was it an in game glitch

Zelda Breath of the Wild: UNLIMITED 300 RUPEES MASTER GLITCH!

There is a glitch or trick In Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch which allows you to get 300 Rupees just by playing and mastering a mini game.

Unlimited Rupees is possible in the game!

Wait 8 Minutes for video to load or skip the title. iMovie exported it with a long title screen.

I got 300 + 300 + 300 Rupees!
That’s 900 Rupees not included all others not filmed in less than 10 minutes.

  • Prepare to save the game before choosing a Treasure Chest
  • Don’t choose the same Treasure Chest on each save
  • When you open a Treasure Chest with 300 Rupees save the game
  • There is a way to Master the Glitch/Exploit but practice is required

You know what they call “double standards”? Having different judgment methods on something based on your personal bias.

That’s what game reviewers do, and that’s why I rarerly - if ever - take them seriously. Or, at the very least, take what they write with a pinch of salt. In the end, all game reviews turn out to be a bunch of SUBJECTIVE feeling on the product tested whereas it should be an OBJECTIVE list of things that applies equally to EVERY videogame.

Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

Have you ever heard of “Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness”? If you did, nothing to add. If you didn’t, here’s a tl;dr version of what happened: badly managed development process -> rushed and cut final product. That means, the game is halfed-baked in many sections and you can stumble across glitches and control problems. Alright, the consequence of this were, of course, a storm of negative reviews and the game being a critically panned commercial failure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s very deep, with interesting characters and a well developed plot, beautiful soundtrack and even good atmosphere/level design. All reviewers could see were “technical faults”. In fact, the game still gets ridiculed or mocked even by offcial gaming magazines to this day, for being “BROKEN”.

Then, I have to see my friend, playing a super critically acclaimed videogame - considered one of the best games of all time - showered with praise here and there, like Shadow of the Colossus, that is literally UNPLAYABLE. I mean it. Game-breaking bug and all that. I won’t even mention the atrocious frame rate problems because one can get past that. But now my friend can’t proceed further into the game because it freezes on him always in the same spot, and apparently there’s no solution for this. You could think “maybe it’s just me”, yet after a quick google search you’ll find out that “oh yes, this happened to most people, and it’s quite common”. Long story short, you either have to start from a new save point (which means re-starting the game again losing all your progress) or buy a new disc. Wow.

This game got all 9s and 10s from official reviews for its beautiful concept, story, characters, enviroments, everything else. It’s a fucking technical mess, but everything else is great (and it truly is). This way it got away with it. You know what other game didn’t get away with it? Yes. Angel of Darkness. And to make it clear, AOD never once crashed on me, nor did I ever encounter game breaking bugs. You know what AOD’s curse was? Aside from Eidos, of course. The fact that they publibly announced it was unfinished and not polished enough. So, people of course shaped their judgment around that and GOOD DAY, they already made up their mind. I believe it would’ve been a bit different if NO ONE knew its internal problems and what went on behind the scene, and just got the game in their hands to play without prejudice.

Or at least, that’s what I tell myself to try and save the reviewers’ reputation in my eyes, which is pretty much already tarnished enough to be restored. Otherwise, I can’t give an explanation as to why two games with VERY similar faults don’t receive the same treatment.

Just a reminder: Angel of Darkness is NOT as bas as they all tricked you into thinking or at the very least, there are other games with embarassing faults that have much more to offer, just like AOD. And just because “a journalist says so” doesn’t make it automatically right. I tend to believel they sometimes get even PAID to praise certain games, I don’t swallow all the bullshit they tell us, I simply don’t buy it.

In any case, I find a 9 out of 10 for a game relesead with game-breaking bugs and bad technical faults embarassing just as much as an insulting 5 or 6 out of 10 to a game with a masterfully written story, a wonderful concept, great atmosphere, good characters and amazing level design.

We have to think for ourselves more and rely much less on people being paid to tell us what they want us to believe.

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YEEEESSSSSS oh my god it was bothering me so much that the quick menu appeared for a sec when you fade back to the main menu at the end of the game but it looks like renpy updated and gave me an easy answer!! i couldnt get the hide screen code to work for whatever reason so i gave up because it wasnt that important but now theres just a flag to turn it off. IT’S LIKE, A SIMPLE THING I PROBABLY SHOULDVE THOUGHT OF ON MY OWN but like a lot of things in python i dont know what works until i see an example haha

anyway that little glitch will be fixed next spooky soiree update

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are andromeda's issues enough to warrant waiting on patches before getting it or is it fine as is

it depends on how much you like mass effect / the mass effect universe and bioware style games

the glitches and bugs have been annoying so far but I still want to play the game real bad because I like those previous things, that’s why I bought it despite the mixed reviews of early impressions

every time I see ppl talking about andromeda having completely broken animations and gamebreaking glitches and how ir barely runs and shit like that im like ??????

the game actually runs really really well for me and i barely pass the minimum requirements and yeah the conversation animations can be a bit silly sometimes but its just like every other game of this genre and ive yet to even have the game crash and the loading times are barely there im like ???? am i even playing the same game that everyone is yelling about?????????? 

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