyes darted to his for a moment then back to the tv, “Was that your mom?”
Scowling, Aomine slouched to the side, “Yeah. She keeps nagging at me to do my school work and shit.”
There was a moment of silence before Kagami spoke again, his voice soft, “Maybe you should listen to her.”
The blue haired boy stared incredulously at his boyfriend, his voice irritated, “What? Why would you say that?”
Kagami stood and took his plate to the kitchen, knowing Aomine was hot on his heels. Turning around, he faced his pissed off boyfriend, not sure how to get his feelings across properly without pissing Aomine off more.
“I just think maybe you should listen to your mom more. Maybe show her a bit more thankfulness about worrying about you. Mothers are supposed to do that.”
Glaring, Aomine balled his hands into tight fists. First it was Satsuki, then his mom, now fuckin Kagami. He was done with everyone “caring” about him and his schoolwork, or whatever he was supposed to be focused on instead of what he wanted.
His voice was sharp as he spoke, “How the fuck would you know what mothers are supposed to do? Maybe you shouldn’t stick your nose in my problems.”
Kagami went stiff at the words, the statement piercing straight through to his heart. He had told Aomine about his mother a few months before. The blue haired boy knew how much he missed his mother and he dared say that?
“Get the fuck out of my apartment.”
Aomine’s eyes widened as he watched his boyfriend’s eyes water up, the redhead glaring daggers at him. What he had said finally hit him, his heart lurching at his stupidity. How could he say that to Kagami of all people?
“Shit Kagami, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”
As a tear fell down Kagami’s cheek, Aomine panicked, his body moving forward to hold his boyfriend, as it had so many times before when the redhead had cried. Before he could wrap his arms around him, Aomine was pushed back, Kagami glaring at him still, even as tears streamed down his face.
“I said get the fuck out Aomine.”
“But Kagami…”
Turning away, Kagami put his hands on the counter, gripping it tight, trying to convince himself that punching his boyfriend wasn’t the appropriate thing to do. His voice broke as he spoke, his emotions taking control of him.
“Just leave Daiki.”
Cringing at the broken voice, Aomine nodded and grabbed his jacket, walking to the door, looking back at his boyfriend one last time, hoping Kagami would tell him to wait. When no such thing was said, Aomine whispered before walking into the night.
“I’m so sorry Taiga.”

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Love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a Stevetony highschool AU with punk!steve and his punk public school friends and preppy private

lol so i’ve been looking at this for a couple of days because i wasn’t sure if you sent this to the right person AND it looks like your ask got cut off. but ehh what the heck let’s give it a go:

“Isn’t that Tony Stark?”


“That kid over there in the school uniform.”

Steve followed the direction of Bucky’s nod and spotted the person in question immediately. He sat on the small set of metal bleachers in perfect view of all the equipment. Even from this far away, Steve was a little struck by how attractive he was.

“I see him,” Steve confirmed, looking away quickly. “But I still have no idea why I’m supposed to know him.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Tony Stark? Howard Stark’s son? Stark Industries?”

Steve shook his head.

“Were you cryogenically frozen for the past decade, Han Solo? He’s a billionaire,” Bucky said.

“His dad’s a billionaire,” Steve corrected.

“He’s a private school snob,” Bucky said, setting his board on the ground and putting a foot on top of it.

“Bucky,” Steve chided. “You don’t even know him.”

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Sooo I got both of my lateral incisors (teeth right next to the 2 front teeth) extracted. Orthodontist noticed they were actually baby teeth and the teeth that are supposed to go there couldn’t grow in the right place. I’ve been feeling extremely ugly and low about the way I look now when I talk. To help feel better I’m going to start taking more pics with me being happy and gappy lol. I’m getting braces on the 22nd to fix all my teeth and close my gaps but we all know that can take years to change. Just gonna learn to love myself for how I am right now. ☺️

P.S. I even got a nose piercing to bring me some happiness and as a late bday gift lol