was on deal or no deal

I’m seeing people say stupid things in the tags about Iris. Fun fact: she can understand that he had to leave to save the world AND still be upset that she was left alone, that her fiancée left her hours after she got her life back. It’s called having emotions, Black women have those !


I stayed up until 5 am making this disaster 

  • Jeremy: So do you hate me?
  • The SQUIP: Not you, per se. I hate the way that your hair falls in your face. And I hate the way that your voice gets really low when you're serious.
  • The SQUIP: And I hate the way that you bite your bottom lip when you're nervous. And the way your eyebrow goes [it whistles and motions with hand] like that. I hate that.
  • Jeremy: So that's it? You just hate the way I walk and talk and look.