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Arc-V + Text Posts & Other Stuff (Part 7)

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And with this, the curtains close!

Well, that was certainly an unforgettable series and I’ll enjoy the memories for sure! It’s really hard to say goodbye but the fun has to continue, even if somewhere else!

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What if S and M bros S/O accidentally used there shampoo and the bros noticed? Sorry I don't have good english.

Your English is fine hun!


Shu - He actually uses the same shampoo as you because he’s too lazy to pick out something different for himself so it wouldn’t be different to him.

Reiji - He likes that you smell like him but he prefers you to have a different smell than him… plus his shampoo makes your hair dull and lifeless looking.

Ayato - I actually happy since you smell like him. “Now everyone will know who you belong to!”

Kanato - “Our prey smells nice today don’t they Teddy?” Kanato is very happy about the mistake and wants you to keep on using his shampoo. Plus floofier hair for you!

Laito - Okay he thinks it sexy when you wear his shirts but you using his shampoo is the best thing ever at that moment.

Subaru - “You smell different… Oh, by accident? N-no I think it’s c-cute that you smell like me.” Stop him from rambling please.


Ruki - “Livestock, you smell like your master why is that?” He’d actually take the mistake with stride and make sure to keep your bottle separate from his now on since you hair looks terrible when you use his.

Kou - “Hey Masokitty don’t you smell good! Hmm. the smell doesn’t suit you though.” He prefers you to smell different from him but he understands the mistake… he’s still gonna tease you though.

Yuma - He doesn’t really care and shrugs it off even though he thinks it’s hot that you smell like him. It’s almost like how you smell after you to do that thing with his [CENSORED]… Yuma you were the good one.

Azusa - You and Azusa share shampoo since he doesn’t really know what to look for, plus he’s fine with anything.

Diabolik Lovers and which Disney princess they like and why:
  • <p> <b>Shuu:</b> Ariel ( her voice )<p/><b>Reiji:</b> Belle ( she's smart )<p/><b>Laito:</b> Ariel ( she's almost naked )<p/><b>Ayato:</b> MOTHERFUCKING KUZCO ( I don't need to say more, do I? )<p/><b>Kanato:</b> Rapunzel ( Think about all the hair styles in the world. Profit )<p/><b>Subaru:</b> Mulan ( badass warrior )<p/><b>Ruki:</b> Tiana ( hard working )<p/><b>Kou:</b> Ariel ( cute and innocent )<p/><b>Yuma:</b> Pocahontas ( FREEDOM! RIGHTS! JUSTICE! )<p/><b>Azusa:</b> Any princess that will care for him...<p/></p>

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Reaction to an s/o being able to speak to spiders, so one night they go in their room and they had ten various spiders around them and their are whispering words of encouragement to them, because it's spider marriage counseling. I just thought this would be funny, also your my favorite reaction blog, so well...if you want to ignore this than go ahead.


♥Shu: What the… And I thought being in a relationship with a human was enough already. Do you talk to spiders now? Well, tell them to get out of here.

♥Reiji: And what could this mean?! Should I bring the insecticide? I don’t know why this happened. I usually make sure to properly clean every corner of the mansion…

♥Ayato: Ah! What the… Chichinashi! What are you even doing? This is the second time this week!

♥Kanato: No way! I don’t care if they’re talking about us, get them out of here!… They follow you, you say? Get out of my room THEN!

♥Laito: Ah! Bitch-Chan, did you brought all these spiders here? I.. I don’t understand what they’re saying, but you know I dislike insects, Bitch-chan…

♥Subaru: Gah! My coffin is full of spiders! Why shouldn’t I kill them?! And… Why are they giving us their blessing?! It’s not like we are going to get m-married soon, so get out! -he started shaking the coffin violently.-


♥Ruki: Livestock… We don’t need some puny spiders to advice us about our future. Tell them to go away before I set them on fire. Including you.

♥Kou: What is the meaning of this, M Neko-Chan? I’m trying to sleep now, I have work tomorrow! So those spiders better go away right now!

♥Yuma: Agh, disgusting! I stepped on some spiders with my bare feet! Shit… Just look at the floor, now!

♥Azusa: Why… Are here so many… Spiders?… Nee, Eve… Is any of them… Poisonous…? Fufu~… What if I… Provoke them… To bite me…?


♥Carla:-No words from him. He would kill all the spiders in the room with a single blast of his powers.-

♥Shin: How many times have I told you? Don’t let those spiders get in our room. Do you want to sleep in the yard or something?

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How would the brothers react to the heroine sleeping a lot on her free time, but not technically lazy and would still do something if asked. (Would they slide in for the cuddles B))?)

Admin Mawile: (*・~・*)

Shuu: If you’re going to sleep all the time too, then he might as well use you as his personal, heated body pillow. 

Reiji: The constant napping reminds him far too much of the good for nothing, and you will be severely punished for the laziness. 

Ayato: If all you ever do is sleep, then you’re more boring than his brother. It’s no fun if you never move. 

Kanato: While he does appreciate that you’re quiet like a doll, he also tends to take the sleeping as ignoring him. 

Laito: Sleeping all the time is fine, as long as you don’t complain when he turns it into another kind of sleeping. 

Subaru: At least you’re quiet and out of the way. Napping all the time is still better than if you were loud and annoying. 

Ruki: Laziness is unacceptable, no matter how you may try to make exudes. You must behave like proper, industrious livestock. 

Kou: You’re boring asleep all the time, and he’ll either start finding creative ways to wake you, or leave you to find some other prey. 

Yuuma: He’ll force you awake whenever he feels like it, and put you to work in his garden since you obviously don’t have anything else to do. 

Azusa: He has trouble sleeping most of the time, but, if you let him, it looks like it would be very nice to curl up near you warmth. 

Carla: Idleness is unbecoming, and you must show some motivation if you are to be a partner he can show off. 

Shin: It’s no fun if you sleep all the time, and he’ll frequently force you to get up and entertain him instead of wasting time. 

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I know exactly who you're talking about and, tbh, they're so wrapped up in their own headcanons that it's like they've lost all sense of what the characters are actually like in canon. Like, I don't even understand why you'd even bother playing a game like diabolik lovers if you didn't want to engage in its darker aspects.

Yeah that’s basically one of the most infuriating aspects of the fandom. They’ve taken the demon out of them and replaced them with infuriatingly fluffy pussy bois with no other traits other than their ONE defining trait. And then a good 25% of all writers refuse to write about their actual sadistic traits because they are “triggered by past events” or something. If abuse triggers you, then why do you want the diaboys so bad? People’s headcanons destroy the boy’s true canon. Less than 5% of the time i see the boys portrayed as anything but stereotypes. And it really hurts them in canon. People tend to not like certain characters based on the shallow wat they are portrayed by the fandom. Newcomers in the fandom might expect a fluffy game where there is nothing but happy endings. When that’s certainly not the case. And then they run off scared and scream about how the fandom “glorifies rape and abuse” even though that’s not even close to the truth. But to an outsider, that’s exactly what it looks like because of the stark contrast between the real game and the fandom.

Fandom Shuu: apathetic sloth who loves “s/o”

Shuu in canon: apathetic self loathing man with symptoms of PTSD and depression and has issues attaching himself to anything. He is borderline suicidal and doesn’t want the connection of love with anyone. He is afraid of hurting the people around him that he cares whether he causes it or not. He desperately wanted a connection to hold on to to feel something other than emptyness and pain. He uses sex to alleviate his pain and sorrow.

Fandom Reiji: Nerd, loser virgin

Reiji in canon: severe inferiority complex regarding above mentioned older brother. Severely neglected by his mother and treated like a lowly back up dancer rather than his understudy. Maintains intelligent gentlemanly nature in order to help distance himself from the brother he despises.

Fandom Ayato: Dork, geek, easy to love,

Ayato in canon: severe narcissistic personality disorder. Wouldn’t mind snapping your neck for not calling him “ore-sama” truly believes that he is the greatest thing in the world. His mother has subjected he and his triplet brothers to severe abuse. His way to rationalize it was by developing an ego the size of Tokyo metropolitan area. Very dangerous person to try and appease. Most people don’t realize that they would die within a week. He won’t love you. He only loves himself and blood. Don’t you forget that

Fandom Kanato: angry smol demon child with a teddy bear. Can be appeased with sweets.

Kanato in canon: could possibly suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. Very severe bipolarity. Extreme mental abuse. Severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Doesn’t really understand complex emotions and it doesn’t matter to him. He has anxiety and constant nightmares and the only thing keeping him from going absolutely insane would be a teddy bear given to him by his mother and a vile of him mothers ashes, whom HE burned. WHICH HE EATS WHEN HE HAS AN ANXIETY ATTACK.

Fandom Laito: pervert who has no life other than to whip out his penis. Likes macarons.

Laito in canon: victim of sexual abuse by his mother throughout his “young adult” life. Ignored for not having a voice like Kanato’s or being the “heir” like Ayato. Severly beaten and scared beyond belief by his father after figuring out he situation. Then he gets cucked in front of him by his uncle. Truly believes that all love is fake and is all only lust. Rationalizes his traumatic life as sex=lust and love isn’t real therefore. He is suicidal and wants someone to be able to kill him. He too has nightmares about his mother and likes to preoccupy his time doing crosswords and drowning himself in the pleasures of sex to forget that woman who scared him so. He has really bad self loathing issues and doesn’t feel worth the life he was given. He is abusive to the reader/ Yui to project his unending suffering onto you. He throws women aside just as he was and he doesn’t care because he was taught that it was alright to just kill them or leave them behind when he got bored. And above all, he hides all his emotions behind his smile and cheery personality. He’s bottled himself up for years.

Fandom Subaru: sweet sinamon roll, an angel, a good boy. Super tsundere.

Subaru in canon: Grew up with a mother plagued by mental illness. She constantly fought with herself between loving him and hating him. Constantly begs her son to kill her. He developed severe anger issues. He distrusts all women and thinks they are all liars. Hates relationships because he is afraid that he’ll hurt the person around him or the people around him will try to break him down. Will kill those who get too close. He hates women who like him. He also hates formal relationships for fear of fucking it up or you taking advantage of him. Has emotional damage like his brothers.

All the boys are sadistic bastards who have no problem torturing you, raping you and leaving you for dead with no blood in your body or turning you into their personal slaves. Laito may even take your soul and turn it into an emotionally drained husk of a woman and turn it into a familiar which will follow their every command till the day you die. These boys are not relationship goals. These boys are not nice. They will not take care of you. They will kill you. This is not a nice fluffy fandom. This is a cruel, sadistic, sexually deviant, game series that focuses of dark themes of mental illness, child abuse that carries into adult hood and rape. And i hope to god that non of you forget that. And if any of those things or descriptions trigger you, why are you here?

Im sorry for the rant for my non DiaLover followers. It’s a lot more complex than you think.

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Omg can you please so that tattoo imagine thingy?

Shuu: He would want you to get a music note tattoo on your wrist. He finds them really pretty.

Reiji: He hates tattoo’s more than he hates his mother but if you had to get a tattoo he would suggest a tiny, unnoticeable tattoo like a swirl

Laito: Any feminine tattoo located on your nether regions or your breast.

Kanato: Something girly  like a flower tattoo on the wrist or shoulder.

Ayato: Something that stands out makes you looks sexy in his opinion so an arm or lag tattoo are the ones he likes the best.

Subaru: An uplifting quote or message on your wrist (I know, so many wrist tattoo’s)

Ruki: Ruki and Subaru love basically the same type of tattoo’s but the quotes he enjoys are the more literary ones.

Kou: A butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck or shoulder. He thinks they are really pretty.

Yuma: Something big and sexy. Just like himself.

Azusa: Azusa is secretly a fan of bird tattoo’s so a small tattoo of one would really do it for him.

This was actually the most fun post I have done in a while. Feel free to sent in some more imagines thingy’s ;)

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To the sakamaki. If you meet a REAALLY hot girl which body part would you look at FIRST. Eyes? Boobs? Lips? Womanhood?

♥Shu: Her eyes, of course… -he actually said that with a sarcastic tone…

♥Reiji: Are those my only options? I usually look at a girl’s eyes first. That’s what a gentleman is supposed to do when he meets someone.

♥Ayato: Heh… Boobs! The bigger, the better! -Ayato doesn’t even makes an effort to be discreet when staring at a girl’s chest.-

♥Kanato: The lips. They give off a lot of hints about her… Right? And It’s good when they match with the rest of her face.

♥Laito: What do you think? Nfu~ -he actually is the kind of person who scans you from head to toe in less than 3 seconds. Yeah, he rapes you with his lascivious gaze-.

♥Subaru: Wh, wha- Of course I look at her eyes first! Where else do you think I would look?!

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What about a scenario where Quartet Night comes back from a tour and Ranmaru has a make out session with his s/o and then they get interrupted by Ai and Reiji?

It was a swift kiss saying “hello.”

Or at least it was supposed to be.

Your hands threaded through your boyfriend’s silver hair, kissing, sucking and gasping, neither of you wishing to let go. Their tour ended a day back and you had a chance to finally meet Ranmaru today afternoon.

His lips pressed on yours again and you were lost. It was deep, longing. You gasped when you felt his palms brush through your breasts, pinching the heightening nub.

Your open mouth was now his to explore. He snaked his tongue in, reveling against the warm feel and taste of you, enough to make a man double over with insanity. He traced your bottom lip with his teeth before nibbling at it harshly and using his tongue to sooth the jab of pain.

“God…_____….” He growled against your mouth and you whimpered softly in response. He kissed you again, his fingers tracing your cheekbones, neck and collarbone, his tongue soon following that path.

“Ranmaru…” You gasped and his lips found yours again, you met your tongue with his, matching stroke for stroke hearing a rumble in his throat indicating his pleasure.

You heard a low whistle.

And pulled away immediately, your cheeks flushed and breathing heavy.

“The hell?!” Ranmaru whipped his head back to find Reiji just eyeing the two of you, the flush in your cheeks and Ranmaru’s tousled hair screaming out the obvious. Beside Reiji was Ai who would have looked unimpressed except for the little widening of his pupils showing his surprise.

“Well…it’s just Ranmaru and ____.” The cyan haired idol stated. He stood straighter.

Reiji chuckled darkly, his eyes with a teasing glint. “Haha~ Indeed! Its just them–WAHHHH RANRAN WHY ARE YOU THROWING THAT BOTTLE AT ME?! WHAT IT IT HIT?!”

“WHY ARE YOU HERE HUH?!” Yelled your boyfriend as he chased Reiji down, two more bottles in tow.

You heard a “LEARN TO FREAKING KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER” from your boyfriend and Reiji replying with a “IT WAS OPEN” down the hallway and you straightened, brushing your hair to its normal state with your fingers.

Ai raised an eyebrow at you. “Well, isn’t this nice?”


“Ranmaru and you. Just lock the door next time.” Was what he said before leaving you in the empty room.

“You two stop!” You heard Ai say from the distance and you sighed, a smile on your face. The place’s back to normal eh?

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S & M boys' thoughts and reactions to their SO having tattoos?

((Let me know if you guys want me to show you different types of tattoo’s the guys would like with images))

Shuu: Sure,he doesn’t mind as long as it isn’t too big. 

Reiji: No….. Just no….

Laito: He doesn’t care as long as the tattoo isn’t stupid like a tattoo of Barney on your back. Bonus points if it’s a girly tattoo in places where only he can see if you know what I mean.

Kanato: Depends on the tattoo, if its a girly tattoo like a heart or an infinity sign or a cheesy quote he would like it but if its a skull or something dark he would despise it. He doesn’t want his doll to look like a biker.

Ayato: He would think they are so cool. He loves tattoo’s and once he is of age he want a bunch.

Subaru: He doesn’t really care.

Ruki: Doesn’t like them that much  but wouldn’t mind if it was small.

Kou: Kou finds tattoo really cool, but not the kind that stands out.

Yuma:  Any tattoo is awesome for him.

Azusa: He would probably find them really adorable.

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Reiji, you're a fucking prince of Vampires whose father is a well known politician, living in a mansion and going to a rich night school. You eat and your brothers eat a feast worthy amount of food even though you don't have to eat. You can spend 20 dollars on contacts, since you (at least seem like) need them.


Reiji: *sighs*

Reiji: Don’t talk if you don’t even know how things work here!

[MTK: Karl gives them really little money, you know. Pffff.]

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Your child AU inspired this request :) Please do all brothers reaction to seeing seeing someone who was kind to them and actually cared about them when they were children? But they were sent away by their mothers? Like a distant relative or are connected to their family in some way? Thanks so much!

Admin Mawile: (  ・ω・)


-Anything related to his childhood has been almost blocked from his memory. It’s all too close to a certain incident, and pushing everything painful out of his mind is easier than living with the memories. He hardly remembers the person, just a vague idea of how kind they used to be. 


-He treats the person with the same politeness as anyone, but brings up nothing about their past Anyone remembering how pitiful he used to be is an unpleasant thought, and avoiding any mention of what they might remember is the best way to stay away from the topic. 


-While they don’t seem to have done anything horrible, they’re tied to his childhood, and thus, the memory of the old hag. No matter how nice the person once was, he finds it difficult to interact with them, as it brings up far too many memories of his mother and her cruelty. 


-Kind as they may have seemed, he knows now how little others can be trusted. This person is surely just as horrible as everyone else, and despite the instinct to trust them, him and Teddy know much better than to listen. He’ll ignore them altogether, rather than give them a chance to hurt him. 


-He acts completely at ease with the person, as friendly and excited as if they’d never been away. While he’s more than willing to make conversation and share stories about his brothers, anything related to his own past is quickly pushed away, his careful facade cracking for just a moment. 


-It’s just plain uncomfortable to have to deal with someone who remembers him from when he was a kid. If they make any comments about how sweet he used to be, he’s going to break something, and if they try to treat him as nicely as they used to, he’ll almost have to avoid them. 


-Someone from his time before the orphanage turns his stomach to even look at. If they were a servant, someone who saw or experienced the kind of horrible person he used to be, it would be like a nightmare come to life. He can’t stand being around anyone so close to his past. 


-Despite acting as friendly as can be, he really has no feeling for the person beyond a vague fondness. They were nice and that’s it, it’s not like they were the person to save him. It doesn’t really matter who they are, the past is the past and he no longer wants to care. 


-Depending on how far back in his past they’re from, there’s a good chance he won’t even remember them. A person who knows about his life before memories is a valuable thing, though, and he might finally find out something about the kind of person he used to be. 


-Since his idea of a nice person is someone who hurts him, it might be a bit difficult to process someone who was truly kind. They’re still very important, though, as they have to be considered something like family by now, thanks to how long they’ve known him. 


-Whether he appreciates someone with those kinds of memories or not, he must treat such a guest with respect. They’ve done nothing to earn the ire of the First Bloods, and pushing them away for personal reasons would be horribly unbecoming of a king. 


-He doesn’t like thinking about things so far back, especially if they remember his worship of his brother or certain past traumas within the family. It’s a little nice to have some more company, though, and if Carla decides to accept them, he’ll force himself to at least be civil. 

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WHAT would be the brothers reaction if their s/o was really good at artistic gymnastics.???

Totally did not have to look up what that was, so if I butcher terms and shit just know that I’m not a sports person… at all.


Shu - Doesn’t care as long as you let him sleep, does like to watch you every now and again, may come to the occasional game or two.

Reiji - He really would rather you pick a more ladylike sport even if the sport isn’t really extremely brutal. He’d much prefer you taking something with less flips and the like because one wrong move and you’re whining about a sprained ankle or worse.

Ayato - Really likes the concept of the sport and comes to all you practices and tournaments, he’s your biggest fan.

Kanato - Doesn’t really care for you doing it and would much rather you stay at home with him… you are staying at home with.

Laito - You are bendy and Laito likes bendy… Laito likes everything.

Subaru - Does not see how you can flip like that but he likes it…


Ruki - Another who prefers you to not take up this sport, he’d rather you not hurt yourself.

Kou - Loves the way you move and actually asks for help with dance routines, a big fan of you.

Yuma - He never thought he’d take to the sport but he really likes it and enjoys watching you. Watch him though because if someone knocks your routine in the stands he’s fucking their shit up.

Azusa - Likes to watch you do your routines, comes to every game and practice, buys all the merchandise… Biggest fan of you.


Carla - He can appreciate the artistic and interpretive quality of the sport but you’re gonna have to do something else because Carla doesn’t like it.

Shin - “Do. Another. Flip!” You know those hardcore football dads who yell at their son from the stands… now imagine you as the son and Shin as your dad except he’s not drunk or wearing an overwashed jersey from his highschool days.

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S/M Reaction to playing the Ouija board.

Shu- He doesn’t believe in ghosts and would assume it’s someone else just moving it. 

Reiji- Same as Shu, though he wouldn’t bother to try it out, even if it is just to amuse you. 

Ayato- He wouldn’t even stand five feet from one of those, let alone actually use it. 

Laito- “So, how many times have you been laid?”

Kanato- “Mom?”

Subaru- He’d not play it. He’s not afraid, but he’s not entirely convinced it’s fake and doesn’t want to upset spirits from their slumber. 

Kino- He has a collection of Oujia boards, but none have worked so he doesn’t really believe it. If he does get contact, he’d be super excited and would ask it thousands of questions. 

Ruki- He’d do it to make his brothers happy, but he could care less. 

Kou- Kou is terrified to do it, but wants to anyway. He believes in ghosts and the moment the board moves he’ll scream. 

Yuma- He actually gets scared too when the board moves and will just go ‘fuck that’ then leave. 

Azusa- Azusa is the most likely to be possessed by a ouija board. He purposely breaks all the rules. 

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out of Reiji, Ruki, and Yuma who knows how to skate? 😂😂

♥Reiji: Skating? That’s for useless teenagers. I wouldn’t even try it. Skaters are not very hygienic… And they’re always destroying public property.

♥Ruki: Do you see me as a little kid, Livestock? I don’t have that amout of free time to play around with a board.

♥Yuma: I tried learning to skate once. I tried. Let’s just leave it as that… I almost fractured my arm. Needless to say, Azusa wanted the skate after that.