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  • Who said “I love you” first: Alex blurts it out on their first date. He says it almost jokingly after Lafayette takes him to all of his favorite places in one night but then Lafayette says it back and sounds sincere and Alex just kisses him.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: They are each others background. Lafayette lounging at the beach shirtlessly reading a book is Alex’s background while Lafayette’s is Alex drunkenly flipping the bird at the sky.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Lafayette does but it’s not how you’d expect. They wake up and neither are really in the mood to speak after a shower because they’re feeling loose and relaxed so while Alex is looking in the mirror, Laf will walk up behind him hug him from behind. Resting his chin on Alex’s head and they talk via the mirror fog until they are out of fog.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Laffayette just spoils Alex. He has an upsurd amount of money and buys Alex everything that he sees that reminds him of Alex. This means he buys Alex all the ravenclaw merch he sees (even tho Alex insists he’s a slytherin). Laf also buys them a bunch of matching sets. Like couples mugs that say ‘I love you more’ & ‘I love you most’. Or a matching robe set.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: It was a mutual thing. They were both studying together. It was after two am and they were both tired but Alex looked at Lafayette and was reminded yet again about how gorgeous he was and Laf looked at Alex and was reminded how gorgeous he was and they both just leaned in for a kiss. This led to some fooling around on the couch they were sitting on much to Burr’s annoyance because Alex and Burr were roomates and Burr sat on that couch.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Laf kisses Alex awake slowly and basically rolls over onto Alex and hovers over him and kisses him awake deeply and Alex wakes up everyday boxed in by Lafayette and unbelievably happy.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Laf starts the tickle fights when Alex is ignoring him. Like Alex won’t intentionally do it but gets really engrossed in his work sometimes so Laf gets his attention by tickling him. This leads to a very startled Alex just curling into the fetal position with Laf straddeling him in bed while Alex is crying with laughter under him.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: They shower together every morning. This is a result of the daily morning sex. They figure it’s more efficient to clean up together plus Lafayette loves to wash Alex’s hair for him. He finds it relazing. Alex loves it as well.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Lafayette surprises Alex. He brings them homemade food because he knows Alex won’t refuse food he put work into making. Then they sit in his office for about an hour eating and talking about whatever problem in sitting on Alex’s desk and Lafayette’s day.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Alex was super nervous because he has been known to screw things up and he really didn’t want to screw this up because it was Laf, it was his best friend.  But as the date went on and Laf took his to his favorite restraunt, his favorite arcade, his favorite bar, he couldn’t see himself screwing this up.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Alex does but only because Lafayette doesn’t see the point. Alex gets rid of them grudgingly though. Like he’ll grumbling under his breath the entire time he’s getting rid of them.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: They both do it. They do it sober. They’re just constantly proclaiming their love for each other. Lafayette is so in love with Alex. Like everything about him from the inside out and Alex is just always in awe that he managed to get with Lafayette. Neither can contain overwhemling love they feel for each other and really have to let it out into words.
My Anime Recommendations

And the reasons why…

Fairy Tail

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I honestly believe that this show has everything you need. It follows the magical Fairy Tail guild focusing mainly on the characters of Lucy Heartfilia (who acts as  a narrator for much of the show), Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster and Wendy Marvell - the five of them make up “Team Natsu.” 

It’s full of adventure and all the things that come with it: humor, angst, hardship, love, camaraderie, friendship, sacrifice, family, sorrow, light and darkness. The characters are complex and develop as the series progresses. There are intense battles, frustrating and fantastic plot twists, and things that make you fall in love with the world, the characters and even the villains. 

If you want to watch a show that will make you happy and sad at the same time, will make you root for the villain as much as the hero, and make you want to scream in joy and laughter and cry in the fetal position, Fairy Tail is the show for you.

Attack on Titan

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Eren Jaeger has the best eyes in anime. No joke.

But if you want to be on the edge of your seat from the first minute of a show, and be drawn into one of the most intense shows ever created - you’ve come to the right place.

Attack On Titan is about humanity fighting for their survival against the Titans - monsters who eat humans. This isn’t a show where all the best/favorite characters will find a way to survive. They die. Horrifically. 

This show is going to bring up some intense emotions as it explores the deepest instincts of human nature - grief, sorrow, love, trust, hatred, terror and the fight for survival; these themes will leave you trembling and begging for more.

Seraph of the End

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Family is the overriding theme in this show about a post-apocalyptic world ruled by vampires. The feels from Mikaela and Yuu will have you in tears. 

This show really questions the length that humans will go to for what they want. 

Who is the real enemy? Who is using who? What the hell is going on and why is it happening? 

Thankfully the second season is going to be released soon. 

Watch the first episode without distraction and you will understand the pull and the intensity of the entire show. Prepare to feel like your entire world is ending. 

It’s awesome. 

Soul Eater

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It’s a fight for the rule of the world. Miesters and their Weapons protect the citizens of Death City from witches and the Kishan. 

Maka Albarn and Soul “Eater” Evans, with friends Death the Kid, Patty and Liz, Black Star and Tsubaki, are all on a journey to better themselves, and protect everyone from the evils of their world. Each character finds themselves in different situations where they have to overcome their fears and weaknesses.

As well as the battles and the hardships that they go through, the show is filled with humor and is about building trust and understanding between one another. Every character has its quirk and you’ll find yourself questioning if everything is really as it seems as the show progresses. 

Ouran High School Host Club

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Watching this show, you might think its too ridiculous. But look closer. The character development, and the way that you get to understand each person will make you question your original judgment. Not to mention that it’s all hidden beneath the most hilarious 20-23 minutes of your life.

Quite literally, your stomach will ache from laughter. This show teaches you how important the bonds between friends are. It teaches that a disparity in class really shouldn’t matter at all - everything is a learning experience and you’ll enjoy watching the rich boys try their hardest and fail to understand - and the differences between people forge even stronger relationships. 

It’s endearing, it’s funny, and it will make you look twice. There’s always more to this show than it looks like. 


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As you are introduced to each new character, you’re made privy to the ever-growing complex worlds of humans and Soul Reapers. The story follows the loyal, protective, “i-must-save-the-world-on-my-own” Ichigo Kurosaki as he navigates being both Soul Reaper and human, undergoing intense training and battling enemies within and without. 

The never-ending battle between Soul Reapers and the Hollows leaves no one in Ichigo’s unaffected. With Rukia, a Soul Reaper, who lives in his closet for the majority of the show, the adventures and the ceaseless encounters with enemies force Ichigo to grow stronger and stronger.

This show is about overcoming fear to protect the people you love no matter the cost, and the cost can be great. Believing in yourself and believing in your friends is the most important thing. 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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If you’re looking for something that will make you feel good, this is the show. There is no angst, hardly any sadness. It’s really a feel-good show about a high-school artist, Chiyo Sakura, who has a crush on her classmate, Nozaki-kun, who is a manga artist.

The show follows her as she learns more about him, meets his friends and hilarity ensues as each character has their own special quirk, flaw and amusing side. It’s a pick-me-up, and I promise you’ll like the way it makes you feel. 


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If you’re like me an late to the Naruto party, get over the first 50 episodes and you’ll fall for it. Naruto is a show with complex plot, even more complex characters and fantastic scenes that will make you fall for each and everyone one of them.

The angst that develops will make you want to hide in your blankets, scream and question why. The battles are epic. The emotions run high. You will never want to stop watching. 

But the character development is one of my favorite parts of the show, and watching as Naruto grows as been a privilege. Also, Hinata might be (in my opinion) the best character in the show, despite her not getting as much screen time, due to her development. 

But Kakashi Hatake is going to steal your heart. 

Watch this show. Just do it. 

Kaze No Stigma

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Complicated family history? Check. Misunderstandings to resolve? Check. Developing feelings and denying them? Check. Supernatural abilities? Check. Badassness? Check. Author dying before he could finish the series? Check.

Aside from the tragedy of the authors death, this show is absolutely fantastic and the questions left unanswered may haunt you, but you’ll be happy that you were able to ask them.

Reigning in tempers, training, fighting, helping, protecting, loving, and dubious deeds done for the best and worst intentions are all present in this show. It’s something that has to be watched to be understood, and you won’t regret getting on board. 

One Piece

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Look, the only way to describe this show is: EPIC.

Pirates, they Navy, the World Government… it’s a battle for the seas like you’ve never seen it before. Follow Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they take on the entire world so each member can fulfill their own dreams. 

The plot twists and turns more and more as new characters are introduced, as peoples pasts are revealed and as each new battle begins. 

And the superhuman abilities and fights make it all the more enjoyable. You will experience joy, angst, sorrow and quite literally every other emotion under the sun as the characters draw you in with their quirks and complex personalities.  

Seriously, EPIC.

Sword Art Online

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How would you react to being trapped inside a virtual reality death game? Kirito and Asuna navigate their way for two years within Sword Art Online, becoming the two strongest players in the game so they can survive. If your HP drops to zero, you not only die in game, you die in real life. It’s a high stakes battle for survival and the only way out is to defeat the bosses on each of the 100 floor levels. 

This show makes you consider where the future of technology is headed and truly treasure the friendships and love you have in your life. 

Death isn’t just a game.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

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Oh yeah, this is the kind of show that will make you fall in love within the first episode and leave you wanting more.

Never underestimate the little guy.

Full of magic, adventure, light and darkness and based from the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, you’ll enjoy the ride as you get to know Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad and others as they fight against those who would plunge the world into darkness.


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In a futuristic world where life is controlled by the “Sybil System” and your “psycho-pass” determines your place in the world, fear and violence are unknowns which makes humanity weaker than ever before.

Introducing the new ‘police’ and their ‘dogs’, who patrol the streets and take care of the criminals to keep people safe. But the criminal underground has become more active lately and its all thanks to one man who wants to bring down the Sybil System.

You want to know what the Sybil System really is? WATCH THIS SHOW.

It’s dark, it’s going to draw you in an spit you out. You’re going to want the best things for the characters and the ending is going to crush your dreams. But don’t worry, there’s always Psycho-Pass 2 and the Psycho-Pass movie to keep the angst rolling.