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Song of Themyscira | Seven

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 3.3k (wowza)

Warnings: Language (for now)

A/N: Update! This one is a long one, so I hope you enjoy :) s/o to mi amor, abril, for being with me every step of the way w/ this fic || SoT masterlist

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(this gif reflects James’ mood at a certain point in the chapter - try and guess when and where!!)

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

You pressed the buzzer on the door juggling takeout food in your arms along with a bag of your things. You smiled when you heard Lori barking on the other side of the door. You chuckled when you heard crashing sounds follow the barking.

“Coming!” Christian yelled from his apartment.

A few moments later he opened the door and sported his usual grin. It must have been hot in his apartment because he was wearing shorts with no shirt on.

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nothings gonna change my world

in which will meets nico’s sisters

word count: 1764

read on ao3


It goes better than Will had planned.

Will, despite being fully informed of Hazel Levesque’s sweet demeanour, had still been expecting a shovel talk. Especially after talking to Leo.

(“You should have seen her after my visit to New Rome,” he’d said, letting out a whistle. “Girl hits hard.”

“Leo,” Nico had cut in, boredly. “You faked your death for six months.”

“I didn’t mean to!)

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Rescue •P3•

Avengers x Reader

Masterlist | Rescue Masterlist | Part Two

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 1861

Warnings: is ass really a swear? + flashback

A/N: I know that after publishing P1 and P2 so quickly, it was weird of me to get P3 out like two days later. Sorry about that. School is problematic atm, so sporadic updates are to be expected. Anyway, enjoy 💛

I can’t help but think of how similar my position is to the day before: sitting in a deserted conference room, fidgeting with unanswered questions and enough anxiety to put me in an asylum.

The ride over had been terrifying. A short, ripped man staring at me with a straight face had been there to greet me when I reached the bottom of my apartment building. Escorted into a black car and whisked away to the tower, then further escorted into the building and brought to my current situation.

The building, I noticed, had been under a undisclosed chaos as people scurried around, getting where they need to be and doing that they need to do. It’s no doubt due to the attack, and a pang of guilt hits me. So many people dealing with the problem I created.

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What Happens On The Announce Table...

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader x Dean Ambrose
Summary: Your boyfriend, AJ, decides to enjoy some alone time with you on the announce table. He even decides to allow you to indulge in one of your fantasies while you’re at it.


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You sat on top of the announce table, just hanging out, as you watched Dean and Roman messing around in the ring when they were supposed to be warming up. This was one of their rituals: before the doors open, they would get into the ring, run the ropes, practice some moves on each other and what not. You sitting on the announce table watching your friends became a ritual too. It calmed you down to sit and watched what went on in that ring…it helped clear your mind.

“Hey you.” A soothing southern drawl called to you. You looked over to see your boyfriend, AJ, walking over to you and sitting next to you. “You doing alright?”

“Yeah.” You nodded. “I’m doing good. You?”

“Yeah, same. So you ready for your match tonight?”

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Friendly Companion

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Request: Hi! Congrats on your writing anniversary! Could you do a GabrielxReader smut fic with some fluff? You decide what it’s about?

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: smut

A/N: In honor of JIBcon just ending, a little scenery change for a bit…

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London’s Calling

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 ||

Chapter Nine: Cracks 

Word Count: 3258

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

“So that’s it?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

It’s a strong statement to say both teens are to blame for what happened. Blame isn’t really the right word, even though both Riley and Lucas are at fault for what transpired the day they called quits on their friendship. Everyone involved believed that their actions were the right thing to do. But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves. 

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Heart Comps. 3: Darkness Fuels Jealousy

A/N: IT’S BAAACCCKKKK. Heart Complications 3 is here! Now I’m warning you more, this is going to get violent, dark, abusive. We’re gonna see how bad the Demon side of Finn is, and we’re gonna see that he’s got interesting powers in the next chapters. This? It’s just a prelude. There’s no smut in this one, just general freakish things. AND YES I know that Finn would never be this way, however, this is my fic and this is how I feel the Demon King would act.

Characters: Reader Inserted

Word Count: 2,590

Triggers: Stalking, Anxiety, Threats

Type: Non-smutty.

Tags: @neeadinghugs @deseraysmiththings @panic-angel3314 @ambrosegirlforever @queen-twerks-a-lot @baeckyshorsewomen @mishaandtears


What happens when Finn gets jealous? He loses control of who he is.


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Waking up in an empty hotel room used to be fine for you. You loved your independence. You thrived in your aloneness. After that night with Seth? Not so much. I guess it’s a good thing you’ve had a 6 day weekend in the beautiful city you reside in.

You remember waking up to a couple of passive aggressive texts from Finn from the last few days. He wasn’t happy that Seth was first, and that he didn’t understand why you didn’t come to him. You know he’s called the Demon King for a reason, you just didn’t know that the Demon would be slowly coming out in jealousy fits.

You wake up to the light hitting your face. Your eyes, barely holding open as you fully come to. That’s when it hits you. Sunday. Tomorrow is Raw. I haven’t packed. Plane leaves at 8pm.

You check your phone for the time, when you notice the text message light blinking. You’ve fully avoided your gang of misfits all six days, which apparently has worried them.

Because your phone has 25 text messages and almost 40 missed calls. You roll your eyes and begin to scroll through.

You click Romans box first, the text messages pull a smile on your face.

Rome: Are you alive?

Rome: We haven’t heard from you in days.

Rome: Come on call me back.

Rome: I’ll send the goddamn cops, woman.

Rome: I’ll Liam Neeson you.

You send back, “yeah, I’m alive, just needed a break”, before clicking Jeffs box next.

Jeffro: I get that you need space but you gotta check in man.

Jeffro: Finn has been asking us if we’ve heard from you.

Jeffro: I think he likes you.

Jeffro: I don’t blame him but for real answer your phone!

Jeffro: Just got off the phone with Finn, again. He’s worried about you. Call him.

You hit the reply box, “I’ll call him after I wake up a bit more, I needed a break”. You enter Dean’s texts.

Dean: If you’re not either dead or dying when I see you, I’ll make sure you’re one of those options.

Dean: Getting us all freaked out that you’re dead. Dick.

You laugh hard, “back at you, douche”, clicking reply. Next is Seth.

Seth: Did I do something wrong? I haven’t heard from you since that night. Call me back.

You text Seth, “no, nothing you did, I just needed to be alone, sorry to worry you. See you at RAW?”

And the dreaded 12 text messages from Finn. The lump in your throat forms, more scared than sad.

Finn: Are you okay? Call me back.

Finn: Look, you need to tell me if you’re alive. Answer.

Finn: I’m getting really, really upset that you’re avoiding me.

Finn: Do you hate me or something?

Finn: I can’t get ahold of Seth either. You two having fun?

Finn: I still don’t understand why you’re into him. It’s weird.

Finn: But clearly he’s won you over so I’ll just leave you be.

Finn: You know I hate it when you don’t talk to me.

Finn: (Y/N)..

You don’t even read the rest. You just start clicking away. “I’m alright. I’ve been AT MY HOUSE for the past six days. I wanted some alone time, because ever since I slept with Seth, you all have been fighting for my attention. YOU MORE THAN ANYONE. If I want to sleep with any of you, I’ll make sure to let you know”.

You hit send and get out of bed, not even comprehending why he’s so upset. It’s unlike Finn so much, so it scares you. You’re not dating, you can sleep with who you want. You mentally shrug and pull your hair into a ponytail before looking through your dresser for clothes to bring on the new States tour. You don’t even know where to start, but what you do know… is that you’re bringing a lot of lingerie.


You slowly make your way around the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ, catching Romans eye from down the hall. He stops his conversation mid sentence to charge at you. You brace yourself for floor impact, dropping your bags, but you’re lifted off the floor in a big spin hug.

“Rome, you’re crushing me”.

Ohp”, he says as he sets you down gently, “I forgot that you’re tiny”. You hit his bicep playfully as he grabs your bags. That’s when he looks at you almost sympathetically. You roll your eyes.

“What now, Rome”, you ask before gazing into his blue eyes. His mouth twists, like he’s contemplating even telling you, that’s when a deep sigh leaves his body.

“Finn… isn’t Finn right now”, he mumbles as you both begin walking to the locker rooms to get ready for the show, “you see, we’ve been around him long enough to tell the signs, but you..”, he pauses, “you’re new”.

A look of confusion plays on your face, trying to decipher his words.

“When Finn is mad.. or jealous.. or basically any type of negative emotion.. something else comes out.. someone else”.

“What do you mean by that? Why is it aimed towards me?”

“He’s got a thing for you, he has since he met you, and when you slept with Seth, his someone else started to begin to show through”, you both turn the corner, walking down a long, quiet hall, “and what you sent him today pushed him into dangerous territory, a place none of us have seen in quiet a while”.

Finn turns a corner, standing in front of the both of you, “speak of th’ devil, am I correct”? Your body detects the instant change of atmosphere as he stands in front of you, almost taller than usual. Roman keeps close to you, ready to jump at any given time.

Your lips let out a faint whisper, “hiya finn..”. The words from your lips make him lick his slowly, “she haven’t a clue, has she”?

As Roman and Finn stare each other down, Romans arm hovers in front of you protectively. You eye Finn up and down. He is taller. You begin looking harder at him, his silky white Irish skin you knew is almost as stark as fresh snow. The pitch black suit doesn’t help. Your eyes trail along his elongated body to his face. His lips that used to be a wet, pouty pink, have become dry, and three shades lighter. His normal bright blue eyes are an ashy gray, followed by a hint of smoldering red. You take a step back to assess this situation. His grin upon his face plays wider, taunting you to make any sort of statement, any sort of sudden move.

“I can hear your heart beating faster, ya should probably go”.

You begin to walk past both Roman and Finn. He grabs your arm tight.

“Don’t worry, little one”, his words like shards of glass against your face, he leans in close, “I don’t have a match tonight, even if you run, I’ll find you”. That’s when he whispers something into your ear, something you can’t decode, but the sound of it makes your ears ring louder than church bells. You pull away and notice the devilish grin form on his face, gulping down a swallow of air as you look into his shadowy eyes. He allows your arm its freedom as Roman follows you into the locker room. His face almost as white as the walls behind him.

“Sooo… yeah that whole Demon King Finn thing? Yeah, real.”

I can fucking see that, Rome”.

He starts laughing as you calm your breathing, but he slyly locks the door behind him. Roman saunters up to you, standing directly behind you.

“Sorry for protecting you”, he pulls you by the shoulder so you’re facing him, “I know you don’t need any but I felt.. dominant.. around you”. Your breathing stalls as your hand reaches up, placing it on his chest. You immediately know you want to feel this man inside you. You also immediately know who lurks out in the shadows.

“Rome, I want to, so fucking bad”, you pull your hand away from him, “but we’re gonna have to wait until this shit with the Demon King is over”. His assuring smile lets you know that’s alright.

“I just want to make it through this night unscathed, okay?”

He kisses the top of your head, letting his lips linger on your skin for a couple seconds longer, “I’m always going to keep you safe”. You breathe into his neck. Safe. It’s the one word you’ve needed to hear since you ended up in the warpath of a jealous demon. Your heart calms at the sentence, knowing you could be hurt as soon as you walk out the door.

“Rome”, your inquisitive voice protrudes with a nervous break, “you said Finn isn’t Finn, which is very understandable now, but if he’s not Finn, what do I call him”? You feel Roman take a nervous gulp.

“Bálor. He’s Bálor. Demon King from the depths of an unruly hell”, he steps away from you, “who is using Finns jealousy to bring himself out, which means”.. Roman stops himself and takes a step away from you, before placing his hands upon both your shoulders, “we’re gonna get out of this room, okay”?

“Roman, what? ‘Which means’ what”? You struggle to grab your bag but he throws it over his shoulder.

“Bad things. Follow”.

He takes your hand, peeking his head out from the door, making sure there’s nobody around. “I’m taking you to Seth and Jeff”, he mouths, just in case. He begins heading down the hallway, always looking to make sure you’re not in any danger.

“Why”, you mouth back.

“I have a match with Dean”, he replies, looking back at you, “they’ll be able to help if I’m not around”.

Roman finally bursts through the door with force, making both Seth and Jeff jump from their chairs around a smaller table. Seth throws his cards halfway across the room in shock as Roman locks the door.

“Rome, the fuck man”?

You step from behind him, the expression on your face confirming their worst fears. Seth drops his anger, pulling you into a tight embrace. Jeff lowers his head, “she has, hasn’t she”? Roman nods, stripping his clothes off, ducking behind some lockers to get changed.

“Yeuhp, she has, and that’s not even the worst part”, he buckles his wrestling gear up as Dean comes staggering through the bathroom, “if that ain’t the worst part, what the hell is”?

Roman steps back to everyone, pulling his top over his head, “he’s so beyond a jealous rage that he relinquished his entire being over”, he clips his vest. He motions for Dean to follow him out, “so keep an eye on (Y/N), she’s gonna need it, especially with Bálors jedi mind tricks”. They leave, the door clicking locked behind them.

You dig through your marked outfit box, hoping to find something colorful to pep you up out of your funk. Oooh, lime green. You pull your outfit out and Seth looks up, “need me to help”, his smile beaming with his question. You mess up his hair, “I think I can dress myself”. You turn and disappear into the bathroom, Jeff and Seth both watching until you’re out of view.

It’s not very big, it never is, but the showers have great water pressure and the steam helps you relax. The hot water runs over your tired, drained body, hoping to find any bit of energy to get through your match. You step out, a towel loosely wrapped around your body. The shower door is locked shut, but it feels chilly, even with all the hot steam. You seem drowsy, hoping you’re dreaming as your towel falls off your body. You bend pick it up, but it gets kicked away from your hand. The bathroom lights begin to flicker a little.

You shoot straight back up and look directly into the mirror. Bálor. You turn around, but he isn’t here. Jedi mind tricks. You slowly face the mirror again, and this time he’s closer, reaching up and tugging a clump of your hair hard. You instinctively throw a punch into the wall, and everything stops, except for a soft laugh. You’ve never dressed faster in your life.

You step back into the locker room, and the four boys are there. Roman and Dean sweaty from their match. You look confused.

“How long was I in there for”?

“Almost an hour and fifteen minutes, they got back an hour ago”, Jeff replies, “are you alright”? You nod, lacing up your boots for your upcoming match. Dean perks up, “I suggest we all follow her to gorilla, so she doesn’t run into DemonDick”.

“He’s not a dick”, you lace your boots tighter, “he’s just.. not himself”. You hate when they talk about him. Finn is still your friend. He’s just not Finn. You stand up, heading towards the door.

“I can take care of myself, just stay here”, you assure them as each one looks at you, almost pleading to not go out alone, “I got this”. You smile.

You head out down the hallway to gorilla as you run chest first into him. You most certainly don’t got this.

You push him a little, “move”, your tone harsh. He catches your wrist, “now, now, look at ya”, his smoldering dead gray gaze slowly looks you from top to bottom, “such wonderful colors for someone apparently dark enough to dare piss me off”, the tone in his voice is gritty, “I should teach ya not to do that right here”.

Bálor slams you against the wall, hard enough to prove a point, watching the breath escape your lungs, “but I’m not one for foreplay”, he breathes out from his nose, the playful evil look turns to rage again, “I’ll see you later”. He removes his grip, sauntering away as if it never happened.

Your match with Sasha Banks went smoothly, you pick up a win just before Wrestlemania, where you’re supposed to team with Finn. You just hope Finn is Finn by then. The boys meet you in the gorilla, your stuff with them.

“We’re headed to the hotel, Finn has a room with us, we booked you a different one on the other side of the hotel, where maybe he can’t find you”. You thank them as you all head down the street towards the hotel, draped in a long jacket, you in the middle of four overprotective men.

Roman helps you to your room, the tiredness sinking in as you can barely see straight as you get to the door.

“You going to be okay?”, he asks, the genuine concern is refreshing after the day you’ve had. You breathe out almost in a defeated tone, “yeah, I think I will be”.

You watch his face twist a little, almost regretting letting you be alone in your room. He kisses the top of your head before handing you your bag.

“I know you’re worried about Finn, but you don’t have to be. Get some sleep, okay? You deserve it.”

Your innocent smile plays up, “I will Rome”.

“Call if you need help”, he says as he heads down to the elevator. You shove the key card in the slot and push open the door, closing it slowly. An instant chill runs from your lower back to your spine.

“I told you I’d see you later”.

Back to School Bash Pt. 1 By: Y. Black & Preciousluv

@preciousluv35 I’m liking the vision on this one.

“Rome, I need to return the favor.” Holly’s voice was music to a nigga’s ears.
“Return the favor for what?”
“I mean you gave a bitch some bomb ass mouth, and I wanna show you what I’m working with.” She began to untie the drawstring on my shorts. I laid back giving no resistance. I was eager to see what that mouf do. Her hands felt so soft on my dick. She freed him, stared at him for a second, before planting kisses on the head. With each kiss, she got sloppier. She swirled her tongue around the rim of my head sending light tingles to the base of my dick. I was just about to full mast as she began to take me into her mouth. It was so warm and wet. She was doing tricks I had only seen in porn. Like never in my 5 years of fucking had I been so close to ejaculation in such a short amount of time. I knew I was still geeked from eating her pussy but damn. My nigga I was ready to shoot like Lebron in the 4th quarter down by one with 6 seconds left. Shit was feeling too good. Just as I was about to cum my hammy locked up. I yelled like a bitch and my eyes flew open. I hated fucking Charlie Horses, especially ones when you were dead sleep. That shit would interrupt hibernation. I remember my mom’s face the first time I had one my junior year in high school. It was after a Two-A-Day practice. She damn near screamed as loud as me at 2 in the morning. She just knew her baby was in trouble. But back to the story at hand, when my eyes flew open I saw that I wasn’t alone. Nor was I completely dreaming. My dick was really being tended to and in an amazing fashion. I was about to nut in this random broads mouth. It was the same chick from D room. She was saucing a nigga dick like I was her life source. I massaged my hamstring as she massaged my dick. I wasn’t going to cum, it was too much pain. Then it happened.
My dick left her shit with a pop. “Boy you better give me that.” She sucked hard. “Give me that nut.” She was a real-life porn star. How could I deny her? She throated me twice and I had all but forgot about that damn Charlie Horse. I came so hard, I’m sure it went straight to the basin of her stomach. She didn’t even flinch. “Oh Shit!” I was panting and shit. “Damn.” My wet dick slid from her jaws. “My bro sent you in here?” She shook her head with a smirk. “Shit bet. Imma fuck witcha later. Oh yeah, preciate’ ya too, shit was fire.” She dipped out like a real trooper, and I made my happy ass back to the shower. “You a wild boy my nigga, preciate ya tho!” I yelled to D.
“Nigga was that you screaming?” he shot back. I halted and leaned on his door frame.
“Boy a nigga was dead, dreaming about getting topped off. Caught a damn cramp. Nigga I woke up and was really getting topped off. I ain’t know what the fuck was going on. She got that nut though.” He died laughing, I just shook my head and headed back in the shower.

I knew that feeling all too well. Catching a cramp during sex was the absolute worse. I had my fit set out for the night but I was no longer too keen on going. I really didn’t want to be around people at the moment. But I knew if bro was going, I had to show face. We seldom did things solo. Especially after he gave up his ride to come all the way the fuck out here. I could never leave him hanging. To be honest we’d probably cool it for a second at the little bash, grab some eats, and end up smash some more shit tonight. What’s the old saying “Ain’t no pussy like new pussy”? Yeah that was my motto. Shit I was going to bite the bullet for bro even if it meant traveling to the end of the world. “Yooooo what time we getting ready for this shit?” I yelled from my doorway to the bathroom down the hall.
“What time is it?” Rome shot back. I looked for my pipe (Phone in Miami Slang) it was 5:34, I yelled it out to him. There was a brief silence. “Shit I guess we can say 7:15, 7:30 ish.” That gave me time for a power nap my damn self. I set my alarm for 7:10, hit my lights and closed my blinders. I figured Rome would be trying to do the same.

I was good and sleep when banging and yelling startled me up. Rome and I both stormed to the door visibly bothered by our interrupted slumber. We looked at each other like what the fuck. He grabbed the knob and slung the door open. I stopped the door, making sure it slapped my hand loud to signify our distaste. It was Cadet and Sherman. They were both huffing and puffing. Sherman played CB and Cadet was listed as an ATH but primarily played the Rover.
“Nigga yall missed the whole shit?” Cadet spewed.
“Nigga what whole shit. What time is it?” Jerome questioned.
“It’s like 9 bro.” Sherman added.
“I swore I set my alarm for 7.” I was confused
“Man, yall boys need to throw on a shirt and some sneaks and get outchea.” Cadet sounded hype.
We didn’t hesitate. The brethren summoned us and we moved. I guess that’s how shit was with any team really. In less than 30 seconds we were trotting down the stairs. We got the scoop on the way. Word was some niggas was up from Tulane tryna crash our shit. We, meaning Rome and I really ain’t want no smoke, you know considering all the bull shit that surrounded us, but we were loyal to the jags. By the time we got down to the courtyard shit seemed to be dead. It was about 50 niggas I hadn’t seen posted across the way and our side was maybe 30 feet away. I could tell these niggas really wasn’t tryna shake nothing though.


So, we get to the showdown and shit feeling sewey (lame) as fuck. These niggas really wasn’t tryna bump. I noticed two niggas walking up from Tulane side, I tapped bruh “like watch these duck ass niggas before they try some shit.”
“Aye bruh ain’t you Darryl Macintosh and Jerome Biggers?” We didn’t necessarily acknowledge it but we didn’t deny it. “Man yall niggas is raw as fuck. Too bad yall at sorry ass Southern now. Yall will never make it to the league here.”
“Aye fuck you pussy, who the fuck are you?” Darryl was sensitive about this shit, I mean so was I but my fuse was slightly longer. The nigga started laughing and I was trying to sway D that this really wasn’t worth it. The banter continued from both the clowns now. I had my back to them standing between them and D.
“Aye, man yall niggas clear it, nigga don’t want no smoke bruh.”
“Yeah aight fuck nigga.” One of the dumb asses said.
See that’s when they fucked up. “Fuck Nigga” in my neck of the woods, that’s fighting words. Niggas slang that term so loosely these days, it was almost laughable. I turned to buddy, “What was that?” he opened his mouth and I inserted my fist. “Fuck you thought pussy!” His ass hit the deck. Darryl laid his homie out right next to him. I looked up and saw 48 more niggas rushing our way. We squared up but the Jags mounted up and met the line of niggas in an all out brawl. In the madness, my shirt was ripped. Hell, by the time it was said and done half of us had our chests out. I had scratches on my neck and chest. Darryl the same, shit was wild. By the time campus police showed up, the damage had been done. As we scurried away my hand was grabbed and I was led in to the event. Darryl was right behind me step for step. Adrenaline still pumping I turned to make sure bro was on my hip. I noted that he was, and we were surrounded by a bunch of people. I felt a set of hands on my chest. It was Holly. She led us into the Bash. The room was dark but her glow was prevalent. She had on this short tight skirt showcasing her legs, all nice and toned. Her top had Cleveland looking like a real tourist destination. “So, you just came without me huh?”
“Boy you never came to pick me, was I supposed to still be waiting?” She scrunched up her lips and gave a nigga side eye.
“I mean naw, but you know. I overslept and shit.”
“Oh, and who’s fault is that?”
“Hol up, and nobody tryna lay blame big head… Chill out.”
“I’m just saying, I had to pluck yo lil feisty ass out the crowd.”
“Aye man, a nigga owe you one. Preciate ya.”
“Uh huh”
“You really checkin’ for me huh?”
“I ain’t say all that.”
“But did you have to?” Whether she knew it or not that shit was a turn on. Most hoes wouldn’t even be half way concerned, and she made sure ya boy got out of there. It didn’t help she was looking like a caramel drizzled brownie with two scoops of ice cream. She knew what she was doing. Her hands were back on my flesh.

That melee was crazy, can’t believe my nigga set that shit off. His ole Gandhi ass, I ain’t think he had it in him. We made our way inside the jam and it was a vibe. I scanned the room to see what was what and who was who. My chest was stinging as the beads of sweat were running over the scratches I’d received. I made my way thru the crowd after I saw Rome caking with ole girl again. I wouldn’t say I was looking for someone but I wouldn’t have minded if I saw Samantha. 5 minutes in and she graced my view. I admired her long chocolate legs from a far. She had on some shorts that stopped just past the crease of her ass and thighs. A colorful crop top that didn’t hide her glitter coated titties. I knew I wanted to give her this rod. I was tempted to approach, I can’t lie. Just as I was about to head that way, I saw she was in some nigga face laughing and kekeing. I kept it playa and found a spot to post. I could feel the eyes on me. This was the reason I aint wanna be here in the first place.
“What happened to your shirt?” this little red thang had run up on me. She was cute a lil petite something. She was probably 5’1”, a buck 25 maybe 30. You ever look at a mother fucker like, “I know her pussy pretty as fuck.” That was her. She reminded me of NewNew. I wasn’t big on red girls but she was a cutie and yall know where my head is at. I did like Sam but she aint say shit and I peeped how she was moving, so shit, we doing us over here. I vibed with lil mama and rapped for a few before making eye contact with bro. He threw his hand up like he was ready to roll. I was like finally. I thanked lil mama for coolin it with me. She was sure to slip her number in my palm. “Call me ASAP, I wanna clean you up tonight.” She whispered in my ear as I leaned down to give her a hug. I made sure to give her ass a lil grab to let her know what it was. As I hit door with Rome I took another look back at Sam. This time we made eye contact but I saw she was still in buddy face. I just smiled and threw my head up, in a nigga nod kind of way and I knew who I was going to call in about 15 minutes.

Back outside shit was officially dead. I wanted no more smoke. We made a B-line across the courtyard back to the dorm. We knew the campus was buzzing and we’d be the talk. The one thing we didn’t want was bullshit ass attention like this. I guess we set the “no fuck shit” policy in effect early. Back in the room we hopped on 2k. “Bruh no breezies comin’ thru?” Jerome probed.
“Man, I don’t know, might have had enough excitement for the night.”
“Hmph…. I saw that lil red thang push up on ya…. You not at that?”
“Man Rome, can’t lie…. I’m pondering dialing that number right now. But ummm…”
“But what, nigga slide it my way if you ain’t finna play wit it. I know her pussy pretty boy.”
“My nigga I said the same shit in my head.” We laughed at each other being on the same thought path. “Fuck it bro, imma see if she tryna fall thru.”
“Bet my boy, guess imma see what’s good wit ole girl.”
“Ole Girl?” I knew who he was talking bout but I just wanted his ass to say it.
“Yeah, Holly.”
“Hmph aight.”
“Chill my nigga.”
“Oh, I’m very chilled.” Rome exited and I dug in my pocket and pulled the paper out. Bridgette 504- 555- 2215. I dialed the number and it barely rang before a soft voice answered. She sounded totally different. I asked if it was her before I continued. I guess her yelling over the music made a big ass difference. We chopped up for a minute and no lie that Nola accent had a nigga ready. Like her shit was thick as fuck. I wanted to hear what it was like once I put this dick in her. She wasn’t tryna come this way though. I wasn’t mad at her, she was tryna keep up appearances and shit. I told her I would come that way and that I hadn’t forgot she owed a nigga a bath.

Trust the Process | Kingsman x Man From U.N.C.L.E

Request: Can you please a kingsman and man from uncle crossover one shot -Anon

A/N: Got bit carried away with this. MASTERLIST

Word Count: 1523

Warnings: Minor language

Tags: @zuni21798 @bbycastiel1

You and Eggsy walked in Merlin’s office. Now, there were two relevant options; either you were in trouble or you were needed for a mission.

You knocked on Merlin’s office and slowly entered with eyes half open and in your pyjamas. “Morning guys. Tea? Maybe some coffee?” You both nodded as you slumped down on the chairs.

“You had to call for us this early Merlin…seriously?” Eggsy protested and you couldn’t agree more.

“Well I have something important to tell you both.” He started to explain while he made your coffees.

“You two are going to work with another agency from two different countries that are America and Russia.“

“Russia? Merlin remember what happened last time we tried to help them? They were supposed to be our allies but they almost turned into our enemies. We can’t take that risk again.” You said.

“I know but these two agents are going to neither your help. Trust me they need it.” Merlin handed you and Eggsy your coffee and you took a sip each. Nobody knew how to make good coffee like Merlin did.

Merlin handed you two files each and you to read about the agents. “Napoleon Solo … so we’re going to work with a prisoner?”

“Well… he’s not anymore.” You looked at both photos of the men. “Well good thing they’re cute. I’m in.” Eggsy looked up from his files and looked at you and narrowed his eyes.

“Either you want or not, you must go on the mission.” Merlin said as he sipped from his herbal tea. You looked on the screen behind you and saw camera footage. Two men that seemed to look like Napoleon and Illya walked towards Merlin’s office.

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Eggsy looked at them in jealousy. “I’m Eggsy Unwin.” He said as he stepped in front of you with his hand out, offering to shake their hands to distract themselves from you.

They shook his hand and then you introduced yourself. As soon as you reached out to shake Napoleon’s hand, he kissed your knuckles, making you blush. You noticed Illya rolling his eyes.

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“Please, sit.” Merlin offered them. When you were all seated, Merlin started to explain. “You’re going to Rome, tomorrow. Y/N, Illya and Napoleon you are going to share a room while Eggsy I got you a separate room.” Eggsy was about to protest.

“What? She barely knows the guys and you’re going to put her in a room with a thief and a guy who apparently ‘smiling’ isn’t in his vocabulary!” Eggsy was raging.

“Eggsy, I wouldn’t put Y/N in the same room with these men if I didn’t trust them.” Napoleon was trying to hide his smirk behind his hand as he looked at you. Eggsy laid his back on his chair as he swallowed his coffee in one gulp.

“There are files…highly classified files that are in the wrong hands and that’s where you four are going to interfere. Y/N you are going to be the target to the enemies. While they’re busy swooning over you, you three are going to attack and gain any information from them. Y/N you’re going to do the same thing, sort of. Lure them in and then gain information.”

“How am I supposed to know which ones am I supposed to know that they’re spies? There are a bunch of horny ass people out there.”

“Don’t worry, the boys will lead you.” You were all given another set of files of well-known spies that you were supposed to hunt down.

You looked over at Eggsy who had his leg jumping impatiently on the spot from beneath the table. “Thank you, Merlin.” You said as you all headed out of his office.

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“Eggsy, are you okay? You looked kind of…”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Great.” He didn’t even look at you. You and Eggsy had been friends since the first day you entered Kingsman. He was the one who saved you from that ass of a man Charlie when he tried to get under your skin…and sheets.

“If you want to talk, I’m here Eggsy. You know you can trust me.” You hugged him gently and left him in the middle of the corridor alone as you headed for your room. Outside waiting was Napoleon.

“Do you need something?” You asked him as you entered your room. “No, just wanted to introduce myself … again and maybe get to know each other.

 “Napoleon, you seem like the guy who’d hook up with a girl just for pleasure and then leave your.” You said as you tried finding some decent clothes.

 “I look like it, but I wouldn’t let anyone hurt that girl.” He walked towards you, close enough to feel his warm breath on your exposed chest.

 “Yeah… Um…I need to change -”

“Oh, don’t mind me!” Napoleon said as he laid back on your armchair. This man was…something. There was another knock at the door and it was Illya. “Sorry to disturb you Y/N but I’m here to get Napoleon so that he can leave you in peace.” He grabbed Napoleon by the shoulder and threw him out. But Illya closed the door behind him and looked up to you; his crystal blur eyes gazing at you. “Sorry about him.”

“Don’t worry. Guess I’ll have to get used to it now.” You let out a small laugh as you placed the clothes on your bed.  

Illya moved closer and placed his hands on your arms. “If he ever annoys you, tell me.” A small smile formed on his lips, a sincere smile not like that of Napoleon’s; a devilish smirk that is ready to pounce on you.

“Thank you, Illya. Noted.” Illya smiled and left your room.

*** THE NEXT DAY ***

“Everyone on board?” Merlin said as he started pushing buttons and flipping switches. “Yes Merlin.” You replied.

You and Eggsy started looking at the files about the spies in Rome. You all started discussing and going over the plan

Hours passed and Merlin updated us on the location. “We’re here guys. Your luggage’s will be taken care of.”

The four of you took a taxi and drove to your hotel. You settled in your rooms and rested for a while. You changed into more comfortable clothes and laid on your bed. All you could think about was Eggsy. The fact that he was all alone in a room was making you guilty as you didn’t bother to ask Merlin to put you in the same room with Eggsy.

Your back was aching and you felt a headache coming along. You closed your eyes and let your thoughts flow away. It was then when you felt the bed shift next to you.

The sweet cologne of Napoleon hit your nose and your eyes shot open. “What are you doing?” You let out a small laugh

“Thought I’d might get some sleep. You see my bed has something that’s making me uncomfortable.”

“Awe…the princess maybe has a pea under your mattress.” You both started laughing. Illya sat on the armchair in your room and joined in the conversation

The laughter could be heard from Eggsy’s room. His blood was boiling and his temperament got lost. He stormed out of his room, closing the door with a bang behind him. He opened the door that let to your room and started shouting.

“You two need to fuck off! I’ve had enough of you!” You sat up straight and went in front of Eggsy who was willing to start a fight. “Guys calm down.” You turned to Eggsy. “Eggsy what’s wrong?” You asked him gently as you ran your hand along his arms.

“What’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Merlin put me in a room alone while he put you with these two assholes who are trying to get in your pants. You didn’t think I’d realise the way that they look at you? I’ve been trying for years now and they just cone out of nowhere and they swept you off your feet.”

 You were perplexed. “I like you Y/N. I really do…from the first time you stepped in Kingsman.” You looked over Eggsy’s shoulder and saw Merlin smiling. “You think we’ve cracked him Merlin?” You asked him who was holding his laughter

 “We did Y/N. Well done boys.” Merlin said to Napoleon and Illya. Eggsy kept staring at you all. “W-What is going on?” A fit of laughter echoed throughout the room. “Well Eggsy, I knew you liked Y/N and she knew too. So, we planned this together with Napoleon and Illya so that finally you could tell Y/N how you feel. You need to trust the process Eggsy.”

Napoleon and Illya smiled widely and so did you. You hugged Eggsy tightly and pressed a kiss in his right cheek. “So that means we’re off the mission?”

 “Oh no. The mission is real.“

The city of love

(A/N): I honestly thought this request was so cute and I hope I did it justice!

Request: [Part 1] Can you do a BuckyxReader where he devises a plan with the team to propose to reader but little does he know, reader plans on doing the same. So the team go to some type of tourist attraction and he’s busting his ass trying to marry her….. [Part 2] but no matter what he’s trying to do, reader ends up getting distracted or “busy” so then towards the end of the day, when they’re all about to go home, he’s frustrated and says, “That’s it! I’m not even gonna try anymore!” So then reader… [Part 3] “feels bad” and wants to “fix” the situation and Bucky is just pouting and being a brat. They’re still at the tourist attraction and he’s visibly drained and reader just nonchalantly hands him the box with the ring inside?It just makes reader laugh so she apologizes and then says she wants to make it up to him. Before Bucky can say anything, she explained s that she knew the plan the whole time. Then he tries to hide his smile n he just grins and rolls his eyes sort of thing? Idk lol but please and ty!

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018m @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @l8nitl0vr, @livandlilah

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   Paris; there was no better city for what Bucky wanted to do. The beautiful (and expensive) ring weighed heavily in his pocket, demanding to picked up and used but Bucky wasn’t ready yet. He had his whole plan to a point and he was going to let his excitement and nerves get the better of him. So for now he let the ring weigh heavy in his pocket, a promise of what was going to happen later.

    He’d wait until it got dark and the city lights went on, when they could see the Eiffel tower perfectly and then he’d drop onto one knee and propose…or at least, that’s how he wanted it to go. But every fucking time that night he wanted to try and propose (Y/N) was suddenly busy. The first time it was just after sundown and everything was so beautifully lot by the pink in the sky and Bucky had thought, well why the hell not propose now? But as soon as he tried (Y/N) suddenly claimed they had to go to the bathroom this foiling his first attempt. 

   Then the second time it was half an hour later, everything was still so pretty and Bucky wanted- needed to propose right then and there but yet again (Y/N) had better things to do, like go to some bullshit cafe and spend an hour in there talking to Wanda. 

   The third time it was more than dark, the stars above were gorgeous, the city lights were perfect, and there was the Eiffel Tower, but where was (Y/N), oh yes, out shopping with Natasha. Bucky had already tried three fucking times, three times to pull out some ring, get down on his knee, and ask the person he loved more than anything to marry him and yet every time something was always coming up.

    “Hey Barnes, were getting ready to pack up, we’ve got to hit Rome and Venice tomorrow,” Tony smiles at the defeated Supersoldier, unaware of his internal problems. 

   "Yeah,“ Bucky grumbles unhappily. "I’ll go pack up,” Bucky rakes a hand through his hair as he stands up, sighing as he goes to make his way back towards the hotel when a gentle hand gripping his own stopped him In his tracks. 

    “Hey there soldier,” (Y/N)’s tone is soft and fond, nearly making Bucky’s heart melt, and it would too if he wasn’t so peeved about today.

    “Hi,” Bucky muttered, not even glancing their direction. 

   "Hey,“ (Y/N)’s hand slips out of his, instead sliding up to rest on his shoulder softly. "Are you okay? Did something happen?”

   “No,” Bucky lied as he kept on walking, his bad mood starting to get the better of him. “I’m fine,” 

   “Buck- you don’t seem fine, are you sure everything is okay?”

    “I’m sure,” Bucky grumbles as he kicks at some rocks, watching them travel down the road before coming to a stop. (Y/N) eyes Bucky warily but they don’t push any further, at least not for the time being. Instead the two walk in silence for a while, slowly but surely making their way back to their hotel. Bucky can’t help but look around at the scenery, at all the beautiful trees and all the soft streetlights, the sounds of fountains rumbled softly in the distance. It may not have been the Eiffel tower but it was just as gorgeous if not more, even if it wasn’t as big and grand as Bucky had hoped perhaps he could propose here? Bucky’s pulled out of his thoughts when (Y/N) passes something into his grasp, something small and square shaped- 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky stops in his tracks, looking down at the small, red box (Y/N) had placed in his hand. “What is this?” 

   “Well, I kinda found out about your little proposal plan, guess we both had the same idea-” (Y/N) opens the box for Bucky revealing a simple, silver ring, one that looked like it would fit Bucky’s finger perfectly. “So I avoided you the entire day, I didn’t want you spoiling my proposal after all,” (Y/N) gave Bucky a little wink and it took all of his willpower not to smile and laugh. All of his previous frustration and anger had dissipated, leaving behind the rather warm and pleasant feeling he had now. “Whadda say Barnes? Will you marry me?” Bucky can’t help but smile now, even throwing in a little eye roll at (Y/N). 

   “I can’t believe you ruined my proposal,” Bucky mutters as he hugs (Y/N) to his chest, pressing a gentle kiss to their hair. “With that being said, I’d be honored to marry you,” (Y/N) smiles as they squirm out of Bucky’s grasp, taking the box from his hand once they wiggled out of his hug. Bucky laughs as (Y/N) slides the ring onto his finger, pressing a gentle kiss to his knuckles in the process. “Am I going to take your last name too?” Bucky laughs as (Y/N) takes his hand and begins to guide him back to the hotel. 

   “Bucky (Y/L/N) doesn’t sound to bad,” 

   “I think I like (Y/N) Barnes better,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to their temple, allowing his lips to linger there for a bit before he pulled away. 

   “Yeah…” (Y/N) smiles softly, looking at Bucky with such a loving gaze that it nearly took Bucky’s breath away. “I like it too,” 

~Extended ending~

    Bucky played with the ring on his finger, twisting it this way and that as everyone bustled around him, some carrying around food, other trying to set up last minute decorations, and the main stars- all getting dressed at the last possible minute. 

   “Bucky, you’re tie isn’t straight,” Steve grabs the man’s tie to straighten it, sighing in annoyance. “You’re getting married in half an hour, you really should have done this when we got here,” 

   “I had other things to worry about other than my tie Rogers,” Bucky chuckles as Steve steps back, inspecting the rest of Bucky’s outfit. 

   “Like finally becoming Bucky (Y/L/N)?” 

   “I can’t believe that jerk got to propose and keep their last name,”

just my fave disjointed snippets of percabeth in house of hades...

Annabeth’s only comfort was Percy. Every so often he would glance over and smile, or squeeze her hand. He had to be just as scared and miserable as she was, and she loved him for trying to make her feel better.

Her legs wobbled so badly, Percy cursed himself for not calling a rest earlier.  They sat together on a ledge next to a roaring fiery waterfall. Percy put his arm around Annabeth, and she leaned against him, shaking from exhaustion.  

At least he had Annabeth. They would find a way out of Tartarus. They had to. He didn’t think much of fates and prophecies, but he did believe in one thing: Annabeth and he were supposed to be together. They hadn’t survived so much just to get killed now.  "Things could’ve been worse,“ Percy didn’t see how, but he tried to sound upbeat.  Annabeth snuggled against him. Her hair smelled of smoke, and if he closed his eyes, he could almost imagine they were at the campfire at Camp Half-Blood.

Whenever Percy felt like giving up, he reached over and took Annabeth’s hand, just to remember there was warmth in the world.  He tried to think of good things to keep his spirits up—the lake at Camp Half-Blood, the time he’d kissed Annabeth underwater. He tried to imagine the two of them in New Rome together, walking through the hills and holding hands. Annabeth laced her fingers through his. In the light of his bronze sword, her face was so beautiful.  "We’re together,” she reminded him. “We’ll get through this.”  He’d been so worried about lifting her spirits, and here she was reassuring him.  "Yeah,“ he agreed. "Piece of cake." 

She’d lost track of how long she and Percy had been falling—hours? A day? It felt like an eternity. They had been holding hands ever since they dropped into the chasm. Now Percy pulled her close, hugging her tight as they tumbled through absolute darkness.  Annabeth wrapped her arms around Percy and tried not to sob. She’d never expected her life to be easy. Most demigods died young at the hands of terrible monsters. That was the way it had been since ancient times. The Greeks invented tragedy. They knew the great heroes didn’t get happy endings.  Still, this wasn’t fair. [..] Just when she’d succeeded, when things had been looking up and she’d been reunited with Percy, they had plunged to their deaths.  Even the gods couldn’t devise a fate so twisted. […] Annabeth pressed her lips to Percy’s ear. "I love you.”  She wasn’t sure he could hear her—but if they died, she wanted those to be her last words. 

He wove between the trees, leading Annabeth at a full sprint despite her blindness. Percy realized how much she trusted him to get her out of this.

Now Percy was in Tartarus, dying form gorgon’s blood plus a dozen another agonizing curses, while he watched his girlfriend stumble around, helpless and blind and believing she’d abandoned her. He clutched his sword. His skin started to steam. White smoke curled off his forearms. I won’t die like this, he thought.  Not only because it was painful and insultingly lame, but because Annabeth needed him. Once he was dead, the demons would turn their attention to her. He couldn’t leave her alone.

She saw Percy, and series of expressions flashed across her face—relief, joy, shock, and horror. “What’s wrong with him?” she cried. “What happened?” She cradled his shoulders and wept into his scalp.  Percy wanted to tell her it was okay, but of course it wasn’t. He couldn’t even feel his body anymore.  Annabeth took his face in her hands. She kissed him and tried to wipe the dust and sweat from his eyes.

“My friend is dying. Can you cure him or not?” Her voice caught on the word friend. Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn’t cover it. They’d been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her—a sometimes annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without.

“Annabeth!” Percy pulled her back just as her foot hit the edge of a drop-off. She almost pitched forward into who-knew-what, but Percy grabbed her and wrapped her in his arms. “It’s okay,” he promised. She pressed her face into his shirt and kept her eyes closed tight. She was trembling, but not just from fear. Percy’s embrace was so warm and comforting she wanted to stay there forever safe and protected…but that wasn’t reality. She couldn’t afford to relax. She couldn’t lean on Percy any more than she had to. He needed her, too.

The cement settled in Percy’s stomach. He had always suspected how this would end. He would have to stay behind. […] Percy would hold the elevator button and make sure Annabeth got to safety.  Somehow, he had to convince her to go without him. As long as she was safe and the Doors disappeared, he could die knowing he’d done something right. “Percy…?” Annabeth stared at him, a suspicious edge in her voice.  She was too smart. If he met her eyes, she would see exactly what he was thinking.

“Get in the elevator. I’ll hold the button.“  "Yeah, right!” She smacked a carnivorous horse in the snout with the butt of her sword and sent the monster stampeding through the crowd. “You promised me, Seaweed Brain. We would not get separated. Ever again!” “You’re impossible!” “Love you too!”

For years, he had worried about Annabeth dying. When you’re a demigod that goes with the territory. Most half-bloods don’t live long. You always knew the next monster you fought could be your last. But seeing Annabeth like this was too painful. He’d rather stand in the River Phlegethon, or get attacked my aria, or be trampled by giants.

She decided she’d rather die in some less memorable way–maybe falling down the stairs, or going peacefully in her sleep at the age eighty, after a nice quiet life with Percy. Yes, that sounded good.

Despite being beat-up, sooty, and dressed like a homeless person, she looked great to Percy.  So what if they were in Tartarus? So what if they stood a slim chance of surviving. Percy was so glad that they were together, he had the ridiculous urge to smile.  

"Percy, wake me for second watch. Don’t be a hero.” He gave her that smirk she’d come to love. “Who, me?”  He kissed her, his lips parched and feverishly warm. “Sleep." 

“Maybe a little sleep,” she agreed. Bob scooped her up like a rag doll. She didn’t protest. He set her next to Percy on the giant’s bed, and she closed her eyes. Annabeth woke staring at the shadows dancing across the hut’s ceiling. She hadn’t had a single dream. That was so unusual, she wasn’t sure if she’d actually woken up. As she lay there, Percy snoring next to her and Small Bob purring on her belly […] Percy sat bolt upright. “What? What—where—what?” “It’s okay.” Annabeth took his arm. When he registered that they were together in a giant’s bed with a skeleton cat, he looked more confused than ever. 

She hugged Percy tighter and kissed him. "Tell me about New Rome,” she demanded. “What were your plans for us?”  "New Rome…for us…“  "Yeah, Seaweed Brain. You said we could have a future there! Tell me!” Annabeth had never wanted to leave Camp Half-Blood. It was the only real home she’d ever known. But days ago, on the Argo II, Percy had told her that he imagined a future for the two of them among the Roman demigods. In their city of New Rome, veterans of the legion could settle down safely, go to college, get married, even have kids.  "Architecture,“ Percy murmured. The fog started to clear from his eyes. 

"But next time,” she said, “I want to go somewhere different on a date.”  "Paris was nice,“ he recalled.  She managed a smile. Months ago, before Percy got amnesia; they’d had dinner in Paris one night, compliments of Hermes. That seemed like another lifetime.  "I’d settle for New Rome,” she offered. “As long as you’re there with me.” Man, Annabeth was awesome. For a moment, Percy actually remembered what it was like to feel happy. He had an amazing girlfriend. They could have a future together.

[…]Percy felt as hopeless as the spirits in the River Cocytus. So what if he was a hero? So what if he did something brave? Evil was always here, regenerating, bubbling under the surface. Percy was no more than a minor annoyance to these immortal beings. They just had to outwait him. Someday, Percy’s sons or daughters might have to face them all over again. Sons and daughters. The thought jarred him. As quickly as hopelessness had overtaken him, it disappeared. He glanced at Annabeth. She still looked like a misty corpse, but he imagined her true appearanceher gray eyes full of determination, her blond hair pulled back in a bandana, her face weary and streaked with grime, but as beautiful as ever. […] There was still hope. He and Annabeth had come this far. The Doors of Death were almost within reach. Sons and daughters. A ridiculous thought. An awesome thought. Right there in the middle of Tartarus, Percy grinned.

You’re not dying on me, Seaweed Brain,” Annabeth said. “Remember? Never separated again. And after we get home…”  "What?“ Percy asked.  She kissed him. "Ask me again, once we defeat Gaea.”  He smiled, happy to have something to look forward to. “Whatever you say.”

Chapter 50: Sometimes I Can’t See Myself

Rating: T
Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellamy x Clarke
Chapter: 50/68
Word Count: 2636 Words

Chapter Summary: The one where Clarke makes an unpleasant discovery.

A/N: Okay, damn, this was literally the hardest chapter to write. I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I cut it in half so I could at least get an update in. No cliffhanger, I swear. Anyway, I can’t wait to be done with the next chapter. It shouldn’t take me as long to get the next update out, at least. And then this disastrous portion will be behind us. Sorry for the lack of Bellamy here. He’s all over the next one, I promise.

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A/N: Hello! Sooo, I know I’ve been MIA for practically the entire year, but as I’ve told you guys a million times, I was studying to get into med school. And guess what? I did! So I can concentrate on more mundane endeavors.

So! I promised Logan’s birth didn’t I? I guess you can say I’ll deliver it now. Ha! Get it? *Shows up six months late with a bad pun* I’m sorry. I’ll let you read it.


Annabeth had fought hellhounds, dracanae, empousai. She’d fought Titans, Giants, survived two wars before she was legally allowed to drink. She’d been hit by arrows, taken a poisoned dagger to the shoulder, broken ribs and walked miles in the deepest parts of hell on a broken ankle. She’d held up the bloody sky. She had considered herself quite resistant to pain.

And yet, childbirth… was something to consider. No wonder every polytheist culture in the world had several goddesses for it. That thing hurt. You’d think someone would have invented a better method by now. ‘I’m going to go up to Olympus and propose a theory on why they should invent a new way to birth babies,’ she thought somewhere into the third hour of contractions. ‘I am NEVER doing this again,’ she thought midway the process of pushing a small-sized human through an even smaller place. ‘I am going to kill my husband,’ was also somewhere in there.

And then, ‘Oh.’

That’s why no one had invented a better method yet. All the pain goes out the window the moment they put her son in her arms.

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Baby Beta’s Baby Brother: Part 1

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Characters: Y/n, Liam, Derek, Scott, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Jackosn, Isaac, Stiles

Pairing: No pairing

Warnings: Nothing at all. Fluff, pure complete and utter fluff

Word count: 1445

Summary: The pack discover something Liam has been hiding.

A/N: This is based on a request from an anon- Ooo just read your last request and got an idea, it’s a bit similar but Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Add information: could it be like a full day of Liam looking after him, so like morning getting up and all that all the way through to night, maybe a series where the pack maybe help him as his parents keep leaving him (maybe the two year old could be called Cody or Ethan? Ok, so the kid is y/n. That’s how I prefer it. Hope u like it!

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Baby Beta’s Baby Brother Masterlist

“Lian. Lian, wae up”. 

Liam grumbled, wanting to sleep a little longer. 

But he couldn’t. 

He had to look after y/n. 

Turning around he saw his little brother, bright eyes wide, a huge smile on his face.

“Yaaay. Lian’s wake”, he said, before kissing his older brother all over his face. 

Liam chuckled, loving the feeling. 

Y/n was only 2. 

Liam was 15. 

Despite the large age gap, Liam and y/n did everything together. 

Well, except for pack stuff that is. 

There was no way Liam was risking y/n’s life. 

He didn’t know what he’d do without his baby brother.

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Note: This is my submission for @faith-in-dean‘s May Writing Challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve written because of…reasons, but I hope to get back into the flow of things soon. Hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 2077+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None. Just fluff.

“Well, I’m gonna pass out if I don’t get to sleep soon.” You sighed, walking through the halls of the bunker with Sam and Dean on your heels. You all had just returned from a hunt that was 17 hours away; in other words, you were exhausted.

“You know you can go to sleep right now if you wanted to.” Dean said from behind you.

“Yeah,” You sighed, walking into the kitchen. “But I need food, so I’m gonna have to tough it out.”

You opened the fridge to find a couple bottles of beer and and moldy pizza. “Ugh, really guys? When was the last time you did some grocery shopping?” You groaned, shutting the door to the refrigerator and leaning against the counter. “You know we need food to survive, right?”

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yes but there’s also 

  • ‘I’m hella sick but not old enough to purchase cough medicine and that sounds really pitiful coming from a college student but would you please go buy me some NyQuil???’ au
  • 'We made a bet at the beginning of the laser tag game to see who was better and guess who won. It’s time to pay up.’ au
  • 'Who keeps using my wifi?’ 'Literally everyone, your password is hella easy to guess.’ au
  • Tried to unlock the wrong car in the parking garage au
  • 'I’m on the FBI’s most-wanted list for killing a fuck ton of people, but calm down I just wanna date you bc your face is v smoochable and you give me butterflies.’ au
  • See also; 'Dating a most-wanted serial killer and never getting a heads-up before they come home covered in blood so you’ve gotta be ready to draw the curtains and hide a body every time you hear a car pull into the driveway’ au
  • 'We really should not have played Monopoly’ au
  • Life-sized version of Clue in the old manor on the hill au
  • 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ au
  • 'Fuck me you’re cute why did we have to meet on the one day I decided to stay in my sweats??’ au
  • 'I went to the bar last night bc I just got dumped and wanted to drink away my pain but then one thing lead to another and somehow I broke into your house thinking it was mine and now I can’t find my left shoe but are those waffles I smell?’ au
  • 'I saw that you were reading Eleanor and Park have you gotten to the part where she leaves him and if so can we talk about it because not a lot of people have read this book and I need a shoulder to cry on.’ au
  • 'You passed out in Disneyland and I’ve been taking care of you for the past two hours oh my god are you okay??’ 'Yes I’m okay but who the hell are you supposed to be?’ 'I’m the face character for Peter Pan but that’s not important’ au
  • 'I don’t really know you but I noticed that this creep has been trying to chat you up even though you’ve already turned him down, so I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend/girlfriend  until they leave you alone.’ au
  • Bonnie and Clyde au???
  • Attend same-sex privet schools that are right across the street from each other au
  • Masquerade au
  • 'I don’t like you and you don’t like me but our best friends just died in a car crash and left their one-year-old daughter in our custody so now we’ve got to act civil and end up falling for each other’ au
  • [Basically a Life As We Know It au]
  • 'Found your number inside of a library book that looks like it hasn’t been checked out in ages and decided to text you to see if it worked au
  • 'The biggest rule of immortality is to not get involved with mortals but whoops I was in a coffee shop one day and fell in love with you and now I’m freaking out bc in the grand scope of things we don’t get a lot of time together but fuck no please don’t leave me not yet no.’ au
  • 'I just moved into the apartment next door and I am 100% sure that it’s haunted bc this building used to be a hospital and anyway I heard I noise coming from inside the walls can I please just crash here for the night?’ au
  • 'I know that you’re really into school and probably don’t want to risk your spot on the college football team, but would you mind if I smoked in our dorm room??’ au
  • Followed by 'Nah, I don’t care, as long as I can shotgun some smoke from that pretty little mouth of yours.’ au wow that got sexual and I am not sorry.
  • Went to the beach for the first time au
  • Ancient Rome au
  • Rival team captains who know nothing about personal space and constantly get into fights where they end up face-to-face every single game until one day one of the coaches yells at them to either kiss or get back to the game au
  • 'Hey, so I might have just robbed a bank right now and I kind of need a getaway car, would you pleeeeeaaase help me I can pay you back in sexual favors but also cash.’ au
  • 'I know that you don’t know me, but you were on the receiving end of my girlfriend/boyfriend’s heart donation and being around you kind of makes it feel like they’re still here I’m sorry if that’s kind of weird.’ au
  • 'Shit I wasn’t watching where I was walking and ended up spilling my Rockstar all over your white sweater I’m so sorry here have my jacket.’ au
  • Caught yelling at Go, Diego, Go in the hospital waiting room and after an awkwardly long period of silence the other person joins in bc they’ve got nothing better to do with their waiting time au
  • 'The person living in the apartment across the wall to mine is a nymphomaniac and yeah okay they’re p hot but it’s v hard to write an essay on feminism when all I can hear is sexual screaming.’ au
  • It’s three am, I just wanted some clam chowder, and some how I ended up on Hollywood Bl. can you please tell me where a good restaurant is I think I’m going to cry.’ au
  • 'Fuck my ex just walked into the restaurant with their new girlfriend/boyfriend could you pretend we’re dating so they don’t think I’m hung up on them I swear I’ll pay you later.’ au
  • 'I work at the daycare that you drop your daughter off at every week and she got me sick.’ au
  • 'So I know we just met but it’s raining and my tent has a hole in it, could I sleep in your camper with you?’ au
  • 'Okay okay okay I know we’re just friends and I don’t want anything to change that but I may have told my mom that we’re dating so she would stop trying to set me up with people would you be up to going to my sister’s wedding as my plus one so my mom won’t know I lied?’ au
  • 'Hit me, we’re on college campus and you’ll have to pay for my tuition’ au
  • 'Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way so that hardcore porn fic you’ve been listening to for the past ten minutes has been broadcasting through the bus on full volume.’ au
  • The Breakfast Club au
  • Wimbledon [the movie] au
  • West Side Story au
  • 'Constantly getting confused as the girlfriend/boyfriend of the lead singer for a heavy metal band bc I’m always going to concerts and getting backstage passes but I’ve never even met the lead singer until the day he/she got drunk and we hooked up in his/her tour bus [whoops now we’re actually dating shh]’ au
  • 'It’s two am, we’re standing outside of our apartment building bc someone pulled the fire alarm, and you look cold and unprepared, do you want to share my blanket?’ au
  • Heartache On The Big Screen au
  • Breakfast At Tiffany's au omg pls
  • 'The zombie apocalypse started two years ago I can’t believe I still have to work at this fucking book store.’ au
  • Long Way Home au
  • We like each other but our dogs don’t so I’m going to have to ask you to stop taking this walking route you attractive fucker’ au
  • 'Sometimes, your soulmate and the love of your life don’t end up being the same person. And that’s something I had to learn the hard way.’ Au