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_ just a character card(??)[blu version]

ivan i’ts around 30 , joseph died at 35—[around…. i still don’t decide it well- x’D]


Types of BTS Stans

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Soft Seokjin Stans: literally the sweetest kind of stans i’ve met. they all luv his smile and everything about how fluffy his hair gets and his laugh. oh my god they all talk about the windshield laugh and how good it is (ngl it’s great). lowkey in love with RM at the same time bc they love the parents

Hard Seokjin Stans: the softest of the hard stans. they’re starving yall. someone help them. probably died of a heart attack @ jin wearing a see-thru shirt at the amas. why are they crying. are they ok. (no)

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If Luke survived episode 5:

Bonnie and Mike: let’s steal the truck and all the supplies and leave them behind.

Luke: ok but how about we don’t do that?

Bonnie and Mike: oh ok. 

The Byers’ house, shortly after Eleven closes the gate:

“Will, honey, let me make you a sandwich before you go to sleep, you’ve got to be starving.”

“Shit!” exclaimed Steve and Dustin. They had been walking down the steps of the Byers’ front porch to finally head home, but Ms. Byers’ words had them knocking into each other as they both rushed back into the house.

“Ms. Byers!” Steve yelled.

“Wait!” screamed Dustin.

They rounded the corner, entering the kitchen just as Joyce let out a loud, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

The lower half of the dead demodog was still in the fridge, but it’s torso and head lay on the floor, as well as slightly on Joyce’s shoes. Strange goo from the body started forming pools on the linoleum.

“Ms. Byers, we forgot to tell you…” said Dustin at the same time Steve said, “We’re so sorry, Ms. Byers.”

Joyce Byers had put up with a lot of shit in her life, but this might have been the most exasperated she’s ever looked.

“Just go back into the living room, we’ll clean this up,” said Dustin, gently leading her out of the kitchen. “I already talked to Hopper and he’s going to move it first thing in the morning.”

“The morning?” asked Joyce, looking ready to punch something.

“Hey, why don’t I go pick up KFC for everyone?” offered Steve.

“Yes! Great idea!” said Dustin.

Joyce stared at them for a few moments.

Finally she said, “okay, but make sure you get the mashed potatoes, I’m not eating fucking green beans after the night we’ve had.”

personally, to me, finn/re/y has always been more sibling-like, i did not see/feel the romantic undertones some did.. that being said i still think we should respect peoples ships and not be gloating and throwing shade a fin/nre/y or the shippers imho.

Hit: *Grabs Frost by the lizard scruff* ….. look me in the eyes when i’m talking to you.

Frost: :P

Hit: Do you have any idea what you’ve done?! *Narrows eyes*

Frost: 8P

Hit: You’ve committed the worse crime you ever could-!

Frost: ….. -3-

Hit: You- *Lifts empty box of doughnuts* ….. look at the havoc you’ve created!

Frost: …….

Hit: ……

Frost: ……

Frost: *Licks doughnut sprinkles from lips* 

Hit: It’s obvious that you’ve done bad before….. but I never thought you could be so evil. *Lets him go*

Frost: *Crawls away and back under his snuggie*