was not disappoint in the slightest

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(not at all based on my own experiences,, in the slightest) when lance was younger, he rly wanted to be a mermaid (bc hyperfixation >:3c) and he read somewhere online that if u sat in the tub long enough, eventually ud become one. so he sat in the tub,, for many, many hours, until his mom made him get out. the disappointment from him not actually becoming a mermaid was v extreme.

YES, he was so convinced it would work and when it didn’t he was crushed

This blog doesn't support TV Negan in the slightest. This blog is over giving chances to this monstrosity AMC created. Hate for TV Negan is valid and warranted and nobody should be made to feel bad for hating, disliking or being endlessly disappointed with what the show has done to this amazing, brilliant character from the comics.

Okay but what they don’t tell you about growing up with strict parents is that you develop this self-possessing need for approval. It literally makes you feel so empty when you so much as think you disappointed someone. It could be a complete stranger, somebody you’ve never met before in your life and if you detect even the slightest hint of disapproval it will completely destroy you. What they don’t tell you about growing up with strict parents is that you are afraid to have real relationships with anyone out of FEAR for what people will think of you. WHAT THEY DONT TELL YOU IS IF YOU GROW UP WITH STRICT PARENTS THE IDEA OF FREEDOM WILL ACTUALLY SCARE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE. why? Simply because we have never felt like we deserve it, even if we do. It’s unobtainable. We are so scared of people disapproving of us that we subconsciously limit our own happiness.

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not sure if my ask will make it in but i'll try anyways! could i request mafia!ushiwaka where his s/o was kidnapped and interrogated but she refuses to give in and reveal the shiratorizawa hq location! ushiwaka comes to save the day and vows never to put her in harm's way i just have this HUGEEEEEE thing for the mafia!au i just can't 😂😂😂

Blood bubbled out from the split in your lip, but it didn’t deter you from sending a chilling glare in your captor’s direction. It was unnerving to say the least at how you refused to give in, spill the slightest of information in return for your freedom. But you knew better than to give in easily, Ushijima had taught you better than that, it’d be a disappointing sight once he arrived only to find that you gave in.

“What the fuck is it going to take to make you talk?” The man growled, hands coming to grasp your jaw with a certain irritation, gun pressed tightly in his hand.

You jerked away, shooting him a coy grin, one he bore witness to several times with the past forty-eight hours. “Nothing you say or do to me will have me talking. That’s be a huge disappointment.”

“Yeah, it’s a huge fucking disa-” His words faltered into a string of curses as the doors to the warehouse were kicked in, several of Shiratorizawa’s underlings trailing in with the boss at the hand. He looked livid.

“I’m not wasting my time with this bastard. Dispose of him immediately.” Ushijima barked as he waved his gun in the kidnapper’s direction. He wasn’t able to move a muscle before Tendou shot him in the foot, body crumpling to the ground.

Your heart thudded against your chest anxiously as he approached, features softening slightly at the sight of you battered and bruised, but alive no less. Swiftly cutting the ropes that bound your limbs to the chair, he took you into his arms, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“This should have never happened, I was too careless. I’m sorry.” His voice rumbled within the depths of his chest as he pulled you in close.

“It’s okay, this is normal by now.” You smiled in an attempt to lighten the mood, but underneath you were still startled. “Besides, you’ll be happy to know that I didn’t crack under pressure.”

Ushijima smiled genuinely, pleased that the countless hours he spent training you in self defence and the art of interrogation aided you well. “That’s my girl,” His fingers gently traced your cheek, gently running over the split. You winced, but held fast. “Shall we go home? I’ll treat you tonight as an apology. I promise you to never put you in harms way again.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Boss.”

RWBY Theory: Is There Psychological Torture at Work (aka Tyrian’s past)?

Okay.  We all knew from the start that Tyrian was a little messed up in the head.  Anyone with a laugh that psychotic is bound to be crazy. But from what we saw in Taking Control, I have reason to believe that he wasn’t always like that.  I’m sure that the showman/thespian part of his personality existed before he joined Salem’s band of misfits; as he continuously shows off in front of RNJR and Qrow.  

But the whole “she’ll forgive you” bit?  The whole worshiping Salem on his hands and knees?  And most importantly, his reaction to Salem’s disappointment?

That didn’t come on its own.  Salem planted that there.  She saw him, saw potential, and made him worship her, to the point that he would break down in the scariest way possible at the slightest hint of disapproval from her.  

The question is, how?

My guess is that Salem helped him when no one else would, and that was how it started.  To call back another one of my theories, I think Salem might have been the one to teach Tyrian how to “see” with metal sounds and vibrations in the earth, therefore being the person that taught him how to fight.  And if that isn’t enough, there are several things that pointed to him being in a circus/performance type thing before this (perhaps since he was a kid), and how Salem managed to get him out.

  1. He’s a scorpion faunus.  And from what we’ve seen, arachnid fauna are really rare.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some shady racist circus troupe took him in because he was a rare breed of faunus.  This was probably where he learned to fly around like a little acrobat.  If Salem didn’t teach him how to navigate a battlefield, this is where he learned it.
  2. I’m pretty sure this circus troupe took advantage of Tyrian’s poor eyesight on more than one occasion, making it so he couldn’t escape.
  3. Also, the higher-ups gave Tyrian some kind of reward if he did well and a punishment if he did badly.  Salem would take advantage of this later.
  4. The other circus members (out of jealousy or out of spite) ridiculed him.  Of this I’m almost certain.
  5. So Salem goes to see the circus, and…well, there’s a bit of an accident, which attracts the Grimm…and conveniently, Tyrian is the only survivor.

From here, I can only assume that a new form of torture starts to take place: the psychological kind.  Salem taught Tyrian how to fight, but–and I’m not entirely sure how this kind of stuff works–she conditions him to be completely loyal to her and her alone.

In a TV show, the closest thing I’ve ever seen to something like this was the work done by this guy in Gotham…

…when he conditions Butch to be loyal to Penguin.  We didn’t get the full details of what Zsasz did exactly, and I doubt we’ll get the full details of what Salem did to Tyrian. 

But whatever she did to him, it wasn’t good.

I mean, look at him.

He staggers in, choking on his own sobs and muttering self-reassurances to himself that it looks like he doesn’t even believe, and throws himself to his hands and knees begging for retribution.

Not once does he mention that his tail is in pieces, nor that he was injured in any way: that much is obvious and he would be calling attention to himself (and it’s clear that he thinks himself a speck of dust compared to her).

All Salem has to say is “You disappoint me.”  She doesn’t even turn around and fully look at him.

And he breaks.

I seriously remember being scared for my life.  We all knew that RWBY was going to get dark…but this dark?  I thought we’d have to wait another few seasons for something like this.

Well, anyway…hopefully we’ll see more of Tyrian’s story in Volume 5.  Josh Grelle, in the AfterBuzz interview, mentioned that he knew how Tyrian came to be a part of Salem’s group.  If he knows, then that means that we will eventually know as well.

…I really hope we find out soon.

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Let me be honest. I don't particularly like spring day. Tbh it's not the bangtan i fell in love with. Maybe they're developing as artists and that I can respect. But this British rock element takes the hip-hop out of the hiphop group. Moreover Jhope barely got any lines( I guess it didn't fit with his voice) and the music makes even less sense than the past ones and the song had nothing to do with it either. Kinda disappointed in Spring day. But NOT TODAY IS LIT DOH

ah I don’t agree in the slightest. spring day is probably officially one of my favourite songs 

I love how different bangtan sounds with every comeback, they are truly adventuring with music and finding their sound and songs like spring day really do fit them well. bangtan will never leave ‘hip hop’ because of the 2 underground rappers, and the cypher series, and songs like fire, dope, baepsae, etc etc this is just an extension that really shows their range and the fact that people who have only been producing their own music is able to be THIS diverse just speaks wonders about their talents honestly, I can’t wait to hear more because I’m absolutely in love

Last night my father, not an emotional or very talkative man in the slightest, someone who I fear has been filled with disappointment towards me my entire existance, called me up knowing I’ve been stressed and gave me the most inspirational speech of my life. He told me that he believes in me, that he’s proud of me, and that I can do anything I set my mind to. He gave me advice, he gave me praise, he gave me love and most importantly, he gave me the guts to get up, get out, and make my dreams happen.

And as our conversation was ending, as I was hanging up the phone to say goodnight, his final words were:

Kat? Go take on the world. I love you.

And so I will.
And I hope all you will, too.
No matter what happens after tonight, or in the next 4 years.
It’s been so incredible being a part of this with each and every one of you.

Tadhdf when your meds didn’t decrease your appetite in the slightest even though your psychiatrist pretty much promised you that they would - and in some weird way you actually find it disappointing because usually your poor impulse control makes you just eat and eat and eat and eat until there’s no food left in your apartment (and then you’re hungry and weak for days in a row because either you’re out of money or you just can’t bring yourself to go buy more food).

Honestly. I’d rather be in a situation where I have no appetite but I can force myself to eat whenever I remember… it sounds way better than having this endless appetite and not being able to stop myself from eating whenever I’m bored, which is all the time.

I was an Angel once | Part 2

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Words: 1153

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English. Doctor Who inspired me for the speech ;) 

Warning: none

Part 1 | Part 2 | … | Masterlist

You never told anyone about what had happened in the library. You weren’t sure it was a hallucination, maybe it was just the stress or your imagination. Lucifer had been so terrifying in the past that you had nightmares for weeks after the Apocalypse. Maybe it was your way to cope with the news, you were imagining your worst nightmare.

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She’s My Gal

It was my birthday a couple days ago, so I decided to write this.
Kind of based off a true story that happened to me lol.

Title: She’s My Gal
Pairing: Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers
Summary: It’s your birthday and Johnny Storm decides to hit on you. Awkward moment when he disregards your boyfriend, Steve…
Word Count: 786
Warnings: There’s like a mention of alcohol and the slightest violence, but it’s honestly nothing

Your name: submit What is this?

           Despite your many, many refusals, Tony Stark still insisted on throwing you a birthday party.

           Before you knew it, a party was set and invitations were sent out. Everyone was excited, so in turn, you had to be too. Your boyfriend, Steve, offered to take you out to dinner instead, but you didn’t have the heart to disappoint Tony. The little guy was too hyped about the prospect of shots for you to cancel.

           And so, when the day arrived, you went along with Tony’s little game and got ready for the party. Donning a royal blue dress and perfectly curled hair, you left your bed room and were greeted with a slack jawed look on all the Avengers.

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I originally created a pixiv account just to follow Iriasu senpai, I was kind of disappointed when she didn’t post much about MidC but I did some stalking and found so many golden fanarts I MEAN LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE “FLUFFY AND CUTE” TEDDY BEAR


what is life

Though can someone translate the picture? I don’t have the slightest hint of what everything means. T-T still, Louis

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I wouldn't be suprised in the slightest if Jeff killed Malia off, he's already screwed her over so much, sometimes I wish he would just finish her off just so she isn't ruined

while i am disappointed in how the writers (i won’t say jeff; while he created the show and is the executive producer he actually didn’t write or direct any of the episodes this season) treated malia’s relationships this season, i don’t think they’ve ruined her by any means. her character development is still such an beautiful part of the show and it continued to build this season, despite her struggling with losing her anchor. while they flatten malia’s relationships they have not screwed her character over by any means. if they were on the path of ruining her she would have become a villain upon hearing about stiles and lydia, but she didn’t. she put her own pain aside for them and that was instead part of a great development for her character. so no, i don’t think malia’s character is screwed over, i don’t think the writers have death on the cards for her, and i really don’t want to see her die

Why the types are dangerous: ESTJ
  • They don’t just get angry, they get disappointed. Disappointing an ESTJ is like your favorite person ever swooping down and saying, “well you just failed, again” 
  • But when ESTJs are truly enraged, it is a controlled, calm anger that is more terrifying than death
  • They are talented leaders and can quickly take over ANYTHING
  • Their combo of Te and Si allow them to be masters of remembering and systemizing the slightest details
  • ESTJs know exactly what they want, how they want it, and when they want it and will not tolerate anything less than that, making them efficient as heck
  • Trying to change their way of thinking will only result in you being exhausted and questioning your own morals
  • They quickly go from joking around to stern lecture if you cross the line

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Laf has a fear of letting others down, even the slightest hint of disappointment and he shuts down. He goes non-verbal, gets kinda clingy, quietly cries occasionally (like, no sobs or anything, just tears falling down his cheeks) and just needs lots of reassurance that he's okay and doing a great job (Had to throw in a bit of angst in there oops)

he needs a lot of reassurance and love and everything like he doesn’t deserve to feel sad or doubt himself like i love him and i will give him reassurance and love and everything

I always believed that everyone in this world was far nicer and smarter than me. That no matter how unlikeable they seemed to be, they still had a good conscience and had justifiable circumstances for acting the way they did. That’s why I hated myself for being so timid and depressed when I didn’t even have any good reason for doing so. …But now I see that there actually are people who’re despicable in every way and don’t blink twice at ruining another’s life. Now that I think about it, it’s almost strange. Why don’t most people try to kill other people? How can they just stand by and let the scum have their way without the slightest indifference? Maybe my expectations were too high. I’m only disappointed because I expected something from them. But the answer was quite simple all along. There’s no such thing as a decent human being in this world. Not a single one. I did what I had to do. And I feel quite refreshed after doing it. That’s why I can say that this world could afford to be a little more chaotic.
—  Punpun [ Oyasumi Punpun - Inio Asano ]