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5x14 “My Bloody Valentine”
“Dean, Sam just has to get it out of his system and then he’ll be…”

The ending scene of the episode will never not absolutely devastate me. Because the truly awful thing about this episode is that in a very twisted way Famine made Dean feel better. His power amplified what he has been craving for: to be numb, to not feel a thing, to not have to pretend or try and achieve this artificially. Dean surely wasn’t happy in this episode, but he seemed strangely calm and ~okay. He needed none of his usual crutches to get through the day. Didn’t need flirting and putting on the mask of the skirt chasing guy, who has it all figured out to hide how he truly feels, didn’t have to indulge in cheap fast food to re-create the feeling of home and safety and didn’t need to drink himself blind to forget about everything that makes his life suck three ways til sunday. The calm and nothingness Dean craved here already are the same he longed for when taking on the mark and got addicted to what the mark provided. So when Sam took out Famine, saved all of them from his spell, Dean didn’t truly win, but all of his issues and insecurities came crashing in twice as hard as before. And in case you truly needed a visual cue to drive this point home, then it is this one: Dean drinking from the almost empty liquor bottle - and yes, I’m dead certain he drank it all by himself - desperately trying to shut out all of the feelings and doubts and fears, but failing and in the end openly crying praying to a God he long stopped to believe in.

Emeraude finds the way Isabelle embraces her sexuality seriously refreshing. “She’s not afraid to be intelligent. She knows exactly how to speak to her crush and she’s not afraid to go up to him.” Turns out, Emeraude is living vicariously through Isabelle in this way! “See, I’m a little bit shy. I don’t go up to guys. I’m all about a guy sending me flowers, getting me chocolates and surprising me. I’m that kind of girl. Isabelle — she’s tough. She doesn’t need flowers. She doesn’t need anything. It’s a different type of power that she has.”

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Hey, could you assign superpowers to MBTI types?

Ooooh, quick and fun post.  For those of you who have sent in asks about type descriptions/contrasts recently–answers are coming soon!  I just need to set a little bit of time aside to write them out.

But for now, superpowers.  Along with a couple examples of characters who have each power.  Some of these kind of go hand in hand, but I distinguished them in order to underscore the functions they kind of represent.

ISTJ Ice Manipulation (Iceman from X-Men, Elsa from Frozen)

ISFJ Memory Manipulation (Professor X, The Haitian from Heroes)

INFJ Precognition (Angela Petrelli from Heroes, Destiny from X-Men)

INTJ Telekinesis (Jean Grey, Apocalypse from Marvel)

ISTP Flight (Superman, Angel from X-Men)

ISFP Weather Manipulation (Storm from X-Men, Thor)

INFP Invisibility (Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four, Violet from The Incredibles)

INTP Teleportation (Nightcrawler, Blink from X-Men)

ESTP Pyrokinesis/Fire Manipulation (Pyro from X-Men, Human Torch from Fantastic Four)

ESFP Elasticity (Mr. Fantastic, Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles)

ENFP Shapeshifting (Mystique from X-Men, Beast Boy from DC)

ENTP Illusion Creation/Manipulation (Mastermind from Marvel, Loki from Thor)

ESTJ Power Mimicry/Absorption (Rogue from X-Men, Peter Petrelli from Heroes)

ESFJ Empathy/Emotional Manipulation (Raven from DC, Lockheed from X-Men)

ENFJ Telepathy (Jean Grey, Professor X, Matt Parkman from Heroes)

ENTJ Time Manipulation (Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, Tempo from X-Men)

As you can probably tell, X-Men is my favorite comic.

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Heyy lets talk abt shippy stuff since you kinda went over a lil soriel in one of your other sans post: how do you think sans would express his interest in toriel, if he ever would at all? If toriel were to kiss sans (platonically or romantically... doesn't matter) I don't think he'd show any sign of being flustered, but gosh dangit he'd sweat like crazy and maybe look surprised instead?? OR what if he told knock knock jokes that we're subliminally flirty? >:000 I can see him doing that

Oh man, oh brother, oh friend you are going to regret getting me started talking about Soriel. :V 

And I specifically mean to talk about post-pacifist, because I feel like in any other timeline, they would continue as great friends, but nothing more. Despite her anger towards Asgore, the loss of the king might shut Toriel off from future romances entirely. And the ending where they’re they closest- Sans runs away with Toriel- is also the one where her promise led to Papyrus dying, so I think that would also hinder the relationship in a kind of major way. :B

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(Heroes -The New Age) L.H. AU -PART 1-

The hallway was full of teenagers and adults interacting with each other, it was like the first day of school but not like in the regular ones. This place wasn’t ordinary and this place wasn’t a school, it would better be called training centre.

Like every new girl, (y/n) was lost and confused. It happened every year with the freshmen. It took sometime for the newest to habituate to the new life style, to all the new responsibilities and the title of hero.

(Y/n) could overhear the conversations around her while she scared walked through the crowd looking for some sort of reception in that place. She held her bags over her shoulder so tight that some veterans thought her big power was her strength. Actually, she was just pretty nervous and still scared.

She heard all around the kids commenting about their summer vacation and how hard it was to control their powers. Even if it all sounded just like a mixture of High School Musical and X-Men in one single place, she knew pretty well how hard it was to control her powers.

She never found a receptionist or a secretary, she wasn’t in high school again but it was difficult to understand what kind of place it was. (Y/n) noticed the huge movement of the ‘students’ going to the gymnasium which looked more like a closed arena dangerous for claustrophobics.

The girl decided to follow the flow and when got in there, noticed that there wasn’t much people there but round a hundred. She looked at everyone that surrounded the stage that was in the middle of the place. Everyone, included her, were waiting for someone to appear on there. She anxiously waited wanting to finally understand what was going on, why her parents left her there saying their goodbye like it was forever and tears rolling down their faces like she never saw before. Probably it was the most dramatic and confused scene she had ever experienced.

After a few minutes of wait, finally a sign of the arrival of the responsible of this establishment came. The 'students’, like she was thinking, were vibrating in excitement when a man in a suit appeared on the stage like… Like magic. But she knew it wasn’t magic, it was his power. And even though she never really had contact with any other weird like her, she knew this place was full of people like this.

“Welcome to another year of training!” the man loudly said on the microphone and everyone there cheered like it was a football game. “I’m glad that you guys didn’t run away this summer. Welcome back to the veterans. And welcome the freshmen!”

It all looked like it was a show in Las Vegas style. (Y/n) was getting anxious and hated that her heart beat so fast because of it. She didn’t want it to be big deal, she didn’t want to feel like it really was a show or something like it. She wanted all this welcome to be something simple and discrete just like her personality. But what she didn’t understand was that it all was necessary, that man on the stage needed to keep his legion motivated and interested. They were young and new, they needed this energy and vibration he transmitted through his voice and body language.

“Freshmen” his manly voice called, “please raise your hand.”
She never thought that he would notice her hand raised but she did as it was asked. People around her applauded and pushed her to the stage just like it happened to the other new guys there.

(Y/n) never liked attention and never stepped on a stage before, she didn’t want to get up there and embarrass herself. But it didn’t happen like she wished, just like her, other 9 kids rested on the stage behind the man that still didn’t present himself.

“I am David Mansfield, and I am your leader.” his voice was empowering and just like he wanted, it excited every young person in that place, in his academy, the aggregation society of powerful kids he created.

He didn’t need much to make it understandable that he was loved and respected like he really was supposed to be. He dispensed the veterans to go to theirs rooms while he kept (Y/n) and the other news with him in the gymnasium.
Still on the stage he turned around to face them. He had his hands holding one another and a proud smile on his face like a father looked to his son.

“I know what you’re thinking and I’m gonna explain everything.” He said and the look on his face changed turning into a serious expression. (Y/n) was more than confused but felt on David, her leader, a comfort and security, he really passed that sensation to his equip. “Let’s take a walk.” He ordered and the 10 freshmen did so, they followed David to the exit of the gymnasium and all the way to the room he first entered.

Some couches were there for the teenagers to sit but (Y/n) wasn’t the one to make the first move. After everyone took a place, she did it last.

“This place isn’t a school, isn’t home, isn’t an amusement park. This is serious, this is training. People like us come here every year in different seasons, you are lucky to arrive at the beginning of our yearly studies and practices. Don’t think it make things easier, but surely better than coming in winter.” David was serious but (Y/n) already noticed the type of speech he had, he would always make an unhappy joke and hope it was discrete enough not to scare the equip.

“What are we doing here?” for the first time, someone but the leader pronounced himself. A boy with a bored expression questioned in a tone that (Y/n) thought David wouldn’t approve. What she didn’t know was that he was used to deal with kids like Tommy, the freshmen that made a question. He was used to deal with all types of teenagers and young adults, it made part of his mission.

“You are going to train, you are going to prepare yourselves to follow your mission. You are special people that need special care, I am here to help you through it all.” David answered not giving much detail but a blond girl quickly had a question to make. The leader seemed to like how curious and interested this small group was revealing to be.

“Are we stuck here forever?” Cynthia asked starting to panic. It never came to (Y/n)’s mind that she would be stuck there forever. Maybe that was why her mother cried miserably the morning she left her daughter to take the train to the country.

“What’s your name, Missy?” The leader asked before answering.
“It’s Cynthia.” the girl said a little annoyed like she already expected him to know how she was called.
“Cynthia, this isn’t forever but it is for a long time. It depends on how fast you are going to develop all your power and explore your skills. This depends on you, not on me.”

“So we’re here to train and leave? Nothing else?” another girl asked and David was happily answering everything his freshmen had to ask.

“You here to become a hero. That’s what you’re here for. After it all, you are going to battlefield. Your mission?” he asked himself for us sparing someone’s words. And then continued answering, “it’s to save the world." 

The open arms of David wasn’t making (Y/n) feel okay with the situation. To save the world was such a crazy thing for her, she didn’t believe it was possible. How would she save the world when she couldn’t even save herself? Her powers were too strong to handle, she didn’t believe either that it was possible to control all the fire she had inside.

She thought she would fail the mission of saving the world, she would put fire on everything with her uncontrollable hands.  She remembered when was a kid and without the will, lighted up the curtains of her bedroom and the fire got everywhere in the room burning everything. She tried to fix the problem but every time she did, the worst it got.

Her mother thought gloves would solve their problems but (Y/n) burned then the seconds she touched. With the years, her hands got controlled, her big problem was the anxiety. When the girl got anxious and nervous, everything got burnt so she started taking pills for mental health. Things got better but when the pills weren’t working as well as before, her parents looked for help and David Mansfield was there to give them a hand. (Y/n) asked herself if fire could be something useful to save the world, maybe having water in her hand instead of fire would be much more needed in a mission out there.

"But…” (Y/n)’s voice came out but she didn’t meant to be heard. Her question was to be inside her mind. She started getting nervous with the looks around her and it was worse than in the gymnasium with the applauses.
David gave her a comfort look motivating her to keep talking. “From who are we saving the world?” She finally asked and felt the room get a tension with it. David had more than ever the most serious look and it wouldn’t fade quickly.

“We aren’t the only ones with special powers. We use it for the good, some use it for the bad. We gotta save the world from those who are leaded by the dark side.”

Tommy moved on the couch getting excited with the way this conversation was taking. He felt like being a hero could be really cool and fun. While (Y/n), on the other side, just got more scared. The nervousness got wider inside of her making the end of her hair start burning with small spots of fire. The smell of burnt was present in the room and everyone noticed she was trying to control her powers but it was too hard for her to make it.

“Someone do something!” Cynthia exclaimed panicking and quickly a strong wind crossed the room blowing away the fire on her hair. (Y/n) looked to the other side of the room where a boy smiled at her. She mouthed a thank you and he winked back in response. She wondered if his powers were to control the wind or if it was something more complex than he demonstrated in the room. David liked the help the boy gave to (Y/n), this is what his academy was about, cooperation. He expected everyone to get along well in there and he already felt that (Y/n) and Calum were going to make a good couple of friends.

“You can go find your rooms in the dorm and go to the gymnasium later. We’re gonna have an opening battle. Hopefully you’re gonna like it.” Said that, (Y/n) and the others were dispensed from the the talk with the leader and went to the dorms to find the room they were going to share with another hero.

Part 2?

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You made me fell in love with zude, is hit the floor worth watching if i only care about them?

haha, good. yea, it’s freaking awesome! i started watching it because of them, i knew nothing about the show itself. it’s worth watching tho, currently it’s all i can think of, i love it, so many great characters, and hot ladies WHO DANCE!!, and hot men, and power couple Jelena/Terrence, and ofc ZERO AND JUDE, my precious babies, and ughh it’s really good, trust me.

Originally posted by sorenkingsley

Okay so I feel like marichat is just them sitting together complaining about crushes, ladrien is them both just staring at each other in awe and that’s it, ladynoir is like this sassy badass power couple, and adrienette is the cute shy hand-holding going-out-for-ice-cream couple. And when you put them all together it’s just pERFECTION

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I had this dream set in your Reapertale, where someone was trying to kill the gods, and they managed to kill Pap, and Sans thought they got Tori, so he took his and Tori's kid and tried to hide it. But they managed to catch up to him, and for some reason when Sans died, all that was left was his robe and a mask of his face. The kid was raised by this human noble who kept it hidden, and had this ongoing conflict over whether to take their father's place as Death, or embrace that their powers (1)

This is a super super rad dream buddy! ;A; Thank you for sharing– I enjoyed reading about it xD Sounds super intense omg ;A;

yaaay I got tagged now, thank you @ladarasings ;//u//; )

Full Name:
Luua Mhin

Gender and Sexuality: 
female - straight


☽ keeper of the moon - miqo’te

Birthplace and Birthdate:
Gridania, 1st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon 

Guilty Pleasures:
seeker eyes, melons, deepeyes,
sparkling gems, stars, dominant men

acrophobia, fear of rejection

What They Would Be Famous For:
most likely for her dancing

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
murder /aid to murder

OC You Ship Them With:

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:

Favorite Book Genre:
all kind of textbooks about stars, gems, dancing 

Least Favorite Book Cliche:
cooking books (lol), horror

Talents and/or Powers:
dancing, a little bit healing (not much interested)
manipulation/acting, using AST magic to make nice
sparkle effects (she use them for her dancing)

Why Someone Might Love Them:
once you have her interest she’s very loyal,
kind of a bit clingy but in an adorable way and
always tries to keep their friends/ect happy & entertained

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
bossy, vain, constantly tries to manipulate 
everyone/makes them do whatever she wants

How They Change:
she was a quiet little girl, never spoke much and 
tried to save as much money as possible to make 
it somewhere when she’ll be older until she noticed that 
cute little Miqo’te get a nice, special treatment especially
those who look nice & can dance so she just focused on 
flirting & acting to get ppl buy her things and food

Why You Love Them:
I really love her astethic (because I put a lot things into it
I love myself) and she’s one of my few ocs with flaws, I can’t
say she’s a ‘good’ person nor is she only ‘bad’ that’s what makes 
her so interesting to me plus she knows how to interact with ppl 
and I don’t xD


@vainblitz here you go asshole xD
(he knows what I mean when I speak about oc flaws)


This is ridiculous! Why does everything have to turn into a “ship” war? This episode of “Teen Wolf” was about friends and enemies banding together to SAVE others. Scott/Liam/Parrish/Meredith worked together to locate Lydia’s whereabouts, Theo/Stiles worked together to locate Lydia in the tunnels, Malia/Josh worked together to save a dying Kira and Corey, Hayden/Mason worked together to restore power and reverse Eichen House’s lockdown, Lydia’s mom was the one that temporarily wounded Tracey, so that everyone could escape, PARRISH was the one that shielded Lydia’s scream, so that she wouldn’t kill herself and everyone else, and Deaton was the one that covered the hole in Lydia’s head. This was a huge episode for EVERYONE! However, here is everyone complaining about ships once again. Also, Stiles needed to hear that he saved Lydia to finally clear his heart of all of the guilt that he felt for killing Donovan. Like his father said, “maybe you need to save a life.” Ugh, and instead of discussing this we are pissed or either rejoicing. I wish I could find some sensible people in this fandom, because ugh! 💆🏾

Beyonce and the Super Bowl’s ‘Bernie & Hillary Show’

Remember back in 2012 when lifelong radical Harry Belafonte (who has his own contradictions) called out Beyonce and Jay-Z for turning their backs on the Black community’s struggle? And how they responded very defensively (Jay-Z infamously said ’My presence is charity’)?

Of course, people can learn and grow, and certainly the fact that they say they are now donating money to BLM (to which groups? to do what?) and employing Black Power imagery is proof of the movement’s pull on even the most apolitical celebrities.

But boy oh boy, it sets all my alarm bells off when I see politically conscious people going gaga (no pun intended) over Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and accompanying video, like it’s some kind of revolutionary second coming, when it is mostly about selling tickets for her next tour.

We defend celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z when they come under attack from cops and media, as they are now, for daring to raise issues relevant to the Black struggle.

We also recognize that they are not doing these things out of benevolence, much less political commitment, but because it’s a way for them to cash in on the community’s pain and anger.

Moreover, it should at the very least pique our interest that this performance was presented during the Super Bowl halftime show, wholly owned by the racist, exploitative NFL and CBS/Viacom media monopoly. The performance was approved ahead of time by the very same forces that demanded the driving out of homeless people from the area, who shut out and repressed the protesters outside.

To me, this seems like a sure sign that it was less of a “protest statement” by an enlightened celebrity and more of a politically sophisticated twist on the usual “bread and circuses” of capitalist media events like the Super Bowl.

Lots of Black people, lots of workers, lots of poor folks watching the Super Bowl? Great – let’s throw them a few scraps, let’s encourage them to buy concert tickets so they won’t go out and actually, y'know, do something.

It’s a variation on the Bernie/Hillary show.

And yes, I think it’s great that Beyonce’s backup dancers were photographed holding up a sign demanding “Justice 4 Mario Woods,” even though it was gross that they were made to wear “sexy” outfits that were supposed to evoke the revolutionary women of the Black Panther Party.

End of rant.


Why Adam Taurus' semblance is perfect for him

If you haven’t realized yet, with the black trailer and episode 11, Adam’s semblance seems to be a lot like Yang’s.

To store up power each time they get hit, but instead of gradually getting stronger like Yang, Adam releases it all in one shot.

His hair also glows when his semblance is activated just like Yang’s, but that’s not what this post is about.

Now, we also know that Adam is a stubborn, angry motherfucker. He hates to back down, and has on more than one occasion threatened to fight someone instead of talking it out.

He has also shown a lot of signs that he is the type to let his anger store up, and consume him, until it takes over his senses and logic.

In other words, his anger and semblance function very much the same.

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(Whispers about the last post) if you don't want to clog the tags can you please explain here? You've piqued my interest.


I… really love this genosai dynamic where you can tell that behind all the strength and power and morals, they’re just two pretty dweeby guys who became roommates and best friends… I LOVE that Saitama asks Genos for backup? Like he knows that Genos will jump to defend him and then cheers him on, they’re such DWEEBS and EQUALS in this scene?? And THEN, to top it all off, Tatsumaki /kicks Genos’s ass/. Like???? They’re two incredibly powerful guys but in terms of human interaction they kind of suck.

I love genosai where they fumble around and fuck everything up because they care about each other but they suck at expressing it. Genosai where with each other they’re just “Genos and Saitama”.

On Luke's Expression

Don’t think about the reason Luke looked at Rey the way that he did was because he had felt the awakening and hoped against hope that it was his son. And that the boy would find him. Perhaps he had left the map for his son, should he ever break free.

Don’t think about the crushing disappointment he would have felt to see someone else arriving.

Don’t think about him struggling, knowing that he cannot lose another powerful Force sensitive to Snoke so he has to train her, but being reminded the entire time of all he had lost.

Don’t think of him seeing that saber, something that should have been his son’s in a stranger’s hand.

Don’t think about the fact that he is standing near what could be a gravestone. For his wife, for his son? Who knows?

FAVE HEADCANON: gg was a prototype smaller, simpler version of the titular steam powered giraffe that pw1 made to test out the plans he had on a smaller scale

so GG is the oldest out of all the bots and constantly tells bebop “shut up you’re like 12″ 

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Are labradorites all blind, or is yours a special case? If they're all blind, do you think Homeworld would have a braille-like system so they can read?

Yes (in my SU AU they are), and there isn’t many Labradorites, they are used as like a detector/sonar. they can pick up waves of sound or other things in the ground. Shes very sound sensitive and uses sound to see. Good for finding hidden or buried gems, since she can also see waves of power from magic.

and about the braille system, no. They get verbal commands, and she can see as long as there is sound and the objects are 3D.

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I was reading your thoughts about Mary and I was wondering... why do Sherlock seem to care about her? He is always so helpful, he risked his life and reputation to kill Magnussen who had horrible things on her... If between M and S there's that "power game" on J that you were talking about, why do I see S so ready to help her every time? I can see her not helping Sherlock AT ALL with John nor their relationship, but it's not the same with S. He did help them with their marriage...

Hi Gio! :D

It’s all a farce on Sherlock’s part. He knows how clever she is (he deduced it the first time ‘round) and needs to stay one step ahead of her.

Before HLV, it was simply that Sherlock genuinely thought Mary was what made John happy; by the end of TEH, he appreciates her for picking John up when he was at his lowest and Sherlock wasn’t there to fix it; he understands how much hurt he caused John and regrets it. Sherlock willingly let Mary take care of John, perhaps because he misunderstood his deductions of her. But as soon as he discovered the truth about her after she kills him, he realizes his mistake and changes his game. As he’s dying, he realizes “John Watson is definitely in danger!” because of “that wife!”. From then on out, EVERYTHING he tells Mary is a lie – yes, she thinks she knows she can tell when Sherlock is fibbing, but when Sherlock is in actual physical pain he can hide it from her (he does make a show in front of her that he needs some meds). He plays nice to protect John. Sherlock needs to weed out what Mary needed from Magnussen, what she’s still hiding and therefore needs to instil a false sense of security in her. 

So yes, Sherlock is only nice to her because he doesn’t want her to actually blow his brains out to get rid of him for good; she went to Leinster Gardens that night to finish the job – there was no reason she needed to show up there with a gun if she wanted Sherlock to live. He doesn’t know what she’s planning and what her game is, aside from that John is important to that game and she will kill to keep it that way. So, play nice and play dumb for her, give her a false sense of security, and then show your hand once you have all the facts. 

Sherlock may not like it, but everything he’s doing is to protect both John and himself because Mary is now unpredictable and knows she will kill to get what she wants (it came right out of her own mouth: “and there’s nothing I won’t do [to keep John from finding out about me]”).

Sherlock doesn’t care about her at all, now. She lied to Sherlock about being his friend and caring about John the same way that Sherlock does. John is why he’s playing nice with her.

One only needs to look below the surface reading to see this is true. Rewatch  HLV, especially the confrontation scene, with these thoughts in mind: 1) Sherlock is scared of Mary; 2) Sherlock is pretending to care to get the information he needs; 3) it’s ALL FOR JOHN’S SAFETY; and 4) he’s trying to tell John through looks that he needs John to play along. It’s hard to watch it like this, but Sherlock’s facial expressions give it all away that it’s all a lie he’s fabricating for her, covered by the fact that he needs pain meds so she cannot read him.

Mary may be clever, but her cleverness comes from her ability to fabricate details as they come. Sherlock knows a manipulator when he sees one. 

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Wait, so are you denying POC are never racist? Because instead of agreeing that people of any race can do good or bad, you're all like, "stop defending whites!" No one's defending whites when they say that ALL race can be racist. It's just factual.

we just talked about this ……

Fact: reverse racism does not exist 

Here is why

1) Racism = privilege + power

In order to be racist, you need to possess two traits. The first is privilege: A structural, institutional, and social advantage. White people occupy positions of racial privilege, even when they are disadvantaged in other ways. White women, for example, consistently make more than black women, because they benefit from racial attitudes. Furthermore, you also have to have power: the ability, backed up by society, to be a strong social influencer, with greater leeway when it comes to what you do, where, and how.

For instance, white people benefit from privilege and power when they aren’t arrested for drug crimes at disproportionate rates, while black people experience racism when they’re arrested, and sentenced, for the same crimes. This reflects a racialized power imbalance in the justice system. It’s about the privilege and power of white offenders (less likely to be racially profiled, more likely to have strong legal representation, more likely to be able to talk police officers out of an arrest) and the lack of social status for black offenders.

People of color talking about white people don’t occupy positions of privilege or power. Therefore, they cannot be racist. Racism is structural, not personal.

2) Anger is a legitimate response to oppression.

When “reverse racism” is flung around, it’s often in response to angry language, to protests, to fights for equality. People of color have been pushing back on privilege and power for a long time. Many of them are understandably pretty tired of it. Unsurprisingly, some aren’t interested in moderating their tone for a white audience. That means that sometimes they use strong language, out of frustration, rage, or to make a heavy impact on observers. Still not reverse racism.

More importantly, insisting that people of color need to be nice about the way they talk about racism is, in fact, racist: It suggests that, for example, “angry black women” don’t merit social attention, because they’re being unreasonable.

3) Attempts to rectify systemic injustices are not examples of reverse racism.

One of the most common pieces of evidence used as “proof” of reverse racism is that of affirmative action and minority admissions at colleges, universities, and some companies. The argument goes that people of color are stealing positions and jobs away from better or equally qualified white people.

This is not the case. The problem is that generations of injustice have resulted in underrepresentation of people of color in these settings, and the goal of affirmative action and related initiatives is to ensure that they aren’t harmed by racial bias in admissions and hiring decisions. People of color aren’t admitted or hired “over white people.” They’re considered equally, with an eye to the fact that subconscious bias may be influencing decisions made by people in power, who are, you guessed it, often white.

“White folks will tell me time and time again that Affirmative Action is ‘unfair,’” writes Jamie Utt, a diversity and inclusion consultant and sexual violence prevention educator, “because it discriminates against White people. What the term ‘fair’ assumes here, though, is that we live in a society where there’s an equal playing field for all students, regardless of race or wealth.” Addressing these injustices is intended to give people of color more opportunities, and to ensure that future generations won’t face the same imbalances current generations do.

4) Having spaces set aside for people of color is not racist.

Whites are often resentful of clubs, organizations, and groups focused on people of a specific race, with membership closed to people who are not members of that racial community. The claim goes that such groups segregate and discriminate; after all, if members of those minorities cared so much about racism, they’d open their membership to all, right?

Josh Odam writes in the Daily Collegian, “One of my favorite examples of such a mentality is this: It’s unfair that black students have a Black Student Union when white students do not. To put it simply, the University of Massachusetts is a White Student Union.”

But it’s about more than that. It’s not just that every public space is open to white people, but that white people have an expectation that every private space should be open to them, too. Some conversations and community events need to take place behind closed doors. People of color may need to have sensitive conversations about discrimination, racism, and their lived experiences that are difficult to have when they are surrounded by white observers or people who talk over them. Such spaces provide a medium for doing so, just as members of the LGBTQ community use retreat spaces, and women join women-only organizations and groups for mutual support.

5) White people are not oppressed.

The history of the oppression of people of color by the West, and, by extension, white people, spans centuries. Africans were enslaved and brought to the New World, where European colonialists stole land from Indigenous people. Colonies across the Global South brought untold wealth into the coffers of Europe, with the low, low cost of suffering for native populations.

Today, we’re still living with the legacies of colonialism: In the United States, the black community is dealing with the aftermath of slavery and the poverty and systemic prejudice it left behind. In many African nations, the collapse of former colonies left governments in shambles and unable to support themselves. In Australia, indigenous people struggle with a high poverty rate and low access to health care.

White people, in contrast with people of color, do not experience systemic discrimination that makes it difficult to find and hold jobs, access housing, get health care, receive a fair treatment in the justice system, and more. When it comes to social disparities, they’re the ones consuming and receiving the bulk of the resources; in just one example, black women in the U.S. are more likely to die from breast cancer due to delayed diagnosis. That’s the result of racism within the medical system.

Despite the belief stated by some white people that they are more oppressed than people of color, their claims don’t bear out when looking at social metrics like statistical representation in the justice system, poverty, educational achievement, and unemployment rates.

*****6) Prejudice and racism are not the same thing.*****

Some people of color may view whites prejudicially; no wonder, given the interactions of racism in society. Anyone can believe in stereotypes or hold ideas about members of other groups that are not entirely accurate.

However, being, and behaving, prejudicially isn’t the same thing as racism, especially when such prejudice punches up, not down. As Justin Simien of Dear White People puts it, “Prejudice and racism are different. A joke about white people dancing has no impact on the lives of average white people, whereas jokes about black people and reinforcing stereotypes about black people do have an impact on the lives of everyday black people.”

7) Hard truths aren’t racist—they’re just hard to hear.

Making a racist statement is a manifestation of racist culture; being “mean” isn’t. For whites, it can be difficult to be confronted with the reality of racism, and with comments from people of color about how privilege and power operate. It’s tempting to take such comments personally and to insist that people of color are being “mean,” which is often a hop, skip, and a jump away from an accusation of reverse racism.

In this case, the goal is often to invalidate the points made. If someone is being racist, surely her comments can be dismissed instead of taken seriously. Thus, a white person uncomfortable with a racialized conversation may claim that it’s reverse racist in order to escape the conversation, or escape her own role in racist power dynamics.

On the Internet, where such conversations fly by at lightning speed and often get heated, accusations of reverse racism often come in hot and heavy. It’s worth taking a moment to back up and hit those commenters with a healthy dose of truth serum.


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