was it carrot

so unfiltered, here’s what I looked like when I went for tea and cake with @hiiimsky last week. we soooo should have taken a couple selfies! anyway, it was a new thing for me, to be out in a public space like this and also to hang out with someone I met from here. I want to keep doing it. it is sort of empowering to be able to just be myself and it defo helps to have a partner in crime, as it were. Sky is lovely and it’s amazing to share experiences and things with someone who is right there with you, not just writing words on a screen.

anyone else want to drink tea and eat cake with me??

harleyquinnfanboy18  asked:

Ivy, I'm bad boy! He whimper I want your plants or vines fuck me! He bend over

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Genji’s carrot form. I haven seen his carrot form anywhere so I’ve decided to give him one. Hanzo immediately regrets being his sensei in ninpou. 

Was supposed to post this ytd but got too absorbed in OW. Win streaks plus my virgin zenyatta’s potg. God bless. P.s Im a noob gamer so to get a support potg makes me insanely happeh. :’3