was on tumblr radar wow

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Do you follow anyone on social media who is as big as a FF fan as yourself?

I feel like you’re looking for me to say a particular name but in any case, a whole lot of my following list on Tumblr consists of fellow fans and I wouldn’t grade any on a scale of fandom. In my mind, if you like them at all, that’s the cherry on top. So that also makes it a bit hard to refer you to people, but I reckon if you start with the following and branch out with who they follow, you’re set -

If you’d like Twitter recs, drop a line and i’ll accommodate ya!

SPEECHLESS!!! I woke up to the greatest news! There is more than 10K of you following me…Thanks to everyone that likes my art, and has commented or written me the nicest things!!! You guys are AMAZING! It really means a lot! So thanks!!…

¡SIN PALABRAS! Me desperté para ver las mejores noticias. ¡Gracias a todos lo que gustan de mi arte y me han escrito las cosas más lindas <3! ¡¡Ustedes son lo máximo!! Significa mucho… así que como manera de agradecerles…


Hey tumblr!! I wanted to make a compilation & thank you post to celebrate passing 10,000 followers! I can’t even believe the support from the community on here. It’s been a crazy 1.5 years of having this blog, with 10k followers, 10 tumblr radar features (wow!) and making it on the 2014 year-in-review. You’re all amazing, thanks for everything! These are some of my favorite things that I’ve worked on in the last year. Here’s to more GIFs!

Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates about what i’m working on. I’m also available for freelance work if you’d like to work on a project together!

Thanks again!  xoxo -Michael <3

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for clarification your art is both on tumblr radar and was posted in something about artists for blackout friday! it got passed around the community rather quickly and is likely responsible for the sudden influx of attention, but judging by what i see here, it's very well deserved. keep up the good work! ^u^

It’s on Tumblr Radar now too?? Wow, you guys sure do now how to make a girl cry. Cry salty tears of joy! ;w;

Thank you Anon and thanks to the other really nice and amazing Anon messages as well!

New ways?

Or straight ways? Old ways? I don’t know!
Thank you so much, mysterious Tumblr editors! My blog (actually one of my photos) on radar… Wow! I’m stunned! Deeply thankful and a bit speechless… And one of these things is unusual for me ;) (It’s “speechless” - just in case you don’t know me yet. Btw: I’m the http://TheVortexOfOurMinds.tumblr.com guy)
Just on my way to a job… Hello, new followers! I’ll check your blogs as soon as I’m back on the weekend! Promised!