was it not clear i'm gay

it sucks how much straight women don’t want to consider lesbians and bi women as fellow women. while straight girls laugh at straight men who say “no homo” and refuse to be affectionate with each other, they adopt similar attitudes; if a girl they know is discovered to be gay or bi, she often loses those opportunities to be affectionate or “one of the girls”. little things, like changing in the locker room (“we’re all girls, we’ve seen it all”) become like warzones where any accidental glance from a gay or bi girl is interpreted as a predatory advance. when gay and bi girls come out, straight women do not trust us. they assume we are just like men and will use similar tactics to try and hit on or ensnare girls in relationships. the mutual respect we once had dissolves as our every movement is scrutinized because, oh my god, what if that lesbian is actually interested in me? crushes in particular are difficult. if you don’t admit to your friend that you might be interested in her, she thinks you’ve betrayed her and secretly been objectifying her against her will. if you do admit it, you’re considered a nasty pervert who doesn’t know how to just be friends with someone. most of the time, it’s hard to decipher for oneself if there is attraction there; for a lot of gay and bi women, we realize that we are attracted to women because those feelings we had for our friends, important women in our life, etc. are actually more than friendship. now we’re demanded to parse out our attractions like its black and white: either we just want to be friends, and we can be trusted, although she may be disappointed a gay girl isn’t interested in her, or we are hopelessly in love and lust, and must be avoided. it’s not always clear cut! it’s not always possible to tell whether feelings for friends are just friendship or more, and most of us have nothing to guide us in our analysis of those feelings!

stop placing these expectations on your gay and bi friends. please, treat us like people, like your other female friends, not predators looking to exploit friendships with innocent straight girls for our gain. we need friends, just like anyone else, and it can be genuinely traumatizing dealing with straight girls who dehumanize us like this. we’re not your fucking enemies, so stop treating us like it.


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


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Keith gets hit on by some random royal. literally yells 'i'm gay' to get her to stop. cue others reacting/dying in the groupchat XD

let’s just say that as soon as lance got involved, any confusion she felt was quickly cleared up ;)


We should do a film together. Toss in a couple of, you know, other redheads and clear it all up. - Amy Adams

  • Livvy: and now for a gay update with Kit Herondale
  • Kit: getting gayer
  • Livvy: thank you Kit
Me playing mercy

Genji: I need healing!
Me: if you don’t shut your bitchass fucking dps shitty ass hoe ass ignorant ass piece of weaboo shit ass up i will laugh on your de-
Pharah: I require healing

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It's kind of funny that the ones in the tag trying to make everyone gay are the same ones who openly hate on the actual gay/bi characters lol

The best thing about them is that they’re like “INGRID LOOKED AT VILDE OMG I SHIP IT” or “DID YOU SAW THE WAY NOORA SMIRKED AT EVA SHE’S TOTALLY GAY” and they are making completely surreal ships AND get SO offended when someone tells them not to

Okay so I may be getting into a dead fandom here but DEAF WEST SPRING AWAKENING is a thing that exists and it’s beautiful and glorious and I love it to death

But right “The Word of Your Body Reprise” makes me sob so hard because when they say “Oh, you’re gonna be wounded/Oh, you’re gonna be my wound” (specifically Ernst the emotion and conflict on his face was so clear) I immediately thought how yes, loving each other could be their downfall because it was fucking ILLEGAL to be GAY

And it hurts so much to think about how that out of the three (sort of) couples they’re the only ones with a relatively happy ending, you know how rare it is to see that

Anyway I now love this show more than life itself and the whole thing makes me cry

actual conversation between me and my mom this morning
  • mom: what actually happened in the room where it happens? no one has ever made it clear what went down and unless i get an explanation, i'm just going to assume that hamilton, jefferson and madison had a really gay threesome in there
  • me: oh my god mom they were discussing a financial plan
  • mom: why did nobody know what happened then? hmm? i'm convinced that they were having gay sex
  • me: mom,,, nobody knew how they reached a compromise, that's what they wanted to know
  • mom: are you saying that threesomes aren't an acceptable way to reach a compromise?
just to clear something up

okay, so, i’ve said before that one of the reasons i hate k@llura is because allura is an adult-coded character. i stand by that statement, but, if allura’s age is confirmed otherwise, i’m not going to use it in my arguments.

however, k@llura is still a pretty bad relationship, in the eyes of a gay person. it’s heteronormative. and heteronormativity is…Very Bad, for reasons i shouldn’t have to state.

so, yeah. i’m just going to…leave this here.

  • Oobleck: Today we will be talking about Remnants history of discrimination of a certain underprivileged group, and I'm not talking about faunus. I am referring to the LGTB community of Remnant.
  • Oobleck: Now I want to be very clear that this is a safe space where we can be honest about who we are. If anyone here is LGTB and comfortable talking about their experiences, please raise your hand.
  • Everyone but JNPR: *Raises hand*
  • Oobleck: Alright, how about we start with just people who are gay and want to talk about it.
  • Everyone but JNPR: *Keeps their hands up*

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Why are you doing gay requests for straight characters? I'm not trying to be homophobic, and I'm sorry if it comes off that way, but it's not fair to straight people who can't connect to non-straight things. It's practically discrimination. There are mods out there that change the gay characters into straight ones, and that is discrimination. And you guys are gay washing straight characters, so how is that different? Please stop, it's not fair to the character or your straight followers.


This is a very personal issue for me, and so while I fully intend to remain polite and welcoming during this I want something to be made very clear: I am not stopping.

I am not stopping because romancing Leliana with her female warden in Origins is how my sister learned to accept me. I’m not stopping because I’ve watched trans friends find themselves in Krem, and straight friends find their courage in Bull’s easy acceptance of his lieutenant. I’ve seen dozens of users in this fandom see themselves in Dorian, because all they want from their parents is the one thing their parents won’t give, and listened to people celebrate the positivity of Isabela’s unapologetic sexuality.

The list goes on. Story after story, moment after moment, game after game. So many people have been touched in such a positive way by the beautiful diversity of the Dragon Age series, and  this is the month when we are celebrating that beauty– and doing so in a time when it can be scary to do so in real life. 

And if you feel you can’t connect to non-straight things*, Anon, that’s fine. I get that, and you are more than welcome to enjoy the regular requests that we will still be answering this month and in the months to come. But I also need you to acknowledge that if you can’t connect to non-straight things then you also cannot understand how incredibly important this is to the Mods and followers of this channel who can, nor can you possible understand how much so many of us need positivity in this aspect of our lives right now.

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, and for being a part of this community.

– Mod Fereldone

* I did want to point out that: A) Cullen was intended to be a bi character but budget and time forced the developers hand and b) when a mod was going around that made romancing Cassandra possible for male and female characters David Gaider said that he was not at all offended on Cassandra’s behalf. 

Do with that as you will.