was really happy with this

a white rose in disguise 💭

ive been meaning to redraw this for quite awhile… one of my first drawings I posted, and still one of my most popular. Its been a massive change since then, obviously… wonder if it was for better or worse… new style doesnt like gif rendering tho OTZ so jagged 

So like AU? Where Ymir and Historia get married and get to rule over their kingdom. Where Annie isn’t in a crystal and is dating Armin, getting to rebuild her friendships with the others. Where the trio travel the world. Where Mikasa and Eren eventually get married and settle down in a nice little cabin near the ocean. Where Armin and Annie continue to travel and explore the world, once in while visting their friends. They too eventually settle down near Eren and Mikasa’s home. Ymir and Historia are the most beloved Queens in history. They dont often get time off to see their friends but they do make time to see the old gang. 

They all grow old and die after living long happy lives. No one died OK.

i was litERALLY itching to draw Hoseok-real life from your au, SO HERE!! (i sorta messed up the stripes but i’m happy with it, i hope you are too 👀👀👀)


Uh, sure? I can…

These are basically my friends, or just mers really close to me; Lia, Alfred, Sofia, Jenna, Blair and Oliver…

… wow, now saying all of them, they really seem a lot ;;



Further Spoilers

it’s like isayama planned to have Ymir die the same time the anime starts showing how awesome she is

just like


i get that you want to end the story Isayama, but don’t do this kind of stuff man. Like Bert’s death got me crying, he got a whole scene dedicated to him. but Ymir? she got half a panel. Are all titan shifters going to have this much of a tragedy?

I know this probably isn’t a possibility, but I really hope that something with reincarnation happens. I hope that once the series is “over”, they reincarnate and then everyone can be the happy little dumplings they deserve to be. Cheesy and unlikely, but c’mon, they’re just a bunch of teenagers that have seen too much, know too much, and have lived too much for one lifetime. They deserve happiness. Even if a reincarnation thing isn’t going to happen, they deserve happiness for all the suffering they’ve been through.

Even if it’s a thousand years or ten, I think reincarnation would be cool. Then finally, Ymir can marry that little blonde queen she’s been waiting for, for all this time. 

Tell them… I floated myself.