was not a god damn hoax

The IQ of a Sandfly and the Ethics of a Guttersnipe: Our International Standing is Fucked

I’m thrilled DJT’s approval ratings remain at historic lows, but each day he’s in office, the longer it will take to restore America’s standing on the international stage. 

Would you negotiate with us or listen to a damned thing we say, knowing a neo-Nazi white supremacist Jabba the Hutt lookalike sits on our National Security Council? That DJT and Scott Pruitt and, apparently, the entire GOP believe climate change is a hoax and that the U.S. should renege on the Paris Accord? That we’re relentlessly targeting over half our citizens?

The midterm elections are 20 months away and the GOP will get sunk by the Orange Albatross but, my god, look at the damage this administration has wrought at home and abroad in a mere 52 days.

Are we still a superpower? 

Will we ever be one again?


I don’t like to dignify conspiracy theories with a response. But I am aware of a ridiculous “Sandy Hook HOAX!!!” video going around. This video roundly debunks all of it. And he makes an excellent point: people want to believe this sort of thing is controlled. There aren’t people firing guns into schools with no provocation; it’s all a carefully regulated government operation. Thinking that some shadow organization is behind the scenes is actually comforting to many people. The random chaos of life is a little scary.