was my best subject in high school

HERMIONE GRANGER (Harry Potter): Read as much as you can about the subjects that you’re studying.

ELLE WOODS (Legally Blonde): Take as many past exams as possible.

SPENCER HASTINGS (Pretty Little Liars): Sometimes you have to make yourself study, even though you aren’t in the right headspace.

CHER HOROWITZ (Clueless): Don’t be afraid to talk to your professor about a grade that you think is unfair, or about something you believe has been misgraded.

RORY GILMORE (Gilmore Girls): Set goals for yourself and go after them.

ALEX DUNPHY (Modern Family): Be prepared for anything.

CADY HERON (Mean Girls): If you’re really struggling with a subject, think about getting a tutor.

ANNIE EDISON (Community): Form a study group.

GABRIELLA MONTEZ (High School Musical): It’s possible to be involved in extracurriculars and still get good grades, as long as you find the right balance.

SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN (Gossip Girl): Sometimes the best learning is hands-on. Do something yourself or pursue an internship in your field.

JOAN CLARKE (The Imitation Game): Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Prove them wrong.

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Could you post some studying tips? Thanks in advance! 💕

Okay so here is some real ass shit that has helped me get through my classes. I’m not the best at studying but here we go!

1. Find out what your learning style is (click here to take a quiz & find out!) -knowing how you percieve information the most effectively is super important if you wanna be successful. You wanna study in a way that YOU can understand. Flashcards don’t work for everybody kiddo.

2. 1 Notebook = 1 Class - organization while studying is what will keep information clear in your head. This has always been a golden rule of mine throughout my entire middle school, high school, and college career. Dedicate a specific notebook for each of your subjects so that notes are easy to look back on. If you get handouts back from a class, I suggest glueing it into the notebook as well! If you don’t like notebooks, a binder with dividers is cool too.

3. ACTUALLY TAKE NOTES - do not be the slacker that takes a picture of the notes with their phone or just reads the slides at home. Just write the shit down dude. Writing shit down helps you remember information a whole lot better and that goes for everyone. I don’t care if it’s tedious. Skip the pics, they aren’t gonna be what saves you on an exam (struggling to know how to take notes? click here for a How To guide!)

4. Revise, Revise, Revise - revising is so important. Even if you don’t get full credit for going back and correcting your mistakes, you should always know what you did wrong so you can correct yourself in the future. Don’t just revise big assignments either, revise hw assignments and quizzes. It’ll help you learn the material if you didn’t get it the first time around and there’s no problem with that. This tip is probably the one that helps me the most. 

5. Go to study groups - if your school has a designated lab or time for students to go in and ask questions or study together, go for it dude. Everyone’s gonna be confused but there’s gonna be people to help get your shit together so it’s no worries and hey if people aren’t your thing don’t EVER be afraid to go to your professor or teacher directly. They’re there to educate you, it’s what they’re being paid for. Don’t let your grades suffer because you don’t reach out to others for help! Getting help is a good thing!

6. Don’t wait til the last minute - just don’t do it dude. It is not worth half assing a study session at 1am right before your quiz in the morning. You won’t absorb as much information and I promise you that your body is gonna fucking hate you for not letting it rest. Take the time to study at least 30 minutes every day for the entire week leading up to whatever test you’re gonna take. I know it sucks but it had to be said honey, procrastinating doesn’t work all the time plus it totally isn’t punk rock.

7. Listen to music - there’s some sciencey shit behind this one but I can’t remember it aha. It’s supposed to help with the neuron dendrites axon synapsey brain lobey blah blah blah just (click here for 3 hours of classical kickassness!). Honestly gaming music helps me study too because it’s literally designed to keep you focused on tasks (click here, nerds). And hey if you’re into Studio Ghibli their music is PERFECT for studiyng imo (you know the drill)

8. Take care of yourself - TAKE A FUCKIN SIP BABE. Get yourself a tall glass of rebull vodka water and some healthy brain food lvl shit to go along with it. You can’t expect yourself to absorb everything if your body is too busy focusing on taking care of it self because you’re too busy studying. Honestly just take 10 minutes before you start studying and grab an apple! I like to make smoothies and light an inscence stick or something just to make sure I’m 100% IN THE ZONE. Ya know? Do your chores or run those errands first. Then study. It just really helps when your body is taken care of and you don’t have other things to worry about. 

9. Turn your phone off - oh the horror that comes with this one.. the texts, the calls, the snaps, the notifications, THE MEMES. How ever will you survive without them?! HOnestly? Pretty damn well actually aha. Just turn your phone off to garuntee you’re giving yourself the best oppertunity to study possible! Don’t cheat yourself out of a good study session by checking your phone constantly. Tell your textin buddies your busy and to send nudes after. 

10. Reward yourself after - go out with friends or have a good, relaxing evening afterwards. Seriously. SPOIL YOURSELF GORL. You deserve it for studying your fanny off!!! This will keep ya motivated to keep studying throughout the week because you’ll be running on a praise/rewards system. This is more of a psychological trick but I mean it’s also just really nice to spoil yourself after a long day heh. Take it easy and remember to let loose once you’re done with all your studying for the day! 

Well that’s all the tips I’ve got! Thank you for asking for help and I sure hope this list is what you needed to read! Best of luck sweetpea~ xoxo

The Secret (8)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve;

You were a nervous wreck, sat across from Baekhyun in a quiet corner of a random café, nursing your third cup of green tea to help with the butterflies in your stomach. The air between you both was silent, neither of you saying anything. Instead the awkwardness was just prolonged, like an itch that wouldn’t stop no matter how hard you scratched.

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How Would You Feel (JK)

Description:You and Jungkook were just best friends, who did things more than best friends would do.
Genre: fluff,drama
Warning: none that i know of
Word Count: 8349 (maybe also including the numbers…)
Note: so, this was inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “How Would You Feel”. and that i should warn all of you that i’m a sucker for fics that focus on kissing… So… Enjoooy

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I'm going to go to high school next year and I don't want to end up like 7th and 8th grade year right now. And I mean by being extremely last minute and messy. Do you have any tips for High School? Thanks :)

Hi! Well it sounds like you have the perfect premises - a fresh start with new teachers (probably?) and it seems like you’re willing to change something! I’ll try my best to give you some quality advice, but if anyone has tips they want to add, please feel free to do so!

1. Not Being Last-Minute

In other words, beating procrastination. I’m not really the best to ask since I don’t usually procrastinate, but here are some great masterposts on the subject: 

Generally, my number one tip would be to just start. Even if it’s five minutes – at least you did something! And five minutes easily turn into 40 because once you’ve started, things get easier as the task isn’t some huge abstract and intimidating concept, but just one page of words in your textbook. 

If by “last minute” you mean “late to class”: Set your alarm earlier and try to stick to that routine every day. Make sure you have enough time in the mornings for breakfast, getting dressed, and everything you need to do without being in a rush. If possible, take an earlier bus/train or leave ten minutes earlier if you walk. Pretend your lesson doesn’t start at eight (or whenever it does), but a quarter of an hour earlier. If you’re ten minutes late then, you’ll still be five minutes early.  

2. Stop Being Messy

  1. Organisation: 
    1. get a good calendar and bring yourself to actually use it!! Write down assignments, deadlines, to-do’s and everything you need. Bullet-journals are also an option, but they usually cost more time and can lure you into procrastination very easily. Find out what works best for you! 
    2. Get folders/binders for every class, if you want to in different colours, in which you put every single worksheet. Every. Single. One. If you frequently find yourself saying “this worksheet isn’t hole-punched so I can’t put it in my folder, I’ll do it when I get home” (but you never actually do it and it ends up crumpled up somewhere), you might want to look into portable hole punches. 
    3. Pack your bag the night before with all textbooks and folders you need the next day. Always bring pens/pencils, water, and notebooks/paper for notes. Also keep in mind you may need special equipment for P.E., arts, and maths. 
    4. Always do your homework. 
  2. Notes: 
    1. Your notes don’t have to be super Aesthetic™, but they should meet two criteria: One, they should exist, and two, they should be legible so you can actually study with them. 
    2. To make them exist, always have paper and a pen in front of you in class. Don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you “You don’t need to write that down, you’ll remember it!”. Chances are, when you’re in exam stress, you won’t remember it. 
    3. Write down whatever your teacher writes on the blackboard, and always correct mistakes you made in your homework (don’t erase the mistake, just write the correct solution in the margins so you’ll remember where exactly you went wrong). 
    4. Ask. Questions. Studying with two pages full of notes about a topic you don’t understand isn’t easy. 
    5. To make them legible, you should use a good pen that doesn’t smudge or hurt your hand after five minutes. You don’t have to rewrite your notes unless you feel like it helps you with your studying. 
    6. You can do basic colour-coding without rewriting your notes by using highlighters or fineliners to underline keywords in class. 
    7. Put the date on your notes. Having things in chronological order in your folder makes revision easier, usually. 

By the way: I know from personal experience that being a good student in grades 7 to 10 is often looked down upon by classmates who think that being lazy is cool, for some reason. If that’s the case at your school, don’t listen to them. You’ll be the one with amazing grades and a good education in the end! 

I hope this helped! Have a nice Monday, and good luck in high school! :) 

My TC Story

Hello. I used to run a TC blog, but I deleted it out of fear.

It all began around the end of October, when I walked into his classroom to ask for help with a college algebra problem ( I am a high school student who takes college classes). After he helped me, we began to talk about non academic subjects. We immediately felt a connection. 

A month passed by and I received his phone number. After that, we began to text everyday and I would always visit his classroom. We got closer and closer, and became best friends. I thought everything was fine, but other students and teachers began to catch on to our feelings. 

Out of fear, he told on himself because he thought he would just have to wait until my graduation to speak to me again. Sadly, he had to resign. 

The day after he had to resign, he and I got to spend a night at his apartment. We finally came clean about our feelings for each other, and kissed for the first time. Let me say, it was better than anything I have ever imagined.  I knew at that moment, that I really loved him. 

He and I are now in a relationship, and while we have not been together for very long, we are very serious. We love each other very much, and while he has lost his job, he does not blame me. He is the kindest man I have ever met. 

I hope that this story gives those in the TC community hope. Just remember to stay careful, and do better at hiding your feelings than he and I did. 

aestheniaa  asked:

Hi so my grades are kinda slipping... and I would appreciate some advice. (I'm in high school and I struggle with anxiety so approaching my teachers is really hard for me) Any tips on raising grades, turning things on time (and actually finishing it without getting distracted) and studying (especially for difficult subjects)

hi there, i’m really sorry to hear that. i completely understand what you’re going through as i am honestly terrible at staying on task, studying, and being productive. while im not sure if i am the best person to give advice on this aspect, being the disorganised person i am, but i have some strategies that help me get through.

  • the most important thing is: get started!! this is honestly the hardest part but a lot of my anxiety comes from my huge workload, that i tend to not start until the last minute (which i naturally regret every single time). i know this is much easier said than done but even if you focus on getting a little something done, it’s always better than avoiding it. tell yourself you are going to have to get it done sooner or later, and no matter how tempting it is to choose “later”, you need to make the better choice for future you.
    • do whatever you can to get yourself in action and get the ball rolling. this is something i suck at. what i do is set my timer for 10-20 minutes and tell myself that i will do nothing but work during this time. if i successfully do that, i can take a break of 5-10 minutes and time this as well, before getting back to work again. 
  • forget all the extra stuff! let go of any preassumed expectations of what your study and work should look like. this will only discourage you to begin. 90% of my studying is actually a huGE mess of rushed notes and 3am cramming. 
    • start with the bare minimum! don’t begin with unrealistic expectations for yourself. once you have done the basic things, you will have accomplished what was necessary, and then you can strive to build on what you have, improve, and keep the momentum going.
  • and lastly, don’t be too harsh on yourself. especially with adhd, i’ve kind of just accepted that i won’t be the perfect, most consistent, student that i can dream of being as easily as it seems (keyword: seems) like it is for others. and although this doesn’t mean i dont constantly strive for progress and improvement, this just simply means that i try not to beat myself up when i get a low grade, or when i dont focus for as long as i want to. 
    • we are all simply human. that is all we can ever be, and part of that is failing, making mistakes, and not always reaching the expectations of ourselves and others. but the most important thing is to not let that detract from ALL the time and effort we have invested, or let that discourage you.
    • don’t forget to reward yourself for small victories! baby steps are what makes up massive achievements. dont ever diminish your efforts.
  • for difficult subjects, recognise that you are going to have to put in effort to do better. nothing else will get you there. i don’t know what subjects you are struggling with so i cant give specific tips, but its important to understand that for some subjects you will have to invest more time, effort, and energy to do well in them. for me, this is math and i am aware of the fact that i have to do tons of practice in order to reach average.
  • i feel you with the teacher anxiety. i think its important to remind yourself that teachers are there to help you, and try to rationalise with yourself that nothing horrible is going to happen just by asking for some help, whether it be clarification on a topic, or for an extension if you genuinely need it. at the end of the day they are human too and hopefully they will understand if you try to explain your situation genuinely. 
    • set yourself some small objectives regarding teacher interaction, i.e. raising your hand to ask a question during class, or staying back to ask about something you don’t understand (this sometimes help me with anxiety because not everyone is listening.) 
    • teachers will appreciate the extra effort you put in and hopefully you’ll slowly be able to overcome the difficulty of approaching teachers, as well as establish better relationships with teachers

i will now end with a quote by jake from adventure time: “sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

this is just what i have at the top of my mind right now. i don’t know if it’ll help you too much but i hope it addresses at least some of your issues. i wish you all the best of luck with everything. let me know how it goes :) 

anonymous asked:

hey so i haven't always gotten the Best grades, mainly because i don't study well for tests. now that i'm entering 9th grade, though, i'd like to change that, but i'm not sure how. do you have any tips for to get my shit together and start studying better / getting better grades?

I applaud you for wanting to change your approach to grades! Some useful tips that have helped me through my high school experience:

  • ask questions in class. this is especially helpful for me in math bc it’s my toughest subject!! remember that there are no stupid questions, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re really embarrassed to ask for help, you can always talk to your teacher at break or after class.
  • ask your friends to tutor you. Idk about you but I have some seriously genius friends that I’m really close to. IF you don’t have time to ask for homework help while you’re at school, you can always have a tutor-sesh through Skype, FaceTime, or HouseParty!
  • check your grades frequently to see what you’re missing or need to catch up on. this will also help you to know how high you need to score on upcoming tests for you to go up a grade. the Grades app is perfect for this and I check it all the time!
  • put your phone away, leave it upstairs, or use it until it runs out of battery. even if you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s helping you study, it’s probably just tempting you to go on instagram every 5 minutes.
  • take breaks. let your eyes rest, eat something, drink some water, or go to the bathroom. going so much work at one time is NOT healthy for you mentally or physically!
  • don’t wait last minute to finish an assignment unless it is absolutely necessary!!! Set a small amount of time every day until the assignment is due to get it done little by little. That way, you’ll still have time to do assignments from other classes and you won’t be drowning in work the night before it’s due.
  • do the study guides even if you’re teacher isn’t going to grade them.
  • take advantage of the resources your teachers may put online. this could be anything from study guide pdf’s to videos.
  • my best advice to anyone trying to get their shit together is JUST START. Tbh starting is the hardest part. know what you have to do and take the time to do it. it won’t be easy or fast but you’ll be so grateful in the long run.

Just A Little

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 675

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Thank you so much for the submission. Here’s what came to mind. Hope you like it.  P.S.This is placed before Sam met Jess.

Ever since high school photography had been a passion of yours and when your college professor assigned a portrait session, the first person who popped into your head was your best friend, who you secretly harbored feelings for.  You knew that Sam would make a wonderful subject. His face was always so full of expression.  The hardest part would be getting him to look up from his textbooks long enough to take the pictures you needed to have. You decided to ask him during your study session that night.

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Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Weekly Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Keep close with your high school best friends. A lot of people from my high school came to my university, and they’ve done different things in this regard. I know some people who completely cut off contact with everyone from high school. Then there are others who stuck to the same group of friends, and then others still who became closer to high school classmates that they previously had little contact with. 

My advice is to choose to keep your closest friends, because making friends that close in university can be difficult. 

What if you cut off everyone and hang with uni friends, only to fail a subject and have to make a whole new group? This is a very real occurrence; many of the friends I was quite close to have left, and it’s just difficult to keep in touch as much as if we were in the same classes. I think out of a cohort with 110 ish people, we’re down to 56, and even then only about 2/3rds of us were from the original cohort that started together in 2013. 

Uni is great for meeting a variety of people. These might be people that you don’t get along with, people you find standoffish, people who you are forced to work with for the sake of an assignment, people who you think just act stupid/selfish/snappish or on the other hand, they might be people who become great friends that you continue to keep in touch with. It reflects the wider world, so keep an open mind and try and learn about different perspectives. I found that first year was really good for reading cues about people and figuring out little things from small subtle gestures.

You can’t get along with everyone. I kinda knew this before uni, but at the same time when I’m dealing with people it’s hard to keep it in mind. There are just people who you can hang out with for ages, and yet you still don’t get along, not because of any lack of effort on your part. If you don’t get along with someone and you’re not forced to, then just hang with others. I think that’s one of the main benefits of uni; you aren’t sort of forced to hang out just in those lunch groups anymore. 

Try to make friends with people outside of your degree. I just think that knowing and talking with someone outside of your degree interests makes you a more well-rounded person and you can often pick up things about a topic that you wouldn’t otherwise know. Likewise, join a club for socialising and meeting people with the same interests! So that you can fangirl over the same things :D

Don’t be the tool that cosplays a pauper. That omgsh-free-food-guys attitude is absolutely ridiculous because unlike American college students that almost always have to live away from home and pay for their tuition, most Australian students live with their parents. They also aren’t living paycheck to paycheck, so I don’t understand why people have to scramble for free food in a bizarre cult-like fashion. There’s even a free food facebook page for our university where anyone that doesn’t post about free food gets hurled abuse.

Maybe don’t talk about university homework too often? I know it’s tempting especially as most people reading this are probably studyblr owners, but now that I personally try not to talk about uni, I find that people start talking about uni to me. It can get exhausting after a while. Likewise, don’t be that person who omgsh-slept-only-4-hrs-last-night-and-hasn’t-even-started-that-assignment-due-tmrw-gosh-i’m-soooooooo-tired. Is that like a humblebrag or something? What’s up with half the student population competing for who handles uni life the worst? It gets old pretty fast. 

Going to annual cruises, parties, formals: go once in first year and once in your last year. Once for the experience, and then in the last year for the meaningful memories and celebrations. No need to put up with vomit and drunkards unless necessary. Plus, the events are usually held during mid sem break, which is when you want to catch up with your studies and your old high school friends for example. 

Uni is great for networking and learning professionalism much needed for future career relationships. There are a lot of resources, not to mention careers support, and some of the lecturers you talk to, or the seniors above you could be your future coworkers or bosses. Try to make a good impression on everyone you meet :) 

Find someone who likes to study/practise as much as you do! As an optometry student, I also need to keep my clinical skills up to scratch so I like to practice whenever I can… except the thing is that I almost always can’t find a partner. It’s so impossible because no one can be bothered going to practice when I do, and they all practice right near exam period which is when you have to start fighting to the death waking up at 5:30am for a practice bay! 




She’s smart, but nobody really knows that. She wears turtleneck sweaters and scrunchies and hides her glasses at the very bottom of her backpack. She twiddles her thumbs when she gets nervous and bites her nails upon impending doom. Her room is filled with polka dots and a modern day princess bed. She’s her dad’s favorite and they go out to lunch every Sunday, just the two of them. She has five beautiful best friends all willing to give her the world, yet she settles simply for Saturday brunches and Friday nights in an unknown basement. She loves the ocean more than anything. She kisses boys in the dunes and forgets their names the next morning. She goes on highway adventures with her sister every Wednesday. She studies, she drinks, she laughs, she cries, she smiles, and she writes.
—  it’s my very own love story, and for once, he’s not the subject

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(I'm twnyards btw) Hi! Congrats on 1k followers! If you wouldn't mind..... #13 for Nicky/Erik? (Is there a ship name idk they need more love)


Nicky’s mother had cancelled on their skype date yet again, and he was trying not to be heartbroken. It was hard though. If he was still in America, he would be at his best friend Danny’s house, sitting on the couch, probably crying. Nicky had always been extremely close to his mother when he was younger, and it was hard to grow up and grow apart, against your will in a way.

Danny was always good at turning his sadness into anger. Nicky still felt lousy, but he was less likely to shut down when he was angry. There were plenty of times that Nicky and Danny would sit on that same beat up couch and Nicky would cry about anything and everything that was bothering him, and Danny would hype him up. There wasn’t ever any way for Danny to magically fix his problems, but he could sure as hell help him find a new way to look at whatever was bothering him. And if it meant becoming vindicated instead of breaking down every time he thought of his life, well it was a trade Nicky was willing to make.

But Nicky wasn’t in America, he was in Germany. At the Klose family home, to be specific. And wasn’t that the issue? Luther hadn’t liked Nicky and Danny’s friendship, at all. Nicky had had a harmless puppy crush on Danny, and in their defense, nothing had happened between them. But one of the women from Luther’s church had seen them exchanging tentative kisses in the front seat of Nicky’s car, and she told Luther. And now Nicky was an ocean away from his best friend.

Luther had immediately sold Nicky’s car, and Nicky wasn’t allowed to go anywhere but church and school. Life became hell, and Nicky only got to see Danny during school.

Danny was angry. He was angry at Luther for being such a shit father. With Maria for being complacent and only standing up for her son when no one else was around. And he was angry with Nicky for not just getting out. And that hurt.

Danny had great parents and could never truly understand Nicky’s struggle. It wasn’t as black and white as Danny thought, and Nicky didn’t even really know how to explain it himself. There were nights where Nicky pleaded in whispers with his mother to leave with him and never look back, but even that was grayer than Nicky was willing to admit. Maria always tearfully refused and told her son to just listen to his father, he just had two more years. Couldn’t he make it two more years?

Nicky felt like he was dying. Who Nicky was as a person was slowly wasting away, and on top of dealing with unsupportive parents, Danny couldn’t understand him. Danny, can you just be on my side right now? I need someone in my corner.

Danny might not have understood the intricacies of Nicky’s life, but he was Nicky’s best friend. And he would be damned if he didn’t find a way for Nicky to get out and on terms that he was comfortable with.

And that’s how he ended up in Germany. Danny, Nicky, and Maria planned it meticulously, and Maria was the one to broach the subject with Luther. Much to Nicky’s joy and dismay, Luther agreed to allow Nicky to finish out high school in Germany. Nicky would never forgive Luther for letting him go so easily. Nicky only wanted to stay for his mother, and there was nothing that he wanted from a life with Luther, but the idea of not being wanted was heart wrenching.

And now Maria, his mamá with the dark and pretty eyes that she gave to her son, didn’t want to speak with him anymore. Nicky wished he had known last week when he excitedly told her about making his first frühstück (that’s breakfast mamá; desayuno!) for the Klose family. How he got up early and prepared the brot (bread), the wurst (sausage), and had artfully poured small bowls of müsli and johgurt (kind of like granola and yogurt mamá). And when she looked at him like he was her whole world and called him “mi hijo” in the softest voice and her voice caught, Nicky had laughed and told her that he was meeting with Erik to go walking in the park.

Had Nicky known, he would have sat with her for hours, asking her about everything that was going on in her life. He didn’t care what they talked about, just to hear her warm voice wash over him and get to see her beautiful face.

Nicky wanted his mamá, and he was going to cry. He had never cried in front of the Klose family before, and he was terrified of how they would respond. What’s worse is that he thought he might be a little in love with Erik. He was probably the kindest man he ever met, and he was so patient and kind to Nicky. And they were becoming the greatest of friends.

Nicky was sobbing in his room when Erik found him.

“Bärchen, what is bothering you?” Erik asked.

“It’s just—my mom…”

“Oh, yes! You were talking to her today. Did that not go well?”

“It didn’t go at all. She never called.” Nicky started sobbing harder.

“Oh, bärchen,” Erik said in the softest voice.

Nicky sniffed so hard that his sinuses started to hurt, and he hastily swiped at his tears before pasting a smile on his face. “It’s okay, don’t worry!”

“It’s not okay, Nicky,” Erik said in a solemn voice before pulling a crying and snotty Nicky into his arms.

He let Nicky cry out and rubbed his back gently before kissing his forehead and tucking him into bed. Nicky reached out a hand and asked Erik to stay, and then Erik climbed into bed next to him and decided that there was nothing in the world that could tear him from his side.

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Hello ! :D I am wondering if you could do a scenario where MC is depressed because of school and she is too stressed out, how the RFA would comfort her ? :) Thank you.


I’m so sorry, this probably is so late, but I hadn’t realised anyone sent in an ask to me, so thank you, dear nonny!


  • This dumpling knows all about the hardships of school and being stressed about it all, so he’s probably one of the first to notice  
  • He’d probably offer to tutor you if he can (he was an A* student in high school after all)
  • It’d help him study too if he’s helping you!
  • Yoosung would probably make cute lil flashcards to help you remember different things  
  • Since you’re feeling so down, he’d probably give you a TONNE of love and affection, just random hugs here and there
  • Would probably get distracted when studying b/c how cute you look
  • Both of your grades would increase  
  • Power couple !!!


  • this poor angel would probably feel reallly bad that he couldn’t help you
  • since he dropped out of school / didn’t pay much attention to it  
  • so he’d probably try to make it up to you in different ways!  
  • he’d remind you to take breaks while studying  
  • when he first realised you were depressed he got dramatically sad and flung himself over you  
  • he’d probably drag you out to get goldfish bread to cheer you up & try to come up w/ study plans  


  • probably the best person to ask for help with your studies tbh
  • he’d probably hire a tutor to help you w/ subjects you’re struggling with  
  • or
  • go to the school, make it rain & there will be no more problems  
  • who says money can’t solve everything


  • my sweet potato angel baby
  • probably kept her notes from her time in education  
  • she let yoosung borrow them for an exam and he passed with the highest mark he’d had since high school
  • has the neatest notes e v e r
  • she’d be such a mother hen, insisting on making a timetable on when to study and giving so many study tips
  • And if she catches you procrastinating when you’re supposed to be studying
  • boi u dead  
  • she’d be really worried about you tho!!  
  • constant phone calls  
  • ring ring “MC are you studying?” ring ring “MC have you had a break yet” ring ring “MC have you ate/slept today?”  
  • She just cares so much okay let her help u


  • this boi is a genius, so I’m pretty sure you could go to him with ANYTHING you need help with and he’d know how to do it
  • but when it comes to teaching,,
  • he’s used to working alone / with vanderwood watching over him, so he’s never really taught anyone before??
  • he’d probably explain in such a complicated way and make you more confused at first
  • as time goes on he can explain things better tho
  • probably puts on a lab coat and dresses up really goofy whenever he has to teach you stuff
  • “Call me Mr. Choi! I’m your new substitute teacher!”  
  • ok but he makes learning really fun and has a lot of terrible jokes  
  • makes up a really dumb rap for each topic to help you remember  
  • “what’s a hug without you? toxic ‘cause mercury (Hg) is poisonous”  

I didn’t know if you wanted V/Saeran included in this so I just left them out, but if you do, feel free to send another ask! i am s o sorry for the long wait tho, aa ;(

Also sorry if some of these are really short- I’ll try get better at them ;;;;;

Hope you enjoyed tho!! ❤️❤️

hello this is a cute little highschool!AU for otayuri it’s my second fic ever don’t judge me
anyways this was supposed to be a funny little crack fic based on some starter but here we are with 3486 words and a whole lot of regret

The last thing Yuri Plisetsky expected to be doing with his day was searching for a certain handwriting, collecting samples to compare with a scribbled graffiti on a bathroom stall.
But hey, c'est la vie.

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anonymous asked:

Were you ever known as the "artist" in high school? Or "the person that's good at drawing"? If not, what type of teenager were you in high school?

for sure! even through primary school i was always that ‘artsy kid.’ it was even more prominent in my high school, which was regarded as very academic. we had about 350 students or so per year level, and out of our year level only 5-6 students chose to study ‘studio arts’ (which is like a fine art subject). 

and i used to played so heaps of games in high school! i used to love DOTA, WC3, WoW etc… i don’t think anyone even knew that i was a guild master in world of warcraft when I was 14. i was a freak at it and i loved it haha

i really loved sports, especially track and field and i even ended up being house captain for my school too, which was a childhood dream of mine funnily enough! i was also a bit of a troublemaker in high school too because me and my best friend were really bad influences on each other.
good times!

anonymous asked:

Daisen brothers High School headcanons please :3

Ooooooh! This is so freaking cool! I will do my best :D

I’m going to do these as if they would be students! If you would like something different, please let me know!


- *CORRECTION* I see all three brothers in some type of sport. I can see Kokoriki being on the track team. He apparently used to be a marathon runner, so he’d probably stomp the competition.

- Kokoriki would be super popular with everyone, and helps make a ton of decisions for pep rallies (especially for the rugby team).

- His favorite subjects are History and English. He also likes Home Economics because sweets and pastries!


- Rokuriki’s school sport would be soccer (big surprise, right?)! I can see him playing a forward or middle fielder. The boy probably has really strong legs, can dribble like crazy, and score a ton of goals!

- He has a group of girls always following him and giving him mint flavored treats or goodies. It makes him very bashful, especially if the girls start fighting amongst themselves.

- His favorite subjects are Biology and Anatomy. He’s not too great with Math unfortunately.


- Youriki’s sport would be wrestling! His height and weight make him a very big competitor, and his strength is known at many schools.

- A lot of people are scared of him because of his appearance. Once they get to know him, they realize that he’s a big teddy bear.

- Youriki’s best subjects are Workshop/Woodworking and Physical Education. He does pretty well academically, but they aren’t his favorites.

All Three Brothers:

- They’ve gotten into a fight with each other once and nearly destroyed the lunchroom. The principal had to separate them just so there would be less property damage.

- All three have helped their respective teams get to and win championships.

- Kokoriki is in the school choir, and both of his brothers haven’t missed any of his concerts.

- All three have a shit ton of admirers, and find their lockers filled with love letters.

anonymous asked:


in high school I typed one of my teachers as INTP and used my understanding of mbti and cognitive functions to psychoanalyse him and then systematically treated him and talked to him in the most ideal ways until he was so charmed by me that he did me personal favours of his own accord and for instance privately tutored me, chose to give me a scholarship for being the best student in the subject he taught and wrote me glowing recommendation letters

Actually while I’m on the subject of people who have wronged me, fuck Jasper Nut! I mean technically by now we’re even but I’m still fucking boggled! By! This!

So after I graduated high school my best friend and I, her boyfriend Jasper Nut, and his best friend, all went camping in Arcadia, we did the whole thing, we climbed Mount Katahdin in the darkness to watch the sun rise where it first hits america, it was great.

But at some point, Jasper and Alle got into an argument. I don’t remember what about, I don’t think it was even anything serious, I was standing right next to her as this happens, and they get into standoff mode, staring directly at one another, not saying a word, when suddenly Jasper turns to me

and fucking smacks me

right across the face

and while both of us are going ‘What the actual fuck?’ he says ‘Well, she’s my girlfriend, so I can’t hit her, so I guess I have to hit you.’

Like what the fuck. What the actual fucking fuck, who thinks that?!

I  waited like 15 minutes and then sucker-slapped him into a fucking ditch, I left a welt, and I had to jumpshot that shit cause he was like six feet up there and I’m a fucking gnome, but I did it.

But I’ll never get over that, I’ll never get over that logic “I couldn’t hit her, so I had to hit you” like the older I get the more fucking horrifying that process becomes. Thank god they broke up though iirc he cheated on her so. Yeah. Trash man belongs in the fucking trash can I hope he also gets run off the road.