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Well, a creppy boy started talking to me on the Tumblr chat saying weird shit and asked me to be his valentine out of the blue, so.. Yeah can I request RFA+V+Saeran reacting to that? A creep talking to MC and saying creppy stuff lol. Love ur blog 💕

Is he still bothering you? If he is PM me and his ass is grass
Or if you’re just in need of a fake girlfriend/boyfriend/SO also say the word I’m there y’all don’t even know how good I look in drag

Forreal tho, if someone online is ever making you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to get assertive or reach out for help.


 RFA+V+Saeran react to a Creep creepin on MC


  • Yandere Yoosung: ACTIVATED i imagine a magical girl animation sequence whenever I say that
  • You had shown him the messages immediately because you two were playing games on an online server together when you got random, creepy PMs from GameFreak90
  • ‘hey there, I see you’re a high level. U must be pretty good with your hands
  • want 2 play a game together sometime? it doesn’t have to be online ;)
  • its almost valentines day you know. we can hang out. ‘
  • You were so uncomfortable, and it went from uncomfortable to freaked out when you asked GameFreak90 to stop messaging you and he kept going, starting to talk about all the things he’d like to do to you
  • Yoosung searched the guys name immediately and pulled up his profile
  • His hands never moved so fast
  • ‘Hey. Quit messaging MC28. She’s a good friend of mine and you’re freaking her out. -ShootingStar’
  • ‘fuck off’
  • Yoosung was not having it. He didn’t have Seven’s hacking skills, or Jumins money, or Jaehee’s wit or anything the others had
  • But what he did have was his games
  • He pulled up TeamSpeak for his LOLOL guild immediately
  • “Guys, I need backup for an emergency raid”
  • It was over in minutes
  • Yoosung’s guild had raided and completely emptied GameFreak90′s base
  • Yoosung got a string of messages immediately after
  • hey man what the fuck
  • dude give me my shit back
  • fine im sorry im sorry give me my shit please
  • dude please
  • Yoosung just turned his mic on and with one last request of his guild “Hey, can everyone here flag this guy for inappropriate behavior”
  • In about 10 mins Yoosung went to pull up GameFreak90′s profile
  • It had been deleted
  • Yoosung had the smuggest of smirks on his face
  • Until
  • “My hero” You giggled and kissed him on the cheek
  • He went from war hero Shooting Star to blushing, stuttering, Yoosung real quick


  • It was a slow day in the coffee shop so you were just sitting at a table playing on your phone and sipping coffee
  • Ding.
  • Huh? New message.
  • Ding ding ding
  • You had a bad feeling before even opening your Fumblr app 
  • When you did open the little social media site, you were met with a bunch of unwelcomed advances from some strange follower
  • Hey valentines is coming up and im lonely
  • r u lonely to?
  • how about u be my valentine and we can go out??
  • You grimaced and replied with a curt “I’m sorry but no thanks”
  • come on babe
  • dont b like that
  • we can have fun
  • Jaehee had noticed to look on your face and immediately popped to your side
  • “Mc is everything alright?
  • “Yeah..I’m just getting creepy messages from some guy on Fumblr.” You handed her the phone so she could read them and her nose crinkled in distaste almost instantly
  • “Well your first problem is you apologized.” 
  • “Huh?”
  • Jaehee started tapping away as she spoke “Don’t apologize for not being interested. When you apologize it makes you seem more …docile. Submissive. If these creeps think you have an ounce of shyness or even politeness in you they’ll try to exploit it.”
  • “o-oh.” You stammered, surprised by how irritated Jaehee suddenly seemed
  • “Secondly,” Her expression softened a bit with a final tap on the screen “You didn’t block him immediately” She looked to you with a smile on her face, pleased with herself for whatever she said to your Fumblr follower
  • She handed the phone back to you and a light blush fell across your cheeks. Jaehee never seemed to be the protector type but when it comes down to it
  • Baehee isn’t letting anyone bother you
  • ever


  • He’s gotten his fair share of creepy fan mail, but he understands it comes with the job
  • But when you get creepy mail from his followers
  • You two have all the fan mail sent to a P.O. Box so fans don’t have your home address
  • One time when you went to get the batch, the two of you found a handful of letters with your name on them
  • “My fans must see us together all the time” Zen said as he handed the letters to you, a cautious look on his face. He was worried it was going to be some fangirl writing a mean letter about how she deserves Zen instead of you
  • It was much creepier
  • It was a bunch of letters from some guy 
  • ‘My sister is a big fan of Zen so I have to watch TV shows with him on them all the time. One time there was a news story about him, but you were in the picture with him…’
  • The letters go on to say how once the writer saw you with Zen he started searching you more and claimed you two would be a perfect match. He started suggesting you break up with Zen (offering for him to date his sister) and for the two of you to get together.
  • You have to literally hold Zen back so he doesnt march to the return address and beat the shit out of sender
  • “Zen it’ll be such bad press do not do not do not”
  • 20 mins later
  • He’s not calm, but he’s not bum rushing the door so…calm enough
  • “Let’s think of a reasonable way to handle this” You slump into a chair, exhausted from being the only thing standing between Zen and a physical assault charge
  • After a few minutes of silence
  • ..”I have an idea.”
  • Zen pulled out a pad and started scribbling. “He said his sister is a fan of me? Well I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.”
  • Zen ended up writing a very heartfelt note to the sister of the sender, explaining the situation and how uncomfortable you were feeling because of the brother. And if the sincerity of the letter wasn’t enough to get her to make her brother stop, the VIP pass to Zen’s next show was a good bribe. 
  • He sent it out the next morning, and a few days later you guys checked the PO box to find a letter from her apologizing profusely for her brother’s behavior and how she’d handle it. And about 10 pages of ‘thank you’s and compliments for Zen of course. 


  • Elizabeth would only chase a laser pointer for so long, so you had a lot of free time whenever Jumin was at work
  • You were no stranger to social media sites as they were the best way to distract yourself for hours at a time until you had something entertaining to do
  • And you’ve gotten spam bots before, but never a human who was actually so forward enough to send you enough messages to make you a small novel
  • you look really nice in your profile picture
  • is that designer? man you got money to
  • you’re a rich bitch. wanna come see what its like on the other side of town?
  • You were appalled. 
  • “Leave me alone” was the best you could muster since you were in such a state of disgusted shock. 
  • The messages continued, and you ended up just blocking the guy. But even after that just looking at your phone made you a little nervous that you were going to see more messages from another douchebag
  • But nope
  • Same douchebag. Different site. 
  • why’d you block me? playing hard to get?
  • “How’d you find my profile?”
  • it’s not hard to figure it out since I saw your name on the other one ;*
  • You just blocked him again and put your phone down, resolving to entertain yourself with anything else that wasn’t social media.
  • Eventually Jumin came home, and the first thing he noticed was your phone sitting on the coffee table and a specific lack of…you.
  • He went into a panic for a moment before you stepped into the hall, freshly showered. 
  • “Oh, MC, there you are. I was worried for a second. You’re usually not far from your phone.” 
  • “Yeah..” You muttered. “Some guy just keeps bugging me”
  • What
  • What do you mean
  • What guy
  • How
  • You explain the situation to Jumin and his phone is to his ear almost immediately as he picks up yours with his free hand.
  • “Luciel? I’m cashing in on a favor….”
  • You knew immediately where this was going and you had a slight grin on your face, knowing the creep who kept messaging you wasn’t going to be bothering you or anyone else anytime soon


  • You don’t even waste time
  • The second you get the first creepy message
  • hey hot stuff
  • You hand your phone to Seven
  • He just looks down at the screen, and a devious smile spreads across his face
  • Sure he could mess with anyone he wanted, but this time he has an excuse to go all out and ruin this Creeps life.
  • Seven whips up a program in a matter of minutes, connects a USB from his computer to your phone, then texts the man back
  • Hey cutie…wanna see a picture? ;)’ and he attached a file 
  • It says the message was received and viewed, but no response was given.
  • “What’d you do?” You ask as Seven hands your phone back
  • With a big smirk on his face:
  • “Once he opens that file his phone is going to run through his chat logs and play back all his creepy messages  on a permanent loop on his screen. And if he has any wireless connection to his computer, say, cloud storage, it’s going to happen to his computer too. And every few minutes he’s going to get a picture of me dressed as a maid, because I have to deliver, you know?”
  • You give Seven a huge hug “Ugh, thank you. How will I every pay you back”
  • “You already did” He laughs
  • “Huh?”
  • “You’ll see” He winks and goes back to his computer.
  • You shrug and walk away, figuring you’d find out soon enough
  • And you did
  • The next time you opened your phone, your background was a nonstop slideshow of 707′s Greatest Crossdressing Pics
  • And all your app icons were selfies
  • And your gallery was filled with pictures of the red headed hacker


  • V was sitting on the couch and you were upstairs cleaning up and putzing around
  • Ding
  • V looked to see your phone light up on the table 
  • “MC, I think someone messaged you!” V yelled up the stairs
  • “Will you check it for me? It’s probably just a guest with a question about the party.” You called back 
  • “Sure.” And with that he opened your phone to find a rather crude picture  “What in the world”
  • my friend gave me ur number, thought you’d like this ;)
  • V was horrified that someone meant for you to open this 
  • ‘I dont’ He typed back.
  • awww come on. you can tell from the pic im a good looking guy and my friend says ur cute. why dont we hang out
  • No.” V glared at the number displayed at the top of the message board
  • playing hard to get? i like
  • V realized there was no reasoning with this idiot, and he thought it would be a waste of time trying to further communicate with a fool like his, so he bit down his better instinct and just sent a picture of himself glaring at the phone camera and typed “You’re talking to a man”
  • there was no reply for a moment
  • my friend said this was a girl
  • I can assure I am not a female. Your friend gave you the wrong number. Go away
  • There was no response but V was sure he could feel the embarrassment from the other side of the connection
  • With a satisfied huff he deleted the messages and number, figuring it best if you never have to worry about the situation
  • He also plans to find out which one of your friends would give your number to such a vulgar creep. 


  • You two were watching a video on your phone when you got a sudden chat request on Kiik, a messaging app
  • Saeran cast a quizzical look at you and you return it with a shrug, signalling you had no clue
  • When you open it up theres just a bunch of weird messages
  • hey babe
  • hey
  • wanna be my valentine
  • i dont want to be lonely and i bet you dont either
  • we can keep each other company ;)
  • You didn’t even have a chance to respond before Saeran took the phone from your hand
  • Fuck off” He was holding your phone so tight you thought he was gonna snap it in half
  • wow ur not very polite
  • “I said. Fuck. Off.” Saeran let out a breath that sounded like a growl
  • come on baby dont be like that
  • You could see a fire in your friend’s eyes and you knew things were about to get bad
  • Send one more message and I’ll end your miserable existence, Scum.” 
  • “Saeran let’s just ignore it” You tried to take your phone back but he wouldn’t let go, too hyper focused on the screen. Instead he looked at you and said “He shouldn’t be talking to you this way.”
  • Ding
  • Both your eyes shot back to the screen
  • so you’ll come see me ;)
  • Whoever was on the other line had nooo clue who they were taunting
  • Saeran got up slowly, so slow it was a little creepy, when you looked at him you could see the gears running in his head
  • He walked over to his computer and started typing away, looking to the phone every now and then.
  • After about 20 minutes he finally came back to sit with you and handed your phone back.
  • “You….You good, Saeran?” You asked, surprised at how calmed he seemed.
  • He looked to you with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. “I’m very good.”
  • You were almost worried to ask but “What’d you do?”
  • “Not much. But he’ll leave you alone soon enough.”
  • You stopped asking questions, he wouldn’t tell you the details anyways.
  • ..
  • That night you were awoken to 
  • Dingdingdingdingding
  • You fumbled around in the dark and eventually opened your phone to see messages from the Kiik app
  • Iuwefjkgl
  • ahfuoieqhwf
  • please helpfehofejijeqiue
  • …..
  • I’m very sorry for what I said to you earlier. I will never contact you again. If I do my fingers will be broken.
  • You knew immediately. 
  • Saeran what’d you do???” You sent the text
  • All you got back was “:)” 

Here is a graph of how much women earned in 2014 compared to men. So, to all those who have been sending me asks with things such as “there is no wage gap” or “the wage gap is a myth, you feminazi”, this is clear proof that there IS a wage gap. And just so nobody says “that could be fake, another feminist site saying what it wants to be true”, check the bottom. Check the source. This is form the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Regardless of WHY you think the wage gap exists, or WHOSE fault that is, you cannot deny that there is a wage gap. Thank you.

Alternative sites for black girl magic works

I am not the only one. For black girl magic works-
Black children book and authors tumblr Black girl nerds tumblr But remember to follow me. Wink 😉 😉 If you want to recommend any another tumblr blogs, just send a message.

Probably no one will read this...

.. but for those, who are interested, I will write this journal now.

I want to talk a bit about my lack of activity, and about my thoughts on this site, or art.

As you can see, I am not producing too much art lately. This has many reasons, and it’s a bit complicated, but most of all I lost my motivation and passion. Yes, I still do art, but most of them are not uploaded here, because they are rather private stuff, which I only show to my close friends.
After all these years spent on art and doing comics, I just started to lose interest in the whole thing. I feel no one really cares about my stuff anyway. I mean yeah, people like my fan-things, but no one really gives a damn about my original stuff. And it’s okay, I admit that my stuff is even a bit boring! I totally have no bad thoughts on this anymore. For years I had, and didn’t understand why nobody likes my stuff, but I finally started to understand. And that is, that I am just not original, or interesting enough. I still love my stuff, but I think I will just keep the stories for myself, and maybe just produce some art/ doodles every once in a while.

I really like to do more private art lately, but I am too anxious to share it here.

I have over 5000 followers (or more) all together from different sites, yet I don’t really feel that I have any support from anyone… Only a few people, but that means like 10-20 people, who came to me and talked to me and told me they like my stuff… And talked to me and supported me. But this is a huge trap, I must say. And I fell in it. I just thought from 5000 people I would get at least 200-300 stable followers. I was not right.  But this isn’t bad, this is how these things work. I just didn’t know it, and had to realize it on my own.
But by now I don’t really want to produce as much work as I did before.

I also need money for medical things, and since I am not getting any help really from my family, I need to work for that money. Next to that I don’t really have time or energy to do more art, or even just think of it.

I also don’t want to focus on art in my life anymore. This was a huge struggle for me, since I was doing art ever since I was able to hold a pen. And for all my life I wanted to be an animator, or comic artist, or illustrator. I have another degree too and I think I will focus more on that. It’s more real, than art.
And I just also had to realize, that my art isn’t that unique or special either. I mean yeah, some people like it, but it’s not enough to get an art job with it. I can’t even draw proper backgrounds or buildings.  I mean, I tried. I practised. I tried to learn. I just can’t.
I’m a hobby artist.
And that doesn’t mean a bad thing!
I still can produce art every now and then.
To entertain myself, or others.
But focusing on it, it’s just not my thing anymore.

I just want to be happy and live my life, and I can’t do that sitting in my flat for most of the day, and do art.

Maybe it was before, and I had all the passion, and I did EVERYTHING to be successful, but that just failed. I tried and it didn’t work, and I accept it.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I won’t upload any more art here! I will. Just not that regularely.
This doesn’t mean I HATE art. I just don’t want to focus on it as much as I did before. I got other things in my life, and also need to get somewhere finally.
I would GLADLY accept any commission in the future as well, so if you would think of giving work for me, just send me a note about it, I am like ALWAYS open, and am really happy if I can work for someone!

About Patreon: I only had one supporter anyway (on top of it, my friend), but if you still would like to support me and my works, you can do that. I just won’t update that site too often either, please note that.

Anyone, who read this, thank you for it. Not mayn people actually read things, and then they ask stupid questions.
Another thing. I can’t disable the comments here. I would, but I can’t. But I don’t really want to go further in this subject. That is all I wanted to say, and even if you comment here, I won’t answer. Thank you for understanding.

Anyone who still will follow me, I hope you will like my works in the future as well, no matter how much art I will produce. Enjoy your stay!

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What is the worst thing thats happened to you in the sugar bowl?

One time a POT wanted to buy nudes from me and everything was going smoothly, he sent the money to my paypal and I sent him the nudes. After I sent them he told me he wanted one of my ass and I told him he could pay for one. He freaked out saying he wanted one all along and I was scamming him. When I refused to send one for free he told me he was going to post the ones I already sent on Facebook and porn sites if I didn’t send one of my ass. Of course I don’t use my real name and my face wasn’t in the nudes so it didn’t really matter even if he did, but it was such a disgusting thing for him to do. I never replied and he messaged me a few more times, but I haven’t heard from him since. This is just yet another instance where it’s very important to keep your personal information private and protect yourself from these horrible men.

Has anyone else used ExpressionCaptioner.com? I think something terrible is about to happen.

You know that interactive meme site that takes pics with your webcam and makes captions at the top and bottom of the image? My girlfriend showed it to me the other day. We were pretty impressed by how well the software picks up on facial expressions and makes captions based on what the algorithm detects. Anyway, we played around with it for a while, got bored, and then watched some Frasier reruns.

Last night, when I was home alone with nothing to do, I clicked over to that site again to see what kinds of captions I could get it to come up with. For a while, it was no different from the other day. Right when I thought I’d had enough and was ready to head out and get something to eat, the page refreshed and a new button appeared. “Live caption.” I clicked it. My webcam light turned on and my familiar, stupid face appeared. Every five seconds, a still-frame was captured. Like before, it was captioned.

I let it caption me for a few minutes and I watched the picture pool fill with thumbnails of all the captured images. I was a little disappointed. All live caption seemed to do was take away the need to click the “capture image” button I’d been using before. I closed the laptop and went to the burger place down the street. I stuffed myself with bacon cheeseburgers and fries, rolled myself home, and went to bed.

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My DMCA Form Letter

A friend of a friend found their fan art being sold without their knowledge today, and it prompted me to send them the form letter I keep handy for when that happens to me. In case anyone else wants it, here it is. I’ve had this for so long I can’t remember where it originally came from, (likely another artist dealing with the same crap, who got it from another artist). It’s helped me get my fan art removed from Amazon, Teechip, and shady sites trying trying to sell it hundreds of times by now. When using it, it’s important to make sure you fill out everything!

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that your company is selling an image that is in direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act and in violation of my rights as the artist creator and copyright holder of said image. The image in question may be found here:

[ link to stolen work here ]

The sale of this image directly violates the copyright I hold as the artist creator and copyright holder of this image:

[ link to your work here ]

I did not authorize use of the image in question. I request that all products containing the image in question be removed from your store and all copies of any merchandise containing the image be destroyed, and that any other appropriate action is taken against the person in violation according to your company policy.

If no immediate action is taken then I will not hesitate to pursue a stronger legal direction.

I hereby agree that I am the owner or person acting on behalf of the owner of the image in question and the above statements are accurate under penalty of perjury.


[ your name ]

[ your address ]

[ your phone number ]

Good luck fan artists, I hope sharing this helps whatever situation you might find yourself in!

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Two things. One: you're pretty greaaaaat I'm not even kidding. Before I go on I want you to know that I am an awkward bean with social skills that a blade of grass could easily top, which is pretty relatable on this site... Anyway, have you ever gotten to the point in a fandom where you're obsessed, but you have no clue who to ship because all of the ships are so cute even when one person is with another and I'm in distress send help you're amazing I love you and your art as well as your fic 😘

This is so incredibly nice thank you so much 💞💞💞💞 also THATS ME WITH HANCE RN TBH LIKE I’M SLOWLY BEING DRAGGED INTO HANCE HELL

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Since Day of the Sorcerers is gonna be my first episode to air since joining the Cedfia fandom, can you tell me when/where to expect a teaser or even spoilers? We're a week away now and I'm getting so excited!!

Ahhhh! Me too! So v excited ~~

Aha, am not the right person to ask since I usually just rely on other fans on this site or another, or wait til the episode(s) come out. There has been a couple of times where users posted on the Discord chat, occasionally though. If you’re interested to join, I can send the link for you?

Idk if you’ve already seen it but @historianofenchancia uploaded this video showing sneak peaks of future S4 episodes if you want to check that out also. I’m sure couple of scenes in there are from Day of the Sorcerers.

Shout out to @decenthumanbeing69 for sending me the site talking about P5′s translation errors and putting up with my ranting at them about it. It’s about what I expected, a few genuinely good examples where the translation was poorly handled or outright not good mixed in with a bunch of nitpicking about perceived (minor) grammatical errors while ignoring context. It’s the type of thing bad writing teachers do where they act like there’s only one true or correct way to write or interpret something. The self righteousness it takes to complain about bad translation and use of non words while also using the phrase ‘one lightbulb short a cutlery set’ which is a non-phrase if I’ve ever heard one in your critique must be astounding to shoulder.

A more reasonable thing to do would be to make a site pointing out “Hey the first few hours of P5 have a good number of noticeable errors, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the game” because errors that are even worth mentioning are basically nonexistent after Kamoshida’s Palace.

The Hiatus Begins

I will be 100% off Tumblr until Saturday, when I will spend a total of 1.5 hours on the site to refill the queue and/or answer any asks or whatever else.

Then I will complete another week of no Tumblr, with much less strictness. (I won’t re download it on my phone but I will be on occasionally)

If you want me to see something please send it to me(tagging may get lost in the feed)

If your a mutual who I contact frequently then feel free to send me anything you want me to know.

mapleburger  asked:

Can you make a list of all the english sites where official merch can be purchased? Also, would you consider setting up a donation box? I personally would love to help fund you for your tutorials if I could!

English sites where Hetalia Merch can be purchased(in USD):

CDJapan (good for CD’s,bad for books because shipping cost will kill your wallet) Offers points rewards system. Can be charged in yen or USD.

Amazon JP (good for heavy books and bulk buying, do your research since the shipping is based on per item and by box/shipment). CDs are sometimes on sale as well. [While technically not fully in english, prices are converted to USD and it’s pretty easy to navigate once you copy and paste the thing you’re looking for. Check CDJapan for the original product name in Japanese]

Tokyo Otaku Mode: Good for bundling merchandise, shipping can also kill you if you’re not careful [though the shipping prices are bit lower than before]. They take requests for stocking items. Has coupons and sales occasionally.

RightStuf: Distributor of GE merchandise (aka Studio Deen bracelets, PVC keychains, etc.) and carrier of Hetalia english manga. Also sells the DVD’s. Cheapest place to buy the manga by far.

Amazon- Good for DVDs, watch out for prices since Beautiful World is like $40 right now and that’s insane. Good for buying GE merchandise and the occasional Japan import if you use the right keywords (be warned that it will be pricey and “free shipping” means unregistered SAL, if it gets lost, you’re out of luck.)

Animate English shop- This shop actually exists but sadly it does not carry the same items as the regular Animate shop in Japan.  The only thing they have in stock is some weird checkers set.

I’ll do a small shout out to AmiAmi since they carry Japanese Hetalia mechandise, however they charge exclusively in Yen which can cause problems for some credit cards.

You can also find official merch at US stores such as Hot Topic and Anime Jungle as well. (but really all they sell is GE stuff and Jungle might import some animate exclusive merch but don’t hold your breath on it) Crunchyroll also has Hetalia stuff but it seems to be GE stuff (and the prices are quite marked up).

Alternatively you can ask your favorite Hetalia fanartist if they have a Redbubble or other site so that you can buy their artwork in the form of keychains or shirts. There are other sites where you can purchase doujin works (doujinshi, prints, etc.) but I need to write that up for another day since there are several sites and the majority of them are in Japanese.

As for the donation box, I’m flattered but I can’t take donations since I feel that I would be imposing a burden upon people. Plus I’m open for other people to send in their stories of buying from different online shops. If you know someone who’s bought from different online merchants that isn’t in my HetaliaBuyGuide, let me know! I will be happy to write up an article based on their experiences.

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty Four

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE: Yeah, so this went off on a total tangent. 

Odin paced frantically. “What do you mean there is no sign of her? She has to be here somewhere, there is no other explanation.”

“I am sorry Allfather, every nook, every cranny, every passageway has been checked.” Jan bowed, knowing his king would be irate.

“And the vault?”

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The Game of Dating Sites

One of the core phrases you run across if you’ve been on a dating site longer than five minutes is “no games,” or some variation thereof. The writer doesn’t mean things like video games or board games, but head games. And let’s be honest, no one really wants to be the unknowing sap in someone’s attempts to make themselves feel better, right? No one wants their emotions to be exploited or hurt romantically. It’s rather like those other two classic chestnuts of dating site profiles, that the person wants someone who is honest, and available to date. You kind of assume those things are a given, the same way you assume most people are seeking someone who is breathing and sentient.

In my experience though, “no games” has another meaning. One that’s far less benign than the writer seeking to protect their own heart from another person’s nefarious machinations, if such machinations are indeed in the offing. It means, “You’re not doing what I want” or “You said no to me on a dating site.” And when used in that fashion, “no games” becomes a very toxic indicator of the person’s expectations and their belief in what they’re entitled to from another person.

I’ve already spoken at length about how The Internet is Not the Magic Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) Machine. You don’t get to sign up for a dating website, pick out the model of person you like and put in your order by sending them a message. This ain’t Amazon, and your “How are you?” copypasta messages are not a credit card number. A romantic partner won’t show up within two days after you join online dating. It simply DOES NOT HAPPEN, nor do you have any right to expect it. Women and men on dating sites are not there for you to pick them out and take them home with no will, expectations, or preferences of their own. They get to say no to you, either implicitly or by silence. Does it suck sometimes? Sure it does. But that’s the risk you take when attempting to establish a relationship with another person.

But the “no games” assholes aren’t hearing that. They haven’t been able to internalize that the other person gets to say no. You’re on a dating site, therefore you will date them, right? It doesn’t matter if you have nothing in common, nothing to talk about and aren’t interested, this person thinks you’re attractive, therefore you OWE it them to go out on a date/be their boyfriend or girlfriend, and be glad they finally picked you out to take home, like you were a shelter animal on its last day at a kill shelter.

Well, Sparky, if you’re reading this, other people on a dating site don’t owe you shit. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not their messages, not their time, not their replies, not their attention, not their presence, NOTHING. If you equate that with “playing games,” then the person who is playing games is YOU. The words don’t get to mean whatever you want them to mean. And no still means no. Put on your adulting pants and fucking deal with it.

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