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Hi, there! Do you have any theories for episode 38? Do you think we'll know about what Kentin suffered in militar school? I hope it isn't something so serious, don't want see my fav militar boy suffering :c

Boy o boy I may not be a Kentin addict but I understand your pain™ - anywaY here is my theory o/!

What I theorize is that Armin and Alexy were either taken away from Evan due to his young age during the car accident (I believe he must’ve been 10) and couldn’t care for the boys therefore they were taken into foster care. I also theorize Evan, due to his young age and possible trauma, he took it as a “I’m too weak” or  "they think I’m too weak to care for them" so he decides to toughen up and get himself up in boot camp. At ten years old? No, I don’t think so, but I believe he lived with this until he was fed up with his own thoughts and left off to boot camp.

I believe that when he saw Kentin he thought of himself. Just some small little kid that can’t really speak for himself so he decides to take him under his wing. But in the wrong way. Sure, Evan knows how to stand up for himself, but he influences Kentin to think he should ALWAYS prove himself - even if little things (i.e Castiel giving him a look). So they become close friends to best friends, both of them believing they should prove themselves as tougher than others, even if it’s not a big deal.

After a while, I don’t think Evan has a disorder. I wouldn’t DOUBT if he had after his experience with the death of his parents but I just think he ended up beating himself up over it and decides when he meets the boys again, he’s going to be better person as well as a “better” brother. Which, he seemingly fails in the first episode alone. I also have a smudge of a belief he didn’t feel the need to teach his brothers to toughen up because he’s present.

As for his flirting…I’m just pretty sure he’s one of those dudes that like cute girls, I don’t think there’s really a backstory on it.

Other than that, this is my theory. And to brief it down;

Evan thinks he’s not a strong person because of his brothers being taken away so decides to go to boot camp. And there, he meets Kentin. He takes Kentin under his wing and teaches him to be tough in a twisted way.

The DM experience

Sitting down with your players, thinking you have everything under control

Your players immediately start doing The One Thing you didn’t think of


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I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush

Tom: Hey guys, here’s some of the new Spider-man Homecoming trailer

Mark: Here’s a live from a secret photo shoot

Tom: Okay it’s not a competiti-

Mark: AND 10 minutes of Thor fuckin Ragnarok




Mark: Entire Infinity War trailer in HQ coming soon