was it easy quote

  • Yurio: What does it matter? I’m adopted.
  • Yuuri: What? OH MY GOD. WHO TOLD YOU? *looks at Victor* I thought we’d agreed we’d wait until he was older...
  • Yurio: You adopted me when I was 15 years old! Besides, you're both men!
  • Guang-Hong: I'd take a bullet for you, you know that. Right between the eyes. I would slit my throat rather than say something to someone that you didn't want me to say!
  • Leo: That's not necessary, Guang-Hong, but that is comforting.


I taught my last 2 seminars of the year this week 😁 I’m glad my workload is reduced, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed teaching the groups! And since this was the last time I’ll see them, it was time for feedback forms. I was pretty nervous about them but they were all really nice 😄 I had a couple of suggestions for things to do differently which is to be expected, but everyone seemed happy overall! I even got one “best mathematical seminar experience” comment! I’m really proud of myself because I was so nervous to start teaching, it was really hard to begin with, but it’s getting easier now 😊