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AND LASTLY. My final post for this image: a wallpaper! (I’m sorry I can’t fit everyone in it’s too big!) I threw the art up yesterday without much of an explanation aside from ‘it’s done!’ HUZZAH.

But really, I meant: It’s done: Thank you all so much for the support. This was a labour of love. It really, really was. But it felt warranted! I don’t do this kind of art unless I love something deep down in my little black heart. This is my tribute to the series and to Sarah and to @blackbeak and everyone who has ever thanked me for introducing them to something they’ve gotten enjoyment out of. Every kind word and every bit of encouragement. Thank you, it’s for myself and it’s for you.

It only felt fitting to draw something that literally required me to give up a little of my own life force to get done *eyebrow waggle* and to mark the end of the series (or the end of this particular arc) in the only way I know how.

(And this isn’t the end of my Thorns and Roses art, per say. But I have done a lot - and I’m looking forward to working on my own things again! I have something else up my sleeve but it won’t be for a couple of months) <3

in which sage makes another edit for these rad dudes

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An accounting of the day of top surgery:

  • I had to stop eating and drinking at 8pm the night before for a surgery scheduled at noon the next day.
  • I showered in the morning, but I was told not to put on any lotion or deodorant or anything so I didn’t, and then I had to put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear before we left the hotel. I brought the medicines I was prescribed just in case I needed them.
  • My mom and I arrived about 10 minutes early, and about 1 and a half hours before the surgery. We sat in the waiting room for a bit, and I got a wristband with my name and birthdate and stuff on it.
  • I didn’t have much paperwork to do because they had gone over that with us yesterday in the pre-op appointment, and over the phone and email in the course of the month leading up to the surgery date. They also gave me a post-op binder to wear a few days after the surgery if I didn’t like the ace bandage, and took my before pictures during the pre-op.
  • I had to take off all my jewelry, which meant 3 rings for me. One of the ring was the one my partner gave me, and it was stuck on my finger because I don’t take it off often and I guess my finger has grown and we had to use lotion to get it off!
  • They left my mom in the waiting room and I had to pee in a cup in the bathroom, which was a little worrying because I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink since 8 pm the night before and it was noon of the next day and I had used the bathroom before leaving the hotel so I was worried there wouldn’t be any in me but it was okay.
  • Then the nurse took me back to a different room, and I changed into a hospital gown and put on tight compression socks then got in a rollaway bed. She chatted with me as she did my blood pressure with the cuff, took my temperature, and asked if I had any allergies or if i had gotten surgery before.
  • I had a squeezey thing on each of my legs sort of like a blood pressure cuff to keep my circulation going well during the surgery. It didn’t hurt, but it was a bit of an odd sensation.
  • The nurse wanted to put the IV in, but I’m very nervous about that that type of thing although I’d never had an IV before so I asked her if she could bring my mom in for moral support, so my mom came. I also got my iPhone and earbuds and listened to my music to help distract me while I held on to my mom’s hand.
  • The nurse was going to put the IV in my hand, but she changed her mind and put it in the crook of my arm because I was anxious about it. The reason she’d put it in the hand usually is because you can move around more that way, and if it’s in your arm you have to keep your arm out straight and relatively still. I was pretty freaked out, but it didn’t hurt much and just putting in the IV was the most anxious or upset I felt during the whole thing.
  • Then the nurse showed us the drains and explained how they worked and stuff. She also went over the post-op instructions and medications.
  • She brought a thing where you were supposed to suck the air in to raise up a stick in it, but I wasn’t able to get it to raise high enough. They gave it to me to take back with us, and said I was supposed to try doing it 9 times an hour after the surgery to keep my lungs from getting collapsed because being in an ace makes it hard to take deep breaths and then the lung things can rub against each other and get irritated and cause pneumonia.
  • The anesthesiologist came and asked me if I had any allergies to medicine, and asked if I did drugs or drank alcohol (which I don’t) and if anyone in my family ever had an issue with anesthesia in the past. He also said that I’d have a breathing tube in during the surgery, which took about 3 hours, and that he’d take it out after and I’d be awake for it but not remember it at all, which is true.
  • A new nurse came in who introduced herself as the nurse who would be there during the whole surgery. She asked me what procedure I was getting, and I said top surgery. I was a bit worried that she didn’t know what was going on, but she had been asking to check with me to be sure we were all on the same page, like a last minute consent check. She told me that the lights would be bright in the operating room, but I don’t remember being in there.
  • Then Dr. Steinwald came in, and I got out of the bed and he drew on my chest with a marker to show me what it would look like after surgery and to give himself an idea of what was being cut where. Then I got back into bed.
  • The anesthesiologist told me that I’d be given Valium in my IV so I would be relaxed but conscious, and then I’d be wheeled to the operating room where I’d have to switch out of the bed and take off the gown and breathe in oxygen from a mask that smelled like a beach ball.
  • I don’t actually remember even leaving the room where I was with my mom, let alone going to the operating room or switching beds or anything. The next thing I knew, it was a few hours later and I was half-asleep in a different room with my mom there.
  • I was wrapped in an ace bandage that I have to keep on for a few more days before I can switch to a compression vest, and I had two drains in.
  • I was pretty nauseous despite the anti-nausea stuff they put in my IV and the nausea patch behind my ear, and I threw up on and off for the next two hours there when I woke up but there wasn’t anything in my stomach because I had to stop eating at 8 pm the night before. They put more anti-nausea stuff in my IV, but it didn’t work.
  • The nurse emptied the drains twice while I was there, but I don’t remember it. I kept falling asleep for like 3 to 10 minutes and then I’d wake up again and not know where I was, and they took my temperature to see if I had a fever and I didn’t.
  • My mom said I was pale and there was a thing on my finger to monitor my oxygen and a blood pressure cuff on. The oxygen levels kept getting low, and the nurse had to wake up me up take deep breaths and I’d do that and fall asleep again. This was happening for the two hours I was in the recovery room.
  • They tried to offer me saltine crackers, ginger ale, and water because people are usually hungry after the operation but I didn’t want it because I was feeling nauseous. I also got two black bands to go on my wrist to help with the nausea.
  • I was in a paper gown, and before we left I had to change in to my clothes, and then a woman took me out to the car in a wheelchair. My mom thought I should have stayed longer, as I was feeling pretty sick although I wasn’t in any pain.
  • I was sick in the car a time or two although I thought I was awake in the car because I had been trying hard not to fall asleep so I wouldn’t get carsick, but my mom says I was pretty much asleep the whole trip.
  • When we got to the hotel, I walked through the hallways with my mom holding on my arm, and when I got to the hotel room I was sick again then got into bed and fell asleep for about 2 hours.
  • I was sick when I woke up again too. Then I had the first dose of pain medication at 7 pm.
  • I texted everyone reassurances that I was okay for a while, then after a bit I tried to look at some apples slices and threw up again. It also turned out that the anti-nausea pill I had swallowed was supposed to go under my tongue.
  • We emptied the bulbs on the drains, and there was a bit more than 30 ccs of blood in each. Then I went back to bed. Mom woke me up to get the next dose of pain medicine at 1 am. I was wary about the Percocet because they said it can make you nauseous and I think it might be making me constipated because I haven’t had to poop yet.  
  • I wasn’t allowed to unwrap the ace bandages or take off the compression socks. After 48 hours I can take off the ace bandages and the gauzey stuff under and put on a compression vest, and in 72 hours I can take off the compression socks. I get to see my chest for the first time later in the week.

The first day after top surgery:

  • I haven’t thrown up today and I’m not nauseous! 
  • I’m not very hungry either though, but so far I’ve had a bagel and some grapes and a protein fruit shake drink.
  • I feel okay, just kinda tired 
  • I spent a lot of time in bed listening to music, and I got up for a short walk down the street. 
  • I’m not in any pain because of the medication. 
  • I didn’t do the breathing thing yesterday, so I’m trying to do it more often today.
  • I started to take an antibiotic pill today which tastes gross.
  • The compression sock hurt the ball of my left foot because it’s a bit too tight I think. The right foot and leg are doing fine though.
  • It’s going to be some time before I’m up to my usual level of activity because I’m not supposed to do anything that brings my heartrate up for 4 weeks after surgery.
  • I’m feeling optimistic though because years down the line I’m going to have a flat chest and it’ll make the recovery worth it.

More posts on my top surgery recovery can be found at https://questingqueer.tumblr.com/tagged/my-top-surgery

I’m happy to try to answer any questions someone might have, but I made a Top surgery page on @transgenderteensurvivalguide so check there before you ask me because there’s a chance your question is covered in that info. 

starfire born sexy yesterday? I don’t think so.

warning: if you try to rebut this post with something along the lines of “but starfire as a character was meant to be objectified/eye candy/etc” I will not hesitate to embarrass you and your poorly constructed argument. george perez has definitely been gross about starfire in the past (see his interview excerpts on bill walko’s Titans Tower site) but marv wolfman strived to make her something more and succeeded, which is important and what I’ve used to construct this. perez’s past comments bear little relevance here so please, stay out of it if that’s all you’re going to push on me.

so what is born sexy yesterday? to keep it short, born sexy yesterday means a character with high intelligence but with the experience, mind, and personality of a child in the body of (most often) a grown woman who is usually highly sexualized and objectified. it’s a trope that crops up in pop culture time and time again and to guide the woman with the innocent of a child is the hero, a man ordinary in every way except for the fact that to the Born Sexy, he seems to possess all knowledge and she typically falls in love with him because of it. 

at first glance, starfire fulfills some of these requirements. 

innocent of the ways of our world?


scene where she’s innocently naked/doesn’t understand clothing?

that’s there, too.

however, she never falls into the category of acting like a child (or being physically born yesterday like The Fifth Element’s Leeloo and other science fiction women who fall victim to this trope) and shows herself to be incredibly competent in several situations. her innocence and naivete in social situations on earth come not from having the mind of a child but from cultural dissonance. she not only has knowledge of how to fly a starship: 

she’s incredibly skilled at its operation and can outmaneuver people who operate starships more frequently than she ever has (as she was enslaved for six years and before that was training to be a warrior, so this situation boasts of an impressive memory and intelligence).

While she fell in love with the first man she met, she didn’t idolize him. She didn’t excuse his treatment of her or let him continually treat her like she was an idiot – koriand’r stood up to him and to her other teammates who believed her intellect was lesser because she couldn’t understand their cultural values:

she’s proved to be someone who can handle herself, does not need others to hold her hand but relies on them because she loves them, and has a strong sense of self no matter the situation. 

koriand’r also isn’t limited to having only one relationship and her scope of the world isn’t limited to just dick grayson - her relationships with garfield logan and victor stone are as deep and meaningful as her relationship with dick (this is referring to how Born Sexies are often only allowed to have a relationship/friendship with the male hero of their story and no other men, this is not discounting her deep friendships with both donna troy and raven): 

kory isn’t a perfect subversion of this trope but she is an incredibly strong one that stands the test of time and continues to inspire me.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Are Part of a New Generation Who Don’t See Fashion as Gendered

Midway through Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, a startling transformation takes place: Our hero, Duke Orlando, awakens from a seven-day slumber to find that he has switched genders. “Orlando had become a woman,” Woolf writes, “but in every other respect, Orlando remained precisely as he had been. The change of sex, though it altered their future, did nothing whatever to alter their identity.”

He becomes they. The pronouns shift, but the person remains the same. Woolf’s words, written in 1928, could easily be mistaken for a manifesto posted yesterday on Tumblr, the preferred platform for the growing cohort of “fluid” young people who, like Orlando, breezily crisscross the XX/XY divide. Fashion, of course, has taken note of the movement, which is sufficiently evolved to boast its own pinups, including Jaden Smith, recently the star of a Louis Vuitton womenswear campaign, and androgynous Chinese pop star (and Riccardo Tisci muse) Chris Lee. But where, exactly, is someone neither entirely he nor she meant to shop? And how, exactly, is such a person to be defined?

“They don’t want to be defined,” says Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, one of the many designers taking inspiration from the trend. “You see boys wearing makeup, girls buying menswear—they are not afraid to be who they are. This category or that category—who cares? They want to define themselves.”

This gender-bending approach to fashion has begun to achieve critical mass in pop culture and on the catwalk, with Alessandro Michele dressing his Gucci girlsin dandyish suits and his Gucci boys in floral and brocade, actress Evan Rachel Wood wearing Altuzarra tuxedos on the red carpet, Pharrell Williams gallivanting down the Chanel runway in a tweed blazer and long strings of pearls, and rapper Young Thug posing on the cover of his mixtape in a long ruffled dress. More broadly, designers such as Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons at Calvin Klein are knitting their men’s and women’s collections together, showing them on the same catwalk and twinning certain looks—identical fabrics, identical embellishments, nearly identical silhouettes.

This new blasé attitude toward gender codes marks a radical break. Consider the scene one recent morning out in Montauk, New York, where the photos accompanying this story were shot: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik snuggle in interchangeable tracksuits as, nearby, Hadid’s younger brother, Anwar, rocks back and forth on a tire swing, his sheer lace top exposing scattered tattoos. For these millennials, at least, descriptives like boy or girl rank pretty low on the list of important qualities—and the way they dress reflects that.

“I shop in your closet all the time, don’t I?” Hadid, 22, flicks a lock of dyed-green hair out of her boyfriend’s eyes as she poses the question.

“Yeah, but same,” replies Malik, 24. “What was that T-shirt I borrowed the other day?”

“The Anna Sui?” asks Hadid.

“Yeah,” Malik says. “I like that shirt. And if it’s tight on me, so what? It doesn’t matter if it was made for a girl.”

Hadid nods vigorously. “Totally. It’s not about gender. It’s about, like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it’s fun to experiment… .”

Anwar, eavesdropping, pipes up. “We’re chill!” he calls out from a picnic table not far away. “People our age, we’re just chill. You can be whoever you want,” he adds, ambling over, “as long as you’re being yourself.”

This is how you can tell a paradigm shift has taken place: when a fresh way of seeing a thing seems like common sense. Once, the Earth was flat; then it was round—at which point, of course it was. Likewise, for eighteen-year-old Anwar Hadid and many of his peers, gender is a more or less arbitrary distinction, a boundary that can be traversed at will. Maybe that leads you to call yourself agender or bigender or demiboy or mostly girl—or maybe it just means that you and your significant other share a wardrobe. Either way, there’s a terrific opportunity for play.

It’s this space that fashion designers have rushed into. Alessandro Michele, whose recent Gucci shows have been at the epicenter of fashion’s genderquake, says that he treats traditional feminine and masculine wardrobe codes as if they were a language, a score, a dictionary.

“I use them to rewrite a story,” Michele explains. “I find it fascinating to break and mystify them in order to reinvent them in a different way. I create space for a personal interpretation.”

Jonathan Anderson, meanwhile, sees his blurring of gender lines in aesthetic terms. When he included dresses in his fall 2013 J.W.Anderson menswear collection, the aim, he says, was “to play with new moods and silhouettes; to find newness.” Hence his surprise when the U.K. tabloids responded with wrath. “Men in dresses! Shock! Horror!” Anderson says, laughing. “I’m not sure the world was ready for what we were doing.” But he stuck to his guns—and now there’s a whole wave of British menswear designers challenging traditional notions of masculinity, including Martine Rose, who claims fans such as A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, and Grace Wales Bonner, winner of the 2016 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers.

“I’m playing with elements that might be considered feminine, but always in pursuit of an ideal of male beauty,” Wales Bonner says. “Are there versions of male beauty that incorporate flamboyance and vulnerability?”

Of course there are: Think Prince and David Bowie, both of whom scrambled male and female fashion codes in the name of liberation. For more current examples, think of James Charles, the eighteen-year-old makeup fanatic tapped last year as CoverGirl’s first-ever male campaign star—or the gender-blurring members of the art collective House of Ladosha featured in the upcoming New Museum exhibition “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon.” Or check out the Instagram belonging to New York City man-about-town Richie Shazam.

“Fashion allows me to break the rules,” says Shazam, 27, who has earned a fervent following for his distinctive his/hers look. “I adorn and embellish myself, play with makeup and jewelry, and just put on clothes that are beautiful. Through fashion, I get to explore my own ideas about what’s manly.”

Women, of course, have been permitted to explore different iterations of femininity for some time—men are merely playing catch-up. But there is something new in the way women now buck social mores: Conventional notions of “sexiness” are being refused point-blank. When model and actor Ruby Rose uploaded “Break Free” in 2014, the video—which shows Rose transforming from a made-up, minidress-clad, long-locked Barbie into a cropped-cut and tattooed androgyne—went viral, with 28 million viewers and counting. Suddenly the notion that a person could dwell in a state of sexual flux was a trending topic.

“When I came out, I came out as trans,” says Tyler Ford, the agender poet and activist who first found fame as Miley Cyrus’s date to the amfAR gala in 2015. “I felt like you had to choose—that there were only two boxes you could tick, and if I had to pick one, maybe boy felt more right. But it never felt entirely right. Then I read about being non-binary online, and it was, like, Aahhhh… .

“I’m a college dropout,” Ford continues. “I’ve never taken a queer-theory course. But the ideas are trickling down via the Internet, and they make intuitive sense to me. I am who I am, and I just want to exist as myself.”

I just want to exist as myself. This is a generation’s cri de coeur, and if technology has enabled its elevation as a rallying cry, technology also accounts for the intensity of millennials’ drive to resist categorization. Social-media natives, they’ve been trained from childhood to maintain profiles on Instagram or Facebook that can reduce a person to a list of biographical data or a face among faces competing for “likes”—or function as platforms to transmit a complex, sui generis identity.

“I have a friend who identifies as ‘all boy, all girl, all male, all female,’” says Gypsy Sport designer Rio Uribe, who is known for his party-like fashion shows cast with pals from all along the gender spectrum. “It’s like—what is that? But it doesn’t matter what it is.” Eluding the labels, constructing an identity apart—for Uribe, that’s “a clapback to a society that wants to define you.”

For a demographic so keenly attuned to being looked at, style serves as a convenient means of liberation. And so it’s always been, as Marc Jacobs points out.

“These kids—I’m not sure they’re any different from the people I saw at Danceteria or Mudd Club in the eighties,” Jacobs says. “The difference is that back then, the expression—extreme looks, cross-dressing, what have you—was hidden away in a speakeasy or a club. Today, thanks to the Internet, that culture is widely exposed.”

Young New York–based brands such as Gypsy Sport, Eckhaus Latta, Vaquera, and Chromat are doing the same thing—striking out from the safe space of the club to bring their anything-goes ethos to the runway and the street.

Millennials like Gigi Hadid have taken this new freedom to heart. “One day you can be this,” she says, watching as Malik is buttoned into a bedazzled Gucci blazer, “and another day you can do that.”

Over the course of a few short years, that craving for latitude has manifested a trend that’s electrified fashion, transforming not only the look of clothes but the ways they are presented and sold. Chances are, there’s no going back—though a man in a dress or a woman who doesn’t shave her legs and prefers not to be called “she” is still an affront in many places. But if this month’s cover stars are anything to go by, the momentum is all in the direction of attitude, not gender, as the all-important marker of a human being.

“If Zayn’s wearing a tight shirt and tight jeans and a big, drapey coat,” Hadid says, “I mean—I’d wear that, too. It’s just about, Do the clothes feel right on you?”

Malik shoots Hadid a tender look and joins the conversation.

“With social media, the world’s gotten very small,” he says, “and it can seem like everyone’s doing the same thing. Gender, whatever—you want to make your own statement. You know? You want to feel distinct.”

Read the full article at Vogue.

I struggled about whether or not to post this, but as a bisexual woman in her 30s with very strong feelings on bullying, I feel I have to.

Yesterday I watched many people from the Mass Effect fandom gang up on someone who made some poorly worded comments about straight love interests that were unintentionally hurtful to bisexuals. From what I can gather, while some users did take the time send politely worded anons or to have proper conversations with this user, it wasn’t many.

The hate I witnessed on that main post was one of the most upsetting things I’ve seen in a while. I watched as vague call out posts appeared and people sent hateful anons to this person. I watched as people reblogged the post to post hate at this person or reply with hateful comments and personal attacks. I watched as the situation would calm down only for yet another person to reblog the post and throw more fuel on the fire. I watched as people stopped reading her posts and just read other people’s replies, reading further and further into her comments. Assuming things she had not said, and things she had not meant to imply. 

People are now claiming she said things she did not say; that is unacceptable.

Even as someone who taken aback by what was said, I couldn’t understand why logical adults - people who were just as calm and reasonable as me on any other day of the week - were resorting to mob tactics and posting hate. The personal attacks and nasty insults were awful and constant, sometimes in tags and sometimes in reblogs or comments.

Guys, no matter how angry or hurt you are by something someone has said, it’s never okay to resort to bullying and hate. What I saw yesterday terrified me so much that I didn’t feel safe to say anything on that post. Hate, anger and public humiliation will never change someone’s mind. That is what drives people to self harm and even to suicide. You don’t want that. We are better than that. 

I didn’t agree with what this person said, but I listened to what she said and understood it did not represent her own views. I also talked to this person via messager so it was private.

I’m not telling anyone not to be upset or angry, only that sometimes it’s good to walk away for a moment, take some deep breaths, and try to remember that behind every screen is a person. A life. Someone who doesn’t deserve to have a gang of people throwing abuse at them. It’s okay to be hurt and to express that hurt, but personal attacks and comments are never okay.

Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own speech and actions, and hate on this scale is never a good response when someone upsets you - unintentionally or intentionally. That’s all. That’s it. I love you guys very much and I would hate for anyone to be a victim of hate.

so yesterday was “speak your language day” and i was thinking that i might do a little something on some of our (my) favourite bbys speaking in their language to their loved ones

i actually meant to put up a portuguese version of this but chickened out lol anyway here goes (warning, slightly long post ahead)

how about zevran at your ear, repeating in antivan what he has whispered in the ears of countless bed mates before, a string of sweet nothings whispered with a breathless voice and loving eyes, words that for the first time he actually means

or leliana, softly singing an old orlesian lullaby for your ears only, soft words of affection and warmth and bliss as the two of you dance in your little cottage by the sea, a happy ending you both earned after an eternity of suffering

iron bull surprising himself by looking at his kadan and thinking of qunlat words that he never thought could have meanings of love and yet as he looks into your eyes everything just fits, everything fits in a way he knows would never have worked under the qun and this is just one more of the reasons he has no regrets leaving that life behind

solas, observing his vhenan from afar through your dreams, whispering everything he wishes he could say to you, soft elvish words as he can feel the dawn approaching and everything hurts because he knows it means you will wake soon and he’ll have to leave, the reminder that there is always the next night a small comfort against what he truly wants

fenris, looking down at your sleeping form beside him, thinking of everything that has led him up to this moment and deciding that perhaps it was worth it, after all, and he thanks the maker or whoever is out there with soft words in tevene, a language so associated with pain before you came into his life but now strangely blissful

isabela remembering soft rivaini words as she looks at you, words her mother used to tell her before it all went wrong and she knows that she shouldn’t think about it, but looking at you she thinks that perhaps it’s time they receive a new meaning and she knows that there could be no better one than the way your beautiful eyes gaze straight back at her

sten had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would fall in love with anyone and yet here you are. he doesn’t know how to express all these strange thoughts aloud in the common tongue, not quite sure he’d dare to if he did, and yet he longs for you to understand everything his mouth cannot say out loud by looking into his eyes and seeing all these new, wonderful feelings laid bare before you


Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but because of that last episode, I decided to wait because I’m still crying over here. Honestly, I’ve been in the mood to do something feelsy/mild angst in this fandom because it needs more of it tbh-,,, but it has a happy ending, so you guys can’t hate me too much, right? ( ;;; ω ;;; ) If you’re wondering what happened, Yuuri got into a serious car accident before the GPF and Viktor never left his side after his surgery.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be dying in the corner until the next episode releases.


Meant to post this yesterday, because my god guys. 

I just hit 2k a few weeks ago and now we’re up to 3k?? You guys are amazing, literally absolutely outstanding. I still am sorting out the comic pages for the last landmark but I’ll ponder how to celebrate this, although if they keep coming up this fast I might have to come up with different celebration marks!

But legitimately, thank you all so much for having this interest in my work. This fandom has been such an outstanding delight for me to have fumbled my way into, and I really do appreciate just how positive and bright everyone I have met is. Not to mention just how talented we are as a collective, the artwork, stories, and animations that come out of this group is just breathtaking, and honestly I’m just honored to be a part of it.

So thank you all again, and I will do my best not do let you all down. <3

korean lesson time because of jaebeom’s ig caption 😂
when typing in korean, there’s a lot of slangs, short forms and idioms you can use so if you use a translator, it won’t tell you what it actually means but it would translate the words individually instead. like my previous anon that said they used a translator for jaebeom’s caption, “뒷북” and the result was “back north” which “뒤” does mean “back” and “북” does mean “north”(but it also has another meaning which i’m gonna tell you) but that’s not what “뒷북” means. jaebeom used an idiom, “뒷북” means “late” which is short for “뒷북치다” it’s a mix of “뒤” = “back” and “북치다” = “play drums” (“북” is a large korean drum and the expression used is: when someone is hitting the drums late, the other musicians will lose the rhythm and the music beat) therefore, jaebeom is saying he’s behind a day late posting his post which was meant to be posted yesterday.

Underfell! Abyss

I meant to finish and post this up yesterday, but I had work and stuff so I was only able to do the lineart. I think I did him right. I couldn’t tell if he has a gold tooth like Fell!Sans, but I can always fix this if needed. I think while I was working on this, I was trying to do perspective, but it didn’t work.

15 - Abyssfell ( Drawing Abyssfell sans  Ref Abyss!fell

For the Abyssember Challenge by @metakazkz 

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Wasn't sure if you answer this type of question on b-d. Your tag said Columbia is a done deal given Harry's website is owned by sony. You meant it because even though HDD and Rob Stringer said things nothing has been "confirmed"? Do you still believe it's a distribution deal? Or is the reported $80m make it more likely to be a traditional deal? There was a post going around yesterday saying how sony could recoup the money based on sales but I thought it was very generous and included +

+touring like 1D. That valuation seemed absurd given they made the money they did touring relentlessly during the year in stadiums and harry couldn’t do that with just one album. Anyhow, thanks if you have time to answer. This got a little off topic!

Yes. While I’ve leaned heavily towards the Columbia deal being real since it was announced, there was enough shadiness and misdirection going on that I left open the possibility that it wasn’t true. But now that his official website is proven to be run by Sony, I think we can put that debate to rest entirely.

And I do believe that Harry is doing a distribution deal with Columbia through Erskine Records, but until the first single drops, that’s still a guess.

As for the $80 million, I think that is 100% pure bullshit. That post going around talking about recouping costs and blah blah is just someone trying to back into the numbers, when, in my opinion, the number was based off of the Apple report of them offering $25 million for one album and assuming that Columbia had to beat that for 3 albums.

Plus, as I’ve said several times, that kind of money for an artist is not paid in full up front. They offer a signing bonus and then points on albums and additional points if sales goals are reached and anything paid is done AFTER the initial signing amount is recouped.

I’m sure Harry did get a pretty substantial signing bonus, but more like $5-10 million than $80 million. The major deciding factors would be in him keeping his masters and publishing, sharing in profits from the beginning (not after the signing amount is recouped), and retaining artistic license and control.  He knows what that all is worth and it’s way more than a big check up front.

First Date Headcanons (Veronica Sawyer X Reader)

This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I was kinda busy so I’m posting it today! The Hamilton headcanons will be up soon!

- Ok, so Veronica asks you out in the most awkward way. She just blurts out ‘date me, please.’ when you’re sitting together at lunch, before the Heathers have arrived.

-You, having had a crush on her since god knows when, immediately agree, and she looks kinda shocked that you said yes.

- The Heathers show up, and they can tell that something has clearly happened while they were gone, but they don’t say anything about it.

- Anyway, so you and Veronica meet up after school to discuss the details for the big date!

- You end up deciding to go to see the new Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, on Friday after school, because you’re both massive Disney fans.

- She asked you out on Wednesday, so you spent the next two days anxiously awaiting Friday afternoon.

- On Friday, you both show up to school wearing really nice outfits because you don’t have time to go home and change.

- Heather McNamara asks you about it during your English lesson, and you tell her that you and Veronica are going on a date, and she is very accepting.

- When the final bell rings, the both of you sprint out of school faster than you’ve ever run before.

- Veronica meets you by her car, an awkward smile on her face. She opens the door for you and helps you into the passenger side, Like the chivalrous woman she is.

- The drive to the cinema is relatively short, but you and Veronica seem to have beaten the air of awkwardness, because the conversation just flows easily.

- When you get to the cinema, you insist on paying for the popcorn and drinks, which Veronica protests initially, but then she lets you pay, reluctantly.

- The movie is incredible, and about half way through, Veronica sneaks her arm around your shoulders, which you love.

- After the movie Veronica drives you home, and you’re both a little bit awkward, because you really want Veronica to kiss you.

- Spoiler alert, she does, and it’s really cute. Kinda short, but very cute.

- Another spoiler alert, now you’re dating!

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Pete Souza & Photographic Resistance

Like a lot of people, I’ve been following ex-White House photographer Pete Souza’s Instagram and seeing his almost daily posting of photos taken during Barrack Obama’s eight year presidency, often reflecting in them differences between the current and former administration. These are equally biting, critical, melancholic. They serve as an authoritative primary document - a way of reminding us of certain aspects of history in a climate where it is becoming frighteningly easy to bury and deny even things that happened yesterday. 

As well as the moral and ethical implications these reminders have, it’s also really interesting from a photography perspective. A lot of the photographs Souza is posting are photographs he has posted before; he is reposting them to highlight a point, to serve a purpose. When these were taken, it is highly likely that the original intent was not the point he is making now. Documentary photography especially is meant to embody and encompass the world we live in at a particular time. We bring to it our knowledge of what is currently happening, as well as what has happened. 

However, when Souza is posting these photographs - often tagging them and captioning them with pointed descriptions - they have an entirely different message to perhaps the original one intended. 

Souza was a prolific photographer - Obama wasn’t the only President he photographed - and during Obama’s administration he was with him almost every day, shooting thousands and thousands of photographs. During the beginning of Trump’s administration, he was actually going through his catalogue to pick out photos for a book he is releasing. So it was obvious that as certain things were happening, mirroring or sharply contradicting what had happened before, he would post or repost things he had seen as a form of social commentary. His captions were never outright hostile; they didn’t need to be. The photos said everything better and more succinctly than even the fiercest critic could. 

For example, there has been growing criticism over the Trump administration’s responses to deadly hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Houston. Trump was accused at worst of negligence, and at best of using the size and scope of the destruction as a political and egotistical measuring tool. During all of this, Souza would post photos of the various relief efforts conducted during similar disasters during Obama’s campaign, as well as photographs highlighting the former President’s natural empathetic and selfless nature. 

During the aftermath of Charlottesville, Obama tweeted a photograph that Souza had taken of him alongside a Nelson Mandela quote, which became the most liked and fourth most retweeted tweet in Twitter history, showing not only how powerful and potent Souza’s photography coupled with Mandela’s words were, but also how desperate the world was to feel some sense of humanity and empathy. 

it has gotten to a point now where people are beginning to expect some form of photographic social commentary from Souza. There’s even memes about it, which he seems to find amusing. But in the comments there is also a sadness, a longing to go back to a time before. The comments are always a mixture of joy and pain, a reflection of what a country once had and a critical examination of what it has become. 

I can’t speak as to Pete Souza’s original intent in his “commentary” - he has started doing a book tour where he speaks about his experiences and he apparently feigns ignorance at his “shade” and insists he is only posting his work. But you have to think that for someone who was so intimately in the shadow of a great man such as Barack Obama, it would be increasingly frustrating to see the good works and the good intent being torn down daily, and worse yet, rewritten to suit a different narrative. To be able to post a photograph that says, “No, this is how it happened,” would be a powerful act of rebellion and resistance. 

Words are becoming increasingly twisted and manipulated and denied and distorted. Photographs can change context, but what they show in them at their core rarely lies. 


Pairings: rosé × reader

Genre: angst and fluff

Words: 1,831

Warnings: like two cuss words

Requested: yes!

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It was hard dating an idol.

You had been dating Rosé for a year and a half now, which may seem like a little amount of time to some people, but to you it feels like you’ve been dating Rosé for years now.

Although you have only been dating for a year and a half, Rosé meant the absolute world to you. Anybody could see the amount of love you held for each other inside your eyes. Just the mere thought of losing her made your stomach churn and made you slightly queasy. She made you happy, and you were sure that you made her happy too.

But dating Rosé wasn’t full of always rainbows and sunshine.

Rosé is an idol, and a busy one. She’s constantly working, weather it’d be practicing new choreography for her next song or appearing on multiple variety shows, she was always doing something. When Rosé was still just a trainee, things weren’t so bad. Sure, she had still worked a lot and there were definitely days where you would have to go without seeing her, but she still had the time to at least call or text you.

But that was a year ago, and now you were sitting in your apartment alone and slightly bitter. It has been almost a week since Rosé has bothered to call or text you back, and you weren’t very happy about it. Of course you knew that Rosé wasn’t always going to have the time to talk to you or meet up with you, but a week was a bit ridiculous.

Rosé wasn’t always like this. She used to call and text you anytime she had even a little bit of time, but lately her calls and texts Wa m have been becoming in less and less frequently and it was starting to get frustrating. It couldn’t really be that hard to send a simple text ever once and awhile, right?

You sighed as you looked at the dark gray clouds covering the sky outside. Although it was in the middle of the afternoon, it looked like it was early morning with how gloomy it looked outside. A small yawn was escaping your lips, when suddenly you heard a knock coming from your front door.

You looked up in surprise and quickly made your way to the door, wondering who it could be. You opened the door to see your tired girlfriend, Rosé standing there with a small smile on her face.

“Hey Y/N.” She pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tightly.

“Where have you been?” You asked while pulling away from her tight, yet somehow still comfortable hug.

“I’ve been at YG practicing all week for our comeback. It’s been a stressful week.”

“Yeah, I could tell. You haven’t talked to me at all for this entire week,” You say with a bitter laugh.

She gave you a guilty smile, “I know, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

You frown at her, “Rosé, you’ve said that before, and you ended up not talking to me for days.”

“I know, trust me. I’m constantly getting swamped with work. It’s hard, I’m trying my best, okay?” She gives you a weak smile and sits down on the armrest of your couch.

“I know that you’re really busy Rosé, but is it really that hard to send me a small text? You can’t be that busy.”

You could tell Rosé was starting to get frustrated now by the way she sighed in annoyance and furrowed her eyebrows slightly, “It’s not that easy. Do you think I’d ignore you on purpose? I care about you, you know that.”

Now it was your turn to get frustrated, “I know, but do you understand how much it worries me when you don’t text me back for an entire week? I have no idea where you are or what you’re doing. And I have a job too Rosé, yet I still always make time to at least text you to make sure you’re doing okay, why can’t you?”

“Are you being serious right now? Are you really implying that your job is as hard as mine is now? Do you have any idea how many days I’ve spent feeling guilty for not being able to call or text you? I understand that you’re worried about me right now, but there’s a reason why I’m not talking to you as much as I used to,” Rosé was clearly angry now, her voice as cold as ice and as bitter as dark chocolate.

“I’m sorry to break it to you Rosé, but being an idol isn’t the only hard and time consuming job in the world.” You’re as angry as Rosé now, your blood is boiling and somehow it feels like the temperature in the room has risen to 100°, “I probably work just as hard as you, if you cared about me enough maybe you’d realize that.”

Rosé scoffed, “Well if you enough cared about me, you’d realize that I work my ass off everyday and that I feel like shit everyday I go without calling or texting you.”

“Well then I don’t even see the point of us dating anymore if neither of us care for each other.” You say, “It’s pointless for us to be together.”

Rosé looks at you in shock, obviously not expecting the sudden breakup. Honestly, you were shocked too. You definitely weren’t expecting for the conversation to head in this direction, and you regretted saying the words as soon as you did.

Before you could even begin to speak, Rosé interrupted you, “Fine, if that’s what you want.” She walks out of your medium sized apartment quickly, slamming the door shut behind her in anger.

As soon as you heard the door slam you dropped to the floor in confusion, your anger slowly turning into nothing but heartbreak and sadness.

What have you done?

It was even harder to deal with heartbreak.

It’s been a few days since you’ve broken up with Rosé and you haven’t exactly been handling it well. After the huge argument you had just sat on the floor for awhile in silence and slight shock, until you started crying. You felt your throat tightening and tears threatening to spill from your eyes, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut.

You basically sobbed for the rest of the day.

The next day you had given yourself a mini pep talk and you told yourself to suck it up and stop sulking. You were technically the one to break things off, so you felt like you had no right to be upset over the whole thing.

You wanted to call Rosé and apologize to her, you really did.. but it wasn’t that easy. Every time you picked up the phone to dial her number something had stopped you. You assumed you were too scared to talk to her and it was frustrating.

She probably deserved better anyway.

But you couldn’t stop thinking about her and wondering how she was doing. Is she practicing for her next comeback? Is she wallowing in sadness like you are?>p [ You sighed as you sat in the small cafe, staring at your phone and wondering what to do next. It felt weird being in the cafe alone since you’d usually come here with Rosé. It was small and quiet, but still comfortable. Not many people came here either, so you never really had to worry about a fan walking up to Rosé while you two were talking.

You stared at your phone for a minute longer before finally deciding to take action and dial Rosé’s phone number with your shaky hands.

The phone rang a few times, your heartbeat increasingly significantly every time you heard the sound emitting from the phone, until suddenly you heard Rosé’s voice.

“Hello?” You’re slightly surprised when you hear Rosé’s voice. You were expecting her to be cold and angry with you, but instead she sounded as quiet as a mouse.

“Hi Rosé,” You say softly, biting the inside of your lips out of nervousness.

There’s an awkward silence for a minute, before Rosé finally asks you, “Why are you calling me?”

You sigh, “Listen, I made a huge mistake Rosé. We need to talk, in person. Can you meet me at the cafe that we always go to? Please.”

There was a long pause for a second, before Rosé finally spoke, “..Okay, I’ll be there in like 10 minutes.” Then she hung up the phone before you could say anything else.

You felt better now that you finally had the opportunity to talk to Rosé. You may not be able to win her back, but at least you’d be able to end things much better this way.

10 minutes later, just like Rosé had said, she walked into the cafe heading directly to the booth that you two always sat together in and quietly sat down across from you.

As soon as she sat down, you began to speak, “Listen, I’ve made a really shitty mistake. Rosé you mean the world to me, I should’ve been way more understanding. I shouldn’t have broken up with you either, that was also really shitty.” You were speaking fast, you were regretting not pre-planning an apology beforehand.

“Woah, y/n slow down.” Rosé laughed lightly, then took a deep breathe a started to speak, “Honestly, I’ve been thinking about calling you ever since the day of the breakup. I’m sorry too, I probably should have tried a bit harder to talk to you more. I admit that I could’ve tried harder to talk to you sometimes,” She sighs, “But I don’t know if I’ll take you back just yet. That was our first huge argument and you ended up breaking up with me. That didn’t feel too great, obviously. I think I need some time, then we’ll see where things go from there.”

You nodded, “I get that, but just know that I really care about you a lot, okay?” You said giving her a small smile and reached for her hand across of the table.

“I know you do. I care a lot about you too.” She returns your smile and squeezes your hand.

You smile even wider and step out of the booth, your hand still attached to hers, “Now, can we go back to my apartment and cuddle or something?”

Rosé playfully glared at you, “Hey, we’re supposed to be friends right now.”

“I know, it can be like… platonic cuddling.” You say with a shrug.

Rosé looked at you in confusion, “Platonic cuddling? Are you serious? Is that even a thing.”

“It is now!” You drag her out of the booth and outside of the cafe, hearing her laugh loudly from behind you.

Neither you or Rosé know if youll ever been more than friends again, but one thing was definitely for sure, neither of you would ever be too busy for each other ever again.

Internet Famous: Part 12

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Internet Famous Masterlist

A/N: I meant to post this yesterday…oops. 

Honestly, the whole unofficial family reunion thing was okay. There was hardly any family drama. Your relatives were too caught up in your relationship with Poe to even care for family drama. It was such a nice feeling. 

You and Poe were helping your mom clean up the place and wrap up all the food.

“Well, now you two are going to have to eat as much of this as possible tomorrow.”

“That won’t be a problem, mom. Poe is always hungry.” You patted him on his stomach, “I still don’t understand how you could stay so fit.”

Poe shrugged with a smirk, “The Gods have blessed me with a beautiful chiseled body.”

You scoffed, “Alright ‘chiseled body’, go help Zoe and Mason clean the living room. I have to talk to my mom.”

“You got it, princess.” Poe kissed your head and went into the other room.

“Is something wrong, Y/N?” Your mom asked as she was moving her spaghetti onto a smaller plate.

“Nothing’s wrong. Tomorrow’s Poe’s birthday and I was wondering what I should do. Of course I had plans, but I didn’t expect to come here. Poe doesn’t really care much for his birthday so I’m trying to figure out what to do.”

“Why don’t you two have a picnic at that park you went to often?”

You thought about what she was talking about, “Oh yeah! The one with big pond! That’s perfect!” You kissed her on the cheek, “Thanks, mom!”

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