was i supposed to post it

me: i have no idea why i’m single lol

friend: you’re single because you’re in love with that red-headed anime boy from that one app.


what the fook u mean “that red-headed anime boy” u lil shit


The power in my hand was gained for her sake.

looking for guild wars 2 blogs~

hi there! i’m ellie~ basically, i’m just looking for some new gw2 blogs to follow and maybe make some friends on the way? if you post and/or reblog original gw2 content, i would love to follow you~ please feel free to reblog this post and/or reply so i can check you out! 

thank you! ♥♥♥

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Is the "Jungkooks ideal type almost being Jimin " even real? Like... did he said in somewhere? Or just imagination lmao

Yes, it’s basically a compilation of all the things he’s ever said about his supposed “ideal type” other than it just simply being IU. Kookmin World made a video of it recently which is why it’s getting all the attention so you can find a compilation of it all here.

So I made a trash post about it before, but basically we all know Jungkook’s ideal type is IU…yet whenever he actually goes and describes traits for his ideal type none of it really correlates to IU, and he always mentions it like once and never says it again. 

So the list of thing that Kookmin World mentioned that Jungkook finds in his ideal type:

- someone who likes him 

- someone who feeds him food

- someone who makes him laugh

- someone who is cute but can’t do aegyo

…yeah, idk anyone like that. ;)

As well, the video I mentioned exists somewhere. Idk where anymore, it was hidden in one of those jikook compilation videos (Smirk Cookie????) and it was basically Jungkook being awkward on a radio show and saying his ideal type was someone with abdominal muscles and tan skin, while Jimin was in the background repeated saying “like me? so like me?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, only that me and my sister were dying because we were like “IU who? How does this correlate?” but that was just us being cynical XD

But yeah…now you know the story about Jungkook’s supposed ideal type. Perhaps, he just has no idea what he wants and is throwing about bs whenever the question is poised. But it’s just a funny coincidence, and that maybe, just maybe, he has someone in his mind whether consciously or subconsciously. ;)

…and finally since we bringing up “jungkook’s ideal type”, and there’s one thing we must NEVER forget when addressing jeon jungkook’s ideal type…

The baggy white T-shirt.


tbh i’ve been wanting to make some color / moodboards for a lil while now and need an excuse to do it lmao so  like this here post  if you’d like me to  (  eventually  )  make one representative of our muse’s relationship ?

A Lady’s Charm Mini Post

I’m working on the Lady’s Charm series, which was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek series of posts about Ladybug flirting with Chat.  It wasn’t supposed to be proving ships (or serious), but I keep coming across actual Ladynoir stuff.  Remember this post?  Yeah, it’s like that.  I’m probably not the first person to think of this, but I’m probably the first to loose sleep over it >_<

  • *is almost asleep*
  • *thinks about ML Christmas Ep for SOME REASON*
  • *eyes pop open because HOLY SHIT*
  • Guys…
  • Marinette/Ladybug jumped off of Santa’s sleigh twice to save Chat
  • She “fell for him” twice
  • She fell for Chat twice
  • Official lyrics from "It’s Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas"

My wish for a cat who’s in love, with our own ladybug.
Is that he’ll get what he’s always wanted!
She doesn’t know she loves him; only sees Adrien.
But Christmas miracles always happen!

  • uhhh…Ladynoir….confirmed?
  • this series of shitposts started out as a joke…
  • …now I’m not so sure…
  • Not gonna stop me from putting these things into my posts though
  • if anything, I’m shameless


  • Stop right there!
  • You’re *snicker*  under Agreste!

…ok, I’m going to work now.

there’s been so much Shadowhunters negativity in my dash lately….. like, y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but sometimes people take things waaaay too seriously… it’s a tv show guys, it is supposed to entertain us and make us happy. if it doesn’t work out for you anymore, then just stop watching it??

i don’t know. I don’t mind negative opinions, I have my own too, but I just cringe everytime someone blow it out of proportion like this. Sure the show has its awkward moments, but even at the tiniest mistakes some people are just hastily jumping in the “””triggered””” bandwagon and calling out and disrespecting people with a different opinion…

i’m seriously missing the old days where there wasn’t this much fandom drama. I’m even missing the time I joined tumblr when we were just book fans.

all this hate is tiring me to the point where I’m not even having fun in this fandom anymore, and in almost 4 years of blogging I had never felt that way before. anyways. i’m going to sleep now :/


This just isn’t my little blog! I post what I like to do. What’s the point in having a blog if I can’t express myself?

So for the few that has messaged me “ you’re a little girl, you’re supposed to present yourself as such ”

Really? If you knew me in real life, you’d know, I’m not in little space 24/7. I’ve only ever been in little space with one man. Cut me some slack!

My little side isn’t just who I am. I am an awesome person as a whole!

He’s Like the Mona Lisa

Marinette sighed, staring at the back of Adrien’s head as though it was a particularly difficult physics problem. Which she supposed it was.

‘Why…’ she pondered for the millionth time since she had discovered his secret.

'Why don’t Chat and Adrien look alike?’

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So I never thought I will be making this sort of a post- and perhaps to some this will look petty- but I am posting this up to warn all my potential followers and other roleplaying peeps in the Steven Universe fandom. Lets talk about an rper.

Their url is GRCPCS.

Their muse is an oc of Amethyst’s son. Sound sorta legit, right? Right. One would guess they are from AU where Amethyst found the love of her life, gave up her form etc.

Well no.

The only thing this muse and SU have in common? Only the fact that he is a supposed Amethyst’s son, has her gemstone even though she’s alive, and has gem powers.

Otherwise the muse is a thirty years old tall ripped dude, leading a gang, drug dealing and murdering people (but that is /okaaaay/, he only kills the bad guys you see? Only terrorists and enemy gang members- oh and all those civilians in accidental drive-by shootings, OOOPS).

“Well that doesnt sound like SU universe.” I hear you say? Good, because it isnt- their backstory is mix of Call of Duty, Fast and Furious, GTA and Mortal Kombat- there is nothing about SU beside Homeworld being an enemy to kill.

There is a lot more (like the muse killing POWs when he’s angry- but those are enemies, so it’s okaaaaay- and taking cocain and being a little psychotic bitch) but I wont get into all that because good lord.

And the mun doesn’t see any problem with this.

I talked to them on private, even revised their backstory (with their agreement) on what really didnt fit- but they dont care. They dont care there is a firm canon most of us follow, and shits on any rules posted by any muns.

And so I am giving you all a friendly warning:

(they also have a Blue Diamond’s son blog but I can’t remember the url right now.)

I cant believe I’m saying this for the 4th time but


no!! more!! palettes!!!! means!! no!! more!! palettes!!! 

I’m closing the askbox

colinlanephoto: Arctic Monkeys at Mercury Lounge, November 15, 2005. I miss contact sheets! This was their first U. S. show ever. They came to Mercury straight from the airport and when I met them for soundcheck they were totally shell shocked and jet lagged. They were supposed to do 2 nights there but after soundcheck their manager told them they’d been bumped to Bowery Ballroom for the second night. Then he told them Bowie was supposed to come by the next night to see the show. I’ve never seen four guys look so thrilled and so terrified at the same time!

Asgardian Wedding

Request: Hi could you write a request for a Loki x reader wedding day on Asgard?

A/N: It’s wedding day here on the blog! Keep an eye out for the next imagine posted later today, which is also a wedding imagine! There was no specified gender, so I wrote the reader as genderfluid.

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 1081

Short Imagine #106

Title: Asgardian Wedding

Originally posted by avengersmemes

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Sabrina I really like hearing your perspective on things, and you haven't said anything yet. So I was wondering why you think Louis didn't attend the brits? Was it a rebellion thing? Are things changing?

Unpopular opinion time: I don’t think Louis was supposed to go to the Brits. I don’t find any of the arguments for why he was pretty much confirmed to go very compelling. James Arthur saying to the Metro he wants to party with him post Brits and then being quoted in the Sun? Not very reliable. Annas promoting an after party? That’s literally his job. Fandom thought he would go and stunt? Also not an argument. I’m not really surprised he didn’t go either.

I know a lot of people disagree with me, I certainly disagree with a lot of people right now. None of us know how things will play out so it’s all just discussion and opinion and speculation at this point. Just have to watch and wait and see.


Hey guys!!! So I just tried tank top binding (I took a really tight tank top dress, and a plain tank top, not lined, and folded them up so it’d be right around my chest) and it’s so much more comfortable than binding with ace bandages, which I know you’re not supposed to do, but it curbs the dysphoria pretty well.

Now with this, it’s easy to tell from the side that I still have boobs, but from the front you can just barely tell, so if it’s not uber important to pass and you just want to alleviate some dysphoria, tank top binding definitely helps. If you want a more step-by-step post, the link I follow for the most part is right here. I hope it goes well, remember to bind safely!

autumngracy  asked:

On your question: "Jean Valjean. He was a convict whom I was in the habit of seeing twenty years ago, when I was adjutant-guard of convicts at Toulon." That's what the Hapgood translation has him saying. I don't know about rank succession in prisons so it's possible he could have also been an armed guard at some point as well but we at least know for sure he was an administrative assistant

The French original version says: “… il y a vingt ans quand j'étais adjudant-garde-chiourme à Toulon.”

The drawing you posted is this one. It is a sous-adjudant en tenue journalière. Not only does that imply that this is one of his outfits and not necessarily the one he is supposed to wear all the time, but it is not what we are looking for since it is not what the above sentence refers to.

I have an answer for you.

In Napoleonic reenactment, my rank is adjudant-sous-officier. This means that I am a non-commissioned officer in my regiment (the Fusiliers-Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard).

Javert was a garde-chiourme such as this one.

But he had the military rank of adjudant, it is traditionally a rank of non-commissioned officer that we refer to as “mon adjudant”.

He probably had a fancier uniform, with silver epaulettes and/or rank stripes on the lower part of the sleeve (the one on the picture has stripes on the upper part, which only indicates his time spent in the army and not his rank).

But essentially, it is the same uniform.

To make the difference, the garde-chiourme is the one who has the plate of ‘garde-chiourme’ on his shako, in uniformology.

Javert was definitely a ranked military man placed under the responsibility of the Navy like the rest of the personal of the bagne.

I hope that this has helped you ;)

The French Guardsman

(Sources: La Légende Noire du Bagne, Clémens

Shako plate kept in the Navy Museum of Toulon)