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London’s Calling

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Chapter Nine: Cracks 

Word Count: 3258

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

“So that’s it?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

It’s a strong statement to say both teens are to blame for what happened. Blame isn’t really the right word, even though both Riley and Lucas are at fault for what transpired the day they called quits on their friendship. Everyone involved believed that their actions were the right thing to do. But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves. 

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Birthday Sex

Prompt: You and Roman have been an item for a while. You plan a surprise party for his birthday. Dean helps you and Roman sees you spending time with him and gets jealous, thinking you are cheating. Just as he is about to confront you he walks in on his surprise. Followed by smut about you being his and only his. Anon. I added Daddy!Kink to this. It’s pretty damn smutty.

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The city of love

(A/N): I honestly thought this request was so cute and I hope I did it justice!

Request: [Part 1] Can you do a BuckyxReader where he devises a plan with the team to propose to reader but little does he know, reader plans on doing the same. So the team go to some type of tourist attraction and he’s busting his ass trying to marry her….. [Part 2] but no matter what he’s trying to do, reader ends up getting distracted or “busy” so then towards the end of the day, when they’re all about to go home, he’s frustrated and says, “That’s it! I’m not even gonna try anymore!” So then reader… [Part 3] “feels bad” and wants to “fix” the situation and Bucky is just pouting and being a brat. They’re still at the tourist attraction and he’s visibly drained and reader just nonchalantly hands him the box with the ring inside?It just makes reader laugh so she apologizes and then says she wants to make it up to him. Before Bucky can say anything, she explained s that she knew the plan the whole time. Then he tries to hide his smile n he just grins and rolls his eyes sort of thing? Idk lol but please and ty!

Warnings: none

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   Paris; there was no better city for what Bucky wanted to do. The beautiful (and expensive) ring weighed heavily in his pocket, demanding to picked up and used but Bucky wasn’t ready yet. He had his whole plan to a point and he was going to let his excitement and nerves get the better of him. So for now he let the ring weigh heavy in his pocket, a promise of what was going to happen later.

    He’d wait until it got dark and the city lights went on, when they could see the Eiffel tower perfectly and then he’d drop onto one knee and propose…or at least, that’s how he wanted it to go. But every fucking time that night he wanted to try and propose (Y/N) was suddenly busy. The first time it was just after sundown and everything was so beautifully lot by the pink in the sky and Bucky had thought, well why the hell not propose now? But as soon as he tried (Y/N) suddenly claimed they had to go to the bathroom this foiling his first attempt. 

   Then the second time it was half an hour later, everything was still so pretty and Bucky wanted- needed to propose right then and there but yet again (Y/N) had better things to do, like go to some bullshit cafe and spend an hour in there talking to Wanda. 

   The third time it was more than dark, the stars above were gorgeous, the city lights were perfect, and there was the Eiffel Tower, but where was (Y/N), oh yes, out shopping with Natasha. Bucky had already tried three fucking times, three times to pull out some ring, get down on his knee, and ask the person he loved more than anything to marry him and yet every time something was always coming up.

    “Hey Barnes, were getting ready to pack up, we’ve got to hit Rome and Venice tomorrow,” Tony smiles at the defeated Supersoldier, unaware of his internal problems. 

   "Yeah,“ Bucky grumbles unhappily. "I’ll go pack up,” Bucky rakes a hand through his hair as he stands up, sighing as he goes to make his way back towards the hotel when a gentle hand gripping his own stopped him In his tracks. 

    “Hey there soldier,” (Y/N)’s tone is soft and fond, nearly making Bucky’s heart melt, and it would too if he wasn’t so peeved about today.

    “Hi,” Bucky muttered, not even glancing their direction. 

   "Hey,“ (Y/N)’s hand slips out of his, instead sliding up to rest on his shoulder softly. "Are you okay? Did something happen?”

   “No,” Bucky lied as he kept on walking, his bad mood starting to get the better of him. “I’m fine,” 

   “Buck- you don’t seem fine, are you sure everything is okay?”

    “I’m sure,” Bucky grumbles as he kicks at some rocks, watching them travel down the road before coming to a stop. (Y/N) eyes Bucky warily but they don’t push any further, at least not for the time being. Instead the two walk in silence for a while, slowly but surely making their way back to their hotel. Bucky can’t help but look around at the scenery, at all the beautiful trees and all the soft streetlights, the sounds of fountains rumbled softly in the distance. It may not have been the Eiffel tower but it was just as gorgeous if not more, even if it wasn’t as big and grand as Bucky had hoped perhaps he could propose here? Bucky’s pulled out of his thoughts when (Y/N) passes something into his grasp, something small and square shaped- 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky stops in his tracks, looking down at the small, red box (Y/N) had placed in his hand. “What is this?” 

   “Well, I kinda found out about your little proposal plan, guess we both had the same idea-” (Y/N) opens the box for Bucky revealing a simple, silver ring, one that looked like it would fit Bucky’s finger perfectly. “So I avoided you the entire day, I didn’t want you spoiling my proposal after all,” (Y/N) gave Bucky a little wink and it took all of his willpower not to smile and laugh. All of his previous frustration and anger had dissipated, leaving behind the rather warm and pleasant feeling he had now. “Whadda say Barnes? Will you marry me?” Bucky can’t help but smile now, even throwing in a little eye roll at (Y/N). 

   “I can’t believe you ruined my proposal,” Bucky mutters as he hugs (Y/N) to his chest, pressing a gentle kiss to their hair. “With that being said, I’d be honored to marry you,” (Y/N) smiles as they squirm out of Bucky’s grasp, taking the box from his hand once they wiggled out of his hug. Bucky laughs as (Y/N) slides the ring onto his finger, pressing a gentle kiss to his knuckles in the process. “Am I going to take your last name too?” Bucky laughs as (Y/N) takes his hand and begins to guide him back to the hotel. 

   “Bucky (Y/L/N) doesn’t sound to bad,” 

   “I think I like (Y/N) Barnes better,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to their temple, allowing his lips to linger there for a bit before he pulled away. 

   “Yeah…” (Y/N) smiles softly, looking at Bucky with such a loving gaze that it nearly took Bucky’s breath away. “I like it too,” 

~Extended ending~

    Bucky played with the ring on his finger, twisting it this way and that as everyone bustled around him, some carrying around food, other trying to set up last minute decorations, and the main stars- all getting dressed at the last possible minute. 

   “Bucky, you’re tie isn’t straight,” Steve grabs the man’s tie to straighten it, sighing in annoyance. “You’re getting married in half an hour, you really should have done this when we got here,” 

   “I had other things to worry about other than my tie Rogers,” Bucky chuckles as Steve steps back, inspecting the rest of Bucky’s outfit. 

   “Like finally becoming Bucky (Y/L/N)?” 

   “I can’t believe that jerk got to propose and keep their last name,”

just my fave disjointed snippets of percabeth in house of hades...

Annabeth’s only comfort was Percy. Every so often he would glance over and smile, or squeeze her hand. He had to be just as scared and miserable as she was, and she loved him for trying to make her feel better.

Her legs wobbled so badly, Percy cursed himself for not calling a rest earlier.  They sat together on a ledge next to a roaring fiery waterfall. Percy put his arm around Annabeth, and she leaned against him, shaking from exhaustion.  

At least he had Annabeth. They would find a way out of Tartarus. They had to. He didn’t think much of fates and prophecies, but he did believe in one thing: Annabeth and he were supposed to be together. They hadn’t survived so much just to get killed now.  "Things could’ve been worse,“ Percy didn’t see how, but he tried to sound upbeat.  Annabeth snuggled against him. Her hair smelled of smoke, and if he closed his eyes, he could almost imagine they were at the campfire at Camp Half-Blood.

Whenever Percy felt like giving up, he reached over and took Annabeth’s hand, just to remember there was warmth in the world.  He tried to think of good things to keep his spirits up—the lake at Camp Half-Blood, the time he’d kissed Annabeth underwater. He tried to imagine the two of them in New Rome together, walking through the hills and holding hands. Annabeth laced her fingers through his. In the light of his bronze sword, her face was so beautiful.  "We’re together,” she reminded him. “We’ll get through this.”  He’d been so worried about lifting her spirits, and here she was reassuring him.  "Yeah,“ he agreed. "Piece of cake." 

She’d lost track of how long she and Percy had been falling—hours? A day? It felt like an eternity. They had been holding hands ever since they dropped into the chasm. Now Percy pulled her close, hugging her tight as they tumbled through absolute darkness.  Annabeth wrapped her arms around Percy and tried not to sob. She’d never expected her life to be easy. Most demigods died young at the hands of terrible monsters. That was the way it had been since ancient times. The Greeks invented tragedy. They knew the great heroes didn’t get happy endings.  Still, this wasn’t fair. [..] Just when she’d succeeded, when things had been looking up and she’d been reunited with Percy, they had plunged to their deaths.  Even the gods couldn’t devise a fate so twisted. […] Annabeth pressed her lips to Percy’s ear. "I love you.”  She wasn’t sure he could hear her—but if they died, she wanted those to be her last words. 

He wove between the trees, leading Annabeth at a full sprint despite her blindness. Percy realized how much she trusted him to get her out of this.

Now Percy was in Tartarus, dying form gorgon’s blood plus a dozen another agonizing curses, while he watched his girlfriend stumble around, helpless and blind and believing she’d abandoned her. He clutched his sword. His skin started to steam. White smoke curled off his forearms. I won’t die like this, he thought.  Not only because it was painful and insultingly lame, but because Annabeth needed him. Once he was dead, the demons would turn their attention to her. He couldn’t leave her alone.

She saw Percy, and series of expressions flashed across her face—relief, joy, shock, and horror. “What’s wrong with him?” she cried. “What happened?” She cradled his shoulders and wept into his scalp.  Percy wanted to tell her it was okay, but of course it wasn’t. He couldn’t even feel his body anymore.  Annabeth took his face in her hands. She kissed him and tried to wipe the dust and sweat from his eyes.

“My friend is dying. Can you cure him or not?” Her voice caught on the word friend. Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn’t cover it. They’d been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her—a sometimes annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without.

“Annabeth!” Percy pulled her back just as her foot hit the edge of a drop-off. She almost pitched forward into who-knew-what, but Percy grabbed her and wrapped her in his arms. “It’s okay,” he promised. She pressed her face into his shirt and kept her eyes closed tight. She was trembling, but not just from fear. Percy’s embrace was so warm and comforting she wanted to stay there forever safe and protected…but that wasn’t reality. She couldn’t afford to relax. She couldn’t lean on Percy any more than she had to. He needed her, too.

The cement settled in Percy’s stomach. He had always suspected how this would end. He would have to stay behind. […] Percy would hold the elevator button and make sure Annabeth got to safety.  Somehow, he had to convince her to go without him. As long as she was safe and the Doors disappeared, he could die knowing he’d done something right. “Percy…?” Annabeth stared at him, a suspicious edge in her voice.  She was too smart. If he met her eyes, she would see exactly what he was thinking.

“Get in the elevator. I’ll hold the button.“  "Yeah, right!” She smacked a carnivorous horse in the snout with the butt of her sword and sent the monster stampeding through the crowd. “You promised me, Seaweed Brain. We would not get separated. Ever again!” “You’re impossible!” “Love you too!”

For years, he had worried about Annabeth dying. When you’re a demigod that goes with the territory. Most half-bloods don’t live long. You always knew the next monster you fought could be your last. But seeing Annabeth like this was too painful. He’d rather stand in the River Phlegethon, or get attacked my aria, or be trampled by giants.

She decided she’d rather die in some less memorable way–maybe falling down the stairs, or going peacefully in her sleep at the age eighty, after a nice quiet life with Percy. Yes, that sounded good.

Despite being beat-up, sooty, and dressed like a homeless person, she looked great to Percy.  So what if they were in Tartarus? So what if they stood a slim chance of surviving. Percy was so glad that they were together, he had the ridiculous urge to smile.  

"Percy, wake me for second watch. Don’t be a hero.” He gave her that smirk she’d come to love. “Who, me?”  He kissed her, his lips parched and feverishly warm. “Sleep." 

“Maybe a little sleep,” she agreed. Bob scooped her up like a rag doll. She didn’t protest. He set her next to Percy on the giant’s bed, and she closed her eyes. Annabeth woke staring at the shadows dancing across the hut’s ceiling. She hadn’t had a single dream. That was so unusual, she wasn’t sure if she’d actually woken up. As she lay there, Percy snoring next to her and Small Bob purring on her belly […] Percy sat bolt upright. “What? What—where—what?” “It’s okay.” Annabeth took his arm. When he registered that they were together in a giant’s bed with a skeleton cat, he looked more confused than ever. 

She hugged Percy tighter and kissed him. "Tell me about New Rome,” she demanded. “What were your plans for us?”  "New Rome…for us…“  "Yeah, Seaweed Brain. You said we could have a future there! Tell me!” Annabeth had never wanted to leave Camp Half-Blood. It was the only real home she’d ever known. But days ago, on the Argo II, Percy had told her that he imagined a future for the two of them among the Roman demigods. In their city of New Rome, veterans of the legion could settle down safely, go to college, get married, even have kids.  "Architecture,“ Percy murmured. The fog started to clear from his eyes. 

"But next time,” she said, “I want to go somewhere different on a date.”  "Paris was nice,“ he recalled.  She managed a smile. Months ago, before Percy got amnesia; they’d had dinner in Paris one night, compliments of Hermes. That seemed like another lifetime.  "I’d settle for New Rome,” she offered. “As long as you’re there with me.” Man, Annabeth was awesome. For a moment, Percy actually remembered what it was like to feel happy. He had an amazing girlfriend. They could have a future together.

[…]Percy felt as hopeless as the spirits in the River Cocytus. So what if he was a hero? So what if he did something brave? Evil was always here, regenerating, bubbling under the surface. Percy was no more than a minor annoyance to these immortal beings. They just had to outwait him. Someday, Percy’s sons or daughters might have to face them all over again. Sons and daughters. The thought jarred him. As quickly as hopelessness had overtaken him, it disappeared. He glanced at Annabeth. She still looked like a misty corpse, but he imagined her true appearanceher gray eyes full of determination, her blond hair pulled back in a bandana, her face weary and streaked with grime, but as beautiful as ever. […] There was still hope. He and Annabeth had come this far. The Doors of Death were almost within reach. Sons and daughters. A ridiculous thought. An awesome thought. Right there in the middle of Tartarus, Percy grinned.

You’re not dying on me, Seaweed Brain,” Annabeth said. “Remember? Never separated again. And after we get home…”  "What?“ Percy asked.  She kissed him. "Ask me again, once we defeat Gaea.”  He smiled, happy to have something to look forward to. “Whatever you say.”

What Happens On the Announce Table...

Okay guys, here’s another request from @xxuso-ambreigns-chick-4lifexx! Hope you like it, girl!

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader x Dean Ambrose


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You sat on top of the announce table, just hanging out, as you watched Dean and Roman messing around in the ring when they were supposed to be warming up. This was one of their rituals: before the doors open, they would get into the ring, run the ropes, practice some moves on each other and what not. You sitting on the announce table watching your friends became a ritual too. It calmed you down to sit and watched what went on in that ring…it helped clear your mind.

“Hey you.” A soothing southern drawl called to you. You looked over to see your boyfriend, AJ, walking over to you and sitting next to you. “You doing alright?”

“Yeah.” You nodded. “I’m doing good. You?”

“Yeah, same. So you ready for your match tonight?”

Tonight, you were set to face your Alexa Bliss and your best friend Naomi in a triple threat match to become number one contender, alongside Becky Lynch (who had beaten Natalya and Carmella), to become Smackdown’s first Women’s Champion. The winner of your match would face Becky at Summerslam…and you wanted that championship…really bad. You hadn’t gotten to be NXT Women’s Champion so it just made you hungrier for it.

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Note: This is my submission for @faith-in-dean‘s May Writing Challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve written because of…reasons, but I hope to get back into the flow of things soon. Hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 2077+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None. Just fluff.

“Well, I’m gonna pass out if I don’t get to sleep soon.” You sighed, walking through the halls of the bunker with Sam and Dean on your heels. You all had just returned from a hunt that was 17 hours away; in other words, you were exhausted.

“You know you can go to sleep right now if you wanted to.” Dean said from behind you.

“Yeah,” You sighed, walking into the kitchen. “But I need food, so I’m gonna have to tough it out.”

You opened the fridge to find a couple bottles of beer and and moldy pizza. “Ugh, really guys? When was the last time you did some grocery shopping?” You groaned, shutting the door to the refrigerator and leaning against the counter. “You know we need food to survive, right?”

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A/N: Hello! Sooo, I know I’ve been MIA for practically the entire year, but as I’ve told you guys a million times, I was studying to get into med school. And guess what? I did! So I can concentrate on more mundane endeavors.

So! I promised Logan’s birth didn’t I? I guess you can say I’ll deliver it now. Ha! Get it? *Shows up six months late with a bad pun* I’m sorry. I’ll let you read it.


Annabeth had fought hellhounds, dracanae, empousai. She’d fought Titans, Giants, survived two wars before she was legally allowed to drink. She’d been hit by arrows, taken a poisoned dagger to the shoulder, broken ribs and walked miles in the deepest parts of hell on a broken ankle. She’d held up the bloody sky. She had considered herself quite resistant to pain.

And yet, childbirth… was something to consider. No wonder every polytheist culture in the world had several goddesses for it. That thing hurt. You’d think someone would have invented a better method by now. ‘I’m going to go up to Olympus and propose a theory on why they should invent a new way to birth babies,’ she thought somewhere into the third hour of contractions. ‘I am NEVER doing this again,’ she thought midway the process of pushing a small-sized human through an even smaller place. ‘I am going to kill my husband,’ was also somewhere in there.

And then, ‘Oh.’

That’s why no one had invented a better method yet. All the pain goes out the window the moment they put her son in her arms.

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Baby Beta’s Baby Brother:Part 1

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Characters: Y/n, Liam, Derek, Scott, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Jackosn, Isaac, Stiles

Pairing: No pairing

Word count: 1439

Warnings: Nothing at all. Fluff, pure complete and utter fluff

Summary: The pack discover something Liam has been hiding

A/N: This is based on a request from an anon- Ooo just read your last request and got an idea, it’s a bit similar but Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Add information: could it be like a full day of Liam looking after him, so like morning getting up and all that all the way through to night, maybe a series where the pack maybe help him as his parents keep leaving him (maybe the two year old could be called Cody or Ethan?)
Ok, so the kid is y/n, thats how i prefer it. enjoy

Also read my series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below


“Lian, lian, wae up”. Liam grumbled, wanting to sleep a little longer. But he couldn’t. He had to look after y/n. Turning around he saw his little brother, bright y/e/c eyes, wide, a huge smile on his face.

“Yaaay, lian’s wake” he said before kissing his older brother all over his face. Liam chuckled, loving the feeling. Y/n was only 2. Liam was 15. Despite the large age gap, Liam and y/n did everything together. Well except for pack stuff that is. There was no way Liam was risking y/n’s life. He didn’t know what he’d do without his baby brother.

Although y/n couldn’t protect him, only being two, he was Liam’s sunshine. The one thing Liam could always depend on. The thing that made him smile daily. He was the only one who could calm Liam down when he got a little too angry. So Liam made sure y/n would always be taken care of. Especially when his parents were too busy.

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Shit Tumblr History Nerds Say to Each Other

Below are quotes - actual quotes - from a Skype chat me and a bunch of tumblr history nerds are in. Yes, we use Skype. We’re losers. Also here’s a disclaimer: it’s a private conversation where messages are typically sent without passing through our brains first. Do not take anything seriously. Also, reading this might will cause cancer.


Fuji, @fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode
Gideon, @tanks-a-lot
Shiggy, @uss-edsall
Joey, @british-eevee
Zach, @supermarketsecurity

Part 1 of ?: Sections 0 - 99

This post contains sections 0-99: 25 AUGUST 2015 to 12 OCTOBER 2015. Joey and Zach were not a part of the chat group yet.

Section 0

Off to a good start,

“you’d think that the friendship between tumblrs two Pacific War historians would be a little intellectual, but nope” - Fuji

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Have this piece of my Shield Boys Smut shot cause it's taking me 100 years to write [Uncomplete]:

In which Seth and Dean can finally see eye to eye in taking care of their big man, Roman. Said man’s been stressing and working way too hard as of late, and the remedy is some relaxation and letting the other boys make a few decisions for him.

Or the one where Seth and Dean both top Roman, out of love.

Tags: Smut, Ambrolleigns, Rolleigns, Ambreigns, Negotiated kinks, sensual massage, choking (whoops), breath play, sexy times all over, everyone is a switch dom/sub but this is all about Sub!Roman

They always said they were the workhorses of the division back in the Shield days— the boys also said they never had a problem with that.

It was 2016, going on 2017 and a certain member of the infamous trio had been having issues with balancing relaxation time and work time — and it had been showing in his actions. The miracle about it was WWE was giving them all New Year’s weekend off, because, well, they at least got Holidays.

Seth and Roman could now comfortably sit by each other on the plane ride back, since they were both buddy-buddy again, and were rather cozy in first class.

Only Roman kept shifting in his seat, eyebrows furrowed as he brooded out the window.

“What? You don’t like the window seat?”

“Huh? No, I’m fine. Just…”

Seth frowned at the stumbled answer, crossing his arms.

“Spit it out, Rome.”

“M’ just sore… is all.”

The Architect gave the arm closest to him a joking squeeze.

“You have been pretty tense lately. And you’ve been making that face,”

Roman wet his lips and made an effort to ease his forehead, eyebrows finally relaxing into their normal resting expression.

“You’re gonna get wrinkles.”

Roman snorted at Seth’s petty little beauty advice.

After a beat Seth tried an easier approach. Roman had been on edge enough as it was.

“Hey, when we get to your place, I promise I’ll help you let loose a little bit, yeah?” A coy little smirk accompanied the words, and Seth was sure that would get him somewhere.

“Aren’t you heading to your folks?”

Clearly Roman wasn’t in it to catch the drift.

“It’s New Year’s Eve… Eve. I’m heading over the next day, but I wanna be with you first. Just us.”

Roman had only realized then that they did have a full two days before New Year’s actually hit; and the words had finally settled— made him feel all fuzzy, too.

Shaking his head as he exhaled, Roman threw Seth a side-long glance.

“Alright. Then… I’d be happy to have the company,” The big dog chuckled half-heartedly, leaning fully back into his seat.

Before the ride was done Seth leaned toward the latter, nearly settling on his shoulder, to mutter.

“Lemme give you a massage to get all those kinks outta your muscles, okay, Big Dog? That’ll get your mind off things.”

The connotation was much different that time— since this time Roman just might’ve understood what Seth was implying.

“Damn, Ro, you’re fuckin’ tense all over.”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“Don’t talk.”

“Then don’t talk to m— mmh— fuck. Right there.”

Seth pressed down on the tender spot on Roman’s lower back, making small circles with his fingers, causing the one beneath him to sink further into the mattress, nuzzling his face into the pillow he was hugging to muffle the pleasurable noises trying to come up.

Smirking, Seth stopped, sliding one of his lotion slicked hands up Roman’s spine, twirling a section of the latter’s hair and giving it a soft tug. He didn’t care if Roman got mad at him getting a tiny bit of lotion in it. He could wash it out like a big boy.

Roman blinked in surprise, his body having been completely lax just moment before.

“Hey, Ro..?” Seth scooted up slightly from where he was seated on Roman’s thighs, legs on either side of the larger male’s body.

“If you want me to continue, you’re gonna have to let me know it feels good.”

Roman swallowed, eyebrows knitting together as he felt Seth’s fingers move in his hair, fist tightening slightly.

“I thought you said not to talk,” Roman grumbled, apparently still irritable. Or perhaps curious as to what Seth’s mindset was at the moment.

“Without words, Roman.”

At the sharp command, Seth shifted again, situating himself so the crotch of his gray sweatpants pressed against the latter’s ass- just so he knew he was there. One hand stayed in Roman’s hair and he used his other palm to knead into the same spot on Roman’s back again, harder this time.

“Lemme hear it.” Seth encouraged, continuing his ministrations but untangling his fingers from the long locks of hair to rake his nails down Roman’s tan back.

Roman suddenly felt so incredibly warm; the words that were so subtly enticing mixed with the skillful dance of hands on his body and those somehow irritatingly unmoving hips pushed down against him… felt his heart beat a few paces quicker but sooner felt his lips part to release a low sigh- a noise that briefly cracked at the beginning before rolling out into a silky little groan.

At least two minutes of pure petrissage passed, Seth never being too gentle since he knew Roman enjoyed more pressure when it came to kneading his muscles. The Architect would part his fingers gradually as he rubbed up and down, evoke longer but quieter moans then before going to use his knuckles to get the particularly knotted areas to be rewarded with harsher, half pained groans.

He might’ve stopped being so persistent in staying on those spots if it weren’t for the way Roman unconsciously clutched onto the covers and licked his plump lips after each of those deep whimpers.

He’d known for a while Roman was a bit of a masochist. And this was only a partial pain sensation…

Letting his mind wander, Seth finally dipped beneath the region he’d been caring for, his thumbs venturing below the waist line of Roman’s briefs, other fingers cradling either side of the latter’s hip bones, and experimentally massaging just above his firm butt. He wanted so badly to just take that last article of clothing off already, but he knew if he did he wouldn’t be able to wait –

As he gulped, keeping his composure, Roman coyly curved his back, incidentally pressing his behind more against Seth’s hardening manhood. Nobody was playing around here.

“This still just a massage, Rollins?” Roman rumbled, voice sounding groggy.

Ouch, last name, huh?

“I don’t know, are you enjoying it?”

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate question,” Roman moved his hips again, feeling himself rubbing against the hardness scarcely obscured by the fabric of Seth’s sweats - not to mention he’d made sure to be commando when he’d changed into them upon getting into the house.

“You’re being pretty submissive for the guy that was happy to fuck me into the mattress last week.”

Roman moved again, now hugging the pillow so his voice was muffled again, just to annoy Seth. Because yeah, maybe this was karma for all those times Seth had been just as irking.

“I didn’t say I was gonna let you put it in. Don’t get cocky.”

Seth had unknowingly rutted himself against Roman’s inviting movements, but bit down on his own lip as he leant forward to grab the pillow away from the larger male. Roman let out a surprisingly cute ‘oof’ as he readjusted to lay his cheek on crossed arms, glaring back at Seth as he tossed the pillow to the side.

“-Was that pun intended?” Seth snorted, eyes narrowed dangerously even though there was laughter on his lips. His body leaned down again, their pair of eyes locking until Roman couldn’t meet them anymore, since Seth’s head went out of peripheral view to lay kisses along Roman’s broad shoulders.

Seth was starting to consider just moving things along at this point; grinding into the pliable body underneath him and getting a little high off the feeling of having control over the guy that never stayed down– in the ring, at least.

But, since the stars were somehow aligned today, Seth picked up the sound of a door shutting, and some bags being dropped onto the wooden floors out in the living room.

Roman noticed too, if his immediately tensed body was any sign.

Seth was quick to push his fully spread hand to the center of Roman’s back, speaking to him before Roman went and flipped him right off his form.

“Relax. You trust me, right?”

Roman’s eyes looked back at Seth again, who was sitting straight with his head tilted casually to look right down to those dark eyes in return.

Fleeting doubts fly through Roman’s mind, only a moment considering a less favorable answer before snapping back to now – Seth wasn’t the same as he was this time last year – and nodded once before the bedroom door opened as well.

“Took you damn long enough.”

“Looks like you’re gettin’ along just fine without me,”

The rugged voice was unmistakable, and Roman instantaneously felt the rush of excitement pulse through him, though his snarky little question might’ve felt otherwise.

“I thought you said ‘just us,’ on the plane?” But he wasn’t really complaining.

Seth shrugged, unstraddling Roman (albeit a bit reluctantly) to allow him to roll onto his back just in time to be caged in by Dean’s arms.

The lunatic’s nose nearly touched Roman’s, and the pair certainly looked like two men who hadn’t gotten any quality time together in a few months, eyes sparkling and all that.

“Aw, that supposed to mean you aren’t happy to see me, Ro?”

“Just… surprised is all.” And Roman had that warm, wide smile stretching his cheeks, and only then Seth noticed Roman was actually looking at him.

It’s like Roman always knew how to perfectly distribute those affectionate looks- just so everyone in this mess always felt included.

“Enough of the sappy looks, I’m here, and I’d like to catch up with you hormonal teenagers,” Dean sent both Seth and Roman’s premature erections teasing glances, wriggling out of his leather jacket, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants but not taking them off just yet.

Dean sat back on his calves, feet hanging off the edge of the bed. Roman propped himself up on his elbows to look between the other two.

They came to a brief stand-still, before Roman went and asked.

“So, how are we doing this?”

In polyamorous relationships, intimate times required communication – and in a relationship where none of them were really solidified in their positions, it really needed communication.

The thought was simple to Roman, but Dean was giving him a weird look while Seth quietly placed his hand on one of Roman’s thighs.

“Seth didn’t tell you?” Dean’s crooked smile melted into something more suggestive, dimples accentuated as he flashed Roman his white teeth.

“We planned this to help you loosen up. You been stressin’ and overthinking yourself so…”

Roman opened his smirking mouth to retort, brows furrowed in offense, only Dean covered his lips with a searing kiss– not wasting time with soft pecks and getting right down to tongue and teeth to let himself into Roman’s wet cavern.

And Roman hadn’t kissed Dean in long enough, he let it happen, his rigid body wanting to relax into the rough, but familiar make out session.

Dean parted, keeping himself only centimeters away and letting them stay in an almost suffocating shared space, breaths clashing each other’s.

“We’re gonna dominate you tonight. All you gotta do is relax, and stop thinking, because we’re gonna think for you, Big Dog.” Dean purred, hands tightening on the wrists Roman hadn’t fully realized were pinned down.

It was like his body knew something he didn’t – and everything the two had done so far was exactly what he needed.

“And we’re only gonna make you do things you’ll like, trust me.” Seth piped in, partially satisfied by the summary Dean had provided of the plans they’d texted about. Seth’s hand squeezed around Roman’s thigh muscles, always having loved how thick his body was.

“No spewing non-sense scripts, no shitty crowds, just you and us.” His hand only slides higher with every syllable, now, and he watches intently as Roman’s unsure but desire-clouded eyes stared up at the ceiling while Dean freely peppered Roman’s collar bones with more kisses.

“Just like before, we wanna hear the real you.” Seth whispered, hand snaking around Roman’s now throbbing erection.

Typically, Dean wouldn’t want to be spoken for, but he didn’t exactly have any objections here. He licked wet frames around Roman’s perked nipples, giving the right one a kitten lick before blowing cold air on it, just at the same time as he witnessed Seth give the big man a few good pumps.

“F-Fuck…” Roman’s Adams apple bobbed beautifully as he trembled, and Dean’s eyes darted to it, fingers giving the other nipple a hard pinch.

Roman could already feel coherency slipping away, eyes shutting, and they’d only just gotten started; it made him briefly consider just how much he wanted this because… holy hell, it sounded so good. Letting both his boys take over his body and let any thing else slip away.

Seth continued to stroke him under his briefs, the tension of having his hand shoved in them making the fabric strain and press up against the back of Roman’s thighs, cradling his bottom. He climbed between the space of Roman’s legs now, nudging the knees further open to have Roman in an even more vulnerable position.

Dean was loving the view of Roman’s tiny facial changes that sprung from each movement between the three of them; deciding now was the time to step it up, Dean leisurely dragged his short nails down the tattooed side of Roman’s chest, relishing the light red streaks that were left behind, even as they were slightly hidden by the dark ink there.

“This is why you keep the vest, right, Ro..?” Dean chuckled darkly, pressing his chin down in the dip of Roman’s pecks, playfully rubbing his short beard against it—it was new, but he’d personally always appreciated the extra stimulation a little beard burn had always provided in the past, whether it was Roman or Seth.

“..S..hut up,” Roman tried to snap back, but it came out breathy, since Seth had just shifted him so the head of his cock was sticking out of the waist band of his boxers, still getting stroked at a steady pace that was gradually becoming maddening.

Dean grinned, lewdly backing up to lick from the top of Roman’s abs to his chest again, warm tongue swirling both nubs before he nipped at them gently, giving a small tug here and there just to see Roman twitch; he’d kiss and lick and blow on them, stubble of his beard grazing the tender skin; suck tiny spots around his tattoo, then undo any doting actions with light rakes of his nails.

Between all the dull pain and the pleasure, Roman was panting out quiet obscenities of ‘fuck’, ‘shit’, or an alternation of their names, and his back was arching off the plush bed.

But it wasn’t long before it wasn’t quite enough, and Roman felt like he was being edged on purpose.

“Seth – just take ‘em off already,” He hisses, but a chill runs up his spine as Seth gives his manhood a squeeze at the base, and Dean’s fingers dance along his throat, loosely curling around. They’d done choking before, and if it ever got out of hand they knew all they need do is tap. It hadn’t been necessary yet.

“You didn’t say please, baby,” Dean murmurs against Roman’s cheek, keeping his fingers loose.

Roman wets his lips, which are already swollen from his own biting on them. Swallowing down a bit of pride in the way he’s sure he’s about to sound, as opposed to his typical macho act, his eyes open to flicker at Dean and then down to Seth – who chooses now as the perfect moment to flit the tip of his tongue against the head of Roman’s cock.

“…Please… gh .. please take em off already.“

“That’s a good boy,” Dean teased, giving Roman’s heated cheeks a light peck, but finally giving the throat under his hand a squeeze in response to the way Roman tried turned his head away.

Though it might’ve looked bad, Roman struggled out a moan, the noise sounding against his will — but absolutely of his own accord. He didn’t know what it was about that sensation of having air sucked into your lungs - not impossible but strained - the exhilarating danger mixing with the blood-racing pleasure as Seth tongued the slit of his erection.

All this while Dean continued spilling words, the fingers around Roman’s neck fluctuating between firm hugs and light pressure whenever he could feel the larger male’s chest heave in warning of another moan.

“…You’d get a kick out my old collar from CZW. I knew I kept it for something.”

Roman’s eyes fluttered shut, the thought of Dean tugging on the chain attached to that leather collar muttering pet-like obscenities making him shudder again.

Seth’s mouth finally closed around him, eagerly taking down a good half of his girthy length but only giving it light, almost useless sucks. Not that Roman didn’t feel every move of that tongue, or vibrations of the groans coming up from Seth’s throat — but it wasn’t /enough/.

Roman bucked up his hips; Seth must’ve been expecting it, because he moved his head up slightly, before delving back down again and taking in more this time, sucking harsher now, saliva collecting at the corners of his mouth.

Roman relished in being rewarded — but it was short lived when Dean slithered on top of him, straddling his waist all while keeping a hand on his throat.

Dean’s hips were enough to hold his own down, that slender waist holding surprising strength.

“Woah, woah, pup. Nobody said you could do that.”

The nickname seemed to flow flawlessly off Dean’s tongue, his gruff voice dragging the cute word through the mud. He loosened his grip completely around Roman’s neck, almost forgetting the relevance of air with how blissed out the man underneath him looked. Gasping and taking a hearty breath, Roman licked his lips and refocused his dark eyes on the blue ones above him; Dean had released his neck but deftly continued petting over Roman’s Adam’s apple with his thumb.

“Who owns you..?”

Seth’s throat pressed against the tip of Roman’s member just as Dean asked, so instead of replying Roman just bit his lower lip and grunted— eyes closing again.

“Who owns you?” Dean repeated, moving one hand to absently trace the shoulder of Roman’s tattoo and the other to bed space beside his head.

“Hh— th– the business,” Roman muttered, voice cracking off like a dying flame as it tried to still force back the loud noises he wanted to make as Seth bobbed on him, throat constricting around it every few moments. It was obvious Roman hadn’t even realized how wrong the words that came out of his mouth were— of course, Dean did.

… To be continued soon babes c:

percatrash  asked:

Halloween party jasper pls n thx:)

For lack of anything better to do, Piper leans against the wall behind the drink table and nurses an overly sweet cocktail. Grapefruit isn’t her favorite flavor but it covers the taste of whatever alcohol was mixed in. The party is surprisingly busy, guests constantly trickle in and mill about. They compare costumes or chat, enjoying the relaxed feel of the holiday. No one really grows out of Halloween, you just start buying your own candy and eat it between sips of overly strong drinks. Normally Piper would be enjoying herself more, getting into the flow of conversation or harassing Percy but she can’t help be feel like she’s sticking out. When Annabeth had told her they’d be throwing a Halloween party and she needed to come in costume she’d expected Annabeth to be wearing something a little dorky but cute and Percy to dress like some lame pun. She hadn’t expected Annabeth to be wearing a Black Canary costume, including booty shorts and stockings, and Percy to go all out on a Winter Soldier getup. So while they’re showing off their absurd athletic bodies she’s decked out in an accurate Hogwarts uniform.

Piper loves the costume, it’s easily one of her favorite outfits and she’s not embarrassed to be wearing it but everyone else seems to have gotten a memo that there was a superhero theme. Or at least they all knew something she didn’t, because there’s been three Ant-mans, several Batmans, a Thor with Loki in tow, a lot of Black Widows, and Captain America. Since she’s guessing most of the people here are closer to Annabeth than Percy “I talk to Fish” Jackson, Piper figures Annabeth’s company employs a lot of nerds. Then again finding buildings interesting enough to do eight hours a day for forever is kind of a nerdy thing.

She’s in the middle of debating if she shouldn’t go home and to piece together a Supergirl costume when Captain America walks over the drink table and frowns at the options. The guy has the costume down perfectly, from the hair that looks like it’s been stuffed under a helmet too long, down to the perfect chest muscles that fill out the costume. As Piper wonders if all that muscle is real or a trick of the costume a Black Widow struts over and slides up next to Cap.

“Hey, Sailor,” the girl says huskily, undressing him with her eyes as she stands too close to him.

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 a low-key OT3 angsty fluff piece

by meethanhuntt


Napoleon stood on the balcony, they had been ordered to stay in Rome for a few extra days to recuperate, before heading off on their next mission.

He was dead tired, but for some reason just couldn’t sleep.

Every time he closed his eyes he saw flashing lights.

He shook his head feeling stupid, he had fought in the world war, he knew what PTSD was, and knew the symptoms when he felt them, but he had long since locked that part of his mind down, so much so that he almost missed them this time.

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Nothing Like Us (Jungkook Angst)

*Maybe I’m just an emotional wreck but I almost cried writing this. Slight trigger warning?*

He just finished his part in ‘I NEED U’ and the boys sat down.

“Ah, everyone, Jungkookie has something for you.”

“I want to sing a cover for you all.” The crowd cheered and he smiled sadly. He cued the piano and that was when he faded into the music.

Lately I’ve been thinkin’,
Thinkin’ bout what we had,

“Kookie!” You jumped into his arms, excited after all this time. He went on his first tour at the time. You two called, texted, skyped, anything that meant you two were talking.

“I miss you so much.”

“Of course, you did.” You hit his head, hearing him say ow and you pouted. You got off him, and he was still pretty smug.

“I would miss me too if I was gone that long.”

“You’re asking to get hit some more.”

“Babe, you barely reached my head.”

“I take it back, hmph.”

“I’m just joking, I missed you so much that I kept playing your favourite song so much that Suga-hyung threw a slipper at me.” You laughed, you could totally see Yoongi throwing a slipper at him to shut him up.

“Well, I’m sorry you got a slipper thrown at you.”

“It’s worth it, seeing you.”

“I swear, you go from asshole to sweetheart in 30 seconds.”

“It’s what you do to me, babe.” He took your hand and pulled you along.

Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah.
You know there’s no one
I can relate to.
And know we won’t find a love that’s so true…

“It didn’t have to rain.” He sounded defeated, it was raining hard when you two were about to go out for dinner. It had been while since he took you to dinner, so he wanted to treat you.

He went on his phone, going to cancel the dinner reservations and he thought you went to change. After about half an hour, he started to smell something good. He followed the scent which lead to you.

You made him one of his favourites, pork rice soup. He looked at you, you just put your apron over your dress and cooked.

“Oh, Kookie, I’m almost done. Can you set up the table?”

“Why are you so cute?” He wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his head on top of yours.

“I wasn’t going to let the rain wash out our date.”

“Did you use that pun on purpose?”


“Babe, I think you need new jokes.”

“That hurts, you know. I’m basically dating a meme and I’m not funny?”

“Well, yeah.” You elbowed him, complaining about why didn’t he set up the table while he laughed a bit.

Have you been drinkin’
To take all the pain away?
I wish that I could give you what you deserve…

“Y/N!” He ran into the bathroom, catching the door before you slammed it on him.

“Leave me alone, Jungkook.”



“I’m not leaving you when you’re like this. I can’t leave you when you feel like this.”

“Please.” Your voice cracked and he grabbed the alcohol from you. He dumped into down the sink while holding your wrist.

He pulled you into a hug but you tried to push him off. You hit his chest, calling him everything under the sun.

“You’re an asshole.”

“Leave me the fuck alone.”

“Why would you hurt me like everyone else? Am I worth something to you?”

“Just let me go.”

“Y/N..” You started to cry, still hitting his chest and he pulled you closer. You finally break, sobbing into his shirt and he patted your back. He was glad he could save you.

Lost in confusion,
Like an illusion,
You know I’m used to making your day…

“Why, what the fuck did you do that?”

“I don’t like her.”

“She’s your friend too?!”

“She fucking likes you, Jungkook.”

“But I love you.”

“It doesn’t change the fact she likes you, and you could easily leave.”

“Why don’t you think I’ll stay? Why can’t you believe that I will stay with you?”

You were silent and you grabbed your coat, leaving the apartment. He ran after you, you starting off in a run after hearing his footsteps following you.

He caught up to you in no time and grabbed you. You squirmed, not wanting to be in his arm after feeling so insecure because of him.

“I don’t want anyone else. You were here when I needed you, and I’m going to be here when you need me now.”

“Don’t lie to me. You can’t always be here.”

“I’m in your heart, aren’t I?”

But that is the past now,
We didn’t last now,
I guess that this is meant to be

“Y/N!” He didn’t catch you this time. He was banging on the door to no avail and you were crying again.

You were still hurting.

There’s nothing like us,
There’s nothing like you and me

He finally got the door open and he saw you unconscious on the floor. He picked you up and ran out. He ran to the hospital, his mind running wild.

You couldn’t be died, right?

This is you just playing a joke on him like you used to do, right?

You didn’t swallow all those-

No. You didn’t. You couldn’t have. You said you would stay. You wanted to see the sunset in Japan, see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, eat pizza with him in Rome and go on the London eye.

You didn’t try to leave, you couldn’t have.



“She’s not breathing. Save her. I can’t live without her. Save her.”

“You need to-”

“Can’t you see I can’t fucking wait? I’m not going to lose her like this, call a doctor now.”

The nurse called the doctor and they took you on a bed. He tried to follow them but they held him back.

“She’s going to live. She’s not going to die.” He sunk to the floor, repeating these phrases to himself. He called his hyungs through his hypersensitive state and they found him, still on the floor.


“She’s not going to die, right? She promised she’ll stay.”

“I can’t promise you anything.”

“Lie to me, just please don’t tell me she-”

“She’s not going to die.” Jin said, trying to comfort him. He was going insane, how could you just do this? Was he not loving enough? Did he not come when you needed him? He would get out of meetings if it meant that you would be alright.

You can’t go like this.

“Ah, there you are.” A doctor came through the guards and he stood up, stumbling a bit.

“Is she alright? She’ll live, right?”

“I think it would be best if you just came with me.” He followed the doctor, repeating those phrases in his head.

“You just barely caught her before she could digest all of her pills but she still ingested a lot of pills.” There you were, the colour from your skin was paled and you were hooked up to your only lifetime, a machine.

“Y-Young man! Nurse!” He fainted, the sight of you like that could nearly kill him.



“Wake up, Kookie.”

“Kookie-” He jolted up, almost pulling the IV out of him.


“Oh, Kookie. You’re awake, thank goodness.”

“Is Y/N okay?”

“Jungkook, you fainted.”

“Is she okay?”


“I’m going to go see her.” He took the IV with him and walked to your room. The number was engraved in his head and he opened the door.

“Y/N.” Your eyes were still closed, but your complexion came back. He walked over to your bedside, holding your hand immediately after.

“We’ll get through this, right? You won’t leave me like this, right? You loved me, right?” Tears started to fall, droplets making it to your hand.

“You always hated when I cried. It made you want to give up the whole world for me just to smile. You would do that stupid dance in my clothes, trying to make me laugh..” He sniffed.

“You have to live, okay-”

“Sir, please go to your room. This patient can not have visitors at this time.”

Together, oh

He was pushed back into the present, finishing the song. He was in tears like that day, unable to think about you which drove him even more crazy.

“Thank you.”

He hoped you were smiling, and the sun was shining on you. Such a beautiful soul lost to the world of darkness

Nico’s Back

(I got the idea for this from one of @pjoheadcannonsandaus ‘s posts)

No one had heard from him in almost four years. Nico Di Angelo was just a character in the stories told around the fire; new campers hardly believed that he even existed. Which is why it was a shock to everyone when a faintly familiar 19 year old man stepped out of cabin 13. His hair was longer pulled into a small bun, with an undercut that allowed everyone to see the new piercings he had in his ears. His pale skin was no longer so pale, it was tan, with an olive tint to it, just like it was when he still lived in Italy. Also, he obviously hit a growth spurt during his time away, his former less than average self was now above average at nearly 6 foot 1, with lean muscle that could be seen under his plain black t shirt. The only thing that didn’t seem to change about him was the way he dressed; as he walked out of the cabin he was slipping on a new aviator jacket, this one actually fit him unlike his last.
Campers stopped and stared as he walked past, some new campers asking who he was, others looking at his stygian iron sword in fear.
“Nico Di Angelo, haven’t you grown into quite the hotty. Wanna go for a walk in the forest later?” an Aphrodite girl asked as he passed her, she was obviously hinting that she wasn’t planning on doing much walking.
“I’m still gay, Summer.” he assured her, smirking at the way she rolled her eyes and turned away from him. Before he left camp when he was 16, he kissed Will Solace in front of everyone, which outed the both of them in less than 5 seconds before he disappeared. Of course he talked to Will before he did it, not wanting to leave him with something he wasn’t prepared to handle by himself. It wasn’t even a surprise to anyone because when was the last time either of them looked at a girl like they looked at each other?
“That’s Nico Di Angelo? I thought you made him up!” he heard one camper say to another, stopping his towards the pavilion, he turned and smiled at the boy.
“Do I look made up to you?” he asked, placing his hand over a spot on the ground, a small skeleton of a squirrel rose and ran around the camper.
“That’s so cool!” the 10 year old yelled as he chased after the creature. Laughing, Nico turned back and continued walking through camp, still set on getting to the pavilion for lunch. He gave Chiron a small nod as he sat down at the Hades table, as if telling him everything went well. Chiron was the only one who knew where Nico had gone, not even Will was allowed to know that information.
“Will’s not here you know, he lives in New Athens now.” New Athens? Nico’d been gone so long that an entire city was created? Looking up at Cecil he raised an eyebrow.
“What in the name if Hades, is New Athens?”
“Like New Rome, just for the Greeks. It was finished last year.” He told him. Nico groaned, did he really use all that energy shadow travelling to camp for no reason? “It’s only about a 5 minute drive from here, you could ask Argu-or you can just walk into a shadow, that’s cool too!” After tossing his half finished sandwich into the fire and muttering a prayer to his dad, he thought of Will as he walked into the darkness.

He ended up in a small apartment littered with med school books and notes. If anyone else had lived here, Nico would feel bad about looking around. But this was Will’s place, what harm could come from it? He thought about going down the hall first, but his interrupted lunch had caught up to him, so with his stomach growling he made his way into the small kitchen. There was nothing worth eating. Anything that could be deemed as unhealthy was no where in sight, cursing himself for choosing a doctor, he grabbed an apple from the fridge.
“You know, if I didn’t know you had that birthmark on your back-” not expecting anyone to be home, Nico jumped at the sound of Will’s voice, causing his head to hit the top shelf of the fridge.
“A little warning next time?” he mumbled rubbing the spot as he closed the door.
“A little warning from me? A little warning from you is more like it. What makes you think you can just shadow travel your ass into my home, take my apple, break my fridge, and look like that without giving me any warning? You know…” Nico tried listening to what Will was saying, he really did, but if people thought Nico had changed, what did they think of Will? He was no longer the shaggy haired, scrawny, 18 year old kid he left all those years ago. Sure, he liked that Will, but Will 2.0 was such an upgrade. It wasn’t even until he saw Will that he took in how much he really missed him. He missed his eyes, his hair, his nose, everything. Even if he wanted to murder Will every time he did it, Nico even missed the way Will woke him up just to make sure he ate breakfast. “…Nico? Are you even listening to me?
“Good, because I was saying some things that would probably make you wanna punch me in the face.” Will sighed in relief making Nico chuckle, he’s never even hurt Will physically before but the blond still has it in his mind that Nico will do it one day. He has no idea why. Nico’s laughs slowly faded as they looked at each other, taking in everything that they’d been deprived of for the last 4 years. In two long strides, the distance between them was gone as Will wrapped his arms around Nico, burring his face into his neck. “I missed you” he mumbled.
“I missed you too.” they stayed like that for what seemed like hours, but after a few minutes Nico pulled away first, his grumbling stomach only part of the reason why.
“Let’s go grab something to eat and catch up.” Will laughed. Nodding, Nico threw his forgotten apple in the trash and followed him towards the door, “You’ve missed a lot since you’ve been gone”

An Unconventional Office Christmas Party

Originally posted by bau-obsessed

You hadn’t been with the team long, but they were already starting to feel like family. Intrusive, nosey family. You didn’t mind though, they had all been amazingly welcoming and kind since you had started a few months ago. When JJ was made a profiler, they needed a new communications liaison. That’s where you came in. You easily transitioned from the academy to working with one of the best teams the FBI had assembled.

You had… rather unexpectedly developed a crush on the BAU’s resident genius Spencer Reid. You had been pretty great at hiding. However, you were surrounded by people who were trained in reading people’s behavior, and they were bound to figure it out eventually. You were honestly surprised that they hadn’t figured it out yet. Oftentimes, you found yourself asking questions that didn’t really matter, just to see if you could set him off on one of his information rambles. You loved the way he smiled, or got excited by one of his mother’s letters, or the way he scrunched up his nose when he was reading. You were head over heels, and there wasn’t anything that you could do about it.

You had just gotten back from your last missions, and had been on your way out. You were waiting for the elevator when you were practically tackled by one of your favorite people in the whole world. Penelope Garcia had not exactly been happy about a new person joining her family, but you had managed to win her over when you offered to stay late with her to finish up some paper work. You two were fast friends, and constantly finding new things for the team to do together.

“My darling, you look absolutely lovely today” Garcia laughed, after releasing you from a typical bone crushing hug. “You are coming to the party tomorrow, right?” you sighed, and attempted to avoid her eyes. “Y/N, you have to” she protested, softly punching you in the shoulder. “It’s going to be so much fun! I have a bunch of games planned, and we are going to eat a bunch of Christmas cookies, and I know for sure a certain Dr. will be there- oh no” she gasped, putting her hand over her mouth.

Your eyes widened, and you let out a gasp of your own. “W-what?”

“I’m so sorry. I just noticed you staring sometimes and I just want you to be happy and” Garcia rushed out, stumbling over her words.

“I just can’t believe you figured it out before all of the professionally trained profilers.” You noted, before stepping into the elevator.

“Yeah, that’s right I’m the only one that figured it out. Mm-hmm” she muttered as the doors closed. “Be here at six tomorrow!” she called before the doors finally closed.

You couldn’t believe it, your entire team knew, and tomorrow you didn’t know how you were going to act. You couldn’t not go to the party. Garcia had spent a really long time trying to put everything together to make it perfect. And besides that, if you didn’t show up, it would look awfully suspicious to your co-workers, especially after how enthusiastic you had been when convincing Morgan and Reid that they both had to come.

Sleep had not come easy. You had been too preoccupied with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring to manage to get much. Granted, this job didn’t really let you sleep too much, but it was typically more than what you had gotten.

After managing to not leave your bed for most of the day, you sighed and began to get ready for the party. After scrutinizing over your appearance for what was probably an unhealthy amount of time, you grabbed your tin of cookies and headed out of the door.

When you arrived at the Bureau, you found the party in full swing. You made your way over to the refreshment table to set your cookies down. Garcia really had done a great job, the office was decorated beautifully and festive music drifted out of the speakers, filling the room with sounds of the season. You glanced around the room, praying that the hope on your face wasn’t too obvious. Unfortunately, you didn’t see specer anywhere. Sighing, you reigned yourself to a glass of punch.

“Wow Y/N, you look really great” a familiar voice said from behind.

“Spence!” you exclaimed, spinning around to smile at him. “Wow, I like your sweater!” you laughed. Spencer was wearing his typical cardigan, but this one was decorated with prancing reindeer and other various Christmas symbols.

“Thanks, did you know that In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ. And… what?” Reid stopped mid-sentence, and inquisitive sparkle appearing in his eyes.

“Nothing, I just thought that was really interesting” you said, trying to keep your small smile from turning into a full on grin.

Spencer didn’t saying anything, choosing only to smile back at you. Just as you were struggling to find something to say, Garcia appeared right behind your shoulder. “Hey Y/N,” she said pulling you in for a hug. “Genius boy,” she said, nodding at Reid. There’s plenty of egg nog, so have fun you too!” she said, with thankfully only mild eyebrow wiggling, before prancing off to go find Morgan.

It seemed that Garcia had informed the entire team about how she slipped up and that now you know, because they were all acting a bit awkward throughout the party if you were being honest. Garcia frequently came to check on you two, often guiding you back to Spencer if you had drifted away from him. JJ had managed to bring up Spence about five times in the short two minute conversation you two had while Will was with Henry. Not even Rossi or Hotch were innocent, both of the dropping subtle hints and glances towards the two of you. Morgan had “accidentally” pushed you into Spencer, causing him to catch you before you hit the ground. Even poor Henry wasn’t spared from these antics. He wandered over to his godfather and very loudly ‘whispered’ in his ear when he was going to ask ‘Auntie Y/N to marry him, causing a blush to spread over both of your faces.

It was nearing the end of the night, and Garcia had volunteered you and Spencer to help her clean up. Neither of you objected, and the three of you worked in a comfortable silence, until Garica’s phone rang and she quickly excused herself. Before she had slipped out of the room, you had caught a glimpse of Morgan’s name on the caller I.D.

You rolled your eyes and continued to pack up the various table decorations into a box, to be stored until next year. You could feel a bit of tension in the air. That was unusual, you were both accustomed to a comfortable silence between yourselves.

You made a snap decision that the team’s actions shouldn’t affect the way that you were around Spence, you decided to break the silence, albeit carefully. “I’m sorry that the team was acting so weird tonight. I don’t know what got into them.”

“Well, they have never exactly been ones to let something develop on it’s own.” He replied, nonchalantly.

“What?” you asked, the decorations suddenly the last thing on your mind.

“Well, they have been teasing me since your first day about how much I like you. I kept telling them that it is stupid. I’m really sorry if the made you uncomfortable.”

“You know for someone with an I.Q of 187 you sure can miss a lot.” You sighed. He didn’t say anything, simply cocking his head a bit to the left with a questioning look on his face. “They have been messing with me for quite some time about how I really like you.”

“You do?”

“Why would that be so hard to believe?”

“Well, I just never thought that someone as intelligent, and beautiful as you could ever fall for, well, me.”

“Spencer Reid, I have liked you since the first time you managed to talk to me for an hour on the jet about different kinds of toothpaste. Come here, you idiot.” You smiled, reaching up to carefully place your lips on his.

The fireworks did not last long, however, when you heard the whooping and hollering coming from outside of the glass doors. You broke away from Spencer to see the rest of your team grinning broadly at you.

You couldn’t say that you were surprised, but that definitely did not stop the blush that was happening all over your face. Spencer wrapped you up in a hug, and in that moment, with your head buried in the crook of his neck and him letting out a carefree laugh, you didn’t know if anything would honestly ever make you feel happier than the man standing right in front of you, and the rest of your family just outside of the door.

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1. I’m sorry that I don’t write about you, let me tell you why I don’t. I don’t know how to write about you. I don’t know how to spell your pain into something beautiful. Your pain is something that’s untouchable, Shakespeare can’t even turn you into a fucking poem. Shakespeare! What makes you think that I can? I can’t turn this sad, sad situation into the drowning depths of blue that’ll sink us into a quiet, quiet and calm, calm sleep.

2. I’m sorry that I’ve been distant, I’m sorry that I sleep all day long, I’m sorry that all I’ve been saying to you is I’m sorry. You mean the world to me. You mean the stars to me. You mean poetry to me. I just feel kind of lost. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever get that way? Like nothing sounds right and you’ve been trying to ink that shit into your skin, but you’re just gutting yourself alive. Yeah, I’m having one of those nights. I’m just apologizing because I don’t know what else to say. Do you ever open your mouth to start a lovely conversation, but the first three words are I’m sorry? Yeah. That’s me today.

3. I’m sorry that I’m still in love with you. I really am. I should be apologizing to myself because this thing of ours is long letter burning with the dead but I’m keeping it alive in hopes that one day fireflies know about their own shine and how stars they’ll shine bright without us. I’m sorry that my apologies mean nothing now and how you’ve forgiven me, but I can never get to the point where I’ll forgive myself. I haven’t learned that part. No, I can never craft that into art. Never that.

4. I’m sorry that I said I love you when I still had feelings for someone else. You were there and she wasn’t. You were there when I needed someone. You were there when I was not myself, or maybe… that’s who I still am. You were there when the wind chokes us alive, you’ll be there when the wind sweeps us into a dustpan filled with regretful dust bunnies playing to the drums of when hearts could beat and hands would hold, you’ve molded me, but I don’t know if I ever did the same for you. I’m so fucking sorry if I made you cry. I’m just glad that you chose to stay alive. Maybe your lungs were never that bad, maybe they were. I’m just glad that you’re okay. I’m sorry.

5. I’m sorry that my last words to you were I fucking hate you so god damn much.

6. I’m sorry about the time when you handed me that dollar bill hand crafted into a heart and I threw it back into your face. I’m sorry that you never got a chance to kiss my lips as you said our goodbyes by yourself. I’m sorry that these words may seem like awful lies, but tonight I’m just a naked body waiting for the forest fire. I’m a burning corpse and yeah we don’t get to sleep at night, but if I cried these light fluid tears, would you book us into next year and promise that no matter where I left our chapters, you’ll always hold these pages and say that in some way, you did mean it when you said you didn’t mean to hurt me like you did.

7. For all of the times I’ve let you hurt me, for all of the times that you led me on, in this one apology, I’m so sorry that I didn’t keep in touch with you. You were my first best friend and you broke me into a colorful bruise that even time can’t heal. It took me years to get over you, but it took you a few days to realize that it didn’t hurt as much. I guess that’s why I didn’t let you get that last farewell.

8. I’m not one to play with hearts, but if I were I will have most definitely played with yours. I can’t even express an apology when I think about you. I can only think about the times when you tried to be my friend. I remember that wallet you gave to me, I no longer remember where I placed it. My girlfriend at the time said that I must get rid of it, but let me tell you, in some ways, I wanted to keep it. You never meant any harm. You just wanted to be mine, but me? I’m selfish. That is my crime. And now you may sleep at night, but I don’t know about those cuts on your wrist, or how you might have died one night because I pushed you over the edge. I don’t know about any of it, I just heard about it. I never called. I’m sorry about all of it. I know you never got to hear it, but out of all my lovers, I would love to tell you that no matter how you change or plan to live your life… during my younger years, I really did love you, I just didn’t love me enough to be with you. You were always the better part of me. You’ll always be.

9. I know you always try for me. You always write to me, hell, you may also love me like the way the sun coats the earth. You’re like dew. You’ll read this line and know that these quotes are from your story. You’ve been writing to me for such a long time, and let me tell you why I don’t respond half the time. You have time and age all gripping your spine together. You have such a youthful me inside of you. If you get too close, you may bend. You may break. That’s why I keep my distance. That’s why when I say I love you, I’m just really telling the young boy that should’ve been told that from time to time. I never got to know my father, but when I did, I’m glad that I didn’t. I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I had been his son. I would’ve been surrounded by enough drugs to sleep through this life. I would’ve been so angry that I might have ended my life. I know you write because you care about me, but can you promise something to me? Just for today. Write about you. You’re important too. Just the way you are.

10. I can’t seem to keep a relationship going. Something always goes wrong. It’s either me or them. It’s either love or nothing at all. It’s all your fault. You left me looking for a passion that only you could give and I should apologize for still believing in something that’s so fucking flawed, but where’s the fun in that? You can smile your days away, but once you read this one, you’ll know it’s about you. You always know when it’s about you who else would bleed into my skin without the use of a fucking razor. You know who you are. I’m sorry.

11. You put the red into my mornings and said, hey, look, we’re alive again. Mama, I’m sorry that I’m such a depressed man. You’ve seen me sigh and asked me what’s wrong my son, mama, nothing’s wrong. I’m just having a rough time. I can’t look you in the face and tell you that I’m a drug addict. I can’t look you in the face and tell you that my heart hurts. I can’t look you in the face when you have diabetes and it may break you if you miss a pill or two, so I try my best impression of a fucking pillar and I stand inside of Rome and hold myself high. Mama, I’m trying. I’m doing these apologies, but it’s how I am. It’s my self-expression. I’m malnourished, I’m a disease likened to pen pressed upon paper, I’m pretty to read, but not beautiful enough to be written. Every time I think I can’t do it for another day, I think about the way you used to yell and yeah you’re not always happy, but you always managed to say fuck it. I guess that’s why I cuss so much. I grew up in poverty, but I won’t die in it. That’s not a promise. I won’t. I promised you a diamond ring, but I know most days you would rather see a smile. So I’m smiling, and yeah it’s not always real, but when I do smile, just know, this one is for you.

12. I don’t do this at all. I’m bad at this sort of thing. I was going to do it when the direct number hits, but I’ll do it now. I’m sorry to all of my followers and all of the shit that you’ve read. It’s almost at 29k followers and all of my words still sound the same. Why do you read what I write? Do I keep you going? To those anonymous asks, do you really want to die? Do I really keep you going? To reflectedmoonlight, darling, I hope you’re alive. I hope you’re as strong as ever. If you’re not? I’ll dedicate this little life of mine to you and to you only. I’ll live for you because even though I’m an introvert, I’ll rock those damn house parties in complete silence for you. I’d laugh when a sad song comes up just to say, we made shit happen. I know you don’t have much time left… hell, you may already be gone, so this apology is for you. If I ever find time to be normal and to feel normal, I promise one day I’ll ask god if he gave you the prettiest wings, because although I’m not religious, I can only pray that you’ll have a special place in heaven when it rains and I see the flowers grow in places where you should be smiling. I don’t do this often, I don’t. So I’m sorry. To all of my followers, I’m sorry for being so damn sad all of the time. I really am. I can only give out so much love, I guess my sister is right about my writing. If you’re like a fucking waterfall all day long, and you pour and pour and pour and pour and give and give and give and give and give and give… one day you’re going to pay for it little brother. One day you’re going to be all alone, but don’t worry. I’ll be there, it’ll hurt like hell, but I promise I wouldn’t leave you here all alone. To my sister, I know I’ve been quiet, I know the days are long and the nights are even longer. I know in some ways I’ve contemplated suicide, but I wouldn’t leave you here. This shit isn’t over until it’s over. I guess for tonight, my apologies are all used up. I’m just really tired. Do you ever get that? I’m nothing close to pretty and not even touching perfect, but when you tell me your silly jokes and tell me about your day… that’s what I think about when I imagine a beautiful day. So I guess, I’m sorry about not being my usual self as of late.

13. I’m sorry if you still think about me when he doesn’t understand your more soft and sensitive side, baby, I promise one day, we’ll meet again somewhere the words make sense. I’m sorry about the time when I undressed your body instead of your mind. I’m sorry if I wanted to want you instead of need you. I’m sorry if all we did was hurt one another, hell, some days, I’m more sorry that we got to love each other. That hurts the most, knowing that I damaged my best friend. In some ways, all of my apologies will always be about you.

14. This last one is for anyone who’s having a rough time but still manages to keep their heads up. I’m sorry about your day, but if you’ve read this far, I just wanted to say;

I love you.

—  All of the shit that I’ve been meaning to apologize for
Your Wish Is My Command ch. 6

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“Dad, are you sure you need all this stuff?” Nico asked looking around their attic. He had to duck to keep from hitting his head on the ceiling, but Hazel and his father were sitting, making sure they’d put up all the Halloween decorations.

His father looked up and around the attic at all the things in cluttered boxes stacked throughout it. “I’m pretty sure. I mean otherwise I wouldn’t have put it up here.” Nico scoffed and shook his head. He hunched down and walked toward some boxes near the back.

He opened on and found some artifacts from Greece and Rome. He snorted and put it aside. Then he opened another and found Egyptian artifacts. “Dad, I’m 99 percent positive you don’t need an Egyptian nose hook!” he called.

“Ew, Dad!” he heard Hazel complain.

He moved the box and opened the next. This one was filled with Arabic artifacts.

“Nico, we found the boxes. Come help us put the decorations up!” he called.

“I’ll be right there! I’m invested in your boxes.”

“And you said I didn’t need them,” his dad answered. Nico smiled to himself as he rummaged through the box, pulling out old clothes and vases. Then he saw something that made him laugh out loud. A lamp, like the ones genies came out of.

He pulled it out by the handle, wondering how exactly this served as a lamp. It looked more like a fancy tea kettle. It had swooping curves and rusted engraved designs of Arabic letters and decorative swirls. Nico looked into the top hole and blew air into it, grimacing when a puff of dust greeted his face.

He set it aside and dug into the box some more, but his inner child was begging for him to do it. He bit his lip and looked back where the attic door had been left open. He grabbed the lap rubbed the side trying not to feel too ridiculous. When nothing happened, he shook his head and put it down. He moved the box and uncovered another box filled with Norse artifacts.

The lamp kept tugging at him, making him look back at it over and over. “Nico!” he heard Hazel call. She clambered up the steps into the attic. “What are you doing?”

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Just you and I- A Kriss Boss!Scenario

Hello :-) Can I request a fluffy Kris scenario? Something maybe along the lines of Boss!AU >< [Kris in a suit is my weakness u.u] Thank you~ - Sarang

He called you into his office, with a stern expression, and for a moment you froze. You knew that look very well, and usually, it didn’t mean good news for whoever was receiving it, so you put your folder on the table, and said goodbye to the fellow employee that was currently talking to you, before making your way to Kris’ office. Your boss’ office.

“Is everything alright sir?” you asked him, as you closed the door behind you. Kris stood beside the chair behind his desk, and smiled at you cheekily.

“I like it when you call me sir.” He replied with a cheeky smirk. He walked up to you, and locked the door, before grabbing you by the waist, and pulling your body against his.

“Kris…” You whispered, as your eyes met his. He made you melt under his stare, so warm, so dark, and so passionate.

“I know, we are at work, and you don’t want anyone to think you got the job because you are sleeping with the boss, blablabla. But I missed you Y/N…” he cut you off quickly, holding you tightly against him, your face pressed onto his chest, as his hand grabbed the back of your head.

You blushed deeply at the sudden contact. For someone who looked so cold he could freeze oceans with his stare, he was damn loveable and cute when you were alone with him.

Suddenly it hit you. He hadn’t called you in just because he missed you, if that had been the case he would have called you earlier, under any random excuse, with a smile on his lips. He had called you into his office because he was jealous of you talking to that male colleague of yours. You smirked.

“You missed me eh? So this has nothing to do with the fact that I was so casually speaking to Mr. Kim?” You asked him, thinking about Minseok. You chose to refer to him by his last name, so Kris wouldn’t get too mad at you for being too familiar with the boy, and you honestly didn’t want to end up getting the poor boy fired because of Kris’ temper.

Kris froze the moment you asked the question, and coughed uncomfortably.

“Why would I be jealous of Minseok?” he asked as flatly as he could, in order to not give away his true feelings. You smiled, as you pulled away from his chest just enough to be able to look him in the eyes.

“Ah, but I never said anything about being jealous Kris…” you said with a laugh.

“Yah!! Stop being like that!” he told you frustrated, with a roll of his eyes, but in reality, he was amused by the way your mind worked.

“I missed you too Kris… All day. All I can do is think about you. How I want to hold you and kiss you and never let go.” You told him, caressing his cheek softly with your hand. He smiled at you, and for a brief moment, you saw something flash across his eyes.

“It’s funny you say that…. Because I just so happened to have booked two tickets, and a hotel, for us to travel to Rome, and spend a whole week there… Alone.” He told you, with a  slight smirk. You knew he enjoyed the little comfort and luxuries being the rich boss of the company provided him with, and honestly, you were glad you got to enjoy them with him.

Some people would have called you a gold digger, but honestly, you would have fallen in love with him no matter what his job was. Kris was the perfect man for you, and if he ever happened to lose his fortune, you would gladly build a small life with him, fighting alongside him. But until then, how could you possibly reject his gifts, when they made him so happy?

And they did, Kris was more than happy when he gave you something pretty, or fun, or luxurious, it made him feel better about himself, like he was worth you, like he had so much to offer.

“Really? Just us?” You asked him with a  wide grin stretched across your cheeks. Your eyes glistened with excitement as he nodded his head. You immediately squealed, and jumped on him, not caring about what others could think if they ever saw you.

“Just the two of us my baby…” He whispered into your ear as he held you closely against himself. He was proud he could make you this happy.

“Ah Kris thank you so so much!! But you didn’t have to do this!” You told him, smiling widely, your heart beating quickly with excitement.

“I know, but I wanted to. When was the last time we did anything alone? When was the last time we did anything romantic? Plus, you deserve it, you saved my ass the other day at the meeting.” He told you, remembering the last meeting his company had held with a potential partner company in a big deal, and how he had forgotten all of his folders, and information, and you had had to come to the rescue, presenting the information you yourself had gathered, and finally landing him the deal he needed.

You truly were a wonderful woman, and he was glad he had hired you in the first time, not only because through that contract he had met the love of his life, but because he had come across the best employee his company had ever hired.

“I did save you didn’t I? You should be glad I’m in your life.” You joked, as you gently kissed his lips. He returned the kiss, with a deep laugh rumbling in his chest.

“You have no idea…” He whispered against your lips, as his mouth melted into yours in a heated kiss. He thanked the heavens for having had the chance to meet the most amazing woman he had ever seen, he thanked the world for giving him the chance to make you his.