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My third time trying to post these lyrics and I’m gonna throw a tantrum if it doesn’t work.

Have fun singing this <3 it was a pain writing it down

EDIT: Since I don’t know how to switch the photos out cause I do this on mobile, just remember that David is saying “Let’s end this in the finale.” instead of “Let’s end this indefinitely.” I fixed it in my notes, but I wouldn’t want to repost the entire lyrics and lose the reblogs cause idk if anyone saves it for later. If anyone finds out Daniel’s part is wrong in the ending part of the song, please correct me cause if enough lyrics are wrong, then I’ll repost this with the right ones.

Just a lil side note: i almost failed maths in grade 5-8. Now, I’m doing 2 Maths subjects (straight A+’s) and ranked the third highest in my class for the harder maths subject (out of 20 students). You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Be persistent. Happy studying! :)

1. Keep up do date with the class

Even if the teacher doesn’t set homework, there is always an expectation that whatever excercise isn’t finished in class, you do at home! My maths class moves very fast (we do about 3 concepts/excercises each class) and so its crucial that the first thing I do when I get home, is finish off my maths questions! This is particularly important in the learning process, because if you understand it when you learn it, you will be far ahead of anyone else in an upcoming test- all you will need to do is revise!

This means:

- don’t sit next to anyone distracting

- work efficiently in class

- the time that your waste in class, is the time you will have to spend at home

2.  Do ALL the practice questions in your textbook

In my harder maths class, there are about 20 questions per excercise/concept (100+ per chapter) and so we might only get told to do about half of that. But, I strongly reccommend doing all of the questions! It is great practice and really consolidates your learning! 

ALSO, as the questions go on, they tend to get harder. DON’T GIVE UP IF THEY’RE TOO HARD. Ask the teacher’s help, persevere, or look for a video on YouTube. These are the questions that will most likely be in your tests/exams.

If you can do the hardest question, you can most likely do all the questions!

If you get a question wrong, do AT LEAST 5 more of the same style, make sure you know it well!

3. Practice is everything

You cant really study for maths the same way that you might study for science. There is nothing to memorise (apart from formulas, but the best way to remember them is to practice). Studying for maths IS doing practice questions. That’s all there is to it.   

 - listen to some tunes (music with lyrics is fine for maths!)   

 - put on a movie ( just try to not get too distracted)    

- find a comfy space   

 - just start studying.

4. How to study for maths when you’re sick of it all

Humans are creatures of habit. We like routines and we stick to them. BUT, studying maths can become tedious if you are constantly doing the same thing every time.


    - ditch the notebook and pencil. Buy some non-permanent glass markers and do some maths on your windows or mirrors! I do this ALL THE TIME! It’s actually really fun and it makes me feel like Russell Crowe from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (haha). Alternatively, you could also use a whiteboard if you have one!   

    - study in the library or another part of your house! 

    - buy some different stationery (this is always so fun)

5. For an upcoming test…

  1. do all the chapter review questions in your textbook. These tend to be a compilation of all the most important questions you will need to know. Take your time, don’t give up.
  2. Seek external resources for questions. I own other revision books for maths that isn’t part of my school’s recommended material. These really help when you need more questions to test yourself on.
  3. Do practice papers. THESE ARE CRUCIAL. Most of the time, the material that they test you on will be from past papers, the questions are the same, but they change the numbers!
  4. Take a deep breath. Drink some water. Focus. Time management is the issue for most people (including me :)), so when you feel like a question is too challenging, move on, come back to it when you finish with a fresh mind!
The MBTI types as P!ATD quotes:
  • INTJ: "I see what's mine and take it."
  • INTP: "I want to live a life from a new perspective."
  • INFJ: "It's better to leave than to be replaced."
  • INFP: "If you're gonna be the death of me that's how I wanna go."
  • ISTJ: "With a sense of poise and rationality."
  • ISTP: "She paints her fingers with a close precision."
  • ISFJ: "They haven't seen the best of us yet."
  • ISFP: "Static palms melt your vibes."
  • ENTJ: "There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for."
  • ENTP: "Crazy equals genius."
  • ENFJ: "Put my heart on my chest, so that you can see it too."
  • ENFP: "I love the things you hate about yourself."
  • ESTJ: "I'm taking back the crown."
  • ESTP: "I'm not as think as you drunk I am."
  • ESFJ: "The cut of your love never hurts."
  • ESFP: "Champagne pouring over us."

BTS REACTION: you are cold

request : BTS Reaction to you bring perpetually cold. (I.e getting cold easily, always having cold hands.)


Originally posted by 55kumamons

Seokjin and you were walking down the busy streets of Seoul. It wasn’t particularly cold outside but for some reasons your hands were freezing. Seokjin wanted to grab your hand and as soon as his fingertips touched yours, a loud “aaaaah” sound escaped his lips followed by his windshield wiper laugh.

-“yaaaaah, why are you so cold ?! Let’s go get some coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up”


Originally posted by yoongiyi

The both of you were just chilling outside, sitting on a bench, watching the sunset. For some weird reason, you were feeling kinda cold even though the temperature outside was pretty high. You were shaking and rubbing your legs to warm up a bit. It was clear you were cold.

-“Aren’t you going to ask for my sweatshirt?” yoongi asked with a smirk on his face as soon as he noticed your behavior.


Originally posted by parkjmzl

You were outside, taking a walk at night. You started feeling cold and you complained about it.

-“y/n ! You’re always cold ! What’s wrong with you ?!” hoseok said, laughing

-“I don’t know I can’t help it !” you replied

-“Let’s go inside and cuddle, it will worm you up” he added, grabbing your hand but letting go not long afterwards because of how cold you were.


Originally posted by yoonseok

He was working on some lyrics in his studio. You go in to check up on him, but as soon as you enter, you make a comment about how cold it is. He gets up of his chair, turns around to face you, and puts his hands on his hips.

-“How can a girl like you be soooo hot but feel so cold all the time ?” he says before throwing one of his sweatshirts at you.


Originally posted by senpai-sisters

You were both laying in bed, watching a movie. He wanted to make a move (netflix and chill my dudes ), but as soon as his hand touched your thigh, he pulled it away, very fast.

-“Why are you so cold ? I wanted to cuddle…” he said, laughing before putting the blanket over you.


Originally posted by bwipsul

As soon as he saw you, shaking because of how cold you were, he ran towards you and starting grabbing your cheeks and rubbing them to warm you up. In return, you started hitting him in a teasing way, but that soon turned up to end in a tickle fight. After your small playful fight, you were both out of breath, almost sweating.

-“what was that for” you ask him, still laughing

-“at least you’re not cold anymore !” he replied


Originally posted by cuteguk

You were both chilling outside at night, on the porch. You were starting to get cold and you made it obvious by rubbing your legs with your hands to warm up a bit. Jungkook was looking a you and you gave him puppy eyes that could be translated by you wanting him to give you his sweatshirt.

-“No i’m not giving you my sweatshirt” he announced bluntly, in a serious tone.

You pouted in response and started to hug yourself to feel less cold. After a couple of silent minutes, he sighed, took off his sweatshirt and gave it to you.

-“If this one diseappers like the red one I shared with you, i’m going to be really mad !”


I’m sorry this isn’t the best ! My computer is broken and i’m writing this reaction through my phone and i’m not really used to it ! The gifs aren’t the best either cause i can only choose those from tumblr… Sorry ! hopefully my computer will be fixed soon !


lyric parallel ; 

running from lions (2005) / holly (2007) / a love like war (2012)

Shawn's Pittsburgh Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn writes a lot about love because he says he finds it easier and natural to write about
  • Shawn would never get tattooed one of his own lyrics
  • "Do you like Jacob Sartorius?
  • -Idk much about him to be honest with you"
  • Shawn said cereal goes in before milk and you're doing it wrong if you put the milk in first
  • Shawn would love to play drums
  • If Shawn was invisible, he would go out into the streets completely naked
  • "If I could wish for one thing right now it would be for a certain political climate to die down" -Shawn Mendes
  • "How many points were taken off during your road test?
  • -I don't remember but, I know I was very close to failing"
  • "How's your mom doing?
  • -she's doing good probably missing me a little"
  • "We've seen signs that the fans are being recorded, what for?
  • - A documentary"
  • "pet peeve?
  • -I dont like when people don't understand personal space"
  • "Best Year of your life?
  • -This year has been the best"
  • Shawn would love to collab with John Mayer for his upcoming album
  • A fan asked Shawn if he would mind supporting her foundation for children and he said that it would be awesome!
  • Fan: If I ever become a famous singer, can we collab?
  • Shawn: Sure, you dont even have to be that famous, just send me some songs.
  • Fan: If I ever become a famous singer, can we collab?
  • Shawn: Sure, you dont even have to be that famous, just send me some songs.
  • After Grey's Anatomy, Shawn doesn't know what TV show he should watch next, but his sister is obsessed with Riverdale
  • Shawn said one of his best memories was the Nashville show. Hunter Hayes came to the show and he's always been a huge fan of him
  • Shawn said the best part of being famous is when companies like Toblerone send him free chocolate
  • There was a little boy that started crying during the Q&A so he had to leave and Shawn goes "bye little baby"
We Fight, We Breakup, We Fuck, We Makeup- Derek Luh Smut

Request: Could I request an imagine with Derek where we’ve been together for 2 years and we get into a huge fight but we make up with something a bit smutty

Warnings: Cursing and I’ve never written smut before so this might be crappy 🙈😩

I was sitting at home scrolling through Instagram and checking out my Twitter mentions while watching Catfish simultaneously. I put my phone down for a couple seconds to channel surf when I hear a car pull into the driveway.

Derek’s home from the studio. Finally. Lately Derek has been going to the studio and coming back late, but I’ve always fallen asleep before he gets back. I hope there’s nothing I should be worried about.

My thoughts are soon stopped in place when I hear the keys jingle in the door it opens ever so slightly. He walks in and a gust of wind blows through the house. I’m suddenly slapped in the face by a strong scent of alcohol mixed with… weed.

Is he serious right now? We’ve talked about this shit, over and over and he thinks he can get away with it?! No. Not today. Before he sees me, I turn around and walk towards the staircase and sit on the fourth step, my feet resting on the third. Phone in hand, and ready to yell.

He closes the door behind him and stops in his tracks when he sees me sitting on the steps. “Hey baby. How are you,” Derek smiles. I look at him up and down and notice that his eyes are bloodshot red. He’s high right now.

When he notices that I don’t reply, he asks, “What’s wrong, baby?” Still ignoring his questions, I finally speak up. “Did you have fun at the ‘studio’, Derek?,” I ask putting air quotes around studio. “Um, yeah. I got a lot done today,“he lied straight through his teeth. His perfect white teeth that seemed to blind people whenever he smiled. Fuck, Y/N focus.

“Oh really, like what?,” I challenged. I wanted to catch him in his dirty ass lie. “Um, I published a song, wrote some more lyrics, and here I am.”

“Really, Derek? Because you were gone since 8 tonight and currently it’s 2 in the morning. You’re trying to tell me that it took you 6 hours to write a couple songs and publish one? Do you think I’m stupid Derek?,” I ranted standing up on the stairs from getting angry.

“Okay, I’m gonna need you to chill because you’re raising your voice.” Was I raising my voice? I didn’t even notice.

I stepped down that stairs and made my way over to Derek, bringing his clothes towards my nose. Just to show him that I knew he was lying. I look up at him and I see he has a worried expression on his face.

“Huh, smells a little familiar don’t you think? The perfect mix of alcohol and oh what’s that? Weed?,” I say with anger and irritation laced in my voice. “So Derek, is the studio your final answer because I caught you in a damn lie and right now I’m very aggravated.”

He stays silent.“That’s what I thought. You know what Derek, I am so fucking tired of you always lying to me! I’m over it,” I say raising my voice. Yeah, I noticed this time.

“Woah, what do you mean always lying to you? When have I ever lied to you, Y/N?,” Derek asked raising his voice to same level as I did.

“Hmm,” I pretended to think. “How about the fact that you told me you were going to the studio when in reality you went to the club, you promised you’d stop smoking but look at where we are right now and let’s not forget - -.” He cut me off,“OK hold up, who said I smoked weed. You’re always assuming shit, and it’s getting on my fucking nerves,” he yelled at the top of his weed filled lungs. He can’t fool me.

“Oh, I’m assuming shit? Derek, your eyes are bloodshot red, you smell like fucking weed. I’m so done with your shit,” I say walking up the stairs. I get into our shared bedroom, grab my Adidas duffel bag and start stuffing my shit in there.

I jump up in fear when I feel snake their way around my waist. As soon as my brain proceses that it’s Derek, I immediately shake him off of me considering I was still pissed at him. “C'mon babe it was one blunt,” Derek whined. “So you did lie, you’re a fucking, ugh,” I grunted being too angry to finish my sentence.

“Come on, Y/N, we’ve been together for 2 fucking years and you want to leave just because I smoked a blunt tonight,” Derek protested. “It’s not even that Derek,” I say turning around. “It’s the fact that you promised me you’d stop smoking and you went behind my back and still did it. You probably even smoked this whole week, but got away with it because I fell asleep before you got back. So you know what, yes I am leaving,” I say ever so calmly and turning back around to finish packing my stuff.

I’m almost done packing when I am pulled from behind and spun around. I feel pain in my back when I am slammed against the wall with two hands on each side of my body.

I am confused as to what’s going on when I hear Derek whisper,“ I guess now I have to fuck you to remind you how good I am when I’m high.” I almost moan at his words. He moves his lips down to my neck and starts kissing it roughly. I can tell there going to be hickies there in the morning.

Derek continues his actions until I moan. He whispers in my ear again,“Bounce.” I jump up and wrap my legs around Derek’s waist.

Let’s just say we had a lot of fun that night. Maybe I’ll let Derek keep smoking weed.

A/N: Thanks you guys so much for reading. This was requested by the lovely lady: almoststupendousparadise. I love you guys and I’ll talk to y'all soon ✌️🤘👋