was just funny

Guard: If the mayor sent you, you’ll have a seal to show me?

Domri (gnome barbarian): (to DM) I’m Domri, the embodiment of chaotic neutral. Can I roll to pull a literal seal out of my bag?

DM: I guess.

Domri: *takes out special d20, kisses it, and rolls* Twelve?

DM: No!! Honestly, why did you even waste your breath if it wasn’t a twenty?

DM: Actually, he kind of looks like Stan Shunpike.

Andy (playing Grunt): I don’t know who that is.

Ciaran (playing Domri): Harry Potter character.

Andy: I’ve only seen the movies.

DM: He’s in the movies, but only briefly.

Andy: Well, I don’t remember number six very well.

Ciaran: He mainly appears in number three.

Andy: Ugh… who are we talking about?

Philip opened his chamber’s door, sending away one of the ladies that spent a few hours in his bed. “It was marvelous, perhaps I’ll see you around.” Philip formed a charming smile on his lips and waved to her, watching her walk away. As a king, it was the least of his worries about what people may say about this. after all he was allowed to have mistresses as well. He left his chamber, still buttoning the upper part of his shirt. He walked off the wall and stopped by a small table with a wine bottle on it. He poured himself some of the liquid. “Lord, the women here…” He hummed to himself before taking a sip of his drink. “Don’t you agree?” He asked a person next to him with a grin. Perhaps just to tease and start and conversation.