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Just some understated fluff where Obi-Wan comes to Dex's for a discreet moment of being a quiet introvert, and Dex not only let's him rest there, but sits on the bench with him, arm around his shoulder, shielding him from view. Obi-Wan doesn't indulge like this often, but its nice, being cared for.

Hood up and arms tucked into his sleeves, a shape slid into Dex diner with water dripping off them.

Taking a few moments to watch the other, Dex finally moved around his counter and quietly grabbing the person by the elbow to lead him to one of the corner tables.

Carefully he pushed the Jedi into the seat and sat down on the same bench side as the person, hiding him from view.

“…Thanks Dex.” Obi-Wan finally whispered out, tilting his head to rest it against one of the upper arms of the besalisk with a quiet sigh.

“No sweat kiddo, figures now a days you get enough attention as it is with all you being all over the Republic.” Dex hummed, waving for Hermoine to come over with a pot of tea and a cup of coffee for him.

The droid came after a few moments with a tray with a big cup of caff for Dex and a pot of tea for Obi-Wan along with a smaller cup.

Taking a sip, Dex watched as Obi-Wan poured himself his tea and then took a small sip, not removing his hood at all.

Poor thing.

He’d sometimes show up like this at Dex though it had become more frequent now then before, the Jedi needing time where he wasn’t General and poster boy for the Republic’s war effort.

Skywalker thrived on the recognition and public affection he gained.

Obi-Wan did not.

Obi-Wan needed a quiet moment where he wasn’t in the spot light and looked at for answers. Where he could enjoy a pot of tea and he couldn’t always get that quite even in the temple now a days.

Dex smiled a bit when he felt the young man beside him slowly loosen up as he listened to the chattering of the diner and warmed up with tea and Dex.

“Well?” He dared.

“Well…better.” Obi-Wan chuckled quietly and peered up at him, giving enough space for Dex to see him but no one else to see him past the besalisk’s bulk.

“Good, good.” Dex patted him on the shoulder.

It was good to have friends.

Friends in low and high places.

And sometimes it was even better to have a friend who knew they were safe with you.

“So, how’s Skywalker? Haven’t seen the kid around.” He waggled his brows and Obi-Wan snorted.

“Where do you think.” He let out dryly and Dex grunted.

“Does he even know that you know?” He frowned when Obi-Wan shrugged. “Kid… you should talk to him. I mean I know you’re on that council thing but…come on. He has to know you got his back.” He waggled his left upper hand in the air.

Sighing, Obi-Wan smiled up at him. “Anakin will come when he feels comfortable… or so I hope. I rather hope he’s not gonna spring it on me during a council meeting frankly.” He huffed.

Grunting a bit, Dex settled again, letting silence fill the space around them again.

“…Eh, even if he doesn’t, he’ll find out.” He patted the Jedi on the back, chuckling when Obi-Wan grunted.

“I hope so.” Obi-Wan hummed, pulling his hood a bit more over his head as two clone troopers in blue stepped into the diner for some food and caf. He just wanted some peace and quiet for now and with Dex by his side, that was just what he got.

okay, so here’s my two cents on the matter, based on what i’ve seen and heard:

first off, i get the anger and disappointment. all of a sudden, this character that has been there since the very launch of the app has been changed without any forewarning or explanation, just like that. it was deceptive - here, download this update, oh, also we’re not going to tell you about the total face change of one of our oldest and most beloved characters. it makes sense to act somewhat outraged over it. i certainly am a bit angry over it, i loved the original james, but hereeee we go…

now im gonna play the devil’s advocate, i guess.

some of y’all need to chill. there’s being disappointed, confused, and mad - and then there’s acting like you’re solely being personally wronged by pixelberry here. that’s just unnecessary tbh. i GET that we want a concrete answer, preferably sooner than later, but still.

you figure, there was a reason for this change. they didn’t do it just to screw with people or because they wanted to start changing the designs of characters for fun. the most likely reason, one that i’ve been hearing about a bit here and there, was that michael b. jordan, whose likeness was used as james’s character, and his reps reached out to pixelberry requiring a face change, lest they face legal action. wanting to avoid a friggin lawsuit, they immediately complied and changed james’s face.

honestly, this makes a lot of sense in the situation. i’m only guessing here, too, but i imagine there may be some kind of legal stuff they may have to work around before they can give out a solid explanation either, for fear of muddling what they are saying/getting in more hot water when they want to avoid further conflict.

so, yeah, the situation sucks. a lot. it’s not ideal, and i don’t like it, either. i get where people are coming from with their anger. but just CHILL for five seconds before jumping to conclusions. lastly, give it some time to get sorted out, too?? it’s literally been less than 24 hours and yet someone of y’all are like “GIVE ME THOSE GODDAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW PIXELBERRY YOU STOLE MY FIRSTBORN CHILD AND NOW THIS??????????? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!” like it’s probably gonna get explained to some extent at the very least, just……….. relax.

why the fuck are people saying america doesnt have roundabouts? have you been to massachusetts? thats all we have around here is gottdanm roundabouts. dangerous intersection? theres a roundabout here now. one road kind of hard to get onto? roundabout. an intersection that would probably be fine with 1 light added to it? nope, roundabout now. just need to connect some fuckin streets? put a fucking roundabout in there right now. my entire damn state is just made of them, i drove through 3 on my way to fuckin school.

gah it sucks to hear that the DisneyNOW app won’t work for others countries!! From what I’ve read, the shorts will be on Disney XD’s youtube channel (hopefully that channel works in other countries) 

not sure what to say about the additional two episode though…

Hoo boy I decided to finally try cooking an egg in my ramen today

I will never eat ramen the same way again