was literally ugly sobbing on the bus when i saw this

Jungkook Scenario: Holding Onto You.

Request: Jungkook angst where you’re insecure and he reassures you

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Rushing down through the hallways of the school you made your way to the gates, avoiding as much people as you could, keeping your head low.

You just couldn’t cope with it today, the laughs and smiles of greetings and goodbyes, the amount of how are you?, you simply couldn’t answer it, no one wanted to hear just how bad you were feeling, this was only your problem and you wanted to be left alone.

You didn’t even care anymore if people thought you were ignoring them, because that was actually what you were doing, your friends, your family, your boyfriend.

Stopping for a moment once you were one block away from the school’s building, Jungkook’s face crossed your mind. You had been hiding your feelings even from him. You didn’t know why, because out of all people, he was the one who was always there for you, the one you could talk to without fear; he was practically your best friend and the best boy that destiny could have ever put in your life, so maybe that’s why you didn’t want to come up to him like a cry baby just because you were having issues with yourself and your confidence.

It was actually being a hard time, all of your feelings were messy, making you feel even more confused, unease, lost and alone even though you knew you were the one choosing to isolate yourself from the rest, but you decided to do it because it was hard to keep with the play of pretending everything was pitch perfect in your life when it wasn’t.

Waiting in the bus stop for yours to arrive you heard your cell phone ringing and you didn’t need to take it out of your bag to know who was calling, you had settled a special ringtone for him, a self recorded ballad he sang for you. Jungkook’s call kept on going but you didn’t pick it up. Your eyes started to sting with the announce of upcoming tears and you took a deep breath, trying to hold them back when the call ended.

Now you felt even worse. He didn’t know anything about what you were going through and you were treating him this way.

When the bus finally came, you stepped inside still with Jungkook on your mind and the tears that you could no longer hold back were streaming silently down your cheeks.

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