was in my drafts since forever

Would the signs be up for murder?

Aries: They would probably murder the whole world if given the chance, so yes
Taurus: Rough sex, yes, but not murder
Gemini: Yea, they’ll do it like how they do sex: Quick and no mention of it after it happens
Cancer: They would give you a 3 hour speech telling you why NOT to murder someone
Leo: Doesn’t want to get all bloody so no
Virgo: Only if it were for a VERY good reason
Libra: They would stay behind with Leo
Scorpio: They have a lot of pent up anger and emotions, so they would more likely than not kill a person
Sagittarius: Nah, they’ll find some other way to fuck with you that doesn’t involve cleaning blood off of everything
Capricorn: Yea, but they would only murder a few certain people
Aquarius: They wouldn’t MURDER them, they would just invent an elaborate torture device and use it on the victim(s) for 12 hours
Pisces: They would call the damn police on you because MURDERING IS ILLEGAL GUYS

Jsyk i don’t condone murder just do some voodoo shit or something