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Can you write the RFA and minor trio reacting to MC's little brother (around 12) who is very attached to his older sister and does not like the RFA? (All men/women are wolves MC!) How would they win him over?

I’m so sorry this took so long, anon!! I hope you read it even though it’s been awhile since you asked;; It’s been in my drafts forever and I haven’t ever been able to write the minor trio for this request, and i’m so sorry for that!!! I might make a separate post for them later? I hope you like this.. -Green


-you brought up one day that you weren’t going to be really available because you were going to babysit your brother for the day

-he didn’t know you had a brother!

-he asks if he can join you, and of course you say yes.

-you two drive to your parents house and Yoosung briefly talks to them before they leave, and you two are alone.

-then suddenly you shout from the TOP OF YOUR L U NGS,


-yoosung is.

-he doesn’t even know.

-but suddenly your little brother is dashing downstairs and you guys are wrestling so???

-what does he do help him

-once you guys had your little. reunion? ??? yoosung still doesn’t know what happened but is too afraid to ask

-you tell both him and your little brother what you have in store for today so you all don’t get bored. You’ve planned a movie, arcade, and fast food for the night and Yoosung thinks it’s great!

-but he can’t help but notice your brother hasn’t said a word to him?? and won’t even look at him??

-o h  g  o d

-then he sees overall that your brother. does NOT appreciate him here

-Movie: he tried to run ahead with you in the dark theater so Yoosung couldn’t find you and had to sit alone

-I mean, it didn’t work, but what the F U Ck,

-Arcade? Your brother will not let him play any games with you and constantly hogs your attention and literally tries to get you to ditch him and go back home

-you don’t even NOTIC E?


-kind of takes it personally and is super done with this fucker by the end of the night

-when you go and tuck him in bed Yoosung just can’t wait to go home and cuddle with you, get back all the attention he lost today

-but then you come down stairs and you bring him to your old room and he’s like. what.

-”oh, did I not mention? we’re staying for another two days.”


-”I’m sorry I forgot to tell you! You can head back home if you want?”


-he’s not about to LOSE so easily.

-talking about losing, he hasn’t played LOLOL all day….

-he feels bad about asking to play but you’re chill with it so. you know.

-he plays literally all night

-and into the morning

-suddenly your coming out of the room to make breakfast ?/

-he sees your brother come down and he’s about to shut down the game before your brother D A S H ES FOR HIM

-Yoosung is ready to scream .

-before your bro stops and starts babbling nonsense about LOLOL and how



-oh y e s.

-yoosung is literally praying the Gods above as he shows your brother all his cool stuff

-after that, breakfast is super nice and now your brother won’t stop talking to Yoosung

-he thinks it’s amazing and is so happy he got your brother to like him even if he really didn’t even try


-It’s at a family reunion you practically beg Saeyoung to go to that he meets your brother

-right away Saeyoung is like


-he knows.

-he k n o w s


-all night. literally all night he is trying to trick Saeyoung and play pranks

-and he happily indulges in all of them, KNOWING that yes, a bug is in his drink

-but does he care? NO


-he knows your brother hates him and Saeyoung finds it hilarious

-and then randomly your brother takes his hand and looks him right in the eye and is like

-”you better not hurt her all right? you’re pretty stupid, but you shouldn’t be stupid enough to hurt MC!!!”

-fucker doesn’t even acknowledge him

-instead he brings out a DS and is like

-”i bet I can beat your ass in super smash bros”


-he was about to start crying from stress you have no idea


-family is important!!!! that saying is literally EMBEDDED into your brain

-so better believe your ENTIRE family is invited to the wedding

-which includes your brother

-and you have never been so nervous in your entire life

-Jaehee notices it at the wedding and thinks your having cold feet but then you just take her hands

-”you don’t understand. my brother. will r u in the wedding. he’s a little BRAT??? Jaehee please god help me

-at first she’s confused because like MC what

-but when she looks outside and sees your brother practically boiling in his seat she understands

-so instead of Jumin’s father walking you down the isle you have Jaehee

-you discussed it with Jumin’s father but not with your husband so when he sees this he is HIGH KEY STRESSED

-W H A T

-how D A RE,, his FATHEr???

-he makes a mental note to scREECH later

-now is not the time, Jumin

-you’re shaking like a leaf and holding onto Jaehee for dear life

-you almost want to make her stay with you as you exchange vows

-you almost do, she has to rip you off of her arm

-Jumin now sees how worried you are and the whole time he’s whispering to you not to worry and how happy he’ll make you


-finally the rings come out and you’re more relaxed now because your brother hasn’t been a BITCH so far

-but then you see him start to stand

-before Jumin can put the ring on you your brother yells


-are you serious



-you’re literally groaning and throwing your head back in agony, about to fall to your knees as your brother makes his speech that you are completely sure he was thinking of all day

-you can see Zen nodding his head and silently agreeing with your brother and you’re going to have to talk to him later oh my GOD

-once your bro is done you’re so humiliated like. p l ea se just put the ring on me and go

-but surprisingly Jumin is totally calm

-and gives the snarkiest and best reply ever to your brother and now you’re blushing because aww babe

-your brother never said anything bad about your marriage after that

-little brat you love him tho


-this one is a little more ,, tame

-your parents were actually coming to see the coffee shop you had made with Jaehee, and happened to bring your brother along.

-he was pretty chill the entire time, but Jaehee noticed his little glares and snarky comments

-she didn’t really pay it any mind, because 12 year olds will be 12 year olds.

-but after awhile… it was really starting to get on her nerves how rude he was to her.

-she had asked you what your brother would like to eat or drink, and you gladly told her what his favorite snack and drink was

-it was so sweet of her to get something!!

-bitch u thought

-she did make the food, but didn’t offer it to him.

-she just sat it on the counter and waited for him to come to her.

-she had to wait practically an hour

-but eventually YES he did come up thank god

-”do you want a snack? your sister told me what you like.”

-she could see him trying to make a fuss. she could SEE it.. but he didn’t

-he tried to just grab it and leave

-nnooononono not in my house

-she literally grips his hand so tight that he lets out a little squeal

-”do you have a problem with me, little man?”

-he’s shaking his head so hard oh god please Jaehee don’t kill him

-she let’s him off with the food because Jaehee figures she’s scared him enough to leave her alone

-just kidding now he won’t leave her alone

-wants to know how she got so badass and cool

-she guesses… this is better than before

-not really the outcome she was looking for?? but okay??

-recommends her judo studio to him and the next time they come over to the shop he shows her his new moves

-now they’re judo buddies


-so you invite the family over for one of Zen’s performances! yaaayyy,,,


-your brother is just flat out complaining the whole time

-he reaaalllyyy does not want to see your boyfriend

-he also reaaaalllly does not want you to see your boyfriend

-you just grab his ear and tell him to shut up so he does

-you all go over to the performance and head backstage; you want to wish him luck!

-when Zen sees you all he politely introduces himself and gives your parents handshakes

-and when he sees your brother Zen kind of like… just knows

-silent agreement. All men are wolves. Instant respect

-which kind of throws your brother off with how cool Zen is him

-you all leave for your seats and your bro is still like. wut..,

-the play is amazing!! you weren’t expecting anything else!!

-you greet him after the show and he’s flooded with compliments from your parents which of course Zen totally gobbles up into his rat tail

-the more his ego grows the longer that fucking thing gets. 100% canon

-and then Zen straight up goes for a handshake with your brother with some kind of gay admiration in his eyes so your brother takes it feeling so conflicted because his performance was really great and he was actually pretty cute?

-oh god i think Zen made your brother gay

To Protect and Serve (Part 4)

Prompt: Imagine Bucky Barnes being hired as your personal body guard, but things don’t go as you or your family anticipates.

Word Count:  1248

Warnings: Language (possibly, probably not, but possibly), some violence, traumatic memories/events

Notes: Collab work with my BFFFFLLL Bee @amarvelouswritings This was an idea that hit us both and we just took off with it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved drafting this.

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To Protect and Serve Tag: @scamandaaaamn


Eight months seemed to fly by since our first kiss. Since the night we knew we were destined to be together. You confessed you loved me that night when I walked you back to your bedroom. I told you I felt the same, bid you goodnight, and happily stood outside your room, watching guard, ever your protector.

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Part 3 from this prompt list for @ta-dala! Here’s part 1 and 2 !

While drafting for this prompt I came across operaticspacetrash2′s headcanon answer to one my ask which I luckily copied to my note since I promised to make a fic out of it bajillion years before. She’s a real treasure to the fandom and will forever be missed :’’) Here’s the lovely headcanon! The prompt is below the cut :*

Baze is the surprising foodie amongst the bunch. When he was a Guardian of the Whills, besides being amongst the most devoted of them all, he was a surprisingly good cook, working to help prepare meals in the mission (his mother had been a fantastic cook, and he had spent hours in the kitchen on his tip toes, smelling and tasting and watching as her fast hands worked the knife and stirred the pot, taking simple Jedhan provisions and turning them into magic).
Chirrut loves to save the best for last (after all, he’s with the best cook in the bunch, and has years of to savor his food). He’s a slow eater because he talks so much, but the slowest eater in the bunch is Bodhi, who as a cargo pilot, had a little more time in the mess to actually sit down and eat his meal (his slow eating is one of the reasons Galen Erso was able to talk to him so much on Eadu, because Bodhi would linger, which allowed Galen the time to find him and talk).
Cassian is the fastest eater, never knowing when he’d have to jump into action, always more hyperconcerned with finishing his mission. He’s been fighting the war since he was a child, too, and so has been living off military provisions for almost as long, and there’s not much there to savor anyway.
And Jyn’s the trash bin, the one who grabs food off other people’s plates (Cassian, it’s Cassian’s plate). She’s spent the last five years especially hungry, and the Partisans were subsistence eaters, not gourmands, and even subsistence-wise, their stores would sometimes go empty. She’s learning slowly not to do this, though, but it’s been a habit that’s hard to break. Taking time to learn how to be a better cook has been helping her though (and it helps to have Cassian at her side, learning himself and giving tips, and being good company, very good company, though she won’t ever admit it.
K-2SO, in the meanwhile, likes to remind everyone that he does not need to eat food like some weak organic, and that with periodic upgrades, he can essentially live forever.

83. “Hit the lights!”

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Scenario: Having painful period pains

“Babe?”, Bobby called out when he opened the door to your shared apartment. Normally you would rush to the door as fast as possible and literally glomp your boyfriend.

However today, Bobby got no answer neither he got you glomping him.

He pouted and called again while taking off his jacket.

“Yooo Babe, I am home”, he was about take out his phone to text you, when he heard soft whimpers coming from the bedroom.


You lied on your bed feeling absolutely miserable. Sometimes you hated your life. Being a girl brought so much trouble and pain with it.

“Maybe i should’ve just been born as a boy, they have no pain at all– ugh the world is so unfair”, you grumbled in your head being mad at “boys” and the entire world.

But then Bobby popped into your mind, making you wonder if he would still love you if you were a boy? like would he turn gay for you? 

Without an answer you suddenly recalled his name again. 


You actually really missed him right now and started to whine in your head, about to cry because of such a little thing.

It wasn’t your fault for being so moody, after all you were on you period and your stomach just didn’t seem to stop hurting like hell. You held your stomach and whimpered for the millionth time that day because it just didn’t seem to stop.

“Yooo Babe, I’m home” you heard from the corridor and immediately turned your head to the door. You tried to stand up but you suddenly felt a similiar stinging pain again and fell back on the bed.

Fucking period, you cursed under your breath and whimpered because the pain just got worse.

The door opened and Bobby came into the bedroom seeing you curled up in a ball.

You heard his usual laughter when he came to greet you but when you didn’t move or gave a reaction at all, he turned completely serious.

“(Y/n)-ahh What’s wrong?” You heard him asking with concern and felt his hand caressing your face.


You muffled into the pillow, not feeling like talking about it.

Bobby knew immediately what was wrong when he saw the familiar image of your hand holding your stomach tightly.

You just whined into the pillow, not wanting to talk to him suddenly. You just wanted to be left alone suffering, yes.

Or maybe it was just your stupid mind being moody again.

Knowing that you wouldn’t talk to him anyway, Bobby went out for a few minutes, to come back with a cup of tea which he placed on the night stand beside you.

“Hey”, Bobby sounded a little concerned and whiny at the same time. He slipped under the covers and pulled you a little closer.

Since he was kind of back-hugging you, his hands suddenly went over your stomach, making you flinch for a second before he started to carefully massage it.

You closed your eyes and took in deep breaths. It actually made you feel a little better.

“Is this okay?”, he asked quietly a little smile hinted in his voice because oh yes he knew how much you liked his soothing massages.

“Mmhh”, you approved by letting out a small sound of your voice.

“Oh..and can you get me some.. stuff later”, you hold Bobby’s hand to stop him from massaging your stomach for a moment.

Bobby sighed. He knew what you were asking for.

“…but my fans will see me and think–”

“Please”, you whined over-dramatically, pouting like a maniac.

“If you feel any better”, was all he said before going back to lessen the pain of your body, thinking to himself what a pain it is to be a girl and asked himself if it weren’t better if you were a boy instead and he’d just turn gay for you.

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..so this is my doctor who series 8 submission that will be dispayed at SDCC   and if it is a dream please don’t wake me up

Time for a very, very long ramble on the state of things regarding Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, the Diamond Authority, and the Crystal Gem rebellion.

@ariadnearca said:

Man, this Pink Diamond stuff is making me SO nervous. There has to be a /reason/ they’re hiding PD’s identity that isn’t just “so we can trick the fandom into believing she’s Rose”, right? I hope it’s a satisfying reveal at the end, whatever it is (though I’m still holding out for Rose being an ex-Diamond…)

@powtothenuts said:

hi, to clarify, is your pink diamond theory post implying that the placement of pink diamond’s gem is on the stomach, proving that rose quartz is pink diamond? or something else?

[link to post]

That post was mostly a scream of… I have no idea what to think anymore, and I definitely don’t know what they want me to think. It feels like the episodes this week deliberately poked a million holes in the theories about Rose being Pink Diamond and tore it down for good, but then the next second they turn around and tease it some more, like with this whole gem placement thing implying that, yes, following the pattern Pink Diamond’s gem would be somewhere around her midriff, and the highly conspicuous hiding of the mural in the Moon base. Basically, if Rose isn’t Pink Diamond, what is the deal with Pink Diamond, what’s so important about her, and why is she being kept such a big secret? It feels like I’m trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, but have too many pieces, and I can’t make sense of this… red herring? misdirection? impending twist of whatever kind? narratively or otherwise. Additionally, Rose Quartz is a character I am very invested in (second only to Pearl), so I really hope this big mystery she’s obviously embroiled in somehow gets a satisfying resolution.

I recommend taking a look at this post and this post, for a rundown on how the whole Pink Diamond thing grew. Lots of words and Oath Opinions under the cut.

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