was my favorite crossover


Oh my goodness I love character design so much. And one thing that really helps me practice is just straight up, drawing crossovers/AUs. Recently one of my favorite shows, Samurai Jack, came out of its 13 year hiatus and I just caught up with the new episodes and cried over the art style all over again and saying I was inspired to throw my favorite ATLA characters into an AU inspired by it is an understatement. Enjoy some of the sketches I made yesterday!
P.S. I love drawing oni/demon/yokai masks

Characters belong to Bryke


hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)


i did a series of illustrations of crossovers from a couple of my favorite universe! this took awhile but i really really enjoyed working with these ideas~ these were a bunch of fun!


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Undertale/Steven Universe crossover!

Part 1 / Part 2Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Now it’s time to disappear again.


Another AU no one asked for lol!!

I wanted to finish this before Moana came out, BUT I am glad I waited because now I have a story to my AU based off of one of my favorite songs from the movie ( x )

So now this exists! And I took what I knew from my Samoan heritage, and the rest the beautiful islands to make it! I made it very general, so I used a few different Islands and languages to do it, so in speaking, this is generally polynesian, but more Samoan based, since I am more familiar with that.

Since Komugis name wouldn’t work in the language, I did some research and came across Komaki! So here we have our little blind Island girl, Komaki. 

Meruems name was hard to find a match that sounded close to his original name and held an important meaning.. but I did it!  In this AU he is Chief Mārama! Which is translated from Maori to the word light, which.. meruem apparently means the light that illuminates all or something so.. Yup!! we good!

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Besides their mutual obsession with waffles and hometown being in Indiana, I’m convinced that Eleven would start to use completely nonsense but totally adorable compliments for her friends like Leslie Knope does with Ann, y’know? Because she’s still learning how the English language works, sometimes she comes up with non-sequitur things like “Dustin, you beautiful tropical fish” “Mike, you’re a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox” “Lucas, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth” and the boys just go along with it because…heck, it’s El

*That moment when you think you got the new pokemon hype out of your system but you don’t, and you’re still in FE14 hell*



i saw someone make this crossover and i couldnt help but draw the Power Puff Gems