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Let me get this straight....

Been dealing with craziness at work all week and trying to keep up and just got some details from my pal Mol, so let me see if I get this straight:

A certain Scot posted a picture of himself in a certain place which suggested he was with a certain blonde who had posted pics of the same area earlier to infer that she was with a certain Scot.   

Now the pic the Scot posted is obviously an old one based on the longer, redder hair circa 2013 when he was first growing it out..similar to the time when they were experimenting with different hair colors for Jamie and it is definitely longer than it was in New York!.

So——–If that certain Scot was actually with that certain blonde, in that certain place, why didn’t he just post a current picture?   And why post the older picture to infer he was with that certain blonde if he wasn’t?  And if it was MPC related…..why not just post a picture when he was in MPC gear?

I’m confused.


So you guys I have a few updates - First of all my study playlist.

I have on my side, at the top bar added a playlist which features some of the music I study to. Really chill beats. If you guys give it a listen and like it then let me know and I will add more songs onto it.

Also I have my studygram (studyspiration) make sure to follow it, because I have started to post more there on IG story aswell, so there is always new content from me on there.

The pictures on there are the same as on my tumblr which means it is not oversaturated pictures with looots of colours and tape and all that (which is pretty and all) which is very well fitting for middle school and high school students but not as realistic for a university student (well not for me it isnt)



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My favorite thing about your work is always the lineart. It's absolutely gorgeous and I've never seen anything quite like it. ❤️ How do you do it? Do you draw on paper or is it all digital?

Thank you very much, glad that you noticed this! The lineart is the most important part. All my pictures are with traditional lines, on paper. I use simple pencils, liners and paper of any type. It’s funny that many of my pictures at first were quick sketches on a napkin*, and the last fanart is no exception :)

I prefer A5 paper. Some drawings are very small:

Then I scan and paint in PS.

I prefer only this method, because it’s easier, faster, and the drawing looks lively than fully digital art, in my opinion**.
*Sometimes the sketch on the napkin looks better, and I scan the napkin %)
**I have only one drawing with completely digital lines, it’s this nice character. 

okay but imagine after crime sorciere is pardoned, they stay together and actually establish themselves in crocus. imagine them getting more members formally from dark guilds and helping other problematic wizards live better lives. imagine them getting rid of the child slave trade and helping orphans not fall down a dark path like they did. IMAGINE THEM GETTING A GUILD HALL. & THE FIRST THING PEOPLE SEE WHEN THEY ARRIVE IS A PICTURE/MEMORIAL OF THE GUILD FOUNDER AKA. ULTEAR FUCKING MILKOVICH.

I’m really annoyed by the fact that my fiance thinks we look nothing alike, so I’m posting it here. Identical? No. Alike? I think so! The first row is Mom and me. The second row is my maternal grandma. I really wish I still had this picture where my mom was my age. It’s almost freaky. Besides dad giving me brows and hair, most of our features are similar. 


Found some pictures from an old photoshoot (2013) I did with my first Legolas costume (the last one’s been posted before, this is the first time for the others).

I make a lot of dumb faces when I pose, it’s why I like to cosplay Legolas in the background of other people’s shots. ;)

So I’ve played Overwatch since it was released and D.va is my most played hero BUT i’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve got a quintuple kill on her..I know it’s no team kill but still! My team mates wondered what was happening lol.

If theres anyone who plays and would like to play from uk/eu then feel free to message me and ask for my tag :)

Also i’m sorry for no sims posts yet again I haven’t had that much time but I do have quite a few pictures to edit from when i played the other week to sort out and post.

Spots off, Claws In

Part 18, (Part 17, Part 16, Part 15, Part 14, Part 13, Part 12, Part 11, Part 10, Part 9, Part 8, Part 7, Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1)  

(Please don’t judge the background (well yeah there is something in the background and I was trying to do it according to screenscaps from the show you know!) and colouring too hard - I know it’s not very fine but I’m doing my best really (friendly reminder that I do it traditionally, by hand, picture by picture))

It is a reveal story that I had in my head since about November, so now I’m finally starting to post it. It is my first ever try to make a comic so I guess there gonna be some offence against comic rules here and there (also my poor editing skills), still I hope someone will like it and enjoy as I am when drawing it.

It is my version of possible reveal story and though I haven’t actually read any (fanfiction nor comic or so) I guess there’s lots of them around so I guess it’s possible there might be some similarities, but if so, it wasn’t intentional, right?

Still - Please don’t repost, edit or use anyhow, I’m putting lots of effort into it and I want to decide myself where and how would I present it. Thank you.

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Will wallace posted photos on his ig couple of days ago of their white boards while they were mapping out their seasons and for 6a there was a line that said that finds Derek in the hunt. So mad it didn't happen. Someone asked in comments if that means Derek was supposed to be in 6a and will answered that it was the plan but didn't work out. It's the post with several pictures and the first one is of the drawing of bandaged nogitsune and then swipe to pic number 4 and there under 605 is derek

Alright, we need to TALK

First off this:


I find it interesting that there is NO mention of Malia, which means including her in the finale was as last minute as it gets.  Also no mention here either:


Also, are we to assume by “McCall” they mean Rafael and are we to believe in a world where the sheriff would EVER let Rafa put his kid in an asylum.  Also funny that at this point it wasn’t Eichen House because originally that was not a place that was close. 

I love that in trying to show how smart they are, all Will does is show how messy they are. 


what happens when a fairy princess falls for an actual greek goddess:a lesbian love story coming to theatres near u

Okay but can we take a moment to talk about how truly traumatic Leorio’s past really is? Like, I know we all talk about how terrible the other three’s childhoods are:

Killua living with a physically and emotionally abusive family, Gon with his father abandoning him, Kurapika’s clan being killed.

But I think we tend to forget that Leorio had just as much of a tragic background as the others. He watched his friend die. Right before his very eyes. 

And then that hard reality sets on him; he could have survived if they had money for medicine. It was an entirely curable sickness. But all he could do was watch as his friend collapsed. And let’s just think for a moment; Leorio lived in such an impoverished area, there were probably bound to be other people he knew who suffered from the same sickness or a different illness that could have been saved from that miraculous money antidote. 

So Leorio could have seen far more death in the course of his childhood that we may not even know about.

This becomes even more of a pressing issue for Leorio, especially concerning Gon. Because seeing Gon just laying there, practically charred skin and bone wrapped up in medical tape, physically and emotionally kills Leorio. Not just because it’s Gon and he feels so connected and attached to Gon, but because it brings back those memories. Of when he couldn’t do anything but watch someone die. And he thinks “Not again. I will not stand by and watch someone die again. I will find some way to heal Gon. I will invest every single piece of fame, fortune and time to bring Gon back.”

And when Gon enters  through that door in the middle of the election, Leorio is so happy; so overwhelmed to see Gon alive and well. He’s so, so ecstatic that for once, 

someone was finally saved.


when in chicago

I can’t draw this weekend, so here’s a wip of a much longer series of drawings I’ll post one day