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Getting over you was a graveyard shift I was forced to take. Once the house was too quiet to distract me any longer, I would remember. I would cycle through my memories of you trying to file them correctly in my head. What was good? What was bad?  The clock tick-tocked away the night as I tried to understand the hurt I was feeling and figure out whether or not you were as great as I thought you were. Sometimes there was no understanding, only heart palpitations and darkness I couldn’t see through. With every evening though, the fog in my mind would lift ever so slightly, and now it’s gone. Now, I place my focus where it really belongs - on myself.
—  NaPoWriMo Day 28 - Graveyard Shift // Maxwell Diawuoh

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would you rather be a terf or never meet a girl who loves you until 5 years have passed

mod wisty: ummm never meet a girl for 5 years!!! I would hate being a terf and I don’t think I could physically do it,, no thank you.

mod katie: oh baby, i’ve gone 17 years without ever being loved so i could easily go another 5. i love my trans wlw too much to do that to them💘

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Are there any species you'd never want to make an OC out of? Like, because they're too hard to draw or you just hate 'em or something, I mean.

idk if you’ve ever gone thru extensive lists of SW species but a lot of them are like…. well…

it’s a Very Long list of species I wouldn’t use lol

  • Zen: Are you upset you don't get to be on the same team as Shirayuki?
  • Obi: Have you ever played a game with Shirayuki?
  • Zen: No.
  • Obi: Have you ever gone into a steel cage with a wolverine?
  • *Cut to Shirayuki's team*:

To the sweet sweet anon about the abuser~ don’t worry! I unfollowed them and I will try my best to not reblog any of their content, tumblr is kinda weird cause I can block them but see their posts, ya know? But I will keep this in mind! 

I really do wish you the best, you don’t deserve anything that you’ve gone through and nobody should ever treat you the way they did. 

I hope you find peace, I hope your mental health gets better because that is the most important thing.

I love you!! 

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I'm only 15 but I'm so heartbroken about my ex we were together for a long time. I see his face in everyone and everything reminds me of him. It's been a month since we've spoken but I still care for him and I'm not over him. But he's met girls and stuff , my heart physically hurts and I get panic attacks randomly ,I don't even know who this ? Have u ever gone through heartbreak

I had my first and only boyfriend when I was 15 years old. We were together all highschool and he was older and I was so inlove with him and everything about him. He taught me so much and i learned a lot from that experience alone. It was true love and my first love. He was my first everything girl. First kiss, first love, the only person ive ever had sex with. After we broke up i was heartbroken and couldn’t picture myself with anyone else. I just didnt see life without him I was really young and all i knew and thought was him. He was the only guy i looked to for everything. He lived right by me too. My thing is, when we are young we feel like this is it, this is all i have they are everything i will ever know. That is the sick mindset young love gives you. But in actuality…… We are 14-25 and we think this is the person we will only feel this towards?? The average age to die is like 80-90 right… So why in the hell…. Would we not find a new person to love within those 70 years of life. Heartbreak is in your head. You think he is all and you think he is it, but yall are broken up for a reason. At times like these you dont want to move on or believe there is more but hunty, if I knew now what I knew when I was 15 I wouldnt give a fuck about all that stupid shit. You will like someone after him you are too young to be upset over a little boy. He is 15 he doesnt care about you he cared about bussing his nut and messing with other girls. Accept that and move on with your life. Concentrate on having fun, you are 15 years old go have fun, go to the mall, go to student clubs, make good grades why the fuck are u wasting your time crying over a little boy???? Do you sweetie

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And in case of Lizzie, Ciel is attached to her or not? He doesn't open his mind up to her but still cares. Even she is in danger now he doesn't obviously focus on.

Hey Anon! Sorry for the delay in answering. Now, this is only my personal opinion on the matter, and there are different points of view. Of course, that’s what makes a discussion interesting. I think Ciel does care for Lizzie. She’s been there all along, and I don’t think Ciel thought she’d ever really be gone. He does isolate himself nor does appear to want love and caring for anyone. He does do this with Lizzie. Of course, we know Lizzie won’t back off because she does care. And I think Ciel cares as well. As much as he doesn’t want to at times, he still shows concern for her. It happened on Campania and it’s happened in this arc as well.

Lizzie is still on his mind even now. When he was searching for Bravat, he’s also inquiring about Lizzie.

He could have simply asked Bravat’s whereabouts, but he also asked about Lizzie. In fact, he said her name first.

Ciel doesn’t his emotions a lot of the time. He’s learned to keep things hidden, so it’s hard to know what he feels. Personally, I think he cares and is attached to Lizzie.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

I don’t care how many planets Kirk landed on, or how the NX Enterprise was the first of its kind, or how far Voyager was from home, in the Delta Quadrant

Deep Space Nine is the Star Trek that truly went where no Star Trek show, or show in general, had ever gone before. 

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So, I don't think you've ever gone into kernelsprites (or just sprites) very much, if at all, and I'm actually working on some stuff that involves a LOT of sprites and a LOT of prototypings. Do you have any ideas on what prototypings would work with each class/aspect? Or do you think classpect doesn't really affect the prototypes?

I’m of the opinion that classpect doesn’t effect the process of protoyping. I dont think you’re more or less likely to throw in certain objects because of your class or aspect

I think what objects you throw in purely depends on the environment you find yourself in and what objects you likely have near you, cuz honestly people are just gonna throw in whatever is in arm’s reach, and depending where their server player puts down hat equipment, it could be a random object from any room in their house

so the circumstances are completely unique for each person, it’s just like shirt symbols or strife specibus or what kind of soul guide animals you have on your planet