was some debate between her and amy


i barely talked abt this idea on twitter, but very shortly afterward anyways, i made self indulgent psg screenshot edits… sonic is panty, amy is stocking (was debating between her and tails), rouge is scanty and shadow is kneesocks.

obviously not originally my art, just traced over some screenshots lol

wickedwitzh  asked:

okay now i'm interested, what's your take on b99 + hogwarts houses?

i got three of these asks but i’m only going to answer one. i’d put jake, charles and terry in hufflepuff. after some debate between slytherin and ravenclaw i think i’d put amy in ravenclaw because she values intelligence over ambition. holt is definitely slytherin. stephanie said rosa is ravenclaw the other day and as a ravenclaw that made me super happy but i would personally have put her in gryffindor. gina is a tough one again between slytherin and ravenclaw but i think i’d put her in ravenclaw bc we all know she’s the smartest member of the squad. hitchcock and scully are muggles all they value is food and sleep.

Anonymous requested: “Hi! My idea is: girl’s night, Penny and Bernadette tell Amy about using sex to manipulate their husbands to do stuff for them. Amy thinks it’s cheap, but then she has a flashback of their last date nights, where Sheldon ravished her and asked her to do something together… Of course, Sheldon’s little experiments weren’t malicious and everything ends in fluff…”

Amy was lying on her stomach while Sheldon doodled on her back with his index finger.  Her arms were folded under her head, and she felt very sleepy.  Her eyes felt heavy.  She was safe and warm in the bed of her favorite person on the planet.

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