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Herbal Medicine: What is an Electuary?

An Electuary is a medicinal paste created with something sweet, such as honey or jam. Thick electuaries can be rolled into little balls for children to take with some juice, and thinner electuaries can be mixed with beverages such as hot tea. At its essence, an electuary is an herb infused honey.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the first known use of an Electuary dates back to the 14th century. ‘Electuarie’ is a Middle English word derived most likely from the Greek ‘Ekleikton’ or ‘Ekleichein’ meaning to lick up. After all, a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, am I right? ;-)

The common kitchen witch (and herbalist) will already be familiar with the process of herbal infusions, such as making tea blends, but making and storing electuaries can really kick your magic crafting up a notch. The primary use is medicinal but you can expand this into everyday spellcraft as well. Below are just a few examples of both medicinal and magical electuaries and how to create them.


Chamomile – Mildly sedative and soothing for stress relief.

Mint – Soothes digestive track to help with heartburn, nausea, and indigestion.

Raspberry Leaf – Especially beneficial for women by balancing hormones and helping with painful menses.

Elderberry, Echinacea, Licorice Root – This blend is a good immune supporter and very helpful for viral respiratory infections and treating the symptoms accompanied by the flu.

Magical (individual ingredients or blend to your tastes)

Love – Rose Petals, Lavender Flowers, Lemon Verbena, Apple, Cardamom

Money – Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Almond, Orange

Protection – Anise, Elder Flower, Fennel, Basil, Blackberry

Purification – Rosemary, Bay, Lemon, Chamomile, Nettle, Turmeric

How to make an Electuary

The best results come from using dried herbs or flowers and local raw honey. The dried plant material allows you to store your electuary longer because it has little to no water in it, where fresh plant material will thin the honey and require refrigeration to prevent mold. Raw honey from your local area is also best because it will contain traces of pollen from the trees and flowers in your area which assist with preventing seasonal allergies.

The process is to create a double-boiler system by putting a pot with some water on to boil, then placing a slightly larger metal bowl in it so that it sits snuggly (but not too tight) without touching the water. The gentle steam will warm the metal bowl enough to melt your honey without boiling it directly. Once your double-boiler is assembled put in your desired amount of honey and dried plant material. You can use herbs from your kitchen, ground spices, dried flowers, etc. I would recommend finding food grade if you’re buying online or at a local shop. Organic would be the best of course (pesticides don’t make good electuaries!). The amount of honey to plant material is up to you depending on how strong you want the infusion to be. Let your plant material simmer for an hour in the honey over your double-boiler.

*Alternative* You could infuse your honey and herbs using a small crock pot if you wanted to so you could simmer for 2-3 hours.

If you want your electuary to be a thick paste, finely grind your herbs prior to infusing using a spice grinder (or mortar and pestle if you have that kind of patience). Alternatively you could just use store bought ground herbs/spices. You will want to use more of an equal ratio of plant material to honey to make sure it stays thick. Please note that this will make the honey taste strongly of the herbs you use so be mindful of taste when you’re choosing herbs to blend, or just plan to roll into more of a “plant pill” to be swallowed. After infusing, store in a clean dry jar with a lid.

If you prefer a thinner electuary that can be mixed by the spoonful with a cup of hot water or tea, then you can use any kind of plant material in any amount you’d like with your honey to control strength and flavor. After infusing, strain it into a clean dry jar with lid for storage. Straining a combination of leaves, roots, bark, and ground spices will allow the smaller particles to stay within the electuary while removing the larger more undesirable pieces. This seems to be the most popular method.

You can now use your electuary however you’d like! Medicinal, Magical, with tea, in your cooking, the possibilities are endless so experiment!

Brightest Blessings,

Thalya /|\

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imagine witch taehyung.

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  • the green in his hair is,,,,,,, natural?
  • it grows fast and tends to stick out as if it grows in completely different directions from the rest of his hair.
  • earning him nicknames like seaweed and kelp-head.
  • although he wasn’t actually born with magic he was raised by witches so he knows his way around it and it’s a pretty integral part of his life.
  • dabbles mostly in herbs and alchemy etc.
  • and whatever magic surrounds him is either the leftover spell work of those who raised him or borrowed from nature.
  • also he speaks to animals.
  • like he doesn’t have full conversations with them but they listen and understand him and he can generally guess what they want.
  • studies botany but gets in a lot of arguments with his professors because he has a less scientific view of nature.
  • environmental enthusiast.
  • has a home and everything but probably spends most of his summers living up a tree taking care of woodland animals.
  • you’ve caught him muttering to squirrels a few times.
  • seen him chased across campus by literally every cat in the area.
  • but you just assumed he’s nice and likes to feed the animals.
  • a lot of socks have been disappearing from around your dorm lately and you thought maybe someone was pulling a prank, when taehyung one day approaches you with a bag full of odd socks.
  • he explains that the magpie living near your dorm recently had its nest destroyed and was compensating, but that he’s “had a word with him and he won’t do it again.”
  • like most people you just assumed he was joking.
  • but he doesn’t really try to hide any of this, if someone asks why he’s so weird he’ll just frown and say he was raised by witches, like lmao what did you expect.
  • then a week later you come across him making a splint for a pigeon with a broken wing out of popsicle sticks and you realise you need to get to know this boy because?????? who even does that ???
  • and you bump into him again later that same week but this time he has ??? a squirrel ??? in his hair ???
  • you’re like “whu h?U???” because holy shit cute
  • and he’s like “yeah she likes the smell of my shampoo.”
  • you ask how he knows and he just shrugs.
  • and when the squirrel tugs too hard he’s like “ouch okay that’s enough.”
  • and she just like, scampers off and you’re like ??????????
  • and he just smiles.
  • after that you keep finding individual wildflowers everywhere around your dorm and wherever you go on campus.
  • like someone’s been picking them and leaving them around the place for you to find.
  • and the birds singing outside your window in the morning have increased like tenfold in number.
  • you have no idea this is taehyung basically attempting to court you.
  • not until a magpie drops a four-leaf clover on you one morning, a squirrel scampers up to you with a daisy while you’re reading in the shade for a tree, and when you look up there he is, scratching the back of his neck and mumbling something about a picnic.
  • just imagine how bright he’d smile when you accept his invitation.
  • the rest, as they say, is history.
  • taehyung knows all the best spots for camping and tree-climbing and berry-picking and picnics and you two go on so many adventures exploring the wilderness surrounding your little town.
  • he never falls out of a tree?
  • like he literally can’t because he was enchanted as a kid.
  • so you bet your butt he’s gonna hang upside down and make you do a spider-man kiss with him.
  • he sends you love notes by squirrel and cat and even a duck one time.
  • and when summer comes around he invites you to stay with him in his tree house and help him take care of the animals.
  • and he tells you about all the silly names he gave to plants as a kid before he studied and learned their actual names.
  • you literally always have fresh flowers in your hair, don’t ask me how or where they come from maybe they grow there idk.
  • always always always holding hands, listen this boy has no intentions of ever letting you go no way nope
  • and you two are just very much in love and enjoying nature and each other and everywhere you go flowers bloom tbh bless :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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It’s finally here! I actually ordered this before the Golden Thread Tarot, but it took much longer to arrive. But now it’s here and I am in love!

More thoughts bellow the cut 👇

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Witch Tip

ok. this is something that i personally had trouble realizing when i first got into witchcraft.

loose dried herbs and loose leaf tea are absolutely fantastic to use. taking the time to individually think about each ingredient, freaking great.

but so are tea bags and they are so convenient and they can be just as successful!! 


celestial seasonings’ Sleepytime is pretty popular and for good reason!! the ingredients are chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorne, and rosebuds. purification, cleansing, aiding in sleep, i sometimes use it for self love spells, the list goes on!!

herbal tea blends have a lot of ingredients and can be used in a multiple of ways. just look at the ingredients and correspondences. and remember!! INTENT. and you can always add things in: lemon, honey, cinnamon, milk, orange, sugar, lavender, mint, rosemary, rose, ginger, and this list is getting too long, haha. 

Successful Interview Spell

So today I had an interview for a job that will give me a good pay, will put me on course for a good career, and I was needing a boost. So I made this up last night to help with just that!



  • Orange Candle [Communication]
  • Green Candle [Prosperity]


  • Sage/Cedar [Cleansing and 
  • Rosemary [Happiness and Luck]
  • Clove [Confidence and Protection]
  • Bay Leaf [With a Wish]


  • Lepidolite [Soothe Anxieties]
  • Bloodstone [Confidence and Prosperity]
  • Tigers Eye [Necklace for Grounding, Prosperity]


  • Sandalwood [Allure and Happiness, Green for luck/prosperity]
  • Frankincense [Allure and raised Vibrations]


  • A bowl or something to hold this all in
  • A lighter


I began by lighting my orange and green candles. Then my Sandalwood and Frankincense incenses. As everything began to burn, I added each ingredient charged with individual and specific intent on how to help me with the interview. [Allure for hiring, clear communication between interviewer and myself, etc.]

After everything was added (Except the bay leaf and tiger’s eye necklace), I charged the intent of my wish for a job and successful interview into the bay leaf, then burned it over the fire of my green candle. I added the ash to the bowl of everything else. Then I poured the wax from the candles on top of everything. I sent out one last prayer that my interview will be successful, I’ll have the confidence and charm to navigate it properly, and that it will lead me to a job. 

I then lay my tiger’s eye necklace over the bowl and asked for the spirit within, whom I respectfully call Mama Tiger, and asked her to take the intent of this spell and do what is in her power to direct her natural charms toward success in this interview. She purred as she agreed and told me to keep my chin up, I’ll do great. 

This morning I put on the necklace, placed the stones used in the spell on my person, and went into the interview. Long story short, it went well and I have a job shadow set up for later this week. 

If all packaging was 100% biodegradable, having no more effect on the ground than, say, a fallen leaf, would littering still be stigmatized?

I’m kind of in two minds about it. On one hand, I can see a Solarpunk society having a lot of cleanliness hangups that would make it be seen as just as bad if not worse. But I also think individual people would get kind of “meh, who cares?” about where they throw their trash, if they were told there weren’t any long-term effects.

Maybe there’d be a mix of both attitudes in play, which could be written very humorously!

Jason is a big dork who can’t see

His eye sight is just so bad

  • He had no idea that he had bad vision. How could he? He’s only ever seen with his own eyes
  • People would mistake him squinting his eyes as imitating, but he’s just trying to focus his eyes on a menu board/ person who is talking/ anything really
  • When Aclepius first pointed out Jason’s poor vision he feels a sudden wave of realization. Like, wow… everything is blurry
  • For the first few days of having glasses he just takes them on and off to see the before and after. Blurry, clear, blurry, clear, bl–
  • He’s especially in awe of how the leaves on a tree look, he’s never noticed how each leaf is individual from the rest
  • He’ll let you try them on if you ask nicely
  • Jason is always misplacing his glasses, but they’re always in plain sight
  • Leo got him red cat eye frames as a joke gift, but Jason got prescription lenses for them and wears them unironically 

“There was struggles early and there’s a lot of ups and downs that happen throughout the season not only for the team but individually.

You know as older players i think as much as possible you just try to come into the rink the next day and enjoy it you know, whether you got blown out the night before…or guys are struggling individually, going through slumps or what not.

Being in the locker room with 23 of your other teammates should be a place of comfort and somewhere to enjoy being. At the end of the day we’re all in it together.

Matt Martin appreciation life 12/∞

A Random PSA on The Gei of Geisha - Part 2

So, Part 1 looked at the most visible art forms - dance and music. This one’s looking at the “other” arts that are studied at the nyokoba.

Flower Arranging - Ikebana (生け花)
First recorded in the 7th century as traditional offerings to shrines, Ikebana is one of the better known traditional Japanese arts outside of Japan. What may seem simple at a glance is actually an incredibly difficult to master art form. However, it can be very rewarding as getting an arrangement “just right” can really boost your spirits and many people find it to be very relaxing. This is a skill that all future okasan must master as the tokonoma in each room must be seasonally appropriate and changed every few days. I’m not sure what schools each kagai follows, but I do know that Gion Kobu follows the Ikenobo (池坊) school, which also happens to be the oldest established school of flower arranging (and the one that I learned from!).

Tea Ceremony - Chado (茶道)
If you thought flower arranging took a large amount of concentration, look no further for the art that trumps them all! Chado is very much like dance in that it follows a set of movements that are strung together to make a finished product. However, Chado is even more hyper vigilant as every minute movement must be done correctly or else the entire ritual can be thrown off! Just like Ikebana though, it can be very relaxing and is meant to bring appreciation to the small things like the gathering place, the people around you, the scenery, and the care that goes into the tea itself. There almost always a flower arrangement present at a tea ceremony, so Ikebana and Chado are often intertwined. There are many (many) different schools of tea ceremony, but the biggest are the Omotesenke (表千家), Urasenke (裏千家), and Mushakōjisenke (武者小路千家), who all happen to trace their origins to Sen No Rikyu (千利休), a monk considered one of the pioneers of the tea ceremony.

Traditional Japanese Painting - Gado (画道)
This art is one of the most renowned in the world as its iconic style immediately evokes over 2,000 years of history that is uniquely Japanese. You could write entire books on this subject, but I’ll try to keep this as short and simple as possible, just like the art itself. Gado is known for simplicity in form and bright, bold colors or additions that made it stand out. One of the most popular additions is that of gold leaf as a background or enhancer to bring the art off the page and give it an almost ethereal quality. As may have already been gleaned, Gado closely pairs with Ikebana and Chado as a wall scroll is always present in the tokonoma. Knowing what’s appropriate is just as important as the execution of techniques, but not all art is meant to be on a scroll. Simply doing art for the sake of art is rewarding in and of itself, so individual creativity is never discouraged. Not many maiko or geiko decide to study art as one of their major arts, but the ones that do often have their works displayed proudly in their respective kaburenjo!

Calligraphy - Shodo (書道)
I almost want to pair this with Gado, but Shodo is an art form in and of itself. It does work closely with Gado though, as simplicity is considered key. It also makes sense that maiko and geiko would be well versed in Shodo as many dances involve the writing and/or reading of letters on scrolls. It is the small, very minute movements of your own hands that make the words your own, so no two people will have the same Shodo style. 

Bonus: Sumi-e (墨絵)
The marriage of Gado and Shodo, Sumi-e is a painting style that involves only ink and water. It is often the same ink used in Shodo, but invokes the principals of Gado to express simplicity in a physical form. 

ok this part bugs me so much. I love it but,g od, i have some complaints.  Can you not beat it even if you do everything right on the first try? The last few times i’ve played this it’s been like that.  Also who wants to eat a cookie that thin?  It’s like a damn wheat thin, too crispy, probably burnt.  It’d just make the chocolate chips too flat and also, the cookie isn’t delicious and chewy as it should be. Also, the proportions of the recipe are ALL WRONG.  Not enough brown sugar when compared to the white sugar! Too many eggs! Not nearly enough butter! Also if you screw up the recipe, how does nancy get more mint to make another batch? Does she pick out each individual chopped up leaf, wash it off, and put it back in the mix? Talk about soggy mint! Not from flooded basements or poor growing seasons but from reuse! Also why would you just make 11 cookies? Make a whole damn dozen! Also people have posted about this but mint doesn’t make the cookies do that. 0/10 try again

The Moon and His Shadow

For @gravemagicks bc I love Salem.

Percival Graves died in the battle of Gettysburg in 1864. Or at least, that’s what his family was told. That’s what his fellow soldiers thought when he didn’t find his way back to camp and his body was never recovered. People mourned, forgot, and moved on. He was dead.

Or so they thought.

He did die, make no mistake about that. He’d been struck by a bullet in the chest, and he lay bleeding for hours before someone found him. A man named Jared Dandridge, a man who wore his face, his eyes, but differently. He carried himself like a darkness, stealing across fields of blood and bodies and pain and searching for what he’d come here for. He found it in Percival.

He’d sliced his own wrist open and fed Percival his blood. It was hot, wet, metallic and he tried to struggle, but he was just too weak. Mostly dead, too close to the brink.

The other man’s hand had cradled his face gently, and given him what he needed. He’d fallen asleep in the man’s arms, all the while he was whispering sweet nothings in his ear. It was the best night’s sleep he’d had in years. Since the war started, he was sure.

When he’d next opened his eyes, he could see everything, from the individual blade of grass to the smallest bug on the smallest leaf in the trees. He could hear everything, too, like the sound of birds chirping from far away and deer moving through the forests around him. Jared was there, and he told him what he was. He told him how to survive, how to live with the sun and the humans. He’d saved his life only to damn him.


The years had passed, and Percival had only grown stronger. His magic was better than ever, making him one of the strongest wizards in the US region. It hadn’t surprised anyone when he was named Director of Magical Security. He was both loved and feared by most people.

Even so, Gellert Grindelwald had been able to get his hands on him. The man scarred him, starved him to near death and left him to rot in a basement somewhere. He didn’t know how long it had been when the sweet scent of honey and apples had wrapped around him like a blanket.

He’d almost perked up when the scent got stronger, and when his dark, hungered eyes opened, he swore he was seeing an angel. Hair the color of cinnamon, skin the color of a white rose dotted with the freckles that looked like constellations. Lips as pink as a shell, eyes as green as a summer meadow. He was so beautiful that it made his heart twist and his hollow stomach rumble. He was both hungered and amazed by the stranger’s presence.

“Mister Graves? My name is Newton Scamander. I’m here to take you home.” Home? Was this the angel of death? If he was, Percival would gladly follow him to either Heaven or Hell. It didn’t matter where he took him, as long as he got more time with this exqusitie creature.

The sweet man had brushed his dirty, messy hair aside with warm fingers, and Percival had closed his eyes and fallen asleep against that touch.


The next time he’d opened his eyes, he saw the angel again, smiling down at him. “You’re here.” He’d whispered, and his throat wasn’t dry anymore. His stomach didn’t feel hollow, and he felt stronger. Better. “I didn’t think you were real.”

“I’m real. You were very out of it the last time we spoke. That was two weeks ago, you’ve been out this whole time. We’ve been feeding you little by little, fixing your wounds. You heal fast, even for a vampire.” He’d smiled again, his teeth pearl white against his soft pink lips, and Percival was falling fast. “Thank you. For saving me. For everything.”

Newt had reached out and taken his hand, squeezing it to give him comfort. “It was my pleasure, Mister Graves. I’m glad to see you’re better.”

The moment Newt had touched him, the primal side of him should’ve said food, but instead it said mate. He wanted this pretty human to himself. It was entirely selfish, he knew, but he wanted him. As soon as he was out of this bed, he was going to court Newt Scamander.


He’d started with a gift. A leather bracelet he’d made with his own two hands, something he’d picked up a long time ago. Newt had blushed the most gorgeous shade of red and had accepted his gift, letting him tie it around his right wrist. There was a single detail on the bracelet – a smooth river stone meant to bring luck to the wearer.

Percival had smiled triumphantly and felt his fangs tingle as he watched the gorgeous man blush. He got even redder when Percival had asked him to dinner with him. His scent was overpowering, settling over him like a blanket and setting his nerves on fire.

He should’ve been more of a gentleman, but his darker, more primal side had taken over and he’d pushed the younger man against his office door and kissed him. He’d responded in kind with the sweetest kisses and little moans and sighs that set Percival buzzing like a livewire.

Newt had left MACUSA that day with a mate and a mark on his neck that told others exactly who he belonged to.


kionem  asked:

I just discovered your Tumblr because of post a post of some really pretty flower sneak peeks! I've fallen in love with your style! I hope you don't mind me asking but, do you have any tips about how to draw such detailed and elegant-looking flowers? I'm a tattoo artist but I find that flowers are sort of my weak spot when I make my designs :/ And I'd really like to improve that! Thank you so much in advance for your time!! I really appreciate it!!! <3 <3

ahh what an honour that you’re asking me as a tattoo artist!!! hmm I think it’s just really helpful to gather lots of reference photos. I have individual folders for each flower I draw, with many different photos that show them from various angles. about compostion: I try to find a good balance of the blossoms to green leafs and stems. It’s mostly a try and error tho, and I draw by “feeling” if that makes sense lol
Also since I’m drawing them in a “flat color” style, I use many color shades to make them still look voluminous and realistic in a way. Therefore I zoom in on the ref photos a lot, to see where the different color grades are!

Just rescued this from a co-worker and I believe it’s a monstera deliciosa. I was wondering if you could tell me…do the big leaves split once they’re large enough, or will new leaves with splits form once it gets older? Thank you in advance– your blog is extremely informative and helpful!!!!


When it comes to monstera leaf patterns: what you see is what you get! Leaf shape does not change for an individual leaf. Instead, if the plant is happy and growing upwards, the next leaf has a chance to emerge with a more complex pattern. I’m quite surprised by how many articles out there say that “leaves start off solid and get more holes over time” - perhaps they do mean what I just said but people often misinterpret it to mean that one leaf will change its shape.

Figured I’d make one of those guides to whether or not you’ll like a Precure season if you watch it, if only because I’ve seen them all. Since there are so many, though, this’ll just be brief, with small overviews and then reasons why you may or may not want to watch it. If nothing stands out for you, start with an All-Stars movie or other part of the crossover compilation, but beware of spoilers for the series if you do.

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It’s our fourth NoBoxVoxPop - the episodes in which we answer your queer-ies! This week we discuss which is the best McElroy product, how Wonder Woman might pave the way for LGBT superheroes, our hopes for the 13th Doctor and what is our favourite bug!

Today’s episode is sponsored by Beastly Beverages, Fandom and Fantasy Luxury Hand-Blended Loose Leaf Tea - and Tea Related Geeky Paraphernalia. Get free shipping when you spend £20 or more by using the offer code “BeverageBeast” at BeastlyBeverages.com

Our audio and theme music provided by Graham Waller at grahamwaller.com.

If you want to get in contact, you can do so individually at @hamishmash and @the-oxford-english-fangeek, via our Twitter and Facebook Group (search for boxnotincluded), via email at boxnotincluded AT gmail.com or - just reply to this post or send us an ask!

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Herbal “simmer pot” blends. Put them in a pot, add a couple inches of water, and let them simmer! It’ll fill your space with a lovely scent. Just make sure to keep the water level high enough so you don’t scorch your pot! Individual packets $3. Pack of 4 scents $10.

Bay leaf, Rosemary, coriander.

Cinnamon stick, nutmeg, clove, elderberry, orange peel.

Peppermint, cinnamon stick, lavender.

Orange peel, eucalyptus, fennel.

How to propagate succulents

Several people have asked me: “How do you propagate succulents?” So here it is:

Multiplying succulents is easy and involves a few easy steps and some patience.
Many succulents such as Aloes make their own pups that sprout from the base. They will form their own root system and can be separated easily and re-potted for “new plants”.
Also, some succulents (such as sedums or jade tree) will throw out air-roots along the stem. Cut off and replant those stem parts for faster-growing new plants.

When propagating from fresh cuttings, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your plant and the part to propagate:
    Most succulents can root and regrow from a single leaf. (There are exceptions such as Aeonium. They need a piece of stem to root.)
    In my experience, most succulents root at a higher success rate when using a cutting that also has a piece of stem instead of just a single leaf.
    When using individual leafs, they may almost shrivel up completely while regrowing from one end.
  2. Take cuttings & cure cuttings:
    For example, cut off the top 2/3 of the mother plant and if applicable cut again into more pieces. Remove bottom leaves of each stem cutting and save them as well.
    Set all the cuttings aside to dry for about three days in indirect light. Drying allows the cuts to heal and callous over to prevent rotting once planted. 
    Don’t dry them in the sunlight.
  3. Plant the cuttings:
    After drying the succulent cuttings, plant them in a potting soil mix, cactus soil mix or your own potting soil mix (with compost, sand, peat and perlite).
    Single leaves are just laid on top of the soil surface.
    Plant cuttings with stem pieces are stuck into the soil with the original top facing up.
  4. Water and wait:
    Water the succulents regularly (every couple days), but do not over-water. Let the soil almost dry out in between waterings.
    Daily misting with a spray bottle is also a good watering technique.
    Keep the potted succulent cuttings out of direct sunlight and other weather extremes, but do keep them in a brightly lit area.
    They will take 2-6 weeks to form roots.
    No rooting hormone necessary. A watering with an (easily homemade) willow bark extraction may help the rooting process though.

Happy planting and thanks to nature

The Philosophy of Leaves
Leaves are a perfect illustration of the fundamental interdependence of existence. Leaves demonstrate the necessity of relationships. Without the leaf there is no flower, without the flower there is no leaf. It is often that the importance of the leaf is understated in comparison to the flower. Flowers, as we purchase them in a store, are often seen as a separate individual product, wholly independent of its environment. In reality a flower is but one part of a complex environmental relationship. And this is just as we are. The flower necessitates the leaf and the leaf necessitates the flower. They fundamentally depend on one another and they cannot exist alone. But as part, not necessarily the end, of an intertwined complexity which we might call nature, flowers bloom. Existence is relationship, relationship is existence.