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2016年 02月 18日 (土)

안녕, 친구들! (Hello friends! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ)

First own post of the new semester! As active as I wish I could be, a lot of times I never feel like anything I make is worth posting… But here’s my bujo spread from this past week. I am obsessed with BTS You Never Walk Alone album so of course my spread needed to express that. Plus Happy Hope Day! Hoseok’s birthday is today and I thought that it was necessary to have not only one but two pics of him this week ㅋㅋㅋ 홉이 생일 ㅊㅋ!~ It’s midterms and this past week was extremely stressful as I had three tests but I got through it and I only have two more to go next week! // On a side note I watched the Japanese anime movie Kimi no na wa today and it was a piece of art. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it. Not only is the art beautiful but so is the music and the story line! (+the videos of BTS’ first wings seoul concert has me shook and how are they even real ??) // Anyway, I need to study now, I just wanted to get this up before 홉데이 is over! 열심히 공부하세요, 친구들! (Study hard my friends!♡)

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When you become obsessed with a new album… 🎵 (Feat. Anthony Ramos)

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alex turner // everything you’ve come to expect // album booklet edits

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“We moved in packs together bounded by our oldest brothers
The night was ours for taking, rolling cigarettes and sneaking out
We sung our songs of youth and promised that we’d never lose it.” —
Hippo Campus


When you become obsessed with a new album… 🎵


some plain lockscreens with lyrics by dreamers.
(i’m completely obsessed with their album sooo you should check it out.)

listen to ‘This album does not exist’ here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2dtruUPZ49oSh468hKErtf

also, make sure you vote for ‘Sweet Disaster’ on the #alt18 and get it to #1 !!

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an episode of modern Seinfeld that aired 5 years ago about last.fm scrobbles.

George becomes skeptical of Elaine’s stats when he notices her music is scrobbling even when she’s not home listening to it. Confronted, she divulges that she just scrobbles music she doesn’t like in order to seem well-rounded. George soon does the same.

Kramer, unsatisfied with merely keeping record of what music he listens to, sets out to document every single thing he hears.

Jerry gets obsessed with a last.fm user whose scrobbles for Jerry’s comedy albums are higher than anyone else’s. The user never responds to Jerry’s messages, and when he finally tracks down the fan at their apartment, he discovers that his album is playing to an empty room. The supposed fan just wants to seem well-rounded by scrobbling what they call “obscure comedy albums by some nobody.”

The signs as songs from "Dangerous Woman"
  • Aries: Let Me Love You
  • Taurus: Side To Side
  • Gemini: Thinking Bout You
  • Cancer: Sometimes
  • Leo: Knew Better / Forever Boy
  • Virgo: Greedy
  • Libra: Into You
  • Scorpio: Touch It
  • Sagittarius: Be Alright
  • Capricorn: Everyday
  • Aquarius: Bad Decisions
  • Pisces: Moonlight