was seriously on point that night

Enough is Enough

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,067

Warnings: slight panic attack, language, asshole Dean 

Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader lives with the brothers at the bunker & Dean is always a jerk to her & then one day she has a panic attack & then fluff ensues…

Summary: Reader has lived & hunted with the boys for 3 years & usually puts up with Dean being a dick pretty well. One night, she can’t take anymore and has a panic attack.

A/N: Enjoy!! Feedback greatly appreciated!! And thank you to @mamapeterson for just reading over this before I posted it lol wasn’t too confident on it tbh but I hope y’all like it!!

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@pearlrebs I would like to thank you for a lot of things. First for enabling me to set a up a die hard TJLC branch of three in my rural Irish school. We lost track of time and school many nights, watching your videos. They would back me up in saying that you are clever, colourful and charismatic individual who deserve all sucess possible in your writing.
Also, thank you for pointing out the beauty in a well set up story and the importance of taking your audience seriously. Even if Moftiss hasn’t, you always did. You have energerised me to try and write complex and layered LGBT positive works which what we deserve.
Mostly I’d like to thank for you humour and enthusiasm. I’ve been in this fan base since the beginning and your addition made the entire landscape a /lot/ better.
You have my eternal esteem, all my support and my thanks. I think you’re fantastic and you will be brilliant.

How are you feeling?” Harry asked awkwardly.

Malfoy’s polite front cracked. He stared at Harry in disbelief and gestured around the room with a quivering hand. “How do you fucking think I’m feeling? I’m bored sick, wide awake and shaking like a shitting Crup!”

Harry fought back a laugh at Malfoy’s outburst. “Okay, point taken. No more small talk.”

An uncomfortable silence settled over them. Fortunately, Harry had a backup plan. He pulled a battered deck of cards from his pocket and held them up.

Malfoy eyed them suspiciously. “You want to play cards?” he asked flatly.

“Yeah, I suppose I do,” Harry nodded.

“Are you seriously trying to tell me that the famous Harry Potter has nothing better to do on a Sunday night than sit in hospital, playing cards with a virtual stranger?”

Harry grinned. Put that way, it sounded ridiculous. “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you.”

Malfoy gave an exaggerated roll of his eyes. “Merlin, and I thought my life was tragic.

But enough of my sob stories. The reason I’m blogging about my life in the first place is to warn those wanting to become vampires. Most think the strength, the speed, the immortality are reason enough. But you’ll never feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again, you’ll have an insatiable thirst and you have to watch your friends and family grow old and die all around you.

The third point is why I have no friends. I’m also broke because finding work at night (other than becoming a criminal) is a pain. Plus today is the day I need to pay rent… I wish I knew how to hypnotize the landlor-

*Knock Knock*

“Who the fuc –” It’s 2am. Seriously, I have the rudest neighbours. I could be sleeping for all they kno-

The next knock was much louder 

“OKAY! Jeez, keep your pants on” *curses softly*

So I work at a grocery store one night after my shift I decided to grab a few things and I head to one of the self checkout lines and a woman is in the one next to me and since I just got off I didn’t take my uniform off so the woman sees me on the checkout next to her and asks if I can bag her groceries and I’m like seriously? It’s 9 at night I’m off clock and I’m not even a bagger and plus my dad was waiting for me in the parking lot cause he’s my ride but I point her to a bagger that’s walking by but if you want someone to bag your groceries maybe you should use an actual register and not a self checkout cause you kinda need to do stuff yourself

Ok but in all seriousness though.Tonight is going to be a fucking violent night. If Trump loses you can bet your asses that some group of white fucks are gonna go riot or commit some kinda hate crime. And if Hilliary wins I expect something the same to happen, but with property damages instead. 

The point is, BE FUCKING SAFE AND STAY INSIDE ONCE YOU ARE DONE VOTING! Do not go out to celebrate! STAY INSIDE! Seeing how backwards this country has regressed and how primitive some people have shown to be it’s better to be safe and party later then to go out and have the possibility of getting hurt. I don’t care if you vote for Trump or Hilliary your safety is important! 

Hopefully I’m wrong about this in the morning, but I got that thick boding feeling in me lungs and that usually means trouble.


Good morning ❄️

Here’s a thought that I can’t stop replaying in my head:

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” -AE

I have made so many mistakes I get tired just thinking about them. Makes me want to shut my brain off and go make coffee. Seriously! I change my nail color almost daily because I bite my nails at night when I’m nervous. Ugh. My point is, don’t beat yourself up (saying this to myself too). Making mistakes means you’re still trying, so that’s good! Cheers to trying, failing and then trying again. You may not get it immediately, but you will get it eventually.

Happy Saturday, y'all❤️

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I seriously can't get enough of your Almost Human AU. If you could do another one (or maybe turn it into a fic) I'd love you forever omg

I’d love to turn it into a full fic, but I never complete anything in my life, hence the short bullet point stories haha.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

  • Leonard’s head is pounding when he wakes up. Not from alcohol; he doesn’t remember drinking excessively earlier that night. Jim’s presence usually takes away the need to drink a lot. A few beers is enough while they walk, bicker, or just relax together. Though Jim doesn’t drink, and that kind of takes away the pleasure of drinking in company. No, this headache isn’t from drinking. If the blood trickling down from his head to his face is any indication; it definitely wasn’t caused by drinking. Not just that, there’s a faint beeping ringing in his ears, and when he reaches out, he becomes increasingly aware that this isn’t his bedroom. He’s outside, in the park. And there’s a bomb strapped around his neck. “Good evening, agent McCoy,” a voice rings from the phone strapped to the bomb - filming his every second. “Nero,” Leonard says, “I take it you’re no longer in jail.” “Smart. You smart enough to dismantle that bomb, too? Don’t think so. You have 20 minutes, and the world’s watching.” “You know I’m just going to lock you up again,” Leonard says, his fingers reaching out to feel the thing around his neck. “What, from the afterlife? Good luck with that.
  • Leonard isn’t calm. He’s anything but. The fact that he’s didn’t wake up in the morning in his bed is concerning enough, let alone the fact that there’s a bomb strapped to his neck, and he has no idea where Jim is. But the world is watching him through that stupid phone that’s filming him. He thought he captured this man before - who traps people into this life-or-death game and has the world watching them, placing bets debating who should be next. Of course, considering Leonard put him behind bars, he would be the first to go after now that Nero’s out. “Bones!” Jim calls out so suddenly Leonard nearly jumps, though his voice is such a relief. “Jim,” Leonard sighs a little breathlessly when the other approaches him, “careful.” “I swear to God, I’m away for one night and you get a bomb strapped to your neck,” Jim says, slowing down once he gets closer to the park bench Leonard’s sitting on, “can’t leave you alone for two seconds. Who’d you piss off this time?” “Nero,” Leonard says, “his real name, it’s all in the files in the precinct. I locked him up before.” “Clearly didn’t do a good job at that,” Jim replies, “let me have a look.” “Jim, you have to get to a safe distance.” “Let me have a look,” Jim repeats. “Jim,” Leonard insists, “I only have two minutes left.” “Exactly,” Jim says, “let me have a look.” 
  • It doesn’t help that Leonard’s fingers are pretty much shaking by now. He never particularly feared death before, but this is different. It feels like he has someone in his life again - which takes away that otherwise sacrificial behavior he had before. “Jim,” Leonard says when there’s less than 30 seconds left, “you should go.” “No,” Jim says, his fingers still working on the bomb, “it’s you and me, Bones. ‘til the end.”
  • When Jim pulls the bomb off and stops the timer, Leonard isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, or both. Jim reaches out and cups Leonard’s cheeks. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Leonard nods. Jim tilts Leonard’s head just lightly, examining the wound on his head. “What took you so long to show up here, huh?” Leonard says, and Jim laughs, leaning in to press a kiss to Leonard’s lips.
  • Little do they know the consequences of that display of affection, though. It isn’t exactly allowed to be in an actual relationship with androids. But Jim is different. Jim has a soul. It’s consensual, he doesn’t get treated like a second class citizen, Leonard thinks. But he is, and Leonard receives a less-than-friendly talking to about this at work. It’s not that his captain really cares, but the law is the law. To make matters even worse, Jim is quietly doing research with  Leonard on Nero’s whereabouts when a few colleagues pass by and both catch them bad-talking the recorded events of just the day before. Leonard visibly tenses, but Jim rests his hand on Leonard’s shoulder. “Don’t,” he warns him, “not worth it.” “You always let a robot tell you what to do?” one of the agents says, and Leonard grits his teeth. He could have shrugged it off on any other day, but he hasn’t closed an eye last night because he nearly died, and now this guy is giving him shit. So before Jim can stop him, Leonard’s in front of the guy and punches him in the face.
  • It doesn’t end well. Leonard gets suspended, Jim is permanently reassigned to a different agent. "What is wrong with you?“ Jim insists when he comes home. “Nothing,” Leonard replies. “Bones, your pulse is racing, you’re clearly angry. You punched a fellow cop in the face-” “He was disrespectful to you,” Leonard interrupts. Jim sighs, sitting down next to the other. “You smell like alcohol,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. “Bones,” Jim continues, reaching out to cup Leonard’s cheek and tilting his head to make the other face him, “who cares what the other detectives think? You’re a good agent, you’re wasting your own time and that of potential victims when you’re sitting here doing nothing. I don’t care about being treated like a ‘second class citizen’, I don’t.” “How can you not care?” Leonard asks, and now it’s Jim’s time to shrug. “I don’t know any better.” “That’s just wrong,” Leonard says, and Jim smiles. “That’s coming from the one who told me he’s not attracted to ”robots“ and prefers his partners alive.” Leonard huffs, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to Jim’s lips. A little drunkenly so, but soft none the less. Jim slowly pulls away. “You gonna admit you behave this way because you didn’t close an eye last night? You almost died. Not being able to sleep is normal, just admit you’re scared.” Leonard rolls his eyes at that, pushing Jim further away. “Never.”
  • Jim works with agent Sulu now. Leonard’s not very close with him, but Sulu treats Jim with respect and Leonard follows their case from a distance - quietly pleased when they rescue a group of kids being taken hostage. Leonard’s bored out of his mind all by himself, though. He needs to have something to do, and so he goes back looking for Nero. First he just checks those streaming websites he’s used before, and then he gets Spock to try and track him down. “I can help,” Uhura says, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be with Pike?” “I rather work here,” Uhura replies, before throwing him a sympathetic smile, “I’m sorry you got suspended.” “Yeah, well,” Leonard starts, but in lieu for an actual answer, he just shuts up and glances at the computer screen. Just by touching the tablet, Uhura downloads all of Leonard’s findings to her own hard drive, and Leonard and Spock mostly just quietly wait while she works. “You keeping more pretty ladies in this basement, or what?” Leonard asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “Uhura wants to be here. At least I don’t boast my illegal relationship to the public by showing public display of affection while my own potential death is being livestreamed.” “You watched that video, huh?” “Leonard, the whole country’s watched that video.” “Strange,” Uhura says, and that brings both boys’ attention back to her, “I’m tracking all the CCTV in the city, but the only potential match I get is currently in the precinct.” Leonard frowns, instantly reaching out for his jacket. “He’s after Jim.”
  • He’s not after Jim. Jim’s just an insignificant android, after all. Leonard finds out that, instead, he’s after the whole precinct. By the time he arrives, all the doors of the precinct are locked and barricaded, and all the police men and women are trapped inside with a ticking time bomb. “Jim,” Leonard says through his phone when the other picks up, “what’s happening in there?” “People tried to disable the bomb, but whoever touches it gets electrocuted. I’m not sure what to do, Leonard.” “I’m going to find Nero. In the meantime, try and find a way to disable the electricity. Make sure no one else gets hurt.” “Be careful,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. “You too.”
  • He does find Nero nearby. He’s always within earshot of the crime scene and this time isn’t really any different. Leonard struggles to overpower him, but he manages.  A gun pointed to the back of Nero’s head isn’t enough to actually disable the bomb, but after Leonard shoots both his legs and leaves him unable to run, he’s ready to comply. He releases the barricades that keeps his colleagues trapped inside, and it allows them to flee outside while actual bomb disposal experts manage to diffuse the thing.
  • Jim doesn’t even care about the law when he sees Leonard again. He pulls him into a tight hug, and Leonard is happy to accept that. “You okay?” Leonard asks, reaching out to run his fingers through Jim’s hair, and Jim nods. “I’m fine. Most people are fine. What about Nero?” “He’s going back to prison. For a long time, this time.” Leonard says. 
  • “You saved a lot of lives today, McCoy,” his captain says, and Leonard shrugs lightly. “Just doing my job.” “No,” she replies, “not your job, because I had to suspend you.” “I understand why you had to,” Leonard says, “I’m not asking for my job back, I just-” “Tough,” she replies, “I expect you in the office on Monday.” She smiles, and so does Leonard. “I’m… assuming I’m going to be assigned an MX, then?” “No, I think Jim’s good for you,” she says, “I won’t say anything if you don’t.”
  • “Were you scared?” Jim asks when they’re at home. “Of what? You dying? Please, I was hoping for some peace and quiet,” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “I know that’s not true, because the last time that happened you literally found my maker to bring me back.” Jim sits down next to him, slowly sliding an arm around the other’s waist. “Not a teeny, tiny bit inside of you was worried about losing me?” He continues, and Leonard smiles almost fondly, reaching out to press a soft kiss to his lips. “I’m not nearly as afraid of losing you in a work related accident, as I am afraid of losing you because of these backwards laws,” Leonard finally admits. Jim reaches out, the hand on his waist running through Leonard’s always-messy (these days, anyway) hair. “We won’t let that happen.”
Emperor Aldercapt

So I was playing FFXV briefly last night and one of the load screens talked about Emperor Aldercapt. Apparently he used to be a really good ruler - just and received fondly by his people. Then he got power hungry to the point his people feared him. Like seriously what in the hell did Ardyn say to him that changed him so much? I’m sure the change was due to Ardyn’s influence and became a reflection of Ardyn’s desires. Ardyn seriously fucked the emperor up. This is why we need a Ardyn centric prequel in some form that goes through his origin story to how he became Niflheim’s Chancellor. We the people need answers.

What your Neverwinter Nights romance option says about you:

Valen Shadowbreath: You probably had an emo phase at one point. Recalling his romance you’ll listen to “Monster” by Skillet, or “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace. You also can’t stop making ‘horny’ jokes. Valen Shadowbreath was the one who spurred you into your 3edgy5me “demons are misunderstood” phase.

Nathyrra: You’re probably hardcore into BDSM and would thank her for stepping on your neck with golf cleats. You were probably scratching your head and wondering why she was the straight romance option. Seriously, did none of the creators read their own subtext?

Aarin Gend: You’re the only one who remembers he exists. You scream in agony forever. Literally he and Aribeth are the only things that make the Original Campaign of NWN1 worthy of playing. And nobody fucking remembers him.

Aribeth de Tylmerande: You got into this at first for the Boob Window. Now there’s a goddamn war and she’s lost her mind. Shit, she’s dead now. You’re romancing a corpse. Where does it get worse from here. You don’t know but somehow necrophilia doesn’t seem so bad…

Casavir: You were probably attracted to Goose God or Freaky Fred at one point. How do we go back from this. Tell me how we can take this back and forget it all.

Gann: You’re probably a big fan of musicals. You’re also probably a big fan of Howl’s moving castle. You’re cultured and witty and intelligent and have good taste. But hush, enough about you. It’s all about Gann now. For ever. And Ever

Safiya: You probably have a teacher/student kink. If you didn’t already, you’ve probably thought about it since. Don’t tell me you haven’t, you grody napkin.

Elanee: What this romance option says about you is that you’re a lying liar. You’ve never intentionally romanced her, ever, and enjoyed it. Literally, who thought this was a good idea?!

Bishop: He’s part of the reason why you hate men, but yet you find yourself going back to him time and again anyways. We understand. We’re in hell too. We’re here for you.

Neeshka: You’re convinced she’s your manic pixie dream girl. You would let her steal everything you own - your shirt, your pants, your will to live– and then you find out she’s unromanceable. And you’re out about 50,000 gold pieces. She’s already on her way to Waterdeep by now. Fuck.

Sand: There is no Sand romance option. You are in denial anyhow, and with each playthrough you’re at it again, kissing his ass and kidding yourself. Today will be the day I choose Bishop or Casav– Bitch, please, it’s all over once he comes in with that “Ah, it seems I have arrived just in time to deflect the usual barrage of slander from the local innkeeper” line.

I came out as Bi to my parents

I told my mom last night through FaceTime. When I said I was bisexual she just responded with “… so?” she then continued to say:

“Do you think I really care about that? You are who you are. I love you all the same. Were you seriously worried about saying this?” She then continued to talk about how as a nurse, she knows theres no difference between people of different sexualities, and from a scientific point of view theres no reason to discriminate. I will love who I love, and it doesn’t matter to her as long as they care about me and I’m happy. 

Then she said she was happy. Because of my bisexuality, I now had twice the amount of potential soulmates in the world. I don’t need to narrow it down to just one gender. 

She started crying at this point, just because she was so happy for me.

I’ve never been so happy. 

Unofficial Ownership (pt.2)

WARNINGS: Smut, Language, Violence, Drug & Alcohol Usage, Mentions of Prostitution, Angst, Character Death

(IF ANY OF THE THINGS MENTIONED IN THE WARNINGS SECTION ARE TRIGGERING FOR YOU DO. NOT. READ. THIS. Seriously, don’t. If any of you heathens decide to regardless of the warnings, you’re on your own.)

SECONDARY WARNING: LENGTHY-ish (kind of, not really. I already know that I’m going to have to expand this and make more parts. (gdi..)

Part One | Part Two

Originally posted by daeguboy

Things had gotten tense around the house. The other girls were starting to whisper and point as you passed them. In other words, you were marked. Your little spat with Namjoon on the night of your birthday hand undoubtedly made you the talk of the house. No one knew when you’d be punished for challenging his authority, but it would come. It always came. The last time one of the girls went up against Namjoon, she disappeared. Not without a trace either. Her bloodcurdling screams echoed off the walls of the expansive mansion, haunting everyone that night, setting a reminder to never cross the man that was keeping you alive. 

His personal visits to you were upped to two a day, leaving less time with your actual clients. Less time with paying customers meant less money. Less money meant being in trouble with Namjoon, having to tiptoe your way around him like you were walking barefoot over a field of glass shards. In a way, you were. The two a day visits went on for weeks until he stopped seeing you all together. The tension continued to build between the two of you with each passing day, and it was almost as if you were living your last days on edge. Would this be how things end for you? Being scared out of your mind and then with your last breath, apologize for ever stepping out of line? On the night of your birthday, you’d had a moment of temporary ballsy-ness. In that moment that you’d kicked him away from you, you felt as if you could do any and everything. That feeling quickly passed, being replaced by dread and regret. How could you do such a thing? He was going to kill you. There was no way that the thought hadn’t crossed his mind. You were going to die and had nothing to leave behind for people to remember you by. Who would Mr. Park –dear Mr. Park– have as a replacement? Would he continue to give his business to Namjoon after you disappeared? 

Come see me. 

You stared down at your cellphone screen for a moment, unsure of what to do. Do you go see Namjoon and risk being slapped around, or do you skip his little rendezvouz and risk something worse than being beat up? Choosing the former, you headed down to his study. Treading lightly, you slowly made your way to the thick, wooden door, heart in your throat. Leaning against the heavy wood, you tried to listen for him. Hearing nothing, you rapped your knuckles against the door, waiting for him to allow you to come in. The door opened only a little, and you heard him move away from it. You couldn’t breathe all of a sudden. Your hands clammed up and you could have sworn that your heart was going to beat itself loose from your chest. The space around you tilted and your eyes rolled back into your skull. You were almost out for the count, but in a miraculous spurt of get-it-togetherness, pulled yourself together enough to step inside the warm room and shut the door behind you. 

He stood at his desk with his back to you, messing about with something that rested on the surface. You gripped the doorknob behind you as if it were your lifeline, grounding you to the real world so that you couldn’t slip away. Stay in the room! You inwardly yelled at yourself as you awaited whatever punishment he was thinking of doling out. “I’ve had some time to think about I should do to you for defying me.” His deep voice startled you, making you almost jump out of your own skin. “I-I-I..” You stammered. “I didn’t give you permission to speak.” He said darkly. Your mouth snapped shut and you gripped the knob a little tighter. If he didn’t hurry up and get on with what he was planning to do, you were going to pass out. The fear of the unknown often sets someone’s mind on a path of doing the most, causing you to think of the worst possible scenarios before you’ve even had the chance to assess the situation properly. 

He stayed with his back turned to you for a moment longer before he turned to you and clasped his hands in front of him. “What do you think you deserve for that stunt you pulled?” You waited, unsure if he was allowing you to talk, or if it was a rhetorical question. He raised an eyebrow, “I asked you a gotdamn question, ____________. When I ask you something, you’re supposed to answer.” His voice rose in volume and you cringed back against the door, shrinking away from the ferocity in his tone. “I-I-I….”
“Spit it out.” He said impatiently. “I-I’m..I’m sorry!” You rushed. You had no other words left to say. Were you sorry? Or were you only saying what you thought he wanted to hear to save yourself? “’I’m sorry!’” He mocked you, rolling his eyes in annoyance. He stepped to you, crossing the room in long strides, completely disregarding your personal space bubble. “I thought of what I could do to you that would satiate my need to put you back in your place, but I couldn’t get past the fact that I haven’t felt you in weeks.” He reached up and caressed your cheek with the tip of his forefinger slowly, and you jerked your face away from him. 

“Mmm-mmm,  mon chéri, you don’t want to upset Daddy further do you?” He tsked, finger stopping at your chin. Tilting your face up, he gazed longingly into your eyes and you could tell he meant what he said about thinking about you for weeks. You were like a drug to him, his guilty pleasure. Try as he might to deny it, he was addicted to you. Your smile, your scent, the way you felt, the feral way you called out to him when he bent over the heavy cherry wood desk of his study. He could go on forever with the list of things that kept him coming back for more, no matter how much distance he tried to put between the two of you. He shifted your face so that he could lean down and nose his way up and down your neck. Groaning, he pressed his full lips to the side of your neck, “You smell good.” You swallowed,eyes sliding closed as you settled into the familiar feeling of his touch. “I missed you, baby girl.” He breathed against your skin. You sighed and his grip on you tightened a fraction. This wasn’t the punishment you had been dreading. You were afraid he’d do something horrible to you, not be like this. Something had to be up. 

He pulled away from you, a fire blazing in his eyes. “Follow me.” He said with a smirk, tugging you away from the door. Confusion settled in your body as he lead you out of his study and to the main part of the house. What was he doing? Where was he taking you? You soon got your answer when he stopped in front of the massive, floor to ceiling windows in the back of his spacious home. Those windows allowed you to look over the entire backyard. The same backyard where all the other girls were currently having a girls’ night. You were still thoroughly confused about what he was doing until he began to strip you right in front of everyone, pressing your palms against the very cold glass. He nudged your legs apart and wrapped an arm around your front, hand resting just above your navel. He was silent a bit as he pressed his fully clothed body against the nakedness of your back. His lips touched your ear and what he said next sent a shock straight to the space between your thighs. 

“I want them all to watch you. I want them all to see what being Daddy’s favorite girl looks like.” 

To be continued….

Candy Wrappers(P.8)

Title: Candy Wrappers(P.8)
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Summary: Her candy wrappers are a consistent distraction in his life.
A/N: This begins a bit before Isaac is turned when he’s basically a blended in background character that no one knew about.

Originally posted by chrisargentgifs

“You’re late.” I spun to face my uncle as he came into the room, shutting the door behind him. “At least your showed up this time.” 

I sighed, tugging my jacket off. “Sorry, I had to talk to some friends after school about a project. I can’t stay to long though, I have homework.” 

This time, Chris sighed and stepped forward shaking his head. “Are you taking any of this seriously, Y/N? At some point you will become a leader of this family and everything that we are.” 

He cleared his throat, his eyes reaching mine. “Allison talked to me the other night.” 

I couldn’t help, but roll my eyes and I saw the frown cross over his features. “You two need to learn to get along. She’s worried about you, you know? Who is this Isaac kid? Is he safe?” 

I groaned. “Uncle Chris, I am taking this seriously, but I do have to pay attention to school and I hate to admit it, but I am a teenager, I do want a social life.”

A smile crossed his features. “A social life is fine, why don’t you go out with Allison and Scott some time? Doesn’t he have a friend….Stiles, right?” 

I tossed my hands up. “Why does everyone want me to date Stiles?” I shook my head. “Isaac is very nice and I don’t think you have anything to worry about. We’re just friends….Now are we going to train?” 

Chris seemed a bit anxious still, but he finally gave a nod, relaxing some on the conversation. “Do you want to do some basics today since you’ve missed a few sessions?” 

“I’d like to work on my aim with a gun, actually.” I pulled one of my favorites out of the case and faced him. “So you trust this McCall kid with Allison?” 

Had my uncle caught on to the fact that Scott was a werewolf? At least Isaac wasn’t. I’d have to make sure Allison stayed out of my business or I might have to get a bit more involved in hers. 

Chris raised a brow and started setting up a few targets on the other end of the large training room. “He seems like he has his head on right. He can be a bit odd sometimes though.” 

“Like he’s hiding a secret or something, maybe?” 

My uncle slowly glanced up, eyes narrowing in confusion. “Is there something you need to say, Y/N?” 

I smiled, raising my gun once he was out of the way of the targets. Steady hand. Aim. Pull trigger. 

A perfect shot. 

It was always a perfect shot, but I realized it wasn’t because I was good at shooting guns, I realized it was because the targets weren’t moving and that night, whatever chased me and Isaac…It was moving. Fast. Abnormally fast.

“I have nothing to say, but all teenage boys have secrets or at least secret agendas. I’d trust Scott as much as you seem to trust Isaac.” I replied, putting the gun down. 

“A nice shot.” Chris praised, glancing over at me. “Surprised you’re not wanting to use your favorite weapon.” 

“You said swords were impractical.” 

“They can be.” He put up another target. “So basically, I should just put you both on house arrest and not let you see any boys?”

I gave a small laugh. “If you’re that worried about it…But I think I can take care of myself. I’d be more worried about Allison, since she doesn’t know about any of this or what else is out there.”

“She’s not ready.” He pointed at the target. “Are you ready?” 

“It doesn’t move.” I said softly. “Can we make them move?” 

Chris nodded. “I usually wait until you’re a bit further in your sessions before we use moving targets. Is there a reason you want to speed forward?”

I frowned. “If I ever need to use these skills, I’m sure my target will be moving.” 

Suddenly, Chris pulled the gun from my grip and tossed it onto the table after putting the safety on. “So I wasn’t wrong.” His voice held a hint of anger. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice that my ammo was missing a few shells or that one of my guns had recently been fired?”

I swallowed lightly. He continued. “Are you practicing on your own? Did you try and show off for your new friend?” 

That comment made me angry and I scoffed in response. “Absolutely not! I…I went out to the forest. We were trying to research some stuff for our project. I wanted to be prepared.” 

Chris’ face showed instant concern and fear as he stepped in front of me. “What did you shoot at, Y/N?”

I glanced down. “I don’t know, Uncle Chris. It was large. Very large and it was so fast…It’s eyes were red.”

Chris set a hand on my shoulder. “Go home, Y/N. I’m sure you need to get your homework done. We’ll work on moving targets next session. I need to deal with some stuff for now.” 

I nodded and turned to walk out of the room, but I stopped, a sudden question coming to mind. “Hey Uncle…” 

He turned to face me, raising a brow. 

“Is there a creature that would leave scars on a victim…like on their neck by their ear or on their hands? Kind of in a V shape….?” 

Chris seemed a bit confused, but he slowly shook his head. “No. Not that I’ve heard of.” 

I could tell he was lying, but I didn’t push the subject. The lie was caught because I saw the look of realization cross his eyes for just a moment and then it was gone. 

“Why do you ask?” 

If he wasn’t going to tell me the truth, I wasn’t sure I wanted to let him know either. “I saw it online, I was doing some research to see what I might have saw in the woods, nothing came up though.” 

He nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.” 

“Of course. Bye, Uncle Chris.” 


My mom had left for her night shift at work, so I spent some time cooking some spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner. I figured if Isaac made it over he could eat some too. A part of me was a bit worried he wouldn’t be allowed to go though or that if he did make it it might leave him in some trouble. 

I tossed on a t-shirt I had stolen from Jackson during the short, thankfully, time that we had dated. It was baggy on me, but comfy, it was also long enough that I didn’t really need to wear anything under it. It nearly reached my knees. 

Once it hit about 8:20 I figured Isaac wasn’t gonna make it, I tossed my hair into a sloppy bun and went downstairs to get some spaghetti before I started working on some of my homework. 

Just as I made it down the last step, the doorbell rang. I made my way over to the door, I was almost expecting it to be Allison, she usually showed up after I trained with Chris because he would say how we needed to spend more time together as cousins or whatever. 

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I pulled the door open, a look of surprise crossing my features when I saw Isaac leaning against the doorway. 

He grinned, eyes casting over my body. “Nice outfit.” His attention turned over my shoulder as he breathed in. “Something smells delicious.” 

I moved out of his way, a blush on my cheeks. “I uhm…I made some spaghetti. You can grab a plate if you want. I’m gonna run up and throw on something else.” 

Isaac walked in, grinning a bit more. “Why would you do that?” 

I glanced down at my bare legs and then up at him, raising a brow. “Cause I’m not wearing any pants.” 

He stepped towards me, nodding lightly. “I noticed, but I wouldn’t ask you to do something as silly as putting some on.” 

I blushed again. “Okay, fine. No pants. I do need to go get my backpack though so we can work on our project.” 

The boy didn’t step away from me, his body nearly pressed against mine as he smirked, eyes flicking over my features. “Of course. I’ll grab something to eat then.” 

With a nod I turned around and stepped up the stairs. A small, but loud yipe passed my lips and I spun around so fast I almost fell, but his arms reached out to catch me. “Did you just–” 

“Smack your ass?” He raised a brow. “Possibly.”

With a laugh he let me go and then walked into the kitchen, leaving me a blushing mess as I tried to catch my breath again before going up the stairs. 

Even though a part of me figured I should, I didn’t change my outfit. I did however, fix my hair a bit and then dabbed on a small bit of lip gloss. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs and into the kitchen. 

Isaac had set up two plates of food on the table and had even taken it upon himself to grab out two glasses before filling them with the juice we had in the fridge. I smiled softly as he looked up at me. “I hope you don’t mind…”

“Not at all.” I set my bag down by the hallway. “Want to eat first and then get started on our project?” 

“Uhm…Yeah.” He stepped around the island in the kitchen and nodded. “But I’d like to do something else first.” 

I raised a brow, tilting my head to the side, I didn’t say anything, just opted to let him continue with what he was going to say…or do. 

“It took a lot of convincing on my end, but uh…My dad finally agreed and so,” Isaac kept his gaze away from me, a small blush on his cheeks as he cleared his throat. “Y/N, would you go to the dance with me? I know you said you don’t go, but I figured if I promised you that after the dance you can touch me inappropriately as much as you want, then you might say yes.”

I couldn’t stop the laugh that passed my lips when he asked, a grin on my features as I glanced up at him. “Well if you promise then…Yeah, Isaac, I think I’d like that a lot.” 

He smiled brightly, tugging me against him, his lips finding mine in a small kiss that lasted only a moment as he pulled away. “This is exactly what I was trying to avoid, you know?” 

“I know.” I smirked, bringing my hands up between our bodies so I could unwrap the piece of candy I had been holding. 

Isaac rolled his eyes. “You and those damn candy wrappers.” 

Before I could pop the sugar into my mouth, his lips encircled my fingers, stealing the piece of chocolate from me. His eyes never strayed from mine and I saw his lips twitch with a smirk before he pulled back, my fingers clean of any chocolate. “How dare you–”

“Oh was that for you?” He chuckled. “You shouldn’t eat candy before dinner, you know?” 

I gave him a playful glare and then stepped back from him. “Sit down you candy thief, I’m starving.” 

So I work in a hotel and to prelude this story Imma just say that we and our rival chain both have membership/rewards perks (meaning that if you sign up and stay a certain amount of times at one of the hotels in the chain or one of our sister hotels, you earn a free night stay) and one night at 3am I had a man come in and throw, SERIOUSLY THROW, a rewards card for our rival chain at me and ask if he could use it to pay for his room. I explain that 1) that isn’t our rewards card and 2) even if it was the policy is that he has to make a reservation through the website or the 1-800 number to use his points. He gets mad and screams that he knows I can change it in the computer to take it anyway and gets angrier with me when I tell him that I can’t. So then he offers to buy a room with some vases he has out in his car. Again, I can’t help him because I can’t take a vase as payment????? I literally dont think vases count as money anywhere??? At this point he’s super pissed and demands I call my boss and wake her up at home because he believes my boss will tell me to take the vase as payment. I call my boss and she says exactly what I told him; we can’t accept a vase as payment. He ends up screaming at me that he and his wife were going to die and it was my fault and then storms out of the hotel. People are insane and I have the feeling that he wasn’t even the owner of that rewards card.


Based of a textpost that ruined my life so don’t take this seriously. 

Hisoka: “Wanna come over I miss you”
Illumi: *read 12:17 am*

Hisoka: “What you doing Chrollo?” 
Chrollo: “praying to my heavenly father, have a blessed night”
Hisoka: “I need you”
Chrollo: “No you need Jesus and a pedicure”

Hisoka: “You know u miss me”
Machi: “Only thing I missed was having your number blocked”

Hisoka: “I wanna fuck”
Kurapika: “And I want my brethren’s eyes, your point?”

Hisoka: “I’ve been thinking about you.”
Leorio: “And I’ve been thinking about my career and checks.”

Hisoka: “i miss you”
Gon: “i miss Killua”

Hisoka: “We should chill sometime”
Killua: “I got a fever”

Hisoka: “when are you going to stop playing games?”
Shalnark: “when my controller dies”

Hisoka: “Come get this D***”
Shizuku: “I’m a vegetarian”

Hisoka: “Heyyyyy”
Kortopi: “Byeeeee”

Hisoka: “Are you up?”
Franklin: “No”

Hisoka: “i’m lonely”
Feitan: “find yourself, goodnight”

Hisoka: “We should date”
Phinks: “My Calendar is broken”

Hisoka: “I’m cold” 
Kanzai: “Cover up”

Dreaming With Tarot

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So recently I’ve been doing this thing where I place one of the Major Arcana cards under my pillow while I sleep. It’s been…enlightening, to say the least.

My inspiration actually came from my deck itself. It’s the Chrysalis Tarot, a beautiful and eclectic deck with the theme of transformation echoing through the deck. The Major Arcana in this deck as well as pretty much any other deck tells a story of transformation. As I’ve been in need of transformation a lot recently and have been struggling in achieving the transformation I seek, I’ve started this process of dreaming with tarot. While I haven’t gotten through the entire Major Arcana yet, it’s been an incredible journey so far, with each card highlighting things I need to learn and let go of at some point in my dreams every night. 

How does it work?


In all seriousness, I do believe each card has a message, a theme. It’s essentially like meditation while you sleep. And although I don’t know for sure if there’s any science behind it, there is something to be said for learning while you sleep. At the very least, it puts the theme of the card in your head while you sleep and dream, and your subconscious does the rest. 

Start with 0, the Fool, and go all the way to 21, The World. Every card has a lesson to teach, even The Tower. (Although I haven’t gotten to The Devil yet, so who knows what dreams they may give! I don’t plan on skipping it, though.) You are The Fool, embarking on a new journey. 

Choose a deck that works well with you and is good with emotional topics. If you don’t have a physical deck, you can always take a screenshot of the card of the night and put it as your background/lockscreen and place it under your pillow or by your head while you sleep. 

Each night I’ve done this, I’ve had really illuminating messages/dream encounters, which I’ll do a series about here in a bit, so stay tuned!

Additional Suggestions

Place wards up while you sleep. Wear that protective charm. Putting a tarot card under your pillow with the intent of learning more about what that card has to teach you as you journey through the Major Arcana can attract negative energy/entities to you. There are some cards I’ve had to do twice because of interference from something malicious in the dream world. Don’t assume it’s safe just because you’re dreaming. The risks of tarot/dream work are still just as real and present. Ward your shit!!!! 

Keep your deck cleansed. This is always a smart idea anyway, but whatever message the cards have for you is probably going to appear easier with a cleansed deck. 

Keep a dream journal! Write out what you dream about or what happens with different cards so you can remember and look back on your journey of transformation. 

This post is honestly just from my own personal experience. Your mileage may vary, and the dreams can sometimes bring up tough topics you haven’t dealt with yet/need to deal with. (That’s happened to me for sure. It’s half the reason why I’ve started this.) It can be intense. Personal transformation is difficult and sometimes painful. 

Best of luck, and happy dreaming!

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I want a proper debate. (over Sheith)

I seriously don’t know how the fuck Sheith is “nasty and abusive”. So far in the show all I see is a healthy relationship where Shiro supports Keith and Keith will go where Shiro goes. They love each other. I don’t see the abuse here. PLEASE point out to me where their relationship is abusive. Because all the antis keep pointing at is their age gap. Like what the fuck? My mom met my dad when she was 16! and he was 20! Take it they didnt immediately date, but that’s not the point. Their relationship developed over time and after a certain amount of distance apart they got married!!! They’ve been married for 21 years now and they are still happy and in love. So tell me, why can’t Sheith develop like that?