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So much second-hand embarassment from Darren's twitter drama. Hacked... Haha so how did he get back in his account so quick?

I almost don’t even know what to do with this last week.

- Darren’s team/assistants on his Facebook acting a fool
- Darren confirming the elevator scene was mostly improvised
- Chris in Paris
- Darren favoriting a crisscolfer tweet (and a few others) on twitter and his team swooping in like 

And like, the options of what happened are all hilarious.  Did Darren fav the tweet himself?  If so, hell yeah.  Did Darren forget he was logged in to his public twitter and not a private or secondary account? If so, hell yeah.  Did Chris steal his phone and do it?  If so, lolwhoops.  Did Darren fav the tweet as kind of a joking, perhaps slightly mocking nod to the fandom? I doubt it. It doesn’t do his image any good to bring this kind of thing to the front of the table.

Or did someone hack his account with the sole purpose of faving a few tweets even though Darren favorited another weird tweet hours before this?  Lol no. It’s sort of pointless to “resolve” a twitter hack when clearly you have access to the account to post that tweet.

Again, if this is what it’s going to be like post-Glee, I am here for this.

Brittana Wedding Props from Glee Auction - Brittana Wedding Guest Lists

In the Brittana Wedding Prop lot from the Glee Auction, I received a total of 16 wedding guest list pages.  5 of the pages were those that were written in crayon by Brittany and the other 11 pages were computer printed pages that I assume (from watching the guest list scene in “What The World Needs Now”) were typed up by Santana.  All 5 of the Brittany guest list pages are unique - no duplicates.  However, there are 4 duplicate pages in Santana’s group of guest list pages.  So, there are only 7 unique pages of Santana’s guest list. Even on the unique pages of Santana’s guest lists, there are a lot of duplicate names spread about.  I’m going to post photos of each of the 12 unique pages in the lot.

Notes about Brittany’s guest list:  

These were actually written in crayon by someone.  You can feel the texture of the crayon on the pages.  One of the pages has “By Brittany” written in crayon on the bottom.  There are several names I don’t recognize on the lists. However, Brittany wrote the following Glee Club members, Glee related family members, and celebrities on her guest list (These are only the Glee people that Brittany listed on her guest list, but that Santana didn’t list on hers. Scroll down further on this post for Glee Club members that were on both Santana and Brittany’s guest lists):

  • Santana Lopez  (yes, she wrote Santana on the guest list)
  • Pierce Pierce
  • Whitney S. Pierce  (apparently Britt’s mom also has an S middle name)
  • Lord Tubbington
  • Lady Tubbington
  • Alma Lopez
  • Mr. and Mr. Berry
  • Barack Obama
  • Yoko Ono
  • Eric Bana
  • Johnny Weir
  • Joan Baez  (for some reason Joan’s name has been crossed out with pencil - did Santana do that?)
  • Hamid Karzai
  • Barry Bonds

Notes about Santana’s guest list:  

These are all computer printed pages.  Names on the pages are mostly a mix of Glee Club people and people with Hispanic sounding last names that have never been mentioned on the show. There are numerous duplicate names throughout.  As I said above, there are 7 unique pages in Santana’s guest list and 4 duplicate pages.  One of the unique pages looks like it didn’t print all the way to the bottom of the page - like the printer ran out of ink or something.

The most interesting thing about Santana’s guest list is that she had already picked two bridesmaids and a flower girl before the Glee Club inserted themselves into Brittana’s wedding at the end of “What The World Needs Now”.  Santana’s chosen bridal party consisted of:

  • Carmen Rivera - bridesmaid
  • Meliza Gomez - bridesmaid
  • “No-No” Espiritu - flower girl

Also notable - Santana’s parents are written in several ways on different pages, giving the impression that Santana’s father is a doctor and that Santana refers to her parents as “Mama” and “Papa”.  It’s also notable that there are also several other doctors on Santana’s guest list - I’m assuming these are family friends and colleagues of her father’s.  Here are the ways that Santana’s parents appear on the pages of Santana’s guest list:

  • Dr. and Mrs. Lopez
  • Mama and Dr. Papa
  • Mama and Papa

The following Glee Club members are listed on both Brittany and Santana’s guest lists:

  • Quinn Fabray  (yes, Brittana both wanted Quinn to be there and invited her)
  • Noah Puckerman
  • Mercedes Jones
  • Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Kurt Hummel
  • Blaine Anderson
  • Artie Abrams
  • Rachel Berry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Schuester

Notable Glee Club members, faculty, and family members missing from both Brittany and Santana’s guest lists:

  • Sam Evans  (no surprise they would both ignore him)
  • Mike Chang
  • Sue Sylvester (apparently Brittany changed her mind because we all know she put her on the seating chart)
  • Coach Beiste
  • Sugar Motta (maybe Brittana thought she would still be in the future)
  • All of the Season 4 and Season 6 newbies, even Kitty (although there is a Kitty Malone on Britt’s list…maybe Britt doesn’t know her last name/doesn’t care to learn it/still wants people to think she believes that Kitty is Quinn)
  • Burt Hummel (but then he ended up officiating so that doesn’t really make sense)

First an overview photo of all the guest list pages and a photo of the envelope they came in:

Brittany’s Guest Lists:

Santana’s guest lists:

That’s it for the guest lists.  I have two more posts to make about the miscellaneous things I received in the Brittana Wedding Prop Lot in the Glee Auction.  Stay tuned.