was it because he left the camp and she didn't

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I want to talk about Silena. Drew had been mistreated by the narrative when she said she despised her older sister,I believe she had a good reason,at least. I really like Silena(and her Dark Side makes her more interesting),but the evil things she'd done are ignored by the books. First,she betrayed the camp because she had hots on Luke(I believe he used it to convince her),and kept lying and causing deaths for years. What proves Silena was a dangerous person,and she didn't have to mess her nail.

My headcanon for Silena is that she was one of the demigods in the beginning to really believe in Luke’s cause. A lot of demigods did, and I can’t really blame her for that. I think she was left as the spy, because (headcanon) she could change her appearance at will, which meant no one on the Princess Adromida would ever recognize her (think about it: If Chris came back, and he saw the girl who was known as the spy for Luke, don’t you think he would have said something?). When the Battle of the Labyrinth happened, and people died, Silena thought it had gone too far - she had friends in the battle who had died. But she knew too much. Luke was able to emotionally manipulate her and threaten her to stay. When Beckendorf died the next summer, she knew that was it. She was ready to die at that point, there would be no other reconciliation for her, no other redemption than to change the tides of the war. 

Now, cut over to Drew’s POV.  I think she probably really loved and admired Silena, and felt very betrayed by what happened. If Drew was made head councilor after the war, we can assume she’s been at camp for at least a few years. And in those years, grew to really know Silena, they were sisters. She also saw a lot of control in her life slip away as kids the same age as her sister became soldiers, and her entire life became about a war. Silena was probably one of the few consistencies in her life. And then she went and sacrificed herself, admitting to be a spy the whole time. And Drew world was thrown out of orbit. SIDE NOTE: If Silena wasn’t fighting with the Aphrodite campers, which we know she wasn’t, that meant Drew was leading them. We also don’t hear about any other children of Aphrodite dying, which means they all fought bravely. We also know they were sent out on their own to defend a section of Manhattan. It’s likely they didn’t even hear about Silena until the war ended. 

Can you imagine that? A girl who just fought a war finds out her sister died? A girl who probably has some control issues already, who’s probably a little bit messed up from everything she’s had to go through, now left feeling alone, with no one stopping to see if maybe she’s okay. And what happens? She is handed power and control over people, and goes overboard.  I don’t think she was just some power hungry girl who wanted to hurt people. If she was, she wouldn’t have backed down from Piper’s challenge. 

I think Drew is just some sad, messed up girl without any good coping mechanisms or help. The Aphrodite cabin’s reaction to Silena’s entire character arch was something that could have been so complex and interesting. And it wasn’t. And that isn’t good enough.