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OMG your manip officially killed me so thanks, I think!1!?? but for real though we might actually get a magazine spread with pictures just like that one with Louis in gorgeous clothing styled to perfection with an intimate interview where he can talk about the things that really matters to him and I am sooo ready for that!1! or am I?? 👀

Okay, so because I am a very considerate person 😉  here is a little taste of what might actually be the reality one day…


Gentle reminder

Out there in South Korea there’s a 30-year-old officer
who’s hosting an elementary school event
With deep voice
and serious gaze
Scaring kids to death.

while teachers and moms get swept away by the wave of thirst.

7 Burning ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Questions For Season 5
“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 5 has so many questions to answer about Coulson and the team.

Who took the team?

The agents clearly were prepared for the U.S. government to arrest them, but the men who came didn’t seem like government employees. If they put Coulson (Clark Gregg) on a spaceship, they have some serious power behind them. Many fans are speculating that S.W.O.R.D., a secret organization from the comics, may be behind the kidnapping, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

Where are the rest of the agents?

Are they in space too? Was Coulson specifically pulled to go to space? Are they getting arrested? Tortured? Experimented on? There are just so many possibilities.

Will “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 5 connect to “Marvel’s Inhumans”?

That blue light Coulson saw outside of his window might not be a coincidence. It’s the same color blue that the show often associates with Inhumans and even matches the “Marvel’s Inhumans” logo. Executive producer Jed Whedon said fans should take notice of the blue light. “Oh, it’s a clue,” Whedon told Entertainment Weekly of the blue area. “Read into it as hard as you can. I can’t wait until you see it. Everything is a clue. We can’t say anything really about the end. It’s all meant to get you asking these questions, so at least we did our job there.”

What deal did Coulson make to be Ghost Rider?

In the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” finale, Coulson made a deal with the devil to defeat Aida (Mallory Jansen), but Ghost Rider doesn’t just switch bodies whenever. Coulson has to pay a price for temporarily taking the Rider from Robbie (Gabriel Luna), but he didn’t want to reveal that to the team just yet. Is that deal what put him in space or is another twist coming?

Can FitzSimmons trust each other?

Assuming they both survive being kidnapped, we have to wonder if Fitz (Iain DeCaestecker) and Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) can rebuild their relationship. After LMD Fitz attacked Jemma and Darkhold Fitz turned out to be a murderous Hydra leader, they’ll likely be more than a little traumatized.

Will Coulson and May finally get together?

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” came closer than ever to getting Coulson and May (Ming-Na Wen) to admit their feelings for each other this year, but May being replaced by an LMD really put a pin in the romance. Will they finally be able to be honest with each other this year?

How will “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” connect to “Avengers: Infinity War”?

With such a huge movie promising to unite the whole big screen Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have to wonder what will happen to the small screen corners of the MCU during “Infinity War.” Longtime fans know better than to expect the movies to acknowledge the TV shows, but the ABC show almost always gives a nod to the big screen events.
i watched your video and your videos are so nice, number 1 churros!, number 1 singer yeah i mean number 1 singer, he’s like this character, next level churros, yeah

colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3 

MBTI + Tops and Bottoms

ENFP: Either pillow princess or powerbottom, depending on how they feel that day

INFP: Pretends to be a top, but you so much as touch their shoulder and they turn into the neediest bottom ever

ISTP: service top

ESTP: selfish top

INTP: vers

ENTP: vers and down for anything

ISTJ: service top

ISFJ: service bottom

ESFJ: His/Her Royal Highness Pillow Princess

ESTJ: tireless service top

INTJ: p o w e r b o t t o m

ENTJ: scary top

ENFJ: enthusiastic service top

INFJ: vers, but only either an attentive service top or an emotional bottom

ISFP: Anything and everything you want if you ask nicely and give them a scooby snack after

ESFP: Just happy to be there