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The PPSSM preview reminded me that I was working on this, which I’m sticking up here because sometimes publicly shaming myself works as motivation. Starring Yuuhy and I’s Stormcast theory that the apartment pictured in PPSSM 2 that they say is Peter’s apartment is, well, Peter’s apartment, but Johnny’s been living in it. (He had a key, and I know Peter Parker can’t keep plants alive.) Set post-the recent Amazing Spider-Man #31.

Peter showed up on Johnny’s doorstep disheveled, tired, and belligerent. It was only two days after the fallout from Darkforce bubble finally dropping and Johnny was still bleary with much needed sleep, so of course he almost slammed the door in face as soon as Peter opened his mouth.

“I need to crash here for a couple of days,” Peter said, steely with determination.

“Oh, absolutely not,” Johnny said, as if Peter could be moved. “I’ve watched the news. I don’t need the most hated man in the tech world in my apartment.”

“Well, tough, because it’s my apartment, actually,” Peter said.

It was, actually, Peter’s apartment. His old apartment, from before he’d bought the Baxter Building. He’d never given up the lease, or moved out any of his furniture or anything. And it had just been sitting there, perfectly livable and not even infested with anything, which was more than Johnny could have said about the place he’d tried to rent after Medusa broke up with him and also left the planet, because there was a way to make a guy feel okay about the end of a relationship.

And maybe Peter had caught Johnny naked in his luxurious shower back at the Baxter Building, trying wash battle grit out of his hair when his place’s horrible water pressure wouldn’t do, and maybe there had been a lot of screaming from both parties and maybe Johnny had set a bottle of Peter’s combination shampoo-conditioner on fire.

Then after, when everyone had dressed and their tempers were mildly cooler, and Peter got the truth about his new digs out of Johnny, he’d offered up this place.

“Why not?” he’d said, shrugging. “Not like anyone’s living there at the moment. Just don’t trash the place, rock star.”

And now Peter was the messy-haired, plane-rumpled disaster who had, manic gleam in his eye, burned one of the biggest tech companies in the world to the ground, on live broadcast.

“Peter,” he whined. “I just got done fighting monsters in pitch darkness and thinking I was never going to be able to fly in foreign hair products again.”

“I’ll foreign hair product you,” Peter said, shoulder meeting the doorjamb with a thump. “Johnny, please. I am so tired. A pedestrian threw a Webware at me. A tween saw my face and started crying.”

Ugh,” Johnny said, moving back. “Fine. Get inside before my neighbors see you.”

“My neighbors,” Peter muttered under his breath.

“Yeah, and do you know what I’ve learned living here? They all hate you,” Johnny said, slamming the door. He folded his arms as Peter dropped his briefcase and tugged off his tie, shoulders dropping like he’d let go of some immense weight.

“Right back at ‘em,” Peter muttered, shucking his jacket. Johnny averted his eyes as his shoulderblades flexed under the crisp white fabric of his shirt, which was just a smidge too small. Peter never could buy clothes. “Buncha TV Guide stealers.”

“Pete,” Johnny whined, both plaintive and pointless. “Spidey. Bro.”

“What?” Peter said, stretching his arms high above his head. “What, what?”

“Just…” Johnny said, giving up. “Don’t kill my fish, okay.”

“Your what now?” Peter said. He turned and spotted the tank by the couch. “You bought fish?”

“I told you I bought fish! I was on the phone with you in the PetCo!”

“How would I even kill your fish?” Peter asked, crouching down to get a better look.

“Staring at them too hard?” Johnny said. “Breathing on them? Catty ex-girlfriend dropping in? Don’t tap on the glass!”

Peter froze, hand held halfway up. Johnny glared at him. Peter huffed, and dramatically laid himself down on the couch, balling up his jacket and shoving it under his head.

“Whatever,” he said, closing his eyes. “I’m exhausted. Don’t wake me when it’s time for the Bachelorette or whatever.”

“I tell you one thing –” Johnny started, but Peter was already out and snoring. Typical.

Johnny just watched Peter sleep for a long moment, passive aggressively feeding his fish because they’d need their strength with Peter around. Peter’s hair was greasy, and his shirt was rumpled. He looked like he’d had the layover from hell. His mouth hung open in sleep.

Johnny wanted so unfairly for him to wake up and declare his eternal love. Instead, Peter didn’t even stir when Johnny threw a blanket over him.

“I hate you,” he told him, but quietly, so Peter could sleep. He grabbed his keys and headed out.

Johnny went stress shopping, because that was what he did when Peter Parker showed up out of nowhere to throw his life into a shambles, and also when he was bored. He went gourmet grocery shopping, specifically, because he didn’t need Peter waking up and discovering that Johnny only had pizza rolls in his fridge. Pizza rolls he’d been heating up himself, with his hands, or, occasionally, when he was feeling both depressed and lazy, simply popped them frozen into his mouth and let his powers do the rest of the work 

(One time he’d just laid them in a line down his naked chest but that had been the anniversary of when Ben had fucked off to space, and Johnny thought he could have probably been forgiven for that in light of the circumstances.)

So yeah, he wasn’t in the mood for Peter to find out about any of that. He wanted to be Peter’s Johnny Storm again, affluent and carefree and more interested in his own hair than anything else, the crushing weight lifted off his shoulders for long enough to coax a really good argument out of him, something to laugh about and hold like a candle flame in the center of his chest.

Also, he wanted to buy soft shell crab.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 6/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 5

The rapport between Johnny and Grant was instant; Steve was happy that his boy found someone who understood what he was feeling, and understood the challenges that this kind of power created, but to watch the two act as if they had known each other forever, and as if Grant had finally found his mentor, his soul couldn’t help but ache. But this was his idea, and he had to keep reminding himself of that.  He wasn’t the right one to teach Grant anything about his power, and this had to happen this way.  He stayed and watched from a distance for a while, seeing a remarkable change in his son within the span of merely an hour, when he decided that he could leave them alone and he realized that he hadn’t spoken to you since the team had returned home.

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Cheater Pt.2

[A/N:Hey guys!!! Sorry it took so long for part 2 but I hope you enjoy it!!!]

Part 1  Part 3

Taeyong was stomping down the hallway to Ten’s apartment that he shared with Johnny. He knocked on the door, furious about how Ten had given you false information. Ten had done many things to make him made before, but this was the last straw.

Johnny opened the door, hair messy and pajamas still on. He looked at Taeyong, confused and frankly worried. Taeyong looked ruined. He looked tired, angry, sad and the most unusual, messy. He was in a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, hair still uncombed and only one shoe on. If he didn’t have a look of hatred on his face Johnny would have been hestirical.

“Good Morning?” Johnny said hesitantly as Taeyong stood in front of the door, breathing wildly. “Would you like some sugar or?” Johnny joked slightly, hoping it would lighten the mood. It didn’t. Taeyong met his eyes and if looks could kill, Johnny would be a dead man.

“Where’s Ten?” Taeyong growled so low it was hard fro Johnny to hear.

“Ten? Uh….maybe in his ro-” Johnny started before getting cut off by Taeyong storming into the apartment. Johnny was appalled, Taeyong never acted like this. Even if he was mad, he was never this angry.

Taeyong made his way to Ten’s room, opening the door with a bang and seeing a lump under the covers. He threw the covers off to see pillows and a few more blankets along with a note sayinig he’d be gone for the day.

Taeyong shrunk to his knees, hands gripping the blankets tightly as he tried desperately not to scream. How could this happen? Where did it start? Where does it end? How do i explain this to Y/N? He asked himself. there wasn’t an answer now.


You sat in your bed. Everything was silent. Taeyong wasn’t in the kitchen like usual. He wasn’t making breakfast for you two to share in bed when you woke up. He wouldn’t be coming soon to wake you up with a flutter of kisses. You didn’t know where he was. Probably with Joy you scoffed. out of all of your friends you thought Joy would be the last to betray you like this. Obvious you were very wrong.

All of the things that have been happening have got you thinking what else have i been thinking that’s wrong? From friends to business choices you’ve been tragically wrong lately and it was starting to get to you.

There had been a new job that had opened recently and many people in your office wanted it. It offered a raise and more time off to do personal things. It was a win-win and you were dying to get it. Maybe then you could try to fix this crack in your relationship with Taeyong. Now, the job was defiantly not yours. It was probably Song Taeyeon’s. The only reason why she had gotten it is because she slept with your boss, which you were offered too, but you would never ever do something like that. He even started to go off on you, saying that you lead him on. Needless to say you quit your job that day. That was Friday and now it’s Sunday. You would have to find a job soon so you could move to a different apartment.

Before that though, you would have to start packing your things to stay at Amber’s. You defiantly weren’t staying here and she was the best friend that was always there for you. especially because Joy now meant less than nothing to you now.


“Wait, what happened?!” Johnny exclaimed as he held a crying Taeyong in his arms.

“I don’t even know anymore! It’s all a blur and I don’t know where it started or where it’ll end.” Taeyong cried. He was beyond sad. Beyond angry. Beyond any definition of words to describe his feelings right now.

“I’m sure Ten just saw it at the wrong angle, he can explain to Y/N. Don’t worry it’ll all be fine soon.” He assured his histaricl friend.

Taeyong hoped it would be better soon, but couldn’t help but think it wouldn’t be. Ten seemed to have you wrapped around his finger.


(Ending #1)

It’s been about a month and you’re still living with Amber. In fact you share rent money now and you’re much better friends, closer than ever. Taeyong has seemed to move on from you. You’re not really friends with Ten anymore, instead your dating. You’ve been together for about two weeks and Ten seems thrilled about it. You don’t know if Taeyong knows yet, but you don’t really want to tell him yourself. You don’t really want to talk to him at all.

You feel terrible for being upset for false pretenses, but he still did kiss Joy. Amber had been there as well and saw the whole thing. She even took a picture. It all made sense when she explained to you when you got to her apartment.

She told you all that had happened and the conversation she heard before they kissed. It made your heart hurt but you couldn’t find it in yourself to go up to Taeyong after that morning. He didn’t feel like he could explain to you what had happened. To this day he still thinks that you don’t know the whole story.

Now though, you have a new job. You work for SM! You’re not an idol(Or trainee) but you work with development and information. It’s nice to see Amber and Ten everyday. Not so much fun to see Taeyong and Joy, but what the hey? Although it’s not very fun to see that they’re “dating” now. At least that’s what SM wanted to call it. You try not to worry much though, all you have to worry about is Amber, Ten, and the stupid graphs you have to make everyday.

[TBH I Don’t really like this ending (That’s why it says ending #1) but it’s what the og requester wanted so… yep! I’ll have 1 more ending soon (HOPEFULLY!)]+{I’m sorry i cant’s spell hesterical or what ever the flipping word is, i tried man times and failed each and everyone, i just hope you understand what it’s supposed to be}

~Admin Aussie

The 47 biggest problems I have with F4ntastic

I just went to see F4ntastic, and it had so many flaws that I have to get them all down here. Here be spoilers! Ye be warned!

  1. Reed Richards is a boy genius that puts Cartoon Network’s Dexter to shame, and still nobody ever notices it until Doctor Storm sees Reed’s work at a science fair. Not plausible.
  2. When Reed asks Sue if music is, “like, her thing,“ she tells him about the pattern recognition she performs when she listens to music. This is an embarrassingly awkward attempt to show us how scientific she is, and just comes off as a caricature of a scientist.
  3. Victor von Doom is supposed to be in love with Sue, but still he calls her “Susan,” even though she prefers “Sue.”
  4. Victor is only called “Doctor Doom” once. Sarcastically.
  5. The Thing’s classic catchphrase “It’s clobberin’ time!” is first used by his abusive big brother when Ben gets beaten up as a kid. Pretty damn tasteless.
  6. Said brother doesn’t have any real reason to be in this movie.
  7. Despite what Victor tells us, Doctor Storm’s “inspirational” speech about how they need to work together is not actually good. It’s cliché and boring.
  8. Sue Storm seems to be written by the kind of person who thinks that an angry woman automatically is a strong and independent woman. Sadly, she just comes off as sour.
  9. Victor von Doom is basically an emo teen until he turns super-evil.
  10. Sue goes from dislking Reed to liking him way too quickly. One scene she doesn’t like him, the next scene she does.
  11. The people providing Doctor Storm with funding ask him when he’ll be able to create something with practical usefulness. But they’ve already managed to send things into another dimension, and that’s incredibly useful. The idea that getting rid of things has no practical uses unless you can bring them back again is ludicrous.
  12. Nobody ever bothers to call the other dimension “The Negative Zone.” It would have been so easy to work that into the script and get it just that bit closer to the comic book canon.
  13. When Reed tells Victor that their work is done, he doesn’t sound a bit excited. That’s not in-character for a devoted scientist like him.
  14. Reed declines the alcohol he’s offered, saying that it kills brain cells. But in the very next shot, he’s drunk, with no explanation for why he agreed to get drunk. Teetotallers don’t decide to start drinking just like that.
  15. Reed, Ben, Victor and Johnny manage to use their machine to travel to the new dimension, without needing anybody at all to stand by the control panel and handle that part of things. Riiiiight.
  16. Apparently, lab security is so poor that nobody except for Sue notices them taking a secret trip to the new dimension. Malls have better security than that.
  17. Why would a smart guy like Reed Richard decide to take a trip into another dimension just like that, with the obvious security risks? Because the plot says he’s supposed to. There’s no other reason.
  18. After the accident that gives the team their powers, a worker says that their “biological readings are off the charts.” That makes no sense. What readings is he talking about? Blood pressure? Pulse? You have to mention some actual value that you measured.
  19. Johnny Storm calls Victor “Adolf.” Why? European doesn’t equal Nazi, Johnny. The joke doesn’t even make sense.
  20. The tone as a whole is too serious. You can’t use a serious tone in a movie about a human rubber band. Not unless you’re damn skilled. As things stand, Reed’s rubber body just creates a mood-whiplash whenever it shows up.
  21. We never get a proper reveal of The Thing’s superhuman strength. Sure, the way he breaks out of the rock he’s encased in tells us that he’s strong, but the full awe-inspiring tank-fighting extent of his strength deserved a better presentation. Don’t show us people watching a video of him fighting tanks. Show us him fighting tanks, IRL.
  22. Apparently Doom can kill people telekinetically. So why doesn’t he do that to the FF? He gets several chances.
  23. Doctor Storm gave Victor a second chance, and Victor tried to destroy the world. So.. the lesson is that we shouldn’t give people a chance for redemption?
  24. When we first see Sue using a force field to fly, it’s clear that it’s an exhausting process. But when she has to get the FF out of the new dimension after defeating Victor, it doesn’t take any training at all and looks effortless.
  25. Doom turns evil way too quickly. He basically shows up and goes “Hey I’m a supervillain now okay?” He’s basically a villain because the plot requires it.
  26. When an official asks Reed how the landscape in the new dimension has changed, Reed replies that he can’t put it into words, “but it’s different.” Problem is, it’s very easy to say “There used to be lots of glowing green light, and now there isn’t.” Try harder, Reed.
  27. In the end, the movie suddenly decides it wants to be an action flick. It doesn’t work very well.
  28. The Thing shouts “It’s clobbering time!” in the fight against Victor. There’s no reason why he’d want to use a phrase that his brother said beating Ben up.
  29. And we didn’t need an explanation for where Ben got that phrase. A catchphrase doesn’t need an origin.
  30. The government gives the FF their own super-lab for no real reason. (No, “The Thing looks scary” is not a proper reason.)
  31. None of the main characters are punished for helping turn Victor into a monster and almost destroying the world. They don’t get any kind of punishment.
  32. We never get to see Sue discover her ability to create forcefields. All we get is somebody saying “Oh, and she discovered this ability when the audience weren’t looking.”
  33. We don’t get to see Johnny explore his new powers. Just like Sue, we cut to him when he’s already got the hang of how they work.
  34. The FF’s research and recklessness almost destroyed the world, so why are the government giving them a new and better lab, with less supervision? Do they want to increase the chance that the world will end?
  35. Having Doom’s body be combined with his protective suit is a big step downwards from the ingeniously constructed armour he wears in the comics. It’s like if Iron Man didn’t have his suit, and instead he just had a red and yellow T-shirt burned into his skin.
  36. Doctor Storm’s last words just come off as forced and Hallmark-esque.
  37. In the comics, Victor von Doom’s Romani, but in the movie he’s never identified as Romani or even played by a Romani actor.
  38. Remember the part where we see Sue and Johnny grieve their departed father? No? That’s because there wasn’t one.
  39. Ben and Johnny’s fighting, one of the most cherished parts of the franchise, shows up for about eight seconds. That’s right. Eight seconds. Great characterization, guys.
  40. The Thing’s angst over his transformation isn’t explored nearly enough.
  41. Doctor Doom in the comics uses technology to accomplish things and has no superpower. Doctor Doom in the movie doesn’t use technology at all (once he’s a supervillain), instead he just uses his superpowers.
  42. The movie’s pacing is horrible. The vast majority of the runtime is eaten up by the origin story. We did not need another frickin’ origin story. Interesting parts (like the team’s exploration of their abilites) are glossed over, and Doctor Doom barely has time to appear before he’s defeated. In short, any actual superheroing is put aside in favour of a mediocre origin story.
  43. The FF never do anything heroic. (Fighting a monster isn’t heroic if you created it.)
  44. The conflict between the Thing and Reed is horribly written. Reed and Ben are best buddies. Then Ben hates Reed. Then he likes him again, just like that.
  45. They don’t even say the phrase “Fantastic Four” in the movie. Not once. It’s as if the movie makers didn’t even want to be associated with the name.
  46. There’s no Stan Lee cameo. I even checked the end credits to make sure. No cameo.
  47. And no stinger either.
Jealousy (Steve/Reader)

requested by anon

steve breaks up with the reader then gets jealous when she starts dating other people so he tried to win her back


Having your heart broken is the worst feeling ever. Having to see said heart breaker everyday, is worse.

It’d been about a month or so since Steve had broken up with you for ‘your safety.“ You were a damn field agent, you knew how to protect yourself.

You’d been taking it hard due to the fact that Steve was your first love and you weren’t sure if you’d ever be able to get over him. You still loved him I mean, you two dated for 11 months, almost a year.

Grunting, you heard someone bang on your door.

“Who is it!?” You shouted, too upset to get out of bed.

“It’s me!” It was Nat.

“You know where the spare key is!”

Hearing the door open and close, you sat up from your bed while trying to smooth your hair down.

“God Y/N, when was the last time you took out the trash? Or showered for that matter..” Nat trailed off while taking in your appearance.

Mumbling something along the lines of ‘a couple days ago’, you got up and padded to your mini kitchen.

“Well you better get in the shower while I pick out an outfit for you.” She ordered while picking up some papers you had on the floor.

With a mouth full of apple you asked, “An outfit? For what?”

Nat glared at you which caused you to swallow the food.

Rolling her eyes, she pulled out her phone and flipped through it before landing on a picture of a rather handsome man.

“That’s for what. He’s a new hero I met and I’ve set you up on a date for 7 and it’s now 5:30 so go get into the shower.”

You gasped.

“A date? Nat, are you crazy!? I’m not ready to move on! You know I’m still in love with Steve!” You rambled as she began dragging you into the restroom.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. The guy’s name is Johnny Storm by the way!” She shouted as you begrudgingly started the shower.

After a quick shower, you saw that Nat picked out a simple red blouse with dark jeans, some black boots and a leather jacket to top it off. It looks more like something she would wear, but you weren’t in the mood to argue.

Nat curled the last piece of hair and admired it in satisfaction.

“All set! Just put on some lipstick and you’ll be ready to go!” She instructed as you struggled to get into the boots she picked out.

“Man, I did a good job! You look amazing!” She held your hand and you spun in a circle.

Giggling, you finished applying the red lipstick and led Nat out of your room.

“He’ll be picking you up in a minute so just wait in the living room, I have to go meet up with Bruce but I expect details when you get back!” She gave your arm a squeeze before running off.

Sighing, you flopped on the couch and began fiddling with your phone.

Noticing someone walking into the living area, you glanced up to see Steve gaping at you.

“H-hi Y/N. Wow. You look gorgeous.” He shyly smiled and took a seat across from you.

You looked down to hide your blush, “Thank you. Nat set up a um-a date for me so..”

God, how awkward that must’ve sounded.

“Oh a date? With wh-” Steve was cut off by Jarvis coming on.

“Miss Y/N, Mr. Storm is waiting downstairs for you.” The bot informed.

“Thank you Jarvis, I’ll be down in a second.” You cleared your throat and stood up.

“Storm? As in Johnny Storm?” Steve questioned and stood up along with you.

You have him a questioning look before nodding, “Yeah? I’ll-uh see you later Steve.” You gave him a smile before going to meet up with this Johnny guy.


Steve quickly went to the lab where he knew Nat would be.

Why would Nat set you up on a date with Johnny? She knew Steve was still in love with you and she knew how much Steve despised that guy.

“Natasha Romanoff, what the hell do you think you were doing setting up Y/N on a date with Storm? That damn guy is basically an accident waiting to happen!” Steve was fuming.

“Language cap!” Tony teased but quickly shut up when he noticed Steve’s glare.

Natasha remained calm, this was all part of her plan. She thought that if she got Steve all fired up, he’d admit he still had feelings for you and you two would get back together.

“What’s the matter, Rogers? You jealous?” She smirked at Steve’s reddening face.

If looks could kill, Nat would be 6 feet under.

“I-I am not jealous!” Steve shouted.

Bruce and Tony gave each other a look before slowly backing out of the lab.

“You are! Why can’t you just admit that you’re still in love with Y/N and get back together with her? You know she still loves you.” Nat’s tone got softer.

Steve looked at her with sad eyes, “She won’t take me back. I broke it off with her because I wanted to keep her safe and now you’ve let her go on a date with a walking match.”

The read head chuckled, “Calm down, Steve. You know Y/N can handle herself and she wouldn’t even be on this date if you hadn’t broken up with her.”

Steve had to admit that Nat had a point.

“Will you help me get her back?” He mumbled.

“Of course! Although, I doubt it’ll take much work considering she’s head over heels for you.”


Your date with Johnny had went alright. He was too cocky and flirty for your liking, but you had to admit that he was handsome as hell.

Tiredly walking back to your room, you noticed your bedroom light was on. Thinking it was just Nat you walked in, but to your surprise Steve was seated on your bed.

Confused, you spoke, “Steve?”

His head whipped up and he gave you his adorable lop sided smile.

“Hi Y/N.”

“Um- what’re you doing here?” You slowly took a seat next to him.

He began to fiddle with his fingers, “Well you see, I came to talk to you.”

You nodded as if to tell him to continue.

“I don’t like that you went out with Johnny.” He blurted out.

This caught you by surprise, “Excuse me? What gives you the right to say that?” You glared at the man sitting beside you.

“N-no! I didn’t mean it like that! Dammit. I mean I don’t like that you went out with someone other than me. I mean it’s not like you can’t go out because you can! It’s just that I-I still love you and I want-”

You reached forward and your lips immediately found his. You managed to straddle him while your arms wrapped around his neck and his instinctively went to your waist.

Pulling away, you tried catching your breath while giving him a smile.

“you to be mine again.” He finished off before breaking out into smile.

Giggling, you peppered kisses along his jaw.

“I still love you too.” You mumbled against his neck.

Nat smirked as she walked away from your door. She did good.