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There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely winding road at twilight. In time, the brothers reached a river too treacherous to pass, but being learned in the magical arts, the three brothers simply waved their wands and made a bridge. Before they could cross, however, they found their path blocked by a hooded figure. It was Death, and he felt cheated. Cheated because travelers would normally drown in the river, but Death was cunning. He pretended to congratulate the three brothers on their magic and said that each had earned a prize for having been clever enough to evade him.

We Belong Together// Nate Maloley Imagine

It was a regular Saturday morning with the guys. Jack was making breakfast while I was whipping Sammy’s ass in 2k. I see all of the boys as older brothers, everyone except Nate. I’ve loved Nate for as long as I can remember. I love the way he talks and I love how passionate he is about his music but sadly he doesn’t love me.

“That’s bullshit Y/n” Sammy because I won yet another game.

“Don’t hate the player. Hate the game” I said as I got up and walked into the kitchen.

“Where’s Nate?” I asked JJ

“He’s with Ana” He chucked.

“Who the hell is Ana.” I said with a stern tone.

“You know Ana. The girl that Nate brung to that house party last week.” He said

“Are they dating or something” I said in a melancholic tone.

“Yeah. I guess so.” Jack said. “I’m sorry babe”

Jack and Sammy are the only two who knew about my feelings for Nate. I honestly don’t know why I ever had hope for Nate and I.

“It’s going to be ok” Sammy said as he came to warn hug.

I tried to fight back my tears but they just came streaming out. “ I don’t even know why I thought Nate would ever want to relationship with me. Look at me then look at her.” I said crying into Sammy’s shoulder.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Y/n” Jack said as he started rubbing my back.

I continued to cry until I felt that I had nothing left in me. I was too focused on letting all my feeling go that I didn’t even hear Nate walk into the house.

“Yo- wait y/n what’s wrong” Nate said he walked in the kitchen.

“Nothing” I said not making eye contact. “ I’m fine”

“Y/n….seriously what’s up” he said taking a step towards me.

“Nate..there’s nothing wrong” I said taking a step back towards Sammy.

“Whatever” he scoffed “ By the way, Ana is going to be here in 20 minutes so everyone behave.” Nate said looking in my direction.

I decided to go to the bathroom and get myself together, I needed to at least pretend to be happy for Nate. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy…..right? A part of me feels like this whole situation is wrong. Yeah she might be prettier than me and maybe she’s actually a good person but I can’t help but feel that Nate and I belong together.

“Y/n” Nate said while knocking on the door and pulling me out of my thoughts.“Can we talk please”

“Nate…I really don’t want to talk right now” I said leaning my head on the door.

“C'mon babe. Just open the door” he said while he opened the door slightly. I finished opening the door and he stepped into the bathroom. We sat in silence for a while before Nate broke the tension.

“Y/n just hear me out ok.” He said quietly.

“But I really don’t wann-”

“Y/n be quiet and let me speak please” he said slightly raising his voice. “ I love you and I always have but I guess I was scared of the fact that you wouldn’t love me back so I never said anything. When I’m with you there’s a feeling that I don’t feel with anyone else. Your smile alone can make me feel high and wether you realize it or not……we belong together.” Nate said as his eyes started to water.“ I love you and I’ll end things with Ana if you tell me you feel the same.”

“You know I love you Nate but I can’t let you do that to Ana. She doesn’t deserve that and even though I feel that we need to be together, you need a chance at happiness with her” I said trying to hold back tears.“ You never know, what if you guys belong together.”

Flash forward

It’s been two year since Nate told me he loved me. It’s been two years since Nate and Ana got together. It’s been four months since Johnson and I started dating and I’m happy to say that we both found that special someone to save our lives with. Nate and I are still talk when we are around each other and I do truly love him as a brother but we both moved on for the best.

Part 2 DL love story

(Bug POV) it’s been mouths since me and Michael have talked. I was getting worried me and him friendship.

Summer was arriving and the school year was coming to a end. On the last day of school the 11th grades has a party in gym. I wasn’t to exticed about it but I want and try to enjoy myself. Minutes has pass and I get a text from Michael telling me to meet him in the boys locker room.
So I left the gym and went to the locker room. I saw him sitting on the floor charging his phone.

Bug: what u want Michael?

He stand up off the floor and pick me up and put me against the wall and start kissing me

Michael: u miss me

Bug: yea. Why haven’t u call or text me .

Michael: I was busy dealing with oh girl and really didn’t had time to call u or anything.

Bug: *roll his eyes *

Michael: bug don’t act like that

Bug: how u want to act when u have not call or text

Michael: Bug stop acting like that

Bug: whatever Michael

Michael: I wanna be with u bug

Bug: hold up be with me ?

Michael: like relationship wise….. every since we started talking and stuff got feelings towards u

Bug : omg Michael don’t lie now. Are u serious

Michael: yes Bea

       Oh shit my cruch since the 9th grade is now with me. But the only problem is that. I don’t want his girl to find out

Bug: what about yo girl

Michael: fuck her. We don’t have any concerns like we do

Bug *smiles*

Michael: I’m sice going to be yo first right ?

Bug : yes but we gotta be dating for aleast 20 days

Michael: yall right cool.

    The big ring and the school year was finally over. That was  the best day ever. I pass to the 12th grade and got a boyfriend.

20 days out in the relationship and was going strong. We talk all day on the phone we go to each other house her and there. But there only one problem I have. We don’t go out at all. I love to be in a relationship with public affection.

The mouth of June was about to end and I was ready to have sex. I call Michael and told him I was ready. He sounded so excited and I was too.

Later that night he came over. Lucky my mom was at work that night.
We set on the sofa and was watching TV. I was waiting on him to to make his move.

I couldn’t wait any longer I made the first move by getting on top of him and kiss on his neck. While I was kissing on his neck he was grading my ass. I took his shirt off and start licking on his nipples. He pick me up and told let’s go  your room.

When we got into my room he throw me on the bed. He got on top of me and start kissing on my neck. It felt soo damm good then he look my pants over and underwear. I was rock hard. I told him I wanna take it out. His dick was on hard and a brick and look like it’s got bigger. I started to jack it off a little.

Michael: that’s enough. U ready to take this dick

Bug : yes baby but u gotta condom

Michael: yes
He put his dick in my ass

Michael: damm u tight asf

Bug : *moaning *

Michael: can I go faster

Bug: yes baby

He started go fast. I could feel his dick in my stomach.

He told me too get up and lay on my  stomach. So I did and he was fucking the hell out of me

Michael: yea take this dick

Bug : I am baby

Michael: call me daddy

Bug: yess daddy shit feel soo good .

He was pounding the fuck out me. I could he my ass clapping in his dick

Bug : yes daddy I’m about to come

Michele: u bet not cum yet baby

Bug : daddy I can’t hold it

I try my best to hold my cum in but I explode all over my bed. Then he stop fucking me

Michael : come jack this dick off

Bug:  I want u too cum for me daddy

Michael: yea baby keep jacking me off

He tool my cum off the bed a put in his finger and out it in my mouth

Michael: oh shit I’m about to nutt baby ……….. oh shit catch this nutt

I put my on his dick while he was busting. There was soo much cum in my mouth. It’s like he did cum weeks
Bug: wow that’s was soo good

Michael: was it

Bug : yes baby

Michael: let go in the shower soo u call wish that ass off

We took a shower together and end up fucking again .

After we took the shower he left but not before he gave me a kiss. I felt like a kid in the candy store after I got some dick. I was into my room and change sheets. I sleep like a baby last night .

June has ended and it was the beginning of July and Michael hasn’t talk to me since we fucked. 

July was around the corner and grandma was having a cook out.
I invite Michael but he never responded. I felt like a fuck buddy.

I want to my grandma cook and was having run with my cousins. The more we had fun the less I thought of Michael.

I want into my grandma house to get a bottle water. Into I hear someone saying my name. I turn around and it was Nas, Michael best friend,

Nas was tall brown skin just like Michael but more sinker then him and fine as hell

Bug : hey Nas what are u doing here

Nas : yo cousin had invited me

Bug : ok cool

Nas: so how yo summer going

Bug : it’s going great wbu

Nas: good. But I hear some stuff about last school year

Bug : what u hear

Nas: I hear u was sucking dick at the park

Bug : omg who told u

Nas: nobody told me I  just that I hear about it

Bug: * shaking his head *

Nas: so was it truth

Bug : yea but I don’t how people find out about it

Nas : well ( walk slowly to him )

Bug: Nas what u doing

Nas: just clam down bug

Nas started to kiss me and push him off of me

Bug: Nas what the fuck

Nas: I know u and Michael got something going on

Bug : me and Michael are u carzy.  Michael had a girlfriend

Nas: bug I’m dumb y'all got something going on

Bug : yes but why u are u kissing me know I’m going with yo bestfriend

Nas: Michael doesn’t deserve u bug

Bug: what u mean

Nas : he doesn’t care about u he only wanted u soo he can fuck u

Bug : Nas your full of shit

Nas : why u getting mad for

Bug : just leave Nas

Nas: ok bug but here my number call me when u wanna talk .

    Nas leave the kitchen. I was soo fucking piss that Michael told someone about me and him at the park. Later that night i try to call him but he never pic up. Into around 10 the phone ring

Bug: hello

Michael: wassup baby

Bug: don’t baby me. Why the tf u told Nas about me and u at park

Michael: wym I never told Nas anything

Bug: don’t lie to me Michael he can to me a the party and told me

Michael: u had a party

Bug: yea my grandma had a party at her house and u invite u but u never show up. But don’t get off the subject.

Michael: look I forgot about yo party baby and yes I did told Nas about us. U all ways wanted me to show u public attention to u and I told my best friend about it 

Bug : did he told him that u wanted to fuck me and that’s it

Michael: nah I never told him that. Every since we was in the 3rd grade Nas wanted everything I had

Bug: since when Nas became a DL

Michael: idk but yo mom at home

Bug: yes she is why?

Michael : I wanted come  by

Bug : mmmm goodnight Michael

Michael: wait are we still together or nah

Bug: ig

I thought not to give him a second chance but I love him. So I give him. a second chance.

Michael: I love u bug

Bug: I love too

The next morning. I got a good morning text form Michael. Saying that he wanted to  spend the day with me .

We want to the mall and he brought me a lot of stuff. After we go Done shopping we want to a Applebee’s. I was having a great time but only if Michael would have fun too. He was acting paranoid the whole time we was out like someone he knew was going to see us.

Later that night we want back to my house and fuck . One again he fucked me hard asf and it was leaving my ass sore for weeks.

Throw out mid July we keep going to same thing fucking going to his and watch TV and I was tried of it I wanted something exticed.

I want  back home that home and thinking hard about Michael into I get a text saying wassup

Bug : who is this

The person reply back but saying it’s Nas

Bug: Nas ? How did u got my number?

Nas: I was at Michael house and I look through his phone and saw yo number. Bug I can’t wait any longer I wanna be with u

Bug: Nas please don’t do this

Nas : no bug I want u and u know u want  me too

I thought real head about me and Nas being together

Nas: how about I come by tonight and show u how much I wanna be with u.

Bug : ok

Later that night Nas came knocking at my window. I let him in. We started talking. We lay down in the bed and was watching TV and continue talking into he started kiss me. And I love it he kiss better then Michael. He claim on top of me and start licking my neck. After that he take his dick out. It’s wasn’t big as Michael but his was more prettier and uncut. We start fucking and he wasn’t pounding me like Michael. He was making love to me and it felt like heaven. He nuttin inside of me and I could feel his cum dipped out of my ass.

Bug : wow Nas that was amazing

Nas: I bet it was

After that Nas actually stay and cuddle with me.

July has ended and August was coming in. I have two boyfriend that I  love and the bad part is that there are bestfriend.

The next day I ask Michael do he wanna go to the movies with me and he told me that he had to do something for his momma. So I ask Nas and he immediately said yes. So we want to the movies, got our tickets , and find  set. Nas asked me if I wouldn’t mine if I get him some candy. So I want to get my baby some candy. I was waiting in line to someone come pull me out the line. It was Michal.

Michael: what u doing here

Bug: what u mean. Im with a friend

Michael: who

Bug: a friend and the important part is why are u here anit u supposed to be helping yo mommy

Michael: yea I got done with it early

Bug: so who u here with

Next thing I see is Michael girl saying" hi bug “

Michael: aye go find else a sit I gotta handle something right quick.

Michael grab me by the head and take me into the corner

Michael: look bug I’m sorry but my girl wanted to go out before we want back to school

Bug: here we go again with this bs

Michael: it’s not like that baby

        Ask we continue to argue Nas walk around the corner

Nas : everything all right baby

Michael: baby tf nigga why u calling bug baby

Bug: let’s just go to somewhere else

Nas: nah we gotta settle this now 

Michael: nigga u going around fucking with bug now

Nas: nigga please u dont treat him like u supposed to

I couldn’t believe these two boys was fighting over me

Nah: bug who is going to be

Michael: yea Bug who its going to be

I had to think hard about it. Should I be with Michael who don’t show me any. Public attention , keeping me on the size line, abd who sex it’s just endless pounding or should I pick Nas, who had a connection with me, take me out and show his love in public and having the great sex

Michael: we don’t have all day

Nas: yo give time

Bug: I pick…..

The beginning of the school year had started. And I was a senior. I want to my homeroom class and saw my boyfriend Michael. Yes I choose Michael. I choose him because he was my first everything. First love . First kiss and first time having sex. He told me that he would work on making love to me and showing public attention. But I’m still kinda sad that I ruined Nas and Michael friendship, but it is what it is. Nas don’t talk to me any more kinda sad that it had to end like this.

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Can I please request leon and takumi fighting for female kamuis attention? What ever scenario floats yer boat :3


In an effort to spend some time with her brother Takumi, Kamui asked him to give her some archery lessons.
“But you fight with swords, don’t you?” Takumi asked.
“Sure! But I see no harm in learning another skill!” Kamui insisted.
“I suppose you’re right.” He nodded and handed her a bow.
“Aw I can’t use yours?” Kamui frowned.
“Nope,” Takumi shook his head.

Takumi had set up a few targets for Kamui to practice on. She seemed to be doing very well until one of her arrows went flying past the target.
Shortly afterwards, the two heard a young man scream in the distance.
“Leon?” Kamui dropped the bow by Takumi and took off running in the direction if the scream.
“He did it again, didn’t he?” Takumi sighed and picked up the bow.

Kamui arrived at Leon’s location, only to find him kneeling on the ground beside a tomato patch.
“Leon?” Kamui approached him slowly, the boy was sobbing.
“It was so round and perfect…” *Kamui could now see her arrow in front of him.
“It was so big and juicy… But SOMEONE had to shoot an arrow right through it!” He snapped.
“I’m sorry Leon, i’m so sorry.” Kamui apologized, but the mage was not listening to her.
“It was Takumi, it had to have been him.” Leon stood up.
“No it wasn’t! It was me!” Kamui insisted. “I missed my target, he was helping me train and I…completely failed.”
Leon grabbed her hands, “I’m sorry sister. I’m sure you did good! I mean you hit a tomato from that far away!” He smiled at her.
“You’re not mad?”
“No,” he shook his head.
“Alright then, I should get back to my training.”
“Wait Kamui no, I…I-i’m kinda sad, can you please stay with me?” Leon saw this as the perfect opportunity to get Kamui away from takumi.
“It’s just a tomato Leon! I’m sure prettier, rounder ones will grow soon.”
“No…this was the last batch of them before the season changes.” He insisted.
“Ok fine, but I should go back soon though.”

Later that day Takumi spotted a pensive Leon and went to sit next to him.
“I see you’re doing ok.” Takumi commented.
“Yeah why?”
“Because earlier today you sounded like you were dying.”
Leon shrugged,“ But it got the job done, didn’t it?”
Takumi’s face became red with anger. “WHAT?! You mean you made such a big fuzz about a stupid tomato on purpose?!”
“Well sure! I like tomatoes, but I won’t cry about them like that, besides, that one was still edible.” Leon chuckled.
“Ugh…you keep ruining every moment I have with Kamui…what is wrong with you?”
“Don’t act like you’re that innocent! Remember the time I was going to town with her and she ended up staying behind to take care of you because you were supposedly ill!!?!”
“That was real,” Takumi stated.
“Sure it was!” Leon glared at him. “What about the time I told you I wanted to take her to the festival but you went ahead and took her before I could even ask?!”
“That is your own fault for trusting me with that information.” Takumi smirked.
“How the hell was I supposed to know you had such intentions with your own sister!” Leon yelled.
“Don’t use that logic on me you fool! She’s your sister too!” Takumi replied just as loudly.
“On that day, I decided it was on, so DON’T come to me pretending to be a victim.” Leon hissed with anger.
“Alright then… It’s officially on.” Takumi answered calmly.

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I saw them in neighbourhood view and agree they look prettier but there’s something uniquely great about the way they stand out on that solid green in lot view….watching all. :D

didilysims replied to your photo “@didilysims, here’s another shot of Kaito with the 6 heads of Wright…”

6+1 wannabe. ;)

Haha, I can see that to be honest… I could totally make use of them watching everything in my stories to come! 

Also heyy no spoilers! shhh! (Ok, that’s probably a joke only I understand xD)

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Somehow mine is only 8.4 gb, which really surprises me. But my game usually only takes about 4-5 minutes to load. Unless I’ve just added a bunch of cc, then it takes about 10-12.

Oh wow! that much cc and it loads so fast! :O I suppose you don’t have the majority of your stuff bundled huh? Well, my computer is pretty old and has only 4GB of RAM atm XD that might have something to do with how long it takes, but I think it’s actually ok since I remember a few years back it took 30-40 minutes, so I’ll take 10 minutes or so any day!

You’re staring at me

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Requested by anonymous:  hey can do one with either dylans but y/n has glasses?? i rarely see any girls with glasses :(


WORDS: 509



Y/N P.O.V.

I loved my job. I do the makeup of the Teen Wolf cast, I kinda do everything, I spend a lot of more time doing the werewolf makeup but I liked it anyway. Since I started working here I had a crush on Dylan O’Brien. I don’t know what happened, but I really liked him. Every time I have to do his makeup I get excited just to talk with him, well, we don’t talk a lot but I like it.

But I always make this difficult. I am really shy and I’m not pretty, and I use glasses, I feel like a nerd all the time. It makes me sad but I don’t like contact lens. Guys don’t like girls with glasses and this is sad, I swear I tried the contact lens, but I just hate it!

“Y/N?”  Jeff called me.


“I need you to do another makeup on Dylan; I want it to look like he has blood on his face ok? Just like season four, you did a good job that day!” I nodded. “Dylan! Come here!”

Dylan sat and smiled at me.

“So, how’s everything?” He asked while I was choosing the colors.

“Uh, the same, you know… putting makeup on people every day.”

“But you’re amazing on it! I don’t know much about makeup, but you do a pretty good job, Y/N.”

“Thanks, Dylan.” I smiled.

I grabbed the brushes and I started doing his makeup, Dylan was staring at me, and he usually closes his eyes until I’m done.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.


“It’s just…. You’re staring at me.”

“I am.”

“Yeah. You are.” He smiled.

I keep doing my job and he just still looking at me. Maybe there’s something on my face! I quickly looked at the mirror and there was nothing on my face, I was getting nervous and I felt my cheeks red. I started using the fake blood on his face and he smiled.

“Stop looking at me. You’re making me nervous!” I said and he laughed.

“Sorry. It’s just… you’re pretty and I think I’ve never really stopped to look at you.”

Oh, wow, thanks, now I know that I’m ugly!

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s just…”

“No. It’s ok. I understand.”

“I can’t believe I’ve never noticed how pretty you are.”

I stopped and looked at him; I couldn’t believe he said that. He must be kidding right?

“And you look even prettier with glasses.”

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not lying.”

I shook my head and moved my hand to keep doing his makeup but he stopped me.

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“Dylan, please, you need to film and I have more things to do.”

“I know. I’m sorry. But it’s true. You’re beautiful. And the fact that you use glasses doesn’t change my opinion.”

I blushed and he smiled again, I was feeling so weird.

“Thank you, Dylan.

I finally finished his makeup and he gave me his phone.

“Put your number on it. I’ll call you.” He smiled and Jeff called him.

Shining Star

↳  Namjoon catches his wife, Miah(@aceof17), and his daughter dancing to girl group songs

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 595

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“Mommy! Mommy!”your daughter ran to you with bright eyes. 

You smiled at her and extended your hands out for her to jump in. “What is it darling?”you asked kissing the top of her head. 

“Oh My Girl are so pretty. They look even prettier when they dance,”she said in awe. “Look mommy they dance like this,”she said demonstrating. You smiled at your daughter who was dancing passionately, even though it did look awkward the effort was what made you mush. 

She stopped dancing and you clapped,”Wow! You dance just like them my little baby.” You squished her cheeks and her eyes twinkled with happiness,”Really mommy?” You nodded,”How about you teach me?”

She clapped,”Ok! Ok! Stand right here, please.” She was telling you when to turn around and you found it extremely adorable having her teach you the “right way” to dance to the song. It took a few “wait mommy I forgot my spot” and “mommy you’re going too fast” until she deemed it perfect. 

What you both didn’t know was that Namjoon was watching the whole time with a smile on his face. He loved seeing his daughter look so enthusiastic and full of passion. He wanted so badly to step out of his hiding spot and just go over to his little girl and cheer in support, and he did just that.

“My little stars are working hard I see,”he finally spoke trying not to show the joy he was feeling. Your cheeks and ears felt hot and you covered your face in embarrassment. On the other hand, your daughter ran to Namjoon and pulled him to sit down.

“Mommy! Let’s show daddy the dance,”she said jumping up and down. Oh god. She turned on the music and you stood to your spot and looked over to Namjoon who’s eyes were only on your daughter. He had the brightest smile on his face and you couldn’t help but smile as well. You both danced to the song and Namjoon was clapping along making you forget a few of your steps.

“Wow!”Namjoon scooped up your daughter,”You were so great my princess!”

“Hey what about me!”you exclaimed going over to him.

“You were ok,”he said making you roll your eyes. He kissed your cheek,”I’m just kidding Miah. But our little star did so much better! Do another dance with your mommy.”

“Ok daddy!”she said and quickly got out of her father’s arms. She grabbed your hand and Namjoon grabbed the notebook on the coffee table and wrote your name and your daughter’s name on it.

“Are you going to cheer for us this time Joonie?”you asked laughing.

He nodded as Twice’s ‘Cheer Up’ came on and Namjoon was chanting both of your names, waving the sign he made. You giggled receiving a scowl from your daughter causing you to giggle even more. 

Throughout the whole evening, you and Namjoon switched spots dancing. She was so happy to be spending time with the both of you but soon became tired from all the dancing. She walked over to you slowly and fell asleep in your arms. “To think our daughter is good at dancing,”Namjoon said patting her head.

“She got it from me obviously,”you teased. 

He laughed and took her out of your arms. “She’s going to be big when she’s older,”he sighed. “Come on my princesses let’s go to sleep,”he said getting up from the couch and held your hand walking to your bedroom.